What is a News Text?

For some people, reading the news may be like eating or drinking, which is not only a necessity but also a necessity. What for? Yes, especially if you don’t get information, as is the meaning of the news text that we know. The information contained in the news text itself can be in the form of events…… Continue reading What is a News Text?

How to define the main idea in a paragraph?

The main idea or main idea is a topic that will be discussed in a paragraph. A good paragraph has a main idea and a few explanatory sentences. The main idea serves as the topic of discussion, while the explanatory sentence serves to explain the topic. A paragraph must have a main idea and explanatory sentences that are…… Continue reading How to define the main idea in a paragraph?

Definition of Cultural Change

Along with advances in science and technology have a significant impact on human life. One of them, with the internet which has a very big influence on changes in the world of education. With the many advantages of the internet, both in terms of time efficiency, complete information, and flexibility, books are no longer the only source…… Continue reading Definition of Cultural Change