Musyarakah: Definition, Pillars, Types, and Differences with Murabaha Contracts


Musyarakah is an important contract in Islamic economics, which is increasingly recognized by residents in Indonesia. As adherents of Islam continue to understand the importance of muamalah, especially in the economic aspect, they are turning to contracts that are permissible in Islamic law. Among the various contracts used in Indonesia, musyarakah, mudharabah, and murabahah are … Read more

Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Definition, Duties, and Roles

Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Definition, Duties, and Roles

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a senior executive overseeing the company’s finances. As a c-suite member or the highest-ranking decision maker, the Chief Financial Officer is expected to take on various responsibilities that focus on the company’s financial health and growth, including planning and financial analysis, monitoring expenses, and income. In addition, other duties … Read more

Product Life Cycle: Understanding the Stages of Product Development

Similar to the product planning stages, the life of a product also has its stages. The stages of a product’s life are called the product life cycle . Understanding the product life cycle is very important in the business world. Through this cycle,  business people can plan marketing strategies when products start to decline.  Understanding … Read more

The Importance of Packaging: Functions, Benefits, and Types Explained


Packaging is something that is very important and cannot be separated from the marketing and distribution process of a product. So what exactly is the meaning of packaging, and what is the purpose of packaging itself? In this article, we will briefly discuss several things related to packaging, including: Explanation of what is meant by packaging, both in … Read more

What Triggers Economic Recession: Definition, Causes, and Impact on Society

Economic Recession

In measuring the development and progress of a country, of course the main reference or indicator is how much economic growth is. Meanwhile, the level of economic growth can be seen from the value of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the country. If the GDP is low and continues to decline for months, it can trigger an economic recession . What … Read more

5 Things You Should Know About Sales

5 Things You Should Know About Sales

Business pals, hearing the word ” sales ” doesn’t sound familiar anymore, doesn’t it? Its vital role for the company makes the sales role as the spearhead of the company’s sales. Therefore, it is often easy for us to find job vacancies for sales positions . Unfortunately, many people actually underestimate this profession. Because, sales … Read more

Sales Forecasting: Definition, Importance, and Techniques

5 Things You Should Know About Sales

What is a Sales Forecast? Sales forecasting or sales forecasting is the process of estimating future revenue by predicting the number of products or services that a sales unit (which can be an individual salesperson, sales team, or company) will be sold in the following week, month, quarter, or year. Simply put, a sales forecast … Read more

What is the difference between Revenue and Income? Here’s the explanation

Revenue & Income Difference in Pictures

Often Confused What is the difference between Revenue and Income? Here’s the explanation –  Without realizing it, usually some financial terms are very often misused in everyday conversation. The wrong use of the word sometimes causes confusion for young investors and early entrepreneurs. Especially entrepreneurs and investors who do not have a formal basic education about finance. … Read more

Understanding Market Share: Definition, Importance, and Metrics

market share

As we know, market share is a very determining factor for the success of a business. Then actually, what is the meaning of market share , and what is its purpose? The answer is in this article. Here I will discuss in detail several things related to market share , including: A brief explanation of what market share is . Types of market shares . Measuring the … Read more

3 Basic Investment Principles from Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is a legendary investor and billionaire who is greatly admired in the United States and throughout the world. Not surprisingly, his experience and business principles have inspired a number of billionaires, investors, and CEOs from a number of companies in the United States and even in the world. For example, like Marc Andreessen, he is … Read more

Economic Goods: Definition, Types, and Examples

Economic Goods

In economics, there are three types of goods that humans can use to support their survival. The three types of goods are economic goods, illite goods, and free goods. All three have different meanings and characteristics. However, because there are goods that are limited. Maybe you will not be able to enjoy the item continuously. … Read more

Introduction to Microeconomics: Definition, Theory, Objectives and Scope


Are You looking for references on microeconomic theory? That’s right, sometimes there are still many people who can’t tell the difference between micro and macro economics. Even though the study of this theory will often be encountered by us when studying economics. In order to get to know and understand more about the study of the … Read more

10 Points of Washington Consensus Policy According to John Williamson

Washington Consensus Policy According to John Williamson

When discussing the Washington Consensus, it is also important that we discuss Neoliberalism. Basically, neoliberalism is not a big theory. This theory was born from a combination of several contemporary anti-investment theories which were developed in certain historical, political and institutional contexts. Neoliberalism Many people who are unfamiliar with economic theory think that neolibism is … Read more

What is Capitalism? Definition and Characteristics


Ideology is an idea, thought, or principle that is owned by an individual or group of people. This time, we will briefly discuss one of the ideologies which was also coined as an economic system, namely capitalism. Capitalism upholds individual ownership of the means of production and distribution used to gain competitive advantage of the characteristics … Read more

SWOT Analysis: Benefits, Factors and Examples

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats is an acronym for SWOT. SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning techniques that are useful for evaluating the strength and weakness , opportunities and threats in a project. Here will also be discussed about examples of SWOT Analysis for companies. But of course, both analysis for an ongoing project or one … Read more

Understanding Accounting and Its Importance in Business


For some people, the science of accounting is related to the calculation system, but the fact is that accounting is a process that is not simple. What is accounting? What is the definition and understanding of accounting according to some experts? Sinaumedia will review it here. This knowledge is quite widely used in daily applications, especially related to business … Read more

Definition of Distribution: Function, Purpose, and Types of Distribution

Definition of Distribution

Distribution is one of the processes carried out in economic activities and plays an important role in providing human needs. So what exactly is distribution, and what is its purpose? In this article, several things related to distribution will be discussed in full, including: An explanation of what distribution is, both in general terms and according to experts. … Read more

What Are Economic Bubbles, How To Avoid Them?


The term economic bubble or often also referred to as a speculative bubble or financial bubble. This is one thing to watch out for, especially when you invest. Determining investment instruments is not an easy thing. Of course, everyone hopes that the chosen investment instrument can increase in price so that it will provide benefits in the … Read more

Definition of Embargo, Types, and Case Examples

Definition of Embargo, Types, and Case Examples

In short, the definition of an embargo is a prohibition issued by the government in a country to import or export certain goods or products to other countries. This term is common and familiar used in the world of economics, especially in trade and politics. For more on the meaning of embargo and its types, … Read more

Product Differentiation: Definition, Strategy & Impact for Business

product differentiation

What is product differentiation? Product differentiation is the process that differentiates your product or service from others. This process involves detailing the characteristics of each product that consumers value and making it unique. When successful, product differentiation creates a competitive advantage because customers see your product as superior. Why is product differentiation important? It is important for … Read more

Understanding Gimmick Marketing

marketing gimmick

The ideal gimmick is low cost but still manages to attract the attention of many potential customers. More than that, a good gimmick leaves a strong and positive impression on people’s minds about your company and products, an impression that lingers on them for a long time. A few examples of gimmicks will help you get a … Read more

How to Calculate Working Capital?

How to Calculate Working Capital

Working capital is the company’s ability to pay current liabilities with current assets . Working capital is an important measure of financial health because creditors can measure a company’s ability to pay off its debts within a year. Working capital represents the difference between a company’s current assets and current liabilities. The challenge is to … Read more

From Mudharabah to Ijarah, Get to Know the Principles of Islamic Banking

Principles of Islamic Banking

Islamic banks are banks that carry out their activities based on Islamic law (Islamic principles). This bank is also called an interest-free bank. Why not, in raising funds this bank does not provide interest in return and in loans are not subject to interest. In carrying out its activities, this bank is based on Islamic religious principles … Read more

Understanding the Meaning of Economic Bubbles


There is a phenomenon in economic studies called economic bubbles or bubble economy . This phenomenon occurs in many countries and has a long history. In this article we will study the general definition of a bubble economy or economic bubbles and some of the events in which the phenomenon of economic bubbles occurs. According … Read more

Understanding Economic Growth: Characteristics, Factors and Measurement Methods

Economic Growth

The economic growth of a country is closely related to the welfare of its people which also becomes a benchmark for whether a country is in a good economic condition or not. Simon Kuznets himself stated that economic growth is a condition in which a country is able to increase its production based on technological … Read more

The Concept of Deflation and Its Impact on the Economy

In the previous material, we have studied the definition of inflation, its triggering factors, and economic policies to overcome it. In this article, we will study the situation opposite to inflation, namely negative inflation or deflation and its impact on the economy. 1. DEFINITION OF DEFLATION. In principle, deflation is a general decline in output … Read more

Concepts of Utilitarianism, Liberalism, Libertarianism, and Socialism in Economic Policy Determination

Concepts of Utilitarianism, Liberalism, Libertarianism, and Socialism in Economic Policy Determination

Concepts of Utilitarianism, Liberalism, Libertarianism, and Socialism in Economic Policy Determination. Determination of economic policy is a classic problem that has always been a debate. The question of what policies the government should implement regarding equitable distribution of social welfare often raises pros and cons. In this paper, we will study the basic concepts that … Read more

What is Accumulation? Definition, Types, and How to Count

Definition of accumulation – Accumulation is a periodic addition, for example returns or deposit interest . Have you heard the term accumulation? You may often encounter the word accrual when saving or buying items with rewards and points that can be accumulated. However, you still don’t know what accumulation is. Check out the following explanation. Definition of Accumulation According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, … Read more