The Founder of sinaumedia and Its Success History

Founder of sinaumedia – Who doesn’t know about one of the largest and most complete bookstores in Indonesia, which we know as sinaumedia. Certainly, almost everyone, especially students and university students, have visited this one bookstore. But has it ever crossed your mind, who is the founder of sinaumedia? So, if you are curious about this, in this … Read more

The Founder of Shopee and His Career Journey

Founder of Shopee Who doesn’t know the online shopping platform Shopee? Currently, it seems that almost everyone in Indonesia knows the online shopping application Shopee. But, has it ever crossed your mind about who is the figure who plays an important role in becoming the founder of Shopee? Currently, the Shopee marketplace is known as one of the … Read more

The First Islamic Empire in Indonesia

The First Islamic Empire in Indonesia – The heyday of the Islamic Empire in Indonesia is estimated to have taken place in the 13th to 14th centuries. The beginning of the arrival of Islam in Indonesia stems from the rise of trade in the archipelago, this is because the territory of Indonesia was crossed by … Read more

The First Country to Recognize Indonesia’s Independence

The Country That First Recognized Indonesia’s Independence – In order for a country to be independent, it must receive recognition for independence from other countries, as well as during the process of independence from the state of Indonesia. As Sinaumed’s already knows, the Indonesian state announced its independence on August 17, 1945 and at the … Read more

The Dynamics of Unity and Unity of the Indonesian Nation

Dynamics of Unity and Oneness – Did Sinaumed’s know that the dynamics of national unity and integrity are important to learn as part of our efforts as a nation’s generation to protect and defend the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. Since the proclamation of Indonesian independence on August 17, 1945 there have been … Read more

The Division of Climate Classification in the World

sinaumedia – Climate is a combination of various daily weather conditions or it is said that climate is the average weather. The climate contained in an area or region cannot be limited by just one climate analysis but is a combination of various climate or weather elements. The following is a more complete explanation of the Climate … Read more

The customer is: definition, types, examples, advantages

Customers are – In everyday life, most people then need the services of the banking sector for financial services. Therefore, being a customer is a privilege . The reason is, not everyone can then become customers or bank customers and access various financial products or investment products. If you are a business owner, becoming a … Read more

The correct way to land in the long jump

The Right Way to Land in the Long Jump – Surely Sinaumed’s is no stranger to the long jump sport? Yep, this one sport has been taught to us from Elementary School (SD) to High School (SMA) level. Almost the same as other sports, long jump also really requires strength, speed, and agility to be … Read more

The Concept of National Income and How to Calculate It

The Concept of National Income – Have you ever heard of national income or gross and net national product? If not, you need to know about national income, both its meaning, concept and how to calculate it. The following is a summary of the meaning, concept and method of calculating national income. Definition of National … Read more

The Concept of Identity Matrix and Example Problems

Matrix is ​​one of the easiest ways to solve mathematical problems that have many variables. Usually it is applied to the fields of mathematics, economics, and engineering. The matrix itself has many types. One of them is the identity matrix in which the diagonal is the number one. Then, how to operate it. The following … Read more

The Concept of Addition Matrix, Example Problems, and Discussion

Matrices have various operations such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. These operations use their own way. This is caused by the arrangement of numbers in the matrix which is different from other mathematical operations. The following is an explanation of the addition operation on the matrix and examples of questions to support the You learning … Read more

The Book of Safinatun Najah: Definition and Contents

The Book of Safinatun Najah – Basically, all Muslims in this world are required to study fiqh which contains knowledge of legal issues that regulate daily life in Islamic law. In the science of jurisprudence, we do not only study how to worship properly, but also with regard to buying and selling systems, and so … Read more

The Best Hours of Tahajud Prayer and Its Virtue

The Best Hours of the Midnight Prayer and Its Virtues – Salah midnight is one of the worship services in Islam. This prayer service is carried out at night and you have to sleep first. This is what makes the midnight prayer a worship that is quite heavy to do. However, Allah SWT promises many … Read more

The Benefits of Sunlight for Animals and Plants

Each country has a different duration of sunshine. In Indonesia, which is a tropical country, it gets sunlight longer than in countries with four seasons. This happens almost all year round. Like humans, animals and plants also need sunlight. Sunlight does have an important role in life on earth. Without it, life would be somber … Read more

The Benefits of Mutual Cooperation for Social Community Life

Benefits of Gotong Royong – Who doesn’t know what mutual cooperation is? Indonesian people are certainly familiar with this one verb. Because, the Indonesian people themselves are famous for their hospitality and good nature that likes to help. So, what exactly is the meaning of gotong royong? Mutual cooperation is one of the characteristics of … Read more

The Benefits and Dangers of Lighting Aromatherapy Candles at Home

In recent years, aromatherapy candles have become very popular because they claim to relieve stress and anxiety. Aromatherapy fragrances come from essential oils that are scientifically proven to provide health benefits. However, there is no research that proves that aromatherapy candles can relieve colds in babies. Are you a fan of aromatherapy candles? For those … Read more

The Area of ​​Each ASEAN Country and Their Brief Profile

The Area of ​​Each ASEAN Country – The ASEAN Organization or the Association of Southeast Asian Nations is an organization consisting of 10 countries located in the Southeast Asian region. Previously, the ASEAN organization was first formed on August 8, 1967 with only 5 member countries and Indonesia was one of the founding countries. Representatives … Read more

Termination of Employment and Sample Letter

Termination and Sample Letter – What does Sinaumed’s know about layoffs? For a worker the term layoffs may be an unpleasant thing, but in some conditions the company also needs to lay off employees to keep the company running stable. In the world of work, the relationship between employers and workers must run well, including when the employment … Read more

Tectonic Earthquakes Are: Definition, Causes, and Types

Tectonic earthquakes are – Recently, earthquakes have frequently occurred in Indonesia. Earthquake is a natural disaster, which can cause quite large losses. Earthquakes themselves are often grouped into two types, namely, tectonic earthquakes and volcanic earthquakes. On this occasion, we will discuss more about tectonic earthquakes. So, keep reading this article until it’s finished, Sinaumed’s. Definition of Tectonic Earthquake Earthquakes … Read more

Take a peek at 18 applications that will help you learn optimally

sinaumedia Literacy – Digital developments are starting to enter various sectors, including education, with many startups developing platforms or applications to provide online learning. The application offers various features ranging from learning through animated videos, practice questions, and even preparation for various exams. Here are some online learning applications that you can use Sinaumed’s. What … Read more

Tabarakallah means God’s Blessing, See Its Use and Benefits

Tabarakallah means – Has Sinaumed’s ever read the sentence Tabarakallah? Or maybe Sinaumed’s is quite familiar with this sentence? The sentence Tabarakallah became popular, when it was widely used by celebrities as well as celebgrams to start their social media captions. After being used quite a lot by celebrities and celebgrams, many people also use the Tabarakallah sentence … Read more

Symptoms of syphilis in men that are important to pay attention to

Symptoms of syphilis in men – Syphilis or often also called the king of lions is a venereal disease that can cause long-term complications, if not treated properly and correctly. Syphilis can be regarded as a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by a type of bacteria known as Treponema Pallidum. However, the symptoms of syphilis in men are … Read more

Symptoms Causes of STEMI: Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment

Causes of STEMI Symptoms – STEMI is an acute phase of chest pain that lasts a long time and cannot be treated with nitrates. This phase can occur at rest or at any time accompanied by acute myocardial infarction with ST elevation (STEMI) which occurs due to thrombosis resulting from rupture of an unstable atherosclerotic plaque. According … Read more

SWOT Analysis of Yourself and How to Use It Properly!

SWOT Analysis Yourself – Usually, businesses and strategies need a SWOT analysis to find out their weaknesses and strengths. However, the use of SWOT analysis can also be applied to know yourself more deeply. That way, Sinaumed’s can see the weaknesses and strengths within. So, in the future, you can determine the best way to realize your goals … Read more