Get To Know Echoes And Other Kinds Of Reflective Sounds

Recognizing Echoes – In today’s daily life, does Sinaumed’s realize that all the sounds that Sinaumed’s often listens to actually reflect? Yup, like a ball that is reflected on the ground, the sound produced by humans, animals, or inanimate objects can also reflect, it’s just that the appearance of the reflected sound has no form because sound also has no … Read more

Get to know Bonang Musical Instruments: Types, Functions and How to Use

Bonang musical instrument – ​​Indonesia has many cultures stretching from Sabang to Merauke. With these different cultures, it becomes the identity of a tribe that makes it unique and different from the others. We can find that diversity in different languages, clothes, and even musical instruments. With the existing wealth, it is necessary for us to continue to … Read more

Get to know Banten Traditional Clothing, Meanings, and 6 Types of Woven Fabrics

Banten traditional clothing – Banten traditional clothing consists of traditional clothing typical of the Sundanese and Baduy tribes. The following below is a more complete review, both the Sundanese and the Baduy tribe who are also known as the Kanekes people, or the indigenous tribes that inhabit one of the areas in Lebak Regency, Banten. The Baduy … Read more

Get to know Bangka Belitung Traditional Clothing

Bangka Belitung Traditional Clothing – Hello Sinaumed’s friends, is there any Sinaumed’s here who know the traditional clothes of Bangka Belitung? Of course there are those who have and have not. Well, of course we will talk about the traditional clothes in Bangka Belitung. Sinaumed’s friends who have never been there must have not seen the beauty and … Read more

Get to know a collection of heretical sects in Indonesia and the world

Indonesia and the World’s Deviant Sects – Heretical sects or heresies are theological or religious views or doctrines that teach or believe in things that are considered contradictory and contradictory to beliefs, or systems of any religion that are considered orthodox or legally considered true teachings. In the sense of this heretical sect, heresy is a … Read more

Get to know 18 Sundanese Traditional Ceremonies for Marriage and Birth

Sundanese Traditional Ceremonies – There are various Sundanese traditional ceremonies which are still often carried out today. One of them is the Seren Taun traditional ceremony which is mostly carried out in the Kuningan area, West Java. This traditional ceremony itself is carried out as a form of gratitude for the harvest obtained. Apart from being an event … Read more

Get to know 11 Kinds of Traditional Communication Tools

11 Kinds of Traditional Communication Tools – With the rapid development of technology, humans no longer experience difficulties in communicating. Now, the exchange of information is so easy to do despite the distance and time disparities. However, did Sinaumed’s know that communication tools go through a long history? Before getting to know technology, humans still relied on traditional … Read more

Geosphere Phenomena: Definition, Kinds, and Examples in Life

Geosphere Phenomena – Hello, Sinaumed’s friends , did you know? Geography is a basic science that is learned when we are in high school (SMA). Let’s start with a general understanding of geography below. Etymologically, the word geography comes from the Greek, geo means earth and graphein means text. The combination of the two words then forms “geography”. General Definition Geography is the science of … Read more

Geometry Series: Definition, Formulas, Examples, and Practice Problems

Geometry Series – Discussion of material about arithmetic sequences and series, you will definitely learn along with material on geometric sequences. Even though they look the same, the two materials have their own characteristics and formulas. The difference between arithmetic sequences and series and geometric sequences and series is the pattern. If in arithmetic we … Read more

Geographical Position of Asia and Characteristics of the Continent

Geographical location of Asia – The continent of Asia is the largest continent in the world and is inhabited by around 4.3 billion people, equivalent to 60 percent of the total human population worldwide today. In general, the Asian Continent with an area of ​​up to 44,579,000 square kilometers consists of land area, including several … Read more

Geographical Location of the Australian Continent, Climate Conditions, and Nature

Geographical Location of the Australian Continent – ​​The Australian continent consists of only one country. Australia is also the smallest continent among the other five continents. The only country on the continent of Australia is Australia. This continent has a fairly large mainland area and is located in the south of the territory of Indonesia. … Read more

Geographical Location of the African Continent and Its Profile

Geographical Location of the Continent of Africa – Africa is the second largest continent in the world. The African continent has a land area of ​​30.365 million square kilometers, which is about 8 thousand kilometers from north to south and 7,400 kilometers from east to west. Astronomical and Geographical Location of the African Continent The … Read more

Geographical Conditions in Indonesia You Need to Know!

Geographical Conditions in Indonesia – The geographic and astronomical location of the country of Indonesia is the position of the state of Indonesia which can be interpreted as all the boundaries that surround Indonesia. This country has many islands which are composed from Sabang to Merauke and from Miangas to Rote Island. In the following … Read more

Genetic Material: Genes, DNA, RNA & Chromosomes

sinaumedia Literacy – Genetic material or heredity factors are information possessed by every living cell that can be passed on to their offspring. In a sequence of DNA there are instructions that affect the nature or determine the characteristics of living things (called genes). Meanwhile, genetic factors are a condition of the body that can … Read more

Generic Stucture Explanation Text & Contoh Explanation Text

Generic Structure Explanation Text & Explanation Text Example – The word explanation in English, of course, is already familiar. In the world of education, or even in our daily lives, we often encounter explanations, or explanations in Indonesian. Explanation text is a text that explains the occurrence of a process. Every day in class, the teacher will explain something to his students. Starting from … Read more

General and Specific Characteristics of ASEAN Countries

Characteristics of ASEAN countries – The Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN is a geopolitical and economic organization of countries in the Southeast Asian region which was established in Bangkok, Thailand on August 8, 1967. The aim of establishing ASEAN is to increase social and economic growth, development culture and create stability and peace … Read more

Gauss’s Law And The Electric Field

Gauss’s Law and the Electric Field –  Previously, did Sinaumed’s know what electricity is, what are the uses of electricity, and what is the history of electricity? It’s a good idea to discuss these three things in this article. Let’s look at the short discussion! Electricity is a condition of certain subatomic particles, such as electrons and protons, that … Read more

Garuda Pancasila, the meaning of the symbol and this complete historical information

Sinaumed’s must be familiar with one of the national identities of the Republic of Indonesia, namely the national symbol which we know as the Garuda Pancasila Emblem . This symbol was created through a fairly long process. The originator of Garuda Pancasila was Sultan Hamid II in 1950. This part of the Garuda Pancasila symbol has quite a deep … Read more

Functions of Water for Plants

The function of water for plants – Water is the main source for life on earth. The availability of water on earth itself reaches almost 70% and almost all living things actually need water to survive. Water can come from seas, rivers and groundwater by making wells. The real fact about water is that humans … Read more

Functions of the ulna, radius and upper arms

The function of the ulna, ulnar bones and upper arms – In the human body, humans have bones or muscles that function to move. If you don’t have it, you can’t move. Examples are the ulna, radius and upper arm. When these bones have their respective functions in the movement of the human body. This … Read more

Functions of the Tongue and Its Parts

Functions of the Tongue and Its Parts – One part of the body that has no bones is in the human mouth. That part is the tongue. The tongue is an arrangement of a group of muscles that have joined together. The color of the tongue is red, besides that the surface of the tongue … Read more

Functions of the Spine and How to Take Care of It

Spinal Function – The spine has an important role to support the human body. By recognizing the structure of the spine, Sinaumed’s will be able to understand its function more closely and to anticipate disturbances that may occur. Human Spine Anatomy The spine is the main supporting structure in your body . Based on its shape, the vertebrae include short bones that … Read more

Functions of the Nose and Its Parts

Functions of the Nose and Its Parts – The nose is a part of the human body that is located on the outside of the body and is right in the middle of the face. The nose is located in the skull bone which is composed of cartilage, bone, muscle and skin. The nose is … Read more

Functions of the Human Excretory System and its Organs

Functions of the Human Excretory System and Its Organs – Discussing about the functions of the human excretory system, of course we can analogize when someone is exercising, then that person will sweat. This is actually because there are many toxic substances from the rest of the metabolism that are released and are no longer useful for … Read more

Functions of Art Along with Their Definitions and Types

The function of art – Art is a human work which is an expression or self-expression through audio, visual, literary forms, and so on. Art has certain goals and functions that can be applied in various fields such as religion, education, entertainment, health, communication, information, artistic, and so on. According to KBBI, the definition of art is … Read more

Functions and Types of Cash Equivalent Assets

One type of asset that is usually present in a business is cash equivalent assets. Where this type of asset is a short-term investment that can be converted into cash in a fairly short time. Understanding the meaning of cash equivalent assets is a must for business people. Therefore, this article will explain the meaning … Read more

Functions and how lightning rods work and how to install them

Lightning Rod – The thunderous sound and flash of lightning is often the first sign of rain. Apart from being aware of flooding, you also need to be aware of the danger of lightning strikes. Did you know that lightning contains a very large electric voltage. If not controlled properly, lightning strikes can threaten human life and damage the … Read more

Frontliner Bank: Definition, Types, Qualifications, and Duties

Frontliner bank – Frontliner is a position that is truly important for the company’s success. In addition, this profession is usually under the customer service department and is tasked with creating a positive environment for customers. In fact, frontliners can be regarded as a profession that describes the face or voice of a company’s business. Frontliners are also the first to interact with customers … Read more

Freelance is a Flexible Freelancer, Interested in Freelancing?

Freelance is – Freelance or also known as freelance is a type of work that is not tied to any company. Freelancers can also engage in various fields of work, such as videographers, editors, writers, translators and even software engineers. Usually people who become freelancers are students or university students. Because this one job can be done flexibly … Read more

Fragrance is a fragrance with a distinctive aroma

Everyone wants to look neat, smell good, beautiful, handsome and pleasing to the eye. Choosing clothes that suit the situation is important. Likewise, a fragrant body odor will increase self-confidence. One effort to make the body smell good is to use perfume, hand body, and soap that has a strong smell and according to taste. One of the ingredients that … Read more

Founder of the United Nations (United Nations)

We often hear about the founder of the United Nations – the United Nations (UN) in various information about international issues. As the largest international organization in the world, the United Nations has a central role in maintaining relations between countries in the world, including relations between countries and individuals who are citizens of the countries concerned. … Read more

Founder of Samudera Pasai Kingdom, First Islamic Empire

Founder of the Kingdom of Samudera Pasai, the First Islamic Kingdom in the Archipelago – The Sultanate or Kingdom of Samudera Pasai was the first Islamic kingdom to appear in the archipelago. The Kingdom of Samudera Pasai was present in the 13th to 16th centuries AD in the archipelago and was founded in 1267 and its heyday … Read more

Founder of Indomaret, Pioneer of Franchise Business in Indonesia

Founder of Indomaret – The story of the founder of Indomaret has become one of the most well-known inspirational stories among the people of Indonesia. Certainly, many of us often shop at minimarkets. This is because minimarkets have a wide variety of household products that we need. One of the most popular minimarkets in Indonesia is Indomaret. One of … Read more

Foundation, Model, Principles of Curriculum Development

Foundation, Model, Principles of Curriculum Development – ​​Education is an important field for advancing a nation including the Indonesian nation where education is guaranteed by laws and other regulations. Moreover, in the preamble of the 1945 Constitution there is the state’s goal, namely to educate the life of the nation, which means that education is … Read more

Forms of Social Change: Definition, Types, Factors, Examples

Forms of Social Change – Social change is a form of transition that changes people’s lifestyles and can continue to occur and change due to the dynamics of social life. Sinaumed’s, Maybe you can easily adapt to the environment without difficulty. However, some people struggle to adapt to changes in society, making them feel different … Read more

Forms of International Cooperation & Benefits for the Country

Forms of International Cooperation & Benefits for Countries – Every country certainly needs other countries. This is so that the country can make its people live in prosperity. And there has never been a country that has been able to work and develop its country independently without needing the slightest assistance from other countries. Therefore, … Read more

Forms of Economic Globalization and Its Impact on the Indonesian Economy

Forms of Indonesian Economic Globalization – In at least the last century, the world has been increasingly hit by globalization. The rapid development of technology is suspected as one of the causes of this borderless world phenomenon . The flow of globalization is increasingly unstoppable flooding all fields, including the economy. Economic globalization has various … Read more

Forest: Definition, Types, and Benefits

Definition of forest – Have you ever asked, what the earth looked like long ago? The plains that are spread all over the earth may still be lush with forests and so many wild animals, even the open seas are still blue and clean. The vast wilderness along with the wild animals beneath it, is … Read more

Foreign Exchange Rates: Definition, Functions, Types and Examples of Calculations

Exchange rates and foreign currencies are indicators or parameters used by individuals, agencies and countries in conducting economic transactions. Maybe many people already know and understand what exchange rates and foreign exchange are. However, did you know that there is a term foreign exchange rate? Foreign exchange rates consist of two different terms, namely exchange … Read more

Foreign Exchange: Definition, Functions, Sources and Types

Definition of Foreign Exchange – The financial sector in a country can be said to be the most important sector in the country’s economic growth. The financial sector is likened to the heart of the country. In other words, if the heart (financial sector) is healthy and stable, economic growth will run smoothly. The foreign … Read more