Get to know the History and Origin of the Kecak Dance

Get to know the history and origins of the Kecak dance – Indonesian culture is very diverse, even its diversity is well known throughout the world. Talking about traditional Indonesian dances, all of them have their own history and noble values. One of the dance arts that is owned and needs to be preserved is … Read more

Get to know the game Gobak Sodor and how to play it

Get to know the game Gobak Sodor – Sinaumed’s , do you still remember this Gobak Sodor game or maybe you know how it’s played but don’t know the name? Sinaumed’s surely knows that our country, Indonesia, has a diversity of ethnic groups, so that the cultures passed on to the current generation are also diverse. One of the … Read more

Get to know the Founder of Tokopedia and the Story of His Journey

Founder of Tokopedia – In this modern era, the development of technology and information has become increasingly sophisticated. To change various lifestyles and sectors of people’s lives, including buying and selling in Indonesia. Maybe the story of this one figure will be one of the changes in the conventional buying and selling system into an online or … Read more

Get to know the Founder of the Kingdom of Demak and the History of Its Establishment Until Its Collapse

Founder of the kingdom of Demak – Several kingdoms and sultanates have indeed become an inseparable part of Indonesian history. Currently, maybe what we know about the empire is the sultanate in Yogyakarta. But you need to know that there are still many kingdoms or empires that have developed in Indonesia. One of them is the kingdom of … Read more

Get to know the Football Sports Rules, What Are They?

Soccer Sports Rules – Football is one of the most popular sports in Indonesia and the world. Football has many fans, from children to adults, even many parents who like this sport. Association football, in English is referred to as association football or soccer or simply football is a sport that uses a ball. The ball used is usually made of leather … Read more

Get to know the Financial Accounting Standards in Indonesia

Financial Accounting Standards in Indonesia – In order to regulate or manage finances, there is a certain procedure that a country must have. In the financial accounting standards in Indonesia , there are a number of types of standards, so that it is useful for presenting financial information by certain business entities. 1. PSAK-IFRS The … Read more

Get to know the European continent, its astronomical position and history

The astronomical position of the continent of Europe – Throughout history, there must have been a distinction between Europe as a continent. Most of the continents that are separating can be appreciated clearly through traditional globes or maps. Even so, we sometimes see Europe as part of Asia. In fact, Europe is a large peninsula extending westward from … Read more

Get to know the Eurasian Plate and the Boundaries of Tectonic Plates on the Earth’s Surface

For those of us who live in Indonesia, the threat of natural disasters in the form of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can become a reality at any time. Because, as Sinaumed’s already knows, Indonesia is located at the confluence of three major tectonic plates, namely the Eurasian Plate, the Pacific Plate, and the Indo-Australian Plate. According … Read more

Get to Know the Different Types of Waste that Are Hard to Decompose and the Time!

Hard-to-decompose waste and its time – Hello Sinaumed’s friends , did you know? Garbage is a serious problem today, not only in Indonesia but also in most countries in the world. Unfortunately, although the amount of waste continues to increase day by day, public awareness to reduce waste is very low. Not to mention reducing the amount of waste, disposing of … Read more

Get to Know the Development of the Metaverse and How It Works!

Metaverse Is – In an era that is already sophisticated like today, new terms about technology have also developed. Apart from the multiverse, there is also the metaverse which is currently being heralded as being able to facilitate human activities, especially in terms of the digital world, including in the economics of business to marketing. Yep, this … Read more

Get to know the definition of concentration of a solution and its units

Definition of Solution Concentration – To make it easier to understand what is the concentration of a solution, we should know about the meaning of the solution itself. Solution in chemistry has the meaning of a homogeneous mixture with a composition ratio according to its constituent components. One example of a solution in chemistry is H2SO4 (sulfuric acid). If … Read more

Get to know the definition of appetizer, characteristics, and examples of appetizer dishes

Appetizer is an appetizer that is often served in several restaurants or hotels. Usually this appetizer is a package with the main menu or dessert. However, some people may not know exactly what an appetizer is . To find outmore about appetizers , you can refer to this article, Sinaumed’s. Meaning of Appetizers Eating is one of the human activities to consume various types of … Read more

Get to Know the Definition of Ambivert & the Advantages of This Personality!

Definition of Ambivert – Usually, people only recognize two personalities, namely extroverts and introverts, even though there are also combined personalities of extroverts and introverts known as ambiverts. The ambivert personality is often said to be a mix of extrovert and introvert. However, is that really the case? So, what are the characteristics of people who have this … Read more

Get to know the definition, benefits, and types of immunization

Types of Immunizations – To avoid the severity of life-threatening illnesses, children must be immunized. The types of child immunizations given, preferably as recommended by IDAI, are designed to protect your little one early in life. As a parent, you should understand the importance and variety of immunizations. This is because babies and children are vulnerable to contracting … Read more

Get to Know the Definition and Phenomenon of Post Volcanism

Volcanism – Indonesia is one of the countries with the most volcanoes in the world. Of the 127 active volcanoes, only 69 have been monitored with tools, especially seismic equipment which is a minimum standard and is supervised by PVMBG. The pacific ring of fire where many volcanoes are located, the mountains of Indonesia are in the region. … Read more

Get to know the Complete Yogyakarta Regional Songs with the Lyrics and Their Meanings

Yogyakarta Regional Song – Hello Sinaumed’s friends. Do you know? Indonesia is a country rich in diversity. Starting from the tribe, culture, flora, fauna and others. Even though there are many differences in Indonesia, because of that, Indonesian people can unite and respect each other. One of the cultures that has a lot of diversity is folk songs. Each region has … Read more

Get to Know the Characteristics and Examples of Personification Figures Clearly and Completely

Figure of Personification – Hello Sinaumed’s friends, have you ever studied figure of speech? Maybe you have heard the term figurative language. But, do you know, Sinaumed’s, without realizing it, in our daily lives we also use a lot of figures of speech to communicate with other people. Figure of speech is often used in everyday life when … Read more

Get to know the Benefits of Collagen for the Human Body

Getting to Know the Benefits of Collagen for the Human Body – For those of you who like beauty products, of course you are no stranger to the term collagen, right? Today, more and more beauty supplement products mention the presence of collagen in these products. Collagen is usually found in beauty products, such as mask products, moisturizers, … Read more

Get to know the Baby Boomers Generation, X, Y, Z and Alpha

Getting to know the Baby Boomers Generation, X, Y, Z and Alpha – Sinaumed’s, the older the age, the more cross-generations are created. Have you ever heard the term baby boomers, generations X, Y, Z to alpha? What exactly is the thing that distinguishes these generations so that they are grouped so much? Before discussing the differences, we need … Read more

Get to know the Author of the Book of Algebra, Muhammad Bin Musa Al-Khwarizmi

Author of the Book of Algebra – One of the contributions of Islamic civilization in the field of mathematics is algebraic calculations or Algebra. Algebra is a designation for western nations which is then enshrined in a book. The author of the book of algebra is Abu Ja’far Muhammad bin Musa Al Khawarizmi. “Among the famous Islamic mathematicians … Read more

Get to know the Australian Continent and the Causes of Deserts in Australia

Causes of Deserts in Australia – Australia is the smallest continent in the world. Australia is a country in the southern hemisphere consisting of the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and various small islands in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. This country has only one country, namely Australia. The territory of Australia is … Read more

Get to know the Amazing and Philosophical Traditional Balinese Houses

Indonesia is a country that is rich in art and culture. Bali is one of the provinces that has a variety of cultures, even famous to foreign countries. It is this cultural diversity that ultimately makes many tourists visit Indonesia, especially Bali. Not only its cultural arts, Bali is also famous for its exotic and amazing natural attractions. This … Read more

Get to know the 5 Types of Malay Traditional Houses in Indonesia

Malay Traditional Houses – The Malays are an Austronesian ethnic group who inhabit the Malay Peninsula, the coast of the island of Sumatra starting from Jambi, Bangka Belitung, Riau, Riau Islands, North Sumatra and South Sumatra. In addition, the Malays cover the southern part of Thailand, the island of Singapore, the southern coast of Burma, the coast … Read more

Get to know the 5 Theories of the Formation of the Universe

Theory of the Formation of the Universe  – Many scientists have debated about the existence of the universe. The presence of the universe in question is like where did the universe exist, when did the universe exist, how was the universe created, and so on. Scientists debate how to convey their ideas. One of the ideas expressed in … Read more

Get to Know the 5 Human Senses and Their Structures and Functions

5 Human Senses – Humans in carrying out their daily activities need stimulation from their environment. In responding to or responding to stimuli that come from outside, the human body needs tools that can help respond to these stimuli. The organs of the body are called the senses. Humans generally have five (five) senses that are very functional … Read more

Get to Know the 5 Functions of Leaves and Their Structures and Various Kinds!

Leaf Function –  Of course, Sinaumed’s already knows that every plant must have leaves. This is because the leaves become one of the parts or organs of plants that have various important functions for plant life. One example is that leaves have the ability to absorb solar energy which is then used as a material for plants to photosynthesize. In other … Read more

Get to know the 19 Most Extreme Rain Types in the World – Rain is a phenomenon that often occurs, especially for those of us who live in this tropical area. Rain that we know in general is rain in the form of water. People especially children usually really like to play in the rain. However, what happens if the rain that occurs is actually not water? Surely people will … Read more

Get to know the 15 Soviet Union Fractal Countries and the Facts

Soviet Union Fractal State – Maybe some of the Sinaumed’s have heard the name of the country “Soviet Union”. Today, the Soviet Union has ceased to exist and has now become various splinter states. However, in the past, the Soviet Union was a country that had great power and was feared by many other countries. In this article, … Read more

Get to know the 14 organs of the human respiratory system and their diseases

Getting to Know the Human Respiratory Organs – Breathing as a process of inhaling air containing oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide from the lungs. The respiratory system is a collection of organ tissues that help your body breathe. Did you know that adult humans breathe 12-16 times per minute while resting? One series of inhaling and exhaling is … Read more

Get to know Tax Objects and Various Tax Objects

Definition of Tax Objects The object of tax is income or additional economic capability received by the taxpayer. In simple terms, the object of tax is income that is subject to tax. The meaning of own income is any additional economic capacity received or obtained by a taxpayer, both from Indonesia and from outside Indonesia, which can … Read more

Get to Know Successful Career Planning and Development

Career planning and development may not be something that is imagined when we are toddlers. When we were toddlers, we only knew ideals. When asked what goals we have, innocent answers flow, wanting to be a doctor, soldier, police, teacher and many more. Without realizing it at the time, we were already having a future conversation about careers. Even … Read more

Get to know Service Company Accounting: Definition, Stages and Types of Transactions

Get to Know Accounting for Service Companies – Accounting for service companies is actually almost the same as accounting in general. What distinguishes it is the absence of control over merchandise with a general cycle. Let’s Get to Know the Accounting for Service Companies in More Depth, along with a more complete explanation. Check them out! Accounting and Service … Read more

Get to Know Scout Number Codes, And Their Benefits in Life

Numerical code – Communication as one of the most important things in life. Communication can also be done either directly or indirectly, also either confidentially or not, and in writing or not in writing. This also applies in the world of scouting. The world of scouting itself knows a communication that uses a scout code. … Read more

Get to know Sales Promotion as a Great Trick in Product Sales

Sales Promotion – A brand usually does sales promotion because of the intense competition in the market, especially if other brands sell the same product and are sold by many other parties. Companies and brands can have the opportunity to re-attract the attention of their consumers by conducting promotions. Therefore, every company or brand needs … Read more