Mandatory Bathing Intentions for Men and Procedures

In Islam, chastity and self-cleanliness is an important concern. Every time you want to pray, every Muslim must be pure and clean. Both from themselves and places of worship. When a woman finishes her menstrual period, after sexual intercourse, after childbirth and other major hadas, it is obligatory to take a large bath. Likewise with men, when they … Read more

Management Trainee: Definition, Duties, and Salary

What are management trainees? – When the Management Trainee program takes place, each member is in a variety of division choices. In the program studying and observing ongoing business. It is from this program that knowledge and experience increase and expand. The skills possessed are also honed to become proficient and professional according to the … Read more

Mammals: Definition, characteristics, types and examples

What are Mammals? – Mammals are animals that suckle and are animals with the most diverse species on earth. Mammals come in all shapes and sizes. The way of life in the environment and its habitat also varies. All mammals interact with one another. We, as humans are also mammals, therefore, humans tame other mammal species. Mammals, including humans, are … Read more

Mad Thabi’i: Definition, How to Read and Examples

Mad thabi’i – When someone reads the Koran, of course he is not allowed to read it carelessly or just read without studying the science of tajwid first. Because a Muslim is required to learn the science of tajwid when reading the Koran. In fact, the law of learning tajwid is fardhu kifayah, so it … Read more

Macroeconomics: Definition, Purpose, Scope, Policy & Application in Indonesia

Understanding Macroeconomics – Economics is a science that has developed since ancient civilizations. Starting from the simplest form, economics has developed to become more complex and structured as it is today. Discussing economics will not be enough of our time. This is because this science has a very broad scope and its development is quite fast. One type of … Read more

Lyrics of Guru’s Hymn to History and the Meaning Behind It!

Teacher’s Hymn – Talking about education certainly cannot be separated from the teacher’s name. The role of the teacher in education is very important because it can provide additional knowledge for students as well as shape the character of the students themselves. Teachers will also be happy when they see their students succeed in the … Read more

Lyrics and Chords of Farm Workers’ Songs, Students Must Know!

Lyrics and Chords of the Farmer’s Song – The song entitled Farmer’s Labor is usually sung in mass rallies demanding justice for the government. The song as a whole is meaningful as a protest song. The song entitled Buruh Tani was actually composed by Safi’i Kemamang and popularized again by the punk band Marginal. Meanwhile, … Read more

Lorentz Force: Definition, Formulas, and Example Problems

The Lorentz force was discovered by Herdik Anton Lorentz in 1853-1928. He is a scientist from the Netherlands who greatly contributed in the field of physics. The Lorentz force is actually a combination of electric and magnetic forces in an electromagnetic field. The Lorentz force can arise due to the presence of an electric charge in a magnetic … Read more

Logic Gates: Definition, Types, Functions, and Symbols

Technological developments cannot be separated from electronic systems, especially digital electronics. Digital electronics are composed of logic gates. Then the logic gate will perform digital operations. Want to know about what are logic gates to logic gate symbols? This article will discuss about logic gates, Sinaumed’s, read this article to the end, OK? Definition of Logic Gates It is … Read more

Loan to Deposit Ratio: Definition, Formulas, Factors, and Functions

Loan to Deposit Ratio (LDR) is often used as an indication in assessing a company’s financial health in carrying out various business activities. Check out a more complete explanation of the Loan to Deposit Ratio starting from the definition, formulas, factors, to the calculation function: Definition of Loan to Deposit Ratio The loan to deposit … Read more

Literature Review: Definition, Methods, Benefits, and How to Make

In the world of research, especially scientific work, it cannot be separated from literature or literature in Indonesian. Literature is a source or reference or reference for researchers of scientific work, so it cannot be simply released. In other words, through literature, a person or researcher can obtain valid and accountable information and data which … Read more

Literally Is: Types, Up To The Technique

The word “literal” has the same meaning as the meaning “literal”. Based on the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), literal is a translation or meaning according to letters, word for word. In linguistics, the word “literally” is known as a lexical term meaning that a word is defined by the basic word meaning. Where, the words match the … Read more

List of Tribes in Indonesia and Their Social Institutions

The Variety of Indonesian Ethnic Nations – Indonesia consists of around 1,340 ethnic groups spread across almost all parts of Indonesia. According to BPS data, half or 50% of ethnic groups in Indonesia are Javanese. The rest are ethnic groups living outside Java, such as the Makasarese, Bugis (3.68%), Batak 2.04%, Balinese 1.88%, Acehnese 1.4% … Read more

List of Traditional Weapons of 34 Provinces in Indonesia

List of Traditional Weapons for 34 Provinces in Indonesia – Sinaumed’s, have you ever seen traditional weapons? Usually, traditional weapons can be seen in museums or when someone wears traditional clothes. The existence of this traditional weapon is a legacy from our ancestors that are spread throughout Indonesia. The territory of Indonesia is divided into … Read more

List of the Most Frequently Used Mathematical Formulas

The Most Frequently Used Mathematical Formulas – Mathematics for some people is considered a subject that makes a headache and belongs to a category that is not too much interested in. Maybe this assumption is due to the unpleasant experience when learning these calculations, starting from the teacher teaching, lots of assignments or homework, classmates … Read more

List of Revolutionary Heroes and Their Short Profiles

List of Revolutionary Heroes and Short Profiles – Do you know the list of heroes of the Indonesian revolution? Well, that’s right, this time the author will discuss about the heroes of the revolution in Indonesia. However, before discussing who the heroes of the revolution are, we will discuss the definition of a revolutionary hero. … Read more

List of Prayers for People Who Died and Their Benefits

Prayers for the Dead – Sending prayers to those who have died is highly recommended for those of us who are still alive. Even though they have passed away, the spirits of people who have passed away, especially those who are Muslim, still need the chanting of prayers from us who are still alive so … Read more

List of NATO Member States and Their History

Nato Members – The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to occur in a protracted manner and there are even many countries in the world which then condemn the threat of a third world war that has occurred. The tension between the two countries of the former Soviet Union itself then caused a domino effect … Read more

List of Macapat songs and their meanings

List of Macapat songs and their meanings – In Javanese culture there is one literary work called the macapat song which is still being preserved today. Although not as popular as before, there are some Javanese people who still use macapat songs in their events. There are 11 lists of macapat songs and their different … Read more

List of Indonesian National Heroes

Indonesian National Hero – Indonesia became independent on August 17, 1945. Of course, in achieving independence there was a lot of bloodshed that was sacrificed. The struggle of the Indonesian people against colonialism was full of twists and turns. The struggle of Indonesian heroes deserves to be remembered and emulated by all Indonesian people. Through … Read more

List of Indonesian National Heroes: Profile & History

Indonesian National Hero – Before becoming independent and sovereign as it is now, Indonesia had a long history. The comfort and well-being that we feel now as citizens are not given for free. There is a role for the national heroes there who fought for the Indonesian nation against colonialism and injustice. Our nation was … Read more

List of BPUPKI Members: Formation, Session to Dissolution of BPUPKI

Members of BPUPKI – Investigating Agency for Preparatory Efforts for Indonesian Independence (BPUPKI) as an organization formed by the Japanese government as an effort to liberate Indonesia. At that time, Japan suffered defeat in the Pacific War. This body itself has 62 members chaired by Radjiman Wedyodiningrat and the deputy chairmen are Hibangase Yosio and … Read more

List of ASEAN Countries and Their Uniqueness

List of ASEAN Countries – Countries in the world are spread across six continents, namely Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Europe and Australia. The Asian continent itself is divided into 5 regions, namely East Asia, West Asia (Middle East), Central Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Each region has an organization that oversees the … Read more

List of African Continent Countries and Full Explanations

List of African continent countries – The continent of Africa is the second largest continent in the world and the continent with the second most population after Asia. As the second largest continent, the African Continent has an area of ​​approximately 30,224,050 square kilometers including adjacent islands, Africa covers 20.3% of the total land area … Read more

Liquids: Definition to Examples of Liquids

Examples of liquids – Liquids are a form of substance that you can encounter in everyday life. However, in contrast to the gas and solid states, liquids have constituent molecules that can move freely. Therefore, the form of gas or solid can change according to the container. In our daily lives, liquid substances have many … Read more

Lineage Is: Definition, Factors and Systems in Islamic Religion

Etymologically, lineage is al qorobah or relatives. Relatives are called lineage, because between the two words there is a relationship and connection. The word lineage comes from the phrase nisbatuhu ilaa abiihi nasabaah which means lineage to his father. In the teachings of Islam, lineage is an important thing that every Muslim must know, because … Read more

Ligaments: Definition, Diseases and How to Treat It

Ligament – Ligament is a fibrous tissue that serves as a link between the bones in the body. Ligaments and tendons are one of the most frequently mentioned body tissues, so Sinaumed’s is probably no stranger to this term. Ligaments and tendons are the body’s most common tissues and are prone to injury. Although ligaments … Read more

Life Cycle of Animals to Preserve Their Species

The life of every living thing on earth has a cycle. This cycle will continue to act on the same species even though the individuals are different. A living being begins to begin its life when it is born on earth. Humans begin life on earth when they are born. He will grow up to … Read more

Lenz’s Law: Definition, Formulas, Problems and Discussion, and Definition of Electromagnetic Induction

Lenz Law – Sinaumed’s must have known that in everyday life, the presence of magnets is very much needed, especially in the use of technology? Yep, magnets are always a complement to the latest technology, one of which is the refrigerator. The refrigerator, aka the freezer, also uses magnets, you know , especially on the door. That’s why the refrigerator door always looks like … Read more

Legend of Prambanan Temple and 5 Myths

The Legend of Prambanan Temple and Its Myth – Sinaumed’s, have you ever heard of the legend of Prambanan Temple? One of the temples in Indonesia is famous for its legend. The legend of Prambanan Temple discusses the origins of the temple being built. Apart from the legend of Prambanan Temple, this temple also has … Read more