What are Conspiracy Theories & Famous Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories – Conspiracies have recently become one of the topics of interest to society. Not even a few content creators create content that discusses conspiracies. However, does Sinaumed’s know the meaning of the conspiracy?

In general, Sinaumed’s can interpret a conspiracy as an allegation of a conspiracy to carry out a grand plan. Various kinds of events and tragedies that are considered odd are often associated with conspiracies. In order not to misunderstand, this article will discuss conspiracy theories and examples. Listen to the end of the article, OK!


Definition of Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theory or conspiracy theory can be interpreted as a theory that seeks to explain that the highest cause of one or a series of events is something that is confidential and often deceives a person, planned secretly by certain parties such as a group of people or organizations that have high power and very influential. Generally, events associated with conspiracies are political, historical or social events.

The word conspiracy itself is taken from English which means conspiracy which has the meaning that is a secret plan carried out by a group of people to be able to do something that violates or harms the law,

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary or KBBI itself, the word conspiracy means conspiracy or conspiracy. According to the meaning of the word conspiracy according to KBBI, the word conspiracy implies a wrong and illegal act carried out by the conspirators because several parties do not need to carry out the conspiracy in order to be involved in activities that are illegal or unethical.

Based on this explanation, it can be concluded that conspiracy is an act that seeks to explain a cause of one or a series of secret events. Meanwhile, a conspiracy theory is a theory that attempts to explain the main cause of an event or a series of events.

Some experts also provide opinions regarding the meaning of conspiracy. Here’s an explanation.

  1. Robert O Zelency

According to Robbert O Zelency he expressed an opinion in 1987 regarding conspiracy, according to Zelency, the meaning of conspiracy is a secret action with a very planned to be able to carry out an action that is illegal or wrong.

  1. Yenni Salim

Yenni said that conspiracy is a plan or action carried out by a group of people in a secret way by conspiring to be able to commit an act that violates the law and is included in bad faith.

  1. Oxford Dictionary

According to the Oxford dictionary, conspiracy can be interpreted as a plan that has a secret nature and can be carried out by a certain group of people who have illegal purposes and can harm certain parties.


Types of Conspiracies

In practice, conspiracies can be divided into several different types, the following is an explanation of the types of conspiracies.

  1. Political Conspiracies are conspiracies that occur among certain people who have the goal of being able to obtain political power or fulfill political goals. Political conspiracy can also be interpreted as a conspiracy that believes that there is an agreement that occurs between several groups or people who have the goal of gaining political power.
  2. Criminal conspiracy is a conspiracy that believes that there is an agreement that takes place or occurs between several people or groups to be able to violate existing laws in the future.
  3. Civil conspiracy is a conspiracy that occurs between several people to be able to commit an act of fraud that is misleading or deceives other people from the legal rights obtained by that person, the aim is to gain unilateral benefits.
  4. Hub and spoke conspiracy, what is meant by a hub and spoke conspiracy is a conspiracy in which one or more main conspirators commit the same conspiracy as other people and the success of the conspiracy depends on several parties participating in the conspiracy.

Sinaumed’s can find out more about conspiracies, or conspiracy theories that have emerged and become books by reading one of the book recommendations below. This book is entitled “The Conspiracy of the Universe” and was written by Fiersa Besari which not only explains conspiracy theories but several other questions that often arise in the minds of readers.


Purpose of Conspiracy

When viewed from the various types of conspiracies that exist, conspiracies have a variety of goals which in general are to achieve benefits that only a few people or certain groups can get. From the objectives of the several types of conspiracies, it can be seen that conspiracies are detrimental.

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In general, the public themselves do not know what the purpose of certain groups or people are for conspiracies because the events carried out are confidential. Each conspiracy according to the type of conspiracy certainly has a different purpose.

However, in general, the purpose of a conspiracy is to blame one party or to lead public opinion towards an event or a series of events and issues that at that time received the public attention and were considered important by the public.

Conspiracies themselves can occur anywhere, starting from the business environment, work, regional areas, countries and even events and a series of events that occur in the world. However, even if the act of the conspiracy occurs, it is very rare that a party is able to prove the conspiracy to the public because it does not have solid evidence. This is due to the confidential nature of the conspiracy and is only known by the parties involved.


Conspiracy Theory Examples

Conspiracies and conspiracy theories that try to reveal an event or issue is nothing new. Even these conspiracies and conspiracy theories have been around for many years. There are even some conspiracy theories that eventually influence people’s minds. Here are some conspiracy theories that have happened before.

1. There is Weather Manipulation

The first conspiracy existed in 1993 when a US research and defense project agency partnered with the US military and the University of Alaska. The research project then started a program called the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or shortened to HAARP.

HAARP is a project that is not disclosed by the public and raises a lot of suspicion. The public makes many assumptions about the HAARP project which is kept secret by the US government.

Several conspiracy theories suggest that the HAARP project is a satellite project that has a large enough impact, namely an earthquake. Then, the HAARP project is a project of a large transmitter capable of creating tornadoes and even tsunamis. However, it turns out that the HAARP project in collaboration with the US military is a continuation of an old project from the US government where a cloud seeding technique was carried out to increase rainfall.

Even though it didn’t cause a tornado, the HAARP project has proven to provide several results in the form of impacting weather manipulation, especially to generate heavy rainfall. So, the conspiracy theory from the HAARP project is considered quite correct about manipulating the weather.

2. The existence of the moon is not real

This conspiracy theory was first put forward by a former football player, book author and public speaker named David Icke who stated that the moon was not real.

Icke argued that the moon was not real at first because it was inspired by an American writer who said that the size of the moon was considered quite strange. David Icke then believed the conspiracy theory put forward by the American writer, then theorized that the moon wasn’t real.

David Icke has a conspiracy theory in the form of a control system capable of manipulating people’s feelings towards a reality. Icke revealed that this manipulation of feelings causes humans to become a slave race. Icke said that everything in this world is a lie that is built in such a way that people can believe it.

3. The Earth Is Not Round, But Flat

The third conspiracy theory is a conspiracy theory that is quite popular and even has quite a number of followers. Is a flat earth conspiracy theory that allegedly existed unofficially in the 19th century and gave rise to a flat earth society or flat earth society.

After unofficially attending and establishing the flat earth community, in 2004 the president of the flat earth community, Daniel Shenton, revived the flat earth conspiracy theory again.

Flat earth community groups argue that the landing of humans on the moon is a fraud. Furthermore, the flat earth society group explained the flat earth conspiracy theory that if the earth is indeed round, then humans should be able to see the curvature of the earth from airplanes.

Not only that, the data community also says that the light on the satellite in orbit is a false light that is deliberately installed to deceive humans. Flat earth community groups also believe that the force of gravity is another false phenomenon.

4. The Tragedy of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks 

The 9/11 terrorist attack conspiracy theory is also one of the most well-known conspiracy theories. When the tragedy of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, in the end began to emerge several conspiracy theories that are quite trusted by the public.

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According to the conspiracy theory of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, many people believe that there was a conspiracy behind the collapse of the building which ultimately killed many victims. Many believe that the United States government itself carried out the attacks on 9/11 and that the attacks were not terrorist attacks.

Some conspiracy theories suggest that the United States government actually knew that terrorists would come and attack on 9/11. But the United States government refused to act and convinced the public to declare war on the Middle East.

5. Princess Diana’s Death Wasn’t an Accident

Princess Diana is the daughter of a British occupation that has taken a lot of attention, because Princess Diana’s family origins are not from royal or aristocratic families but from ordinary people.

When she married Prince Charles, their love relationship immediately came under the spotlight because it was considered romantic. However, after being married for some time Prince Charles was also laughed at having cheated on Princess Diana.

Princess Diana eventually died in an accident, but the accident was deemed intentional by the royal party.

Princess Diana’s accident conspiracy theory says that the car crash in Paris that eventually killed Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed in 1997 had been one part of the palace’s efforts to save Prince Charles’ image.

Not just one or five, but there are about 175 conspiracy theories about the accident that happened to Princess Diana. Muhamad Fayed, the father of Dodi Fayed, denied that the car accident that killed his son occurred because the driver was drunk and drove at high speed to avoid being chased by journalists at that time.

Muhammad Fayed admitted that when the accident occurred, Princess Diana was pregnant with Dodi Fayed’s child and the couple was happy and would soon announce their second engagement. Muhamad Fayed explained that it was the British palace itself that deliberately and had the heart to kill Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. The goal is to prevent Dodi and his family from joining the British working family.

However, the conspiracy theory presented by Muhammad Fayed was refuted. Because a doctor and close friend of Princess Diana denied that Princess Diana was pregnant at that time. Meanwhile, Princess Diana’s oldest sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, even questioned the relationship between Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, because Princess Diana admitted to her friend, Lady Annabel Goldsmith, that marriage for Princess Diana was just like an itch on the face.

6. The assassination of the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy

Another well-known conspiracy theory is the assassination that befell the President of the United States, namely John F Kennedy in November 1963 in Dallas, Texas. When the murder occurred, John F Kennedy’s wife, Jackie, Texas Governor John Connelly and Nelli’s wife were also in the same car.

The first conspiracy theory, is a theory that is widely believed by the public. That Soviet supporter Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots from the sixth floor of the building at the Texas School Book Depository, moments after President John F Kennedy’s motorcade crossed his position.

The first bullet that was found missed, but the second bullet then allegedly penetrated John F Kennedy’s body and then came out through the throat and then hit Governor Connelly’s ribs who was sitting in the chair in front of the President. Then, the third bullet hit the side of John F Kennedy’s head.

Meanwhile, according to witnesses and secret agents, namely Clint Hill, had different views when the murder took place. So that raises a lot of other suspicions from the public.

According to Hill, four shots hit John F Kennedy in the back and all four shots came from behind. Meanwhile, according to the witnesses, some claimed that they heard gunshots coming from the bushes and several other witnesses stated that there were those who saw the smoke from John F Kennedy’s shot, but there were also witnesses who said that there were only three shots and not four that were fired. regarding John F Kennedy.

Until now, conspiracy theories about the assassination of John F Kennedy are still widely circulated and believed, because it is considered that the murder case is still unfinished and unsolved.

That is an explanation of conspiracies, the definition of conspiracy theories, types, and purposes of conspiracy theories along with six examples of famous conspiracy theories.

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