Provisions and Intentions of the Final Plural Prayers

Final Plural Prayer – Prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam, which must be carried out and obeyed by Muslims under any circumstances and may not be abandoned, except in certain conditions such as women who are menstruating and others. Even though the law is obligatory and cannot be abandoned, Islam provides relief … Read more

Proverbs: Definition, Types, Characteristics, and Examples

Definition of Proverbs and Examples – You must have heard the phrase “the stake is bigger than the stake” right? This sentence is a proverb that we often hear in Indonesia, especially in Indonesian subjects. Come on, look at some examples and intricacies about the word collection below. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary or KBBI, proverbs are … Read more

Proposal Framework: Benefits, Order, and How to Make It

Proposal Framework – It is quite mandatory if a proposal framework is used before a writer or researcher submits a research proposal, be it a proposal for research purposes, educational activities, or work or business. The proposal framework can also be a way for proposals to be structured better and more correctly. Proposals themselves are … Read more

Prophet Saleh’s Miracles and Stories with the Thamud

Miracles of the Prophet Saleh – For Sinaumed’s who are Muslim, surely you understand exactly who it is and how many Prophets and Apostles you must know? Generally, the number of Prophets and Apostles that must be known is 25. However, do you know Sinaumed’s? In fact, the number of Prophets and Apostles around the … Read more

Prophet Noah’s Example and His Life Story!

Prophet Noah’s Example – Following the stories of the prophets can be used as an example in guiding us human beings in living a life that is full of goodness and in accordance with God’s commands for those who believe in Him. The existence of the prophets as human predecessors who are part of the … Read more

Problem Identification: Definition, Examples, Parts, Steps

Problem identification – Problem identification is a very important first step in a research process. When a researcher captures a phenomenon that has the potential to be studied, the next step is to urge an identification of the problem of the phenomenon being observed. In a social research, the process of identifying the problem itself … Read more

President Soekarno’s wife who supports his career

We know Soekarno as the proclaimer of Indonesian independence. He and Hatta read the text of the proclamation of Indonesia on August 17, 1945. Soekarno became an example for the nation because of his tenacity and courage to contribute in liberating the Indonesian nation. It should be remembered that Indonesian independence was not just the … Read more

Prayers for the Rain to Stop You Can Try

Prayer for the Rain to Stop – When it rains, every human being has the right to protect himself from rainwater. Either with an umbrella, raincoat, or shelter under a tree or house. Apart from that, Allah SWT also allows people to pray for the rain to stop because only Allah has the power to … Read more

Prayers for both parents that you can practice

Listen here! Prayers for Both Parents that You Can Practice – All children born in this world must have both parents because it is impossible for a child to be born without the presence of their parents. Even though some children who are less fortunate are abandoned by their parents when they are young or … Read more

Prayers Before and After Studying with Adab and Benefits

Prayer Before and After Studying – Learning is a mandatory activity for everyone, including students. In addition, learning can also be referred to as worship that is favored by Allah SWT. Sinaumed’s , surely knows that before doing something, it must be started by praying. No exception with learning. Then, how about reading a prayer … Read more

Prayer to Pay off Debt Taught by Rasulullah SAW

Prayer to pay off debt – Sinaumed’s, you need to know those of you who are in debt. Islam does allow its people to be in debt. Rasulullah SAW also owed a Jew when he needed something. Debt in Arabic is called al-qardh . Etymologically, this term means “to cut”, while the word qardh in … Read more

Prayer Avoids Good Diseases To Practice

Prayers are spared from disease – Health is the most valuable favor from Allah SWT. However, there are times when humans face various diseases that can be life threatening or not. In this case, what is meant by non-life threatening is a disease that is not dangerous and does not threaten health. Illness itself is … Read more

Practices of Sunnah Eid that Need to be Known

Practices of the Sunnah of Eid that You Need to Know – Eid al-Fitr or known as Eid in Indonesia is a Muslim holiday which falls on the 1st of Shawwal in the Hijri calendar. Due to the determination of 1 Shawwal which is based on the circulation of the month, Eid al-Fitr falls on a different … Read more

Pottery: History, Manufacturing Process, and Examples

Pottery – As with pottery, Sinaumed’s is certainly no stranger to the existence of traditional crafts made from clay, aka pottery. If Sinaumed’s feels he has never seen pottery before, try to come to the traditional market, he will find it right away. These crafts are not only sold in traditional markets , they are often also sold on the side of the road … Read more

Positive, Negative Impacts and Examples of Globalization

Example of Globalization – In living life, we are not alone. We interact with other people who have different backgrounds. They exchange views, information, lifestyle, and technology. Of course this is like a two-edged knife. On the one hand, it has a positive impact. However, on the other hand it has a negative effect. In … Read more

Positive law is a series of legal principles and rules that apply today in the form of oral or written

In the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), law is defined as regulations or customs that are officially considered binding, which are confirmed by the authorities or the government; laws, regulations, and so on to regulate community life; benchmarks (rules, provisions) regarding certain events (nature and so on); decision (consideration) determined by the judge (in court); verdict. … Read more

Positive Impacts of International Trade and Driving Factors

Positive Impacts of International Trade and Factors Driving International Trade – International trade is an activity of exchanging goods and services between countries. It develops because of cooperation between countries with the aim of promoting goods and services freely. International trade within every country is important for economic prosperity. With the existence of international trade, … Read more

Positive and Negative Impacts of the Internet for Humanity

Positive and Negative Impacts of the Internet – The Internet has become a part of people’s lives. In this increasingly sophisticated era, everything can be found on the internet. Although not everything can be done via the internet, there are also many things that at first could only be found in person, now they can … Read more

Population Dynamics: Definition, Factors, Elements

Every human being who lives or lives on earth cannot be separated from what is called space or area to live or be occupied. Every area occupied by humans will have its own problems. Even though every problem in an area often arises, humans will always look for the best solution. This is because humans … Read more

Plural Prayer Intentions and Procedures for Plural Prayers

The intention to pray plural taqdim – Establishing prayer is a pillar of Islam that is required by Allah SWT to be carried out for His servants. The pillars of Islam this prayer includes the second pillar of Islam. The practice of prayer is also the practice that is first held accountable in the hereafter. Prayer worship is … Read more

Phylum Chordata: Definition, Characteristics, Clarification and Role

sinaumedia Literacy – Chordata is a group of animals that have a backbone. Phylum chordata is a group of animals that includes vertebrates. However, not all chordates are vertebrates. Chordata comes from the Greek word “chorda” which means strings, strings, or ropes. Let’s get to know more closely the characteristics and classification of chordates along with a more complete explanation … Read more

Phone Finder You Need To Know

The Inventor of the Telephone You Need to Know – Before technology existed, human life was very dependent on natural conditions, from making hunting tools using wood or bamboo, to communicating using smoke, flags, and so on. However, the era that continues to develop makes humans less dependent on nature. In fact, slowly human life feels easier … Read more

Philosophy Is: Understanding, Figures, Views, and Branches of Knowledge

Philosophy Is – The existence of philosophy as a scientific discipline has been questioned since more than 20 years of the last century. Although there are many opinions that explain what philosophy really is, these opinions have not satisfied everyone. In fact, many people think that philosophy is something that is completely secret, mystical, and strange. Did Sinaumed’s ever think like … Read more

Philosophy and the Branches of Philosophy

Philosophy – What comes to your mind when you hear or see the word philosophy? In this advanced era, the word philosophy is certainly no stranger to our ears. Surely many of us have heard or studied philosophy. For those of you who have heard the word, what comes to your mind when you see or read the … Read more

Personification Majas: Definition, Examples, Characteristics

Figure of Personification – Who doesn’t know about figure of speech? Maybe the meaning of figure of speech and its various forms seems familiar among students. Because, they are the ones who still get learning material and also assignments to write poetry using figure of speech. But, do you know, Sinaumed’s , actually without realizing it, in everyday life we … Read more

Per Capita Income in Country’s Economic Development

Income Per Capita – Income per capita in the Big Indonesian Dictionary or KBBI means national income divided by the number of residents. Per capita income is the average income of all residents in a country. Per capita income certainly has something to do with the economy in a country. Following is a more detailed understanding of per capita … Read more

Peeling the True Meaning of Minal Aidin Wal Faizin

The meaning of Minal Aidin Wal Faizin – The greeting of minal aidin wal faizin is a sentence uttered by many Muslims during Eid. Minal aidin wal faizin’s words are also usually connected with the sentence “sorry to be born and inner”. Therefore, it is very common for us to hear, “Happy Eid Al-Fitr, minal … Read more

Paying Agent: Definition, How to Get Started, Benefits and Tips

Paying Agent – ​​Every month, almost every family has an obligation to pay various kinds of bills, starting from paying electricity bills, telephone bills, BPJS payments, PDAM, data packages, pulses and other needs. Payment of the bill, can be done directly by coming to the outlet or by way of online . Even though paying some of these bills is … Read more

Pattimura Biography: The Story of Kapitan Pattimura and Maluku

Pattimura Biography – Sinaumed’s has often seen this national hero. It is true that he is Kapitan Pattimura who is an Indonesian National Hero from Maluku. Kapitan Pattimura is enshrined on Indonesian banknotes with a nominal value of one thousand rupiah. How is the life of Kapitan Pattimura and how is his struggle in protecting … Read more

Pattern of Human Life Prescriptive Age

Prehistoric Age of Human Life – The prehistoric period is also known as the prehistoric period. There are also those who call it the era of freedom, namely the period of no writing. Humans who lived at this time were ancient humans. Even though the pre-historic era did not recognize writing, the remains left by … Read more

Patriarchy is a Social System Construction with a Long History

Patriarchy is a social system that places men as the main power holders and dominates in various roles in society. The patriarchal system is one system that is strongly opposed and rejected by feminists. This is because patriarchy assumes that women are only perceived as having a reproductive function. So that women are considered only able to … Read more

Pasteurization Is: Definition, History, and How it Works

Pasteurization is one of the things that Sinaumed’s can often see in several food or beverage products. Generally, you will find the term pasteurization in foods or drinks made from milk or the milk product itself. After seeing pasteurization written on the food or beverage product you buy, Sinaumed’s may feel safer and more comfortable consuming … Read more

Past Continuous Tense Material: Definition, Formulas, Example Sentences and Questions

Still continuing in progressive tense, this time Eduteam will discuss the past continuous tense. Just like the simple tense, the continuous tense also has a span of time. Among them; present continuous tense, past continuous tense and future continuous tense. Previously, Eduteam also made an explanation regarding the simple past tense, You can first understand … Read more

Passive Sentences Are: Definition, Structure, and Types

Passive sentences are – When writing sentences in Indonesian, of course there are a lot of variations. In fact, with the selection of the right sentence, it can produce a paragraph that is easy to understand. In Indonesian, sentences can be divided into two types, namely passive sentences and active sentences. These two sentences are … Read more