Lenz’s Law: Definition, Formulas, Problems and Discussion, and Definition of Electromagnetic Induction

Lenz Law – Sinaumed’s must have known that in everyday life, the presence of magnets is very much needed, especially in the use of technology? Yep, magnets are always a complement to the latest technology, one of which is the refrigerator. The refrigerator, aka the freezer, also uses magnets, you know , especially on the door. That’s why the refrigerator door always looks like … Read more

Legend of Prambanan Temple and 5 Myths

The Legend of Prambanan Temple and Its Myth – Sinaumed’s, have you ever heard of the legend of Prambanan Temple? One of the temples in Indonesia is famous for its legend. The legend of Prambanan Temple discusses the origins of the temple being built. Apart from the legend of Prambanan Temple, this temple also has … Read more

Learning Subject Verb Agreement: Examples & Usage

When learning English, of course you learn what is object, subject, verb, and so on. Of course, in learning English, many of us still have difficulty or are confused about changing verbs, especially if the sentences used are long. Verbs that change in English are certainly familiar to English learners. Verbs change because the subject … Read more

Learn Regular Verbs & Examples of Regular Verbs

Regular Verb – Learning a foreign language in today’s era is certainly a must. The entry of the world into the era of globalization has made it easier for people to interact and communicate with foreigners. Of course, we don’t want to be embarrassed when we speak a foreign language, do we? That is why … Read more

Learn Phrasal Verbs & Examples of Phrasal Verbs

Those of you who are currently studying English certainly hope to master it soon so you can communicate fluently, right? So, have you ever heard of and know about Phrasal Verbs before? Phrasal verbs are an important part of English because they are often used in verbal or written conversations. Of course, you often come … Read more

Learn Map Reading Skills and Steps

Get to Know the Skills and Steps to Read a Map – Map skills and understanding of the compass and how to use it are absolute and need to be learned. What is flat navigation? Navigation is one’s way of determining the direction and position of a trip, either on a map or even on the actual terrain. That’s … Read more

Learn linking verbs & examples of linking verbs

Do you also feel that during a pandemic like now, you spend more time watching movies via Netflix or other streaming platforms? If so, then of course you have watched many films or series during this pandemic. So, the films and series that are currently in great demand are dominated by films and series that … Read more

Learn 6 Types of Promotions and Tips for Implementing Their Business Strategies

Types of Promotion – What are the right promotional strategies to attract customers? In the current era of technological development, the types of promotions certainly develop according to the interest of the community which is also developing. That is why there are several types of promotions that also take advantage of technological updates. In practice, promotional strategies can … Read more

Law of Thermodynamics: Definition, Process, Formula, Formulation, and Its Application

Law of Thermodynamics – Sinaumed’s must have known that heat energy can move from objects with high temperatures to objects with low temperatures. Well, the transfer process can be studied in the Science of Thermodynamics. In general, thermodynamics is a science that studies energy which specifically discusses the relationship between heat energy and its work … Read more

Law: Definition, Purpose, Function, Elements and Types

Definition of Law – In social life, there are regulations in the form of norms and sanctions that are made by mutual agreement. Laws are made with the aim of regulating and maintaining order, justice so that chaos can be controlled or prevented. Every country has different legal regulations, including Indonesia. In accordance with article … Read more

Lavoisier’s Law: Definition, Formulas, and Example Problems

Laviosier’s law is – The law of conservation of mass in chemistry is often referred to as Lavoisier’s law. What is the law of conservation of mass? Check out the following meaning. Inventor of Lavoisier’s Law Before discussing further about Lavoisier’s law and examples of problems, it would be better if we got to know … Read more

Knowing What Connotations and Other Types of Meaning are

Connotation Is – When reading a literary work, Sinaumed’s must have encountered several vocabulary words which unconsciously can give their own ‘sense of value’ regarding their meaning. Even as time goes by, the meaning of the vocabulary can change into negative or positive things, especially when spoken in everyday conversations. For example, the word “dog” which basically has a definition … Read more

Knowing the Strengths and Weaknesses of Regional Autonomy

Advantages and Disadvantages of Regional Autonomy – In a country, it is certain that it has a government system, from the central government to regional governments. This also applies in Indonesia. In the Indonesian government system, the central government delegates some powers to regional governments to regulate their regions independently. This delegation of power from … Read more

Knowing the Process of Photosynthesis in Plants and the Factors Affecting It

The process of photosynthesis – The word photosynthesis comes from the Greek. Photo means light and synthesis means combination. Photosynthesis is a biochemical process of forming carbohydrates from inorganic materials carried out by plants, especially plants that contain a green substance, namely chlorophyll. In addition to organisms that contain greening substances, there are also organisms … Read more

Knowing the Impact of Forest Fires on Human Survival!

The impact of forest fires – In the past, Indonesia was often considered the lungs of the world because it had a very large area of ​​forest. Forests are claimed to have a central role in producing oxygen for mankind. Unfortunately, the case of forest fires that hit Indonesia has made the forest area in … Read more

Knowing the Functions, Objectives, and Benefits of HR Management in a Company

Functions, Objectives and Benefits of HR Management – In business management, of course, you will often find a human resources (HR) department or human resources management. The human resource management function is generally responsible for recruiting and developing human resources in a company. Human Resource Management, abbreviated HRM, is the science of managing relationships and … Read more

Knowing the Bandung Lautan Api Incident and Its Background

The Bandung Lautan Api incident – ​​Every country has its own history, like Indonesia. One of the historical events in Indonesia is the Bandung Lautan Api incident. At that time, the condition of the city of Bandung was quite turbulent and burning occurred in many places. However, not everyone knows what the Bandung Sea of … Read more

Knowing Scrotal Function and Risk of Health Problems!

Scrotum Function – The male reproductive system is different from the female. In men, there are organs called the scrotum, testicles, urethra, penis, and vas deferens. The male reproductive function is to maintain and transport sperm and produce sex hormones. One part of the male reproductive system that must be kept healthy is the scrotum. … Read more

Knowing 13 Characteristics of Open Ideology in Indonesia

Characteristics of open ideology – It is important for every individual and every group to know these things. Ideology is an idea that contains a certain thought, culture, and way of life. Ideology is used as a lens through which to view the world and develop a logical system of ideas. In general, the types … Read more

Know Who is Eligible to Receive Zakat Fitrah

Those Who Are Eligible to Receive Zakat Al-Fitr – The month of Ramadan is the most eagerly awaited month for Muslims. All good activities this month will get double the reward, MashaAllah. Apart from fasting, zakat fitrah is also one of the obligatory activities in every month of Ramadan. So what exactly is zakat fitrah? … Read more

Know What is the Lysogenic Cycle: Concept and Stages

In life, we are not always healthy. There are times when you get sick and need one or two medicines as well as adequate rest. The causes are various, such as bacteria, viruses, and so on. Some viruses that settle in the human body require special and intensive treatment. Some others just need enough rest and simple care. Viruses … Read more

Know the Written Law and Examples

Definition of Written Law – In social life, there are regulations in the form of norms and sanctions that are made by mutual agreement. Laws are made with the aim of regulating and maintaining order, justice so that chaos can be controlled or prevented. Every country has different legal regulations, including Indonesia. In accordance with article 1, paragraph … Read more

Know the Various Types of Ancient Currency from Various Ages

Knowing the Various Types of Ancient Currency from Various Ages – Some time ago, precisely at the moment of Indonesia’s independence yesterday which fell on August 17, 2022, all elements of society participated in celebrating the independence party with wisdom. Both from government officials and local communities in various parts of our beloved country, Indonesia. … Read more

Know the Types of Work

Type of work – Everyone has a job to make ends meet. Starting from light work, to work that requires a lot of physical and mental strength. Work is an activity carried out to get payment rewards. In this world there are many types of work. Starting from freelance work, permanent work and contract work. Sometimes someone does their … Read more

Know the Types of Human Muscles and Their Functions

Types of Human Muscles – Talking about humans feels very complex, starting from the things that are in their bodies to their behavior. In the human body itself there are many organs that work. There are even organs that play an important role when humans carry out their daily activities or you could say when humans move. One … Read more

Know the Types of Angles

Types of angles – In math lessons someone must explain angles. Lessons or material about angles will usually appear at every level of education. This is because angles are always present in everyday life. In fact, the houses we live in are built using good and correct angles, so they look beautiful and sturdy. However, for some people … Read more

Know the Rules for Using the Correct Word

Correct Use of the Word To – Most people when writing would often use the word to. However, not a few also feel confused about how to use the word ke which is good and right. The word ke is basically a type of preposition or also known as a preposition. Apart from the use … Read more

Know the Risks of Eating Food with Plastic Wrap

There are still many people who don’t really care about food packaging. Whereas packaging plays an important role in determining whether the food consumed is safe or not, especially processed food. If food is packaged with plastic or materials that contain poison, it is not impossible that the toxin content can contaminate the food and … Read more

Know the Properties of Organic and Inorganic Chemical Compounds

Compound is a chemical substance. Where compounds can be formed due to natural processes. But there are also those that are deliberately made for the benefit of humans. A compound is a single substance that can be broken down into several elements. In general, compounds have various kinds of elements chemically combined with each other. … Read more

Know the Parts of the Keyboard (Piano)

Keyboard parts (piano) – Keyboards include a wide variety of modern musical instruments from around the world. In this modern era, the use of keyboards has been widely found in several groups of music games in several countries, especially in Indonesia. Keyboard games are of interest to everyone who loves music and musical instruments. At … Read more

Know the Origins and Customs of the 5 Biggest Tribes on the Island of Sumatra

Origins and Customs of the 5 Largest Tribes on the Island of Sumatra – Sumatra Island is the sixth largest island in the world with an area of ​​473,481 km². The population of the island is approximately 57,940,351 (2018 census). This island is also known by other names, namely Percha Island , Andalas , or Suwarnadwipa (Sanskrit, meaning “golden island”). When it was a … Read more

Know the Origins and Customs of the 5 Biggest Tribes in Java

Getting to Know the Origins and Customs of the 5 Biggest Tribes in Java – Indonesia is a wealthy country. Wealth refers not only to natural products, but also to various ethnic groups, languages, religions, beliefs and customs. For ethnic wealth, Indonesia has hundreds of tribal names, even thousands if broken down to sub-tribes. Each tribe has different … Read more