Elon Musk’s productive secrets, and one of them is Take a Bath

We know Elon Musk as the greatest entrepreneur and technocrat in this era. He is revolutionizing space technology with SpaceX, changing the future of world transportation with Tesla and Hyperloop, changing the future of energy with Solar City, and many more. All that makes Elon Musk into the ranks of the 100 richest people in…… Continue reading Elon Musk’s productive secrets, and one of them is Take a Bath

Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday (1791-1867), was a physicist and chemist from England. His well-known discoveries are electromagnetic induction and the laws of electrolysis. Faraday’s initial research was in chemistry, under the guidance of Sir Humphry Davy and found two types of carbon chloride and benzene. In his research, Faraday also succeeded in liquefying several types of gases. Michael Faraday is an expert…… Continue reading Michael Faraday

Lord William Thomson Kelvin

British scientist William Thomson Kelvin, Baron Kelvin of Largs (1824 - 1907). (Photo by Herbert Barraud/Getty Images)

Lord William Thomson Kelvin  is a physicist, mathematician, inventor (owns 70 patents), professor, author, and president of the Royal Society. He was born in Belfast, Ireland, on June 26, 1824. He received the Lordship title from Queen Victoria. Lord William Thomson Kelvin Because of the intelligence of Lord William Thomson Kelvin , at the age of 10 he entered…… Continue reading Lord William Thomson Kelvin

Marcian Ted Hoff, Founder of the Microprocessor

Marcian Ted Hoff is the father of the inventor of the microprocessor. Thanks to his findings, he changed the world of technology to become increasingly rapidly developing. The microprocessor is one of the most influential inventors in technological developments. Without a microprocessor, there might not be computers, cell phones, or the internet. Luckily Marcian Ted…… Continue reading Marcian Ted Hoff, Founder of the Microprocessor