Get to know what is Labia Minora in the female reproductive system

Labia Minora – All humans, both male and female, must have their own reproductive organs, each of which has special organs and functions. For women, their reproductive organs are commonly called the vagina, aka Miss V. This reproductive organ has many roles, one of which is to maintain offspring. Now, inside the vagina, there is a part called … Read more

Get to know what Collections are, Types, Mechanisms, and Benefits

Definition of Collections – Collections are a bank service for billing payments for letters or valuable documents to third parties at other places or cities in the country in the context of settling bills or receivables in the form of valuable letters or documents that can be processed are money orders, checks, giro bills, receipts, promissory … Read more

Get to know what ATM stands for: Functions, Types, and How to Use It Safely

Know what ATM stands for – ATM can basically be understood as a machine whose function can be used to solve several customer matters related to savings at a bank, for example, customer savings balances to financial transactions with a systemized program. Meanwhile, the abbreviation for ATM itself is Automatic Teller Machine or Automated Teller Machine. Literally, … Read more

Get to know the Vaisya Theory and the Inventor of the Vaisya Theory

Vaisya Theory – In some areas there are historical relics with Hindu-Buddhist style. The existence of these remains proves that Hindu-Buddhism was once the majority religion in its time. Based on historical records, Hinduism entered Indonesia around the 4th century. The arrival of Hinduism in Indonesia can be proven by the presence of Hindu-style kingdoms, … Read more

Get to know the types of taxes that exist in Indonesia

Types of Taxes in Indonesia – Basically a country needs income or income that is used to develop the country. Income that can be obtained from taxes, levies, community donations, loans, profits from state companies, and others. However, usually the main source of state revenue is taxes. In other words, if a country does not have a good … Read more

Get to know the tools used for batik

Tools Used For Batik – Indonesia is a country that is so rich in culture and heritage. In every region throughout the country, there are various things such as traditions, customs, traditional clothes, food, to art, which are different from one another. This is in accordance with the Indonesian nation’s motto, namely “Unity in Diversity”, or different but … Read more

Get to Know the Term Roasting in Comedy Shows

Roasting is – We may often make jokes or humor that make other people laugh because we hear humor that is verbally or through words. In general, humor that is intended to make fun of someone in a hangout, school, or anywhere that aims to find entertainment is included in a term called roasting . Roasting in the world … Read more

Get to know the Structure of the Earth’s Layers

Get to know the Earth’s Layer Structure – Earth is one of the planets of the solar system which is in part of the Milky Way galaxy. Earth’s Chemical Structure is the third planet of the planetary system in this solar system. Earth has a multi-layered structure down to the core of the Earth (core). … Read more

Get to know the Principles of Jus Soli and the Principles of Citizenship in the State of Indonesia

Principles of Jus Soli – Every country has its own citizenship principles and Indonesia is no exception. For some people, the Indonesian state may only recognize the principle of citizenship on the principle of jus sanguinis and the principle of jus soli. However, in fact, the Indonesian state recognizes 4 (four) citizenship principles which are used as … Read more

Get to know the Primary Market (IPO) and the Secondary Market

Types of Capital Markets – There are several investment instruments where people are more familiar with physical objects such as property or gold. However, not many people know about investment options through the capital market. By choosing to invest using the capital market or capital market, it is not just giving the public an opportunity to make a profit. However, … Read more

Get to know the oldest kingdom in Indonesia and its history

The oldest kingdom in Indonesia – The development of the kingdom in Indonesia has been influenced by the entry of Hinduism and Buddhism. The teachings of Hinduism in India cannot be separated from the role of the Aryans, the Middle Foreign nomadic peoples. Where the Aryans entered Indian territory around 1500 BC. The nation then developed the system … Read more

Get to know the Metamorphosis of Butterflies from Egg, Larva, Pupa to Imago

Get to Know the Process of Perfect Metamorphosis of a Butterfly – Who is not familiar with this beautiful insect? Butterflies are one of the most beautiful living things on earth. These colorful butterflies with various shades are often referred to as natural “flying flowers”. Butterflies are born as caterpillars that most people hate and turn into one of … Read more

Get to know the Landfill Method in the Waste Management System

Definition of Landfill – Based on Law Number 18 of 2008 concerning Waste Management, the final processing site (TPA) or landfill is the last place for waste management. TPA is a place where trash is isolated safely so as not to cause disturbance to the surrounding environment. This is why it is necessary to provide proper facilities and treatment so that … Read more

Get to know the Inventor of Algebra and How to Calculate Algebra

Inventor of algebra – Who doesn’t know mathematics? It seems that everyone will know about mathematics because this subject is always synonymous with numbers and calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Therefore, in studying mathematics, various kinds of formulas will definitely be presented. In fact, one type of material in mathematics can have more than one formula. The … Read more

Get to know the History of the G30S/PKI Event

Getting to Know the History of G30S/PKI Events – The existence and establishment of a country certainly has a very long history, including Indonesia. After becoming independent on August 17, 1945, it was necessary to struggle for the Indonesian people to exercise sovereignty as a whole. The Indonesian state even had to face various upheavals … Read more

Get to know the history of Google and its products

History of Google – Who doesn’t know this one website? Google is the largest internet search engine in the world. Most aspects of knowledge, both natural knowledge, countries and even the world are very complete on Google. Besides that, Google also has several features that can also help us to make it easier to use … Read more