The Origins and Architecture of the Construction of Borobudur Temple


The Origins and Architecture of the Construction of the Borobudur Temple – Borobudur (Javanese: ꦕꦤ꧀ꦝꦶ​ꦧꦫꦧꦸꦝꦸꦂ , translit.  Candhi Båråbudhur ) is a Buddhist temple located in Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java. This temple is located approximately 100 km southwest of Semarang, 86 km west of Surakarta, and 40 km northwest of Yogyakarta. This temple with many … Read more

The Origin of the Distribution of Ancestors in Indonesia

The Origins of the Distribution of Ancestors in Indonesia – The many tribes in Indonesia have had an impact on the emergence of regional language and cultural diversity that applies in everyday life. This wealth can become a problem if you are not good at managing the diversity and differences that exist. Of course this … Read more

The Nature of Language: The Nature, Functions, and Specialties of Language as a Human Communication Tool

The Nature of Language – Sinaumed’s must have known that the existence of language in everyday life is the most important thing because it acts as a means of communication and interaction with other humans. Even though in this world, the number of languages ​​is very large and varied, even in a certain area it can contain hundreds to … Read more

The Names of Angels and Their Duties

Names of Angels – In Islam, we recognize the existence of angels. A holy being whose life is only carrying out God’s commands. They are known to be obedient and have no lust. They are also assigned to accompany humans, record good and bad deeds. The opposite of angels is satan, whose life always leads … Read more

The Most Western Country In The World And Its Profile!

The Westernmost Country – Do you know what country Sinaumed’s is in the westernmost part of the earth? If you look at the world map, the westernmost countries in the world are the United States and Kiribati. The westernmost country can be identified by the astronomical position of that country. This can be seen through … Read more

The Most Popular English Dictionary for Learning English

Most Popular English Dictionaries – The need for English today is almost a priority for some people. In order to improve self-quality, learning English is something that must be done. Mainly for professionals who want to expand their business abroad and also students who want to seek knowledge in developed countries. Therefore, do not be … Read more

The Meaning of Unity and Unity of the Indonesian Nation

Definition of Unity and Oneness – Indonesia is a great nation, has thousands of islands and abundant wealth. In addition, Indonesia has various ethnic groups, cultures and languages. All of that would not unite if the ancestors did not unite the Indonesian nation’s fighting spirit for independence. Indonesia won its independence is not a gift … Read more

The Meaning of the Garuda Pancasila Symbol and Its Philosophy

The Meaning of the Garuda Pancasila Symbol and Its Philosophy – Because Pancasila is not only the foundation of the state but also one of the four pillars of nationality, along with the 1945 Constitution, the Republic of Indonesia and Bhineka Tunggal Ika. In its formulation, Pancasila took a very long time, and through critical … Read more

The Meaning of Sugoi and Other Popular Japanese Words

Sugoi means – If Sinaumed’s likes watching some anime shows or series from Japan, of course Sinaumed’s will hear some of the popular vocabulary that is widely used on social media and in daily conversation in the film or anime. One of them is the word sugoi, which is an expression used to express admiration … Read more

The Meaning and Meaning of the Cooperative Symbol

The Meaning of the Symbol on Cooperatives – In Indonesia, the existence of cooperatives has a major influence on the country’s economic system. The services provided in cooperatives to their members are of sufficient quality and quality so that the existence of cooperatives can be superior to other business entities. Then, what is the purpose … Read more

The Meaning and Meaning of Pancasila as State Ideology

Pancasila as the state ideology means that Pancasila is used as an ideology as a guide by the Indonesian people in carrying out their lives. The values ​​contained in the five principles of Pancasila form the foundation of society in socializing, religious life, human rights, and working together. A. Definition of Ideology Ideology is also … Read more

The Law of Conservation of Energy: Definition, Formulas, Types of Energy, and Their Benefits for Life

Law of Conservation of Energy – What is eternal? If you look at the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), the word “eternal” can mean eternal , alias does not change . This conservation can also be part of Physics material, to be precise in the Law of the Conservation of Energy. Sinaumed’s must already know what kind of energy exists on this earth? There is kinetic energy, potential … Read more

The Law and Virtue of Congregational Prayer

The law and virtue of praying in congregation – Worship is obligatory for someone who adheres to a religion. In Islam, prayer is a worship that must be done by its people. There are 5 obligatory prayers in Islam, namely, Isha, Fajr, Noon, Asr, and Maghrib. Prayers can also be performed individually and in congregation, … Read more

The Journey of the Founder of KFC

Founder of KFC – Who doesn’t know KFC? Of course 90 percent of Indonesian people, especially those who live in urban areas, have and often eat fast food which is quite popular. The main menu of KFC is the fried chicken. KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is indeed very popular and already has hundreds of … Read more

The Islamic Empire in Indonesia (Archipelago) and Its History

Islamic Kingdoms in Indonesia (Nusantara) and Its History – According to various historical sources, Islam entered the archipelago for the first time around the 6th century AD. When Islamic kingdoms entered Indonesia in the 13th century, various Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms had also ended their heyday. The Islamic empire in Indonesia that was developing at that time … Read more

The Inventor Of Zero Numbers You Need To Know

Inventor of the number zero – Nowadays, many people must have known that there is a zero in a sequence of numbers. This zero is usually counted before the number one (1), so that it can be said that the zero is an even number. In addition, the number zero in mathematics also has an important role … Read more

The Inventor of the Steam Machine: This is the history of the development and biography of James Watt

Steam Engine Inventor – Does Garmeds know who invented the steam engine? In our daily lives, we must be familiar with steam engines. One of the famous steam engine inventors named James Watt who managed to shake the world and even greatly influenced some of today’s technological sophistication, such as factory production machines, steam trains and so on. The … Read more

The Inventor of the Camera and Its Development Until Now

Inventor of the Camera – Has Sinaumed’s ever thought, who invented the camera? Then, how about the appearance of the world’s first camera? To get all the answers to these questions, let’s see the full explanation below. So, the discovery of the camera for the first time is a very long process. This process begins when scientists and … Read more

The Inventor of Mathematics and His Complete Biography

Inventor of Mathematics – Was Sinaumed’s one of those who loved mathematics? Exactly, mathematics is a branch of science that is certainly familiar to us. In practice, our daily activities cannot be separated from mathematics. Based on the major role of mathematics, does Sinaumed’s know who the inventor of mathematics is? To answer this question, Sinaumed’s can see the … Read more

The Intention of the Subuh Qobliyah Prayer Along with the Procedures for Implementation and the 7 Virtue

The Intention of Fajr Qobliyah Prayer – Has Sinaumed’s ever performed the Fajr Qobliyah prayer? If so, you must have memorized the reading intent. However, if you haven’t, you must be confused about what the definition of the Fajr Qabliyah prayer is and how the intention is read. Basically, the qobliyah prayer is a sunnah prayer that is performed before performing the … Read more

The Intention of Shawwal Fasting and Its Virtue

Intentions of Shawwal Fasting and Its Virtues – Muslims have a lot of sunnah worship. Starting from sunnah prayers to sunnah fasting. They can choose worship according to their heart’s desire. Sunnah worship in Islam is rewarded with extraordinary rewards and incomparable enjoyment of life. Not infrequently sunnah worship goes hand in hand with obligatory worship. For example, the … Read more

The Intention of Compulsory Bathing After Menstruation and Knowledge About Menstruation

Intention to Bathe Obligatory After Menstruation – Menstruation or menstruation is a normal cycle for a woman. Which women will experience bleeding from the vagina every month. So what exactly is menstruation? And how to purify it? Here’s a further explanation. Menstruation or menstruation is the event of bleeding from the uterus of a woman who has reached adulthood or … Read more

The Influence of Indonesia’s Geographic Location & Its Impact

The Influence of Indonesia’s Geographic Location – The establishment of a region cannot be separated from its geographical location. With the geographic location, the location or position of an area will be seen very clearly. If it is clear there will be many people who know the area. The geographical location of an area starts from the smallest, such … Read more

The Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency: Duties, History, and Journey

Duties of the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency –  Sinaumed’s have you ever heard of the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA)? This state institution was formed in 1998 based on Presidential Decree Number 27 of 1998 concerning the Establishment of IBRA. However, the performance of this state institution was considered not good until 27 February 2004 … Read more

The Impact of Population Growth and How to Overcome It

The Impact of Population Growth – In a country including Indonesia, it cannot be separated from the name of the population that has settled in an area that is in a country. When talking about the population, it will always be related to the number of residents, births, deaths, migration, and so on. The connection … Read more