Mangrove Forests Spread in Indonesia

Mangrove Forests Scattered in Indonesia – Indonesia is known for its wide variety of biodiversity and is spread throughout the archipelago. Having an area that is also wide and large makes Indonesia home to forests which are the source of oxygen or the world’s lungs. It’s no wonder why we as citizens of Indonesia must … Read more

Definition & Examples of Inorganic Waste

Definition & Examples of Inorganic Waste

Understanding Inorganic Waste & Examples of Inorganic Waste – Sinaumedia readers, did you know that inorganic waste takes approximately 500 years to decompose? This of course will have a negative impact on living things on earth. n fact, many parties have tried and urged the people around them to be able to sort and choose which is … Read more

Types of Natural Resources: Examples and How to Conserve Them

Types of Natural Resources

Understanding Natural Resources – Everyone knows, that everything that comes from the Earth, biosphere, and atmosphere is called natural resources. Natural resources have a very important role to meet the needs of all human life. In addition, natural resources are also important as human habitation. There are many types of natural resources on earth. Natural resources can be classified … Read more

Contamination – Definition, Causes, Impact, Countermeasures and Examples


For this discussion we will provide a review of Contamination which in this case includes the Definition of Contamination, Examples of Contamination and Causes of Contamination. So in order to better understand and understand see the full review below. Definition of Contamination So what is meant by contamination? Definition of Contamination is a condition of … Read more

What is a carbon footprint and what does it do?

carbon footprint

Carbon footprint is a measure of the impact of human activities expressed in terms of the amount of greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) emissions. Every human activity always has an impact on the environment . One of these impacts is the contribution of greenhouse gas (carbon dicoside) emissions. These impacts can occur directly (such as burning garbage) or indirectly … Read more

The Impact of Industrial Waste that is Dangerous to Health and the Environment!

Impact of Industrial Waste – Every major industrial sector that always produces their various products to be marketed to consumers will have a major impact on the environment around these industrial plants because of the waste they produce. Even though the industrial sector is a large company that supports human needs because of the products … Read more

The Impact of Hazardous Waste on Health and How to Handle It!

Impact of HAZMAT Waste – There are many types of waste generated from production such as processed household, industrial, and waste generated from mining processes. Although these various wastes are indeed the result of human production to meet their needs, it should also be noted that more and more of these wastes will produce dangerous … Read more

The Impact of Domestic Waste and the Right Way to Manage it

Impact of Domestic Waste – For some Indonesian people who are consumptive by always buying various household products such as bathing, washing, cooking needs, most of which are plastic-based products, the amount of household waste is increasing every time. The habit of this consumptive society creates various impacts on the environment related to the waste … Read more