Definition of Personnel Administration: Functions, Objectives, and Scope of the System

Understanding Personnel Administration –  Every company, of course, has an administration section. One of them is the personnel administration section. Usually, this administration section will take care of matters that are closely related to the administrative matters of the company. Then, what about personnel administration? When you hear the term personnel administration, perhaps the first thing that comes to … Read more

Definition of Operations Strategy and How to Implement it in the Business World

Operational Strategy – With increasingly fierce competition in every industry, a company must have a strategy to carry out its operations. A strategy to compete is developed based on various considerations, including a company’s relationship with the environment around it. This term is called operations strategy. The use of this strategy has long been developed … Read more

Definition of Office Administration: Functions, Purpose, and Duties

Definition of Office Administration – Does Sinaumed’s already know what office administration is? Office administration is an activity that is directly related to the administration system within the scope of the office. The management system within a scope in this office is one part of management that provides information in accordance with the administrative fields needed to support the work … Read more

Definition of Map: Function, Composing Elements and Types

Understanding Maps – Maps can be presented in a variety of different ways, ranging from conventional printed maps to digital maps that appear on a computer screen. The term map comes from the Greek word mappa which means table cloth or cloth. But in general, the meaning of a map is a sheet of all or part of … Read more

Definition of Legal Sociology: History and Scope

Understanding the Definition of Sociology of Law: History and Scope – Sociology in the field of science plays a vital role in developing knowledge that is increasing rapidly today. Sociology is present as a study that gives birth to social values ​​that benefit humans and their surroundings, which incredibly impact human social activities. In social … Read more

Definition of Indonesian State Ministries and Their Duties

State Ministries Are – Most of the existing ministries have undergone various changes, including mergers, separations, name changes, and also dissolution (either temporarily or permanently). The total ministries themselves are almost always different in each cabinet, starting with only a dozen until they once reached hundreds. Before finally being determined in Law Number 39 of 2008, namely … Read more

Definition of Geography, Aspects, & Objects of Study of Geography

Understanding Geography, Aspects & Objects of Study – As with other sciences, the object of study of geography has its own scope of study that is different from other disciplines. The object of study can be divided into two, namely material objects and formal objects. See a more complete explanation, here’s Sinaumed’s! Definition of Geography The word geography comes from … Read more

Definition of General Administration: Elements, Characteristics, Functions, and Examples

Definition of General Administration –  Does Sinaumed’s know what administration is? Yep, administration is one activity that will definitely always exist in an organization. Even educational institutions in the form of schools also have an administrative system that is different from other schools. However, this time we will not discuss school administration, but general administration. Actually, what is general administration? What is the role … Read more

Definition of Entrepreneur, Process Stages, and Failure Factors

Definition of Entrepreneurship – Currently, the government is campaigning for an invitation to start a profession as an entrepreneur. Besides being able to boost the country’s economy, being an entrepreneur can also play a major role in reducing unemployment in Indonesia. Many people understand that the concept of entrepreneurship is an attempt to start their … Read more

Definition of Educational Administration: Objectives, Roles, and Functions

Educational Administration

Definition of Educational Administration – Educational administration is a form of effort to integrate existing activities and programs. This activity is interdependent with groups and individuals who have the same goals for the benefit of students. The following is a further explanation of the existence of educational administration. Definition of Educational Administration The definition of educational administration … Read more

Definition of Destiny Mubram and Examples in Life

Definition of Destiny Mubram and Examples – In Islam, destiny is known as ‘Qodar’. The word destiny comes from the word qadara which means provision, because in fact Allah SWT has determined all matters according to His will. Faith in destiny or Qodho and Qadar is one of the pillars of faith that every Muslim must believe … Read more

Definition of Customs According to Experts, Types to Examples

Understanding Customs –  Indonesia is one of the countries in the world that is richest in cultural diversity. Having thousands of islands and hundreds of tribes, Indonesia is also rich in customs that have a myriad of philosophies and meanings. These customs are certainly a legacy that must be studied and preserved so that they are not lost … Read more

Definition of Cost Accounting According to Experts, Functions, and Types

Cost Accounting – The continuity and progress of a business cannot be separated from information systems, budget calculations and reporting. To expedite the company’s operations, it is important for businesses to understand the concept of cost accounting , starting from the notion of cost accounting to its application. Definition of Cost Accounting According to Experts Before discussing further about cost accounting , it … Read more

Definition of APBD: Function, Structure, Legal Basis and Mechanism of Preparation

What is APBD? Definition of APBD – Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD) is the annual financial plan of regional governments in Indonesia which is approved by the Regional People’s Representative Council. APBD is stipulated by Regional Regulation. The APBD budget year covers a period of one year, starting from January 1 to December 31. … Read more

Definition of Advice: Type, Development, and Purpose

Definition of advice – A customer often takes care of payments, account debits, fund withdrawals, and credit notifications. When doing all of these things, a customer will get a written notification. The written letter is also known as the advice. Then, what exactly is meant by advice? On this occasion, we will discuss more about advice.   Definition of … Read more

Definition of Advertising: Purpose, Benefits, and Types

Definition of Advertising – In relationship marketing, advertising is known as paid mass communication which is non-personal in nature. Bondan Winarno there are three terms that are commonly used in Indonesia to refer to advertising, namely billboards, advertisements and advertisements. The word advertisement or advertisement itself comes from the Dutch language, namely advertentie which also refers to English, namely advertising . Advertising … Read more

Definition of Adverbs and Adjectives Accompanied by Examples

Definition of Adverbs and Adjectives Accompanied by Examples – In the previous article, the author has explained about parts of speech . One type of part of speech is an adverb, which is an adverb and an adjective which means an adjective. These two parts of speech are often confused because of some similarities that can be seen at a … Read more

Definition of Administration: Purpose, Characteristics, Functions, and Types

Understanding Administration in a broad understanding can be interpreted as a cooperative activity. However, if administration is associated with various fields and other things, such as organization, management, policies, human relations, and so on. Then administration can have another meaning. Administration itself is basically a science that developed in the early 19th century. With the development of the times … Read more

Definition of Adab and Examples of Adab in Everyday Life

Understanding Adab – Adab has a meaning of politeness, friendliness, and delicacy of character. Adab is closely related to morals or commendable behavior. Most linguists also mention that adab is intelligence and accuracy in managing everything. Likewise, some other scholars also argue that adab is a word or utterance that collects all good things in it. Adab is a … Read more

Definition of Abstract: Purpose, Types, and Stages of Writing

Definition of Abstract – When working on a thesis or academic article, maybe you will be asked to make an abstract on the first page. Abstract itself is a summary of the contents of the writing that you make. Usually, abstracts will be made in Indonesian as well as English. But keep in mind, even though the abstract is … Read more

Definition, Model & Purpose of Political Communication

The Purpose of Political Communication – Political communication is communication that involves political messages and political actors or those related to power, government and also government policies. So political communication is not something new, but we can also understand political communication as a communication between the government and society. The following is the definition of … Read more

Definition & Examples of Motivation Letters

Definition & Examples of Motivation Letters

Motivation letters are usually used to apply for a program, for example, when accepting admission to a university for a scholarship program, applying to non-profit organizations, volunteering, and applying for an internship. Similar to a cover letter that is usually used when applying for a job. In your cover letter, you must clearly state the … Read more

Definition & Examples of Business Letters

Definition & Examples of Business Letters

A business Letter is one type of official letter that functions as a communication medium between two or more companies. There are many differences in writing a business letter compared to other notes, where the letter is usually informational, persuasive, motivational, or promotional. The business letter should be typed and printed on regular white paper with … Read more

Definition & Examples of Analytical Exposition text

Definition & Examples of Analytical Exposition text

Definition of Analytical Exposition text & Examples of Analytical Exposition text – Practicing understanding the structure of a text or sentence is an essential part of learning Indonesian-English. Besides aiming to enrich knowledge, mastering text forms facilitates writing and English proficiency. Check out a more complete explanation of the following Analytical Exposition Text: Definition of … Read more

Defensive: Meaning, Purpose, Impact, and How to Handle It

Defensiveness is – We’ve probably heard the saying “Why are you so defensive?” from a friend or acquaintance. In fact, it could be that we ourselves have said that to someone because of their attitude. Often, people say things like that without knowing exactly what they mean. Of course, we need to know how the … Read more

Deep Talk, An Art To Deepen Relationships

Deep talk is – Human life can never be separated from problems and unfortunately they can appear anywhere, such as at home, office, school, hangouts, playgrounds, even places of worship. Every problem that arises, definitely makes someone overthinking or can also become annoyed. As a social being who is obliged to interact with other people, … Read more

Decomposers Are: Definition, Functions and Types

Decomposers are – In the environment and habitat of living things, every living thing has its own role and function. There are living things that have a role as producers or even eaters, there are also living things that have other roles, namely as decomposers. Living things that have a role as decomposers are also … Read more

Day Names in English and How to Pronounce them

Name Days in English – Sinaumed’s must have received English education when he was still at school, be it elementary or high school. If Sinaumed’s studies these subjects seriously, English proficiency will slowly increase. Especially in elementary school (SD), where we are taught the use of simple English. Some of the topics taught to elementary … Read more

Da’wah: Definition of Several Types of Da’wah

Types of da’wah – Dakwah is the process of conveying religious teachings and inviting others to accept and practice them. In Islam, da’wah refers to efforts to spread Islamic teachings and invite others to become Muslims. This preaching itself can not only be heard in mosques, but can also be heard on electronic devices. Apart … Read more

Data Science: Definition, Tools Used, and Its Application

Data Science: Definition, Tools Used, and Its Application

Data Science – Today, data science is integral to various industries. This is because the large amount of data generated is a hot topic of discussion and debate in IT circles. Over the years, the popularity of data science has grown, and many companies have started to create specific data science techniques to grow their business. … Read more

Dalton’s Law: History, Definition, along with the problems and discussion

Dalton’s Law: History, Definition, along with the Problems and Discussion –   Dalton’s Law is one of the branches of chemistry, the study of the elements found in living and non-living things. Laws that are useful to complement existing parts of the theory are Proust’s law of fixed proportions and Lavoisier’s law of conservation of mass. The law … Read more

Cyanobacteria: Definition, Characteristics, Role, Reproduction, Classification, & Examples

sinaumedia Literacy – Blue green algae (cyanobacteria) and their places of life that we often encounter in everyday life, such as in lakes, rivers, seas, swamps, rocks, soil. For more details, Edutore will discuss the types of blue-green algae, and their role in human life, here’s Sinaumed’s. Check these out! DEFINITION OF CYANOBACTERIA Algae or … Read more

Customer Service: Definition, Required Skills, Up to the Duties

Sinaumed’s has certainly heard of customer service. Or maybe Sinaumed’s is interested in working as a customer service? To provide a deeper understanding, here is the definition of customer service and the duties of working as a customer service. Definition of Customer Service Customer service, also known as CS, is a service offered by companies … Read more

Customary Norms and Examples of Customary Norms

Customary Norms and Examples of Customary Norms – In an effort to realize the comfort and regularity of life that we live today, society generally makes agreements about what can be done and what can’t be done. Well, what we usually call agreed upon is the norm . In fact, formal learning about norms has started when you … Read more

Crude Oil: Origin, Formation Process and Benefits

Definition of Petroleum – As seen, nature provides a variety of useful resources for the fulfillment of everyday human needs. In human life, each resource has a different role. The available resources range from water, soil, to fruitful plants for daily food consumption. Petroleum is one of the mineral resources that is no less important … Read more

Cross Clearing: Definition, Purpose, and Types of Customers

Cross Clearing – The term cross clearing may be familiar to some people. Some have heard directly from people who speak or read on social media. In general, cross clearing is a check withdrawal by means of clearing when the withdrawing party will receive another bank check deposited through clearing on the same day. However, … Read more

Creative: Definition, Forms, Characteristics, and Examples

Definition of Creative – Today, everyone is required to always think creatively, especially in the world of work, so many people have said that in this modern era being creative is like an ability that everyone needs to have. Everyone has this creative ability, but not everyone can maximize this ability. Even though almost all … Read more

Coulomb’s Law: Definition, History, Formulas, and Examples of Problems

Coulomb’s Law – Has Sinaumed’s ever seen a phenomenon when we bring the ends of a battery closer but cannot attach the two ends? If so, Sinaumed’s is directly observing the phenomena of electrostatics. This phenomenon can occur because the tip of the battery has a positive (+) and negative (-) electric charge. When we bring the end that has a positive … Read more

Corporate Agent: Definition, Advantages, and Responsibilities

Corporate Agent – Corporate agent alias corporate agent is a bank that provides services in the form of an agent role to companies and/or government agencies. Meanwhile, this service can be in the form of paying dividends or interest, clearing, redemption and registration of shares, to tax collection. The bank will charge a fee for the services that have … Read more