Short Tahlil Prayers and Yasin Letters and Their Meanings

Short tahlil prayer – In the tradition of Muslims in Indonesia, it is common practice to read a tahlil or tahlilan prayer to send prayers for the deceased family or relatives who have passed away. Tahlilan is the custom of reading prayers that are performed on 1-7 days of commemoration of people who have died … Read more

Short Story vs Novel, What’s the Difference?

Differences between short stories and novels – Like reading short stories that you can finish in one sitting, or you prefer reading novels that are much more detailed and have long storylines. Both short stories and novels are readings that both have the same interesting characteristics. So what are the differences? Definition of short stories … Read more

Short Narrative Text Example & Generic Structure

Example of Short Narrative Text & Generic Structure of Narrative Text Narrative text is one of the materials that you learn in high school, this material also usually appears in certain tests such as national exams, college entrance exams to the TOEFL. In order to understand material about narrative text, you need to know what … Read more

Short Biography and Works of Karl Marx

Biography of Karl Marx –  Hello, Sinaumed’s, this time we will discuss about Karl Marx. Who does n’t know the Father of Socialism on this one? This one figure is known for his revolutionary thoughts, especially regarding his very famous socialism and communism. It is not surprising that he is called the Father of Socialism … Read more

Sholawat reading along with its benefits and virtues

Sholawat Reading – In Islam, there are many practices that can be done to increase the reward of a Muslim. Of the many practices, one of them is the practice of reading sholawat. Apart from that, there are also various sholawat readings. On this occasion, we will discuss more about reading sholawat along with its … Read more

Sexual Harassment: Definition, Types, Characteristics, and What to Do!

Sexual harassment is a crime that can harm other people or even traumatize the victim. Cases of sexual harassment are increasingly common, even though there are still many people who do not recognize their characteristics. As a result, it is very difficult to prevent these actions, both experienced by oneself and by others. Knowing the types of sexual … Read more

Several Factors Causing Economic Problems in Indonesia

Factors Causing Economic Problems in Indonesia – Hello, Sinaumed’s friends , did you know? Economic problems are problems that often arise in everyday life, including buying and selling, bargaining, or exports and imports. In this dark life, especially in Indonesia, there are several economic problems, including unemployment, poverty, prices, profits, inflation, debt, economic system, political … Read more

Sentences of Praise, Sentences of Criticism, Sentences of Suggestions and Sentences of Other Expressions

Compliments, Criticism, Suggestions and Other Phrase Sentences –  In our daily lives we cannot be separated from communication. By communicating, each person’s relationship can be closer. In addition, communication can also give us what we want from others. Good communication arises from the ability to make good sentences. Therefore, it is important for us to … Read more

Screw Micrometer: Definition, Functions, Types, and How to Use it

Screw micrometer – As we know, we can find many measuring devices from caliper, from anemometer to screw micrometer. In this context, we will take a closer look at the definition, history, functions, types and uses of a screw micrometer measuring instrument. In general, the micrometer itself is a measuring instrument that performs almost the … Read more

Scientific Approach: Definition, Principles, Steps, and Examples

The scientific approach is a learning model that is applied to the 2013 curriculum by using the scientific method in its learning activities. This student -centered approach aims to enable students to have the capability to think critically , scientifically and analytically. In this model, it is designed so that students are given space to explore learning materials. They can also actively … Read more

Science and Technology Is: Definition, Characteristics, Benefits, Positive and Negative Impacts

Science and Technology is – Science and Technology as an acronym for science and technology. In addition, science and technology also accompany the history of human civilization. In fact, in a number of studies it is also stated that science and technology have existed since millions of years ago, with different terms. Science and technology … Read more

Sample Profit and Loss Report of a Trading Company

Example of a Profit and Loss Report for a Trading Company – Preparing a profit and loss statement for a trading company is not as easy as we might think. Because we need the right knowledge to get a report that matches a valid balance sheet and cash flow based on a certain time period. … Read more

Ruminant Animals: Characteristics, Digestive System and Anatomy

Ruminant Animals – Surely Sinaumed’s is no stranger to the existence of cattle? Yep, this four-legged animal that likes to eat grass as well as produce milk must often be found around where you live, or even Sinaumed’s also keeps these herbivorous animals at home? When meeting cows in person, did Sinaumed’s ever notice that the animal was always chewing, even though at … Read more

Round Table Conference: History, Background, and Its Impact on Indonesia

Definition of Round Table Conference – The Round Table Conference (KMB) or in Dutch: Nederlands-Indonesische rondetafelconferentie was a conference or meeting which was held in The Hague, Netherlands, from 23 August to 2 November 1949. The meeting was held between representatives of the Republic of Indonesia, the Netherlands, and also BFO ( Bijeenkomst voor Federaal … Read more

Room Names in English

Room names in English – Sinaumed’s must have known that English is one of the international languages ​​that will never die in the future. The need for English until now is like an everyday language. An example is when in an office where there are people with foreign citizenship. Now seeing this, until now learning … Read more

Retained Profit: Definition, Functions, and Factors

Retained Profit – Business people are certainly familiar with the term profit which is the goal when running a business. Not all profits will go into the pockets of entrepreneurs and shareholders. Profits are also retained for various reasons, for example for business development. Retained earnings can be found on a company’s balance sheet and … Read more

Research Methodology: Definition, Types, Benefits, and Purpose

Research methodology – Have you ever heard of the word research? Research is a scientific activity that aims to obtain data which is then used for certain purposes. Someone who conducts research is also known as a researcher. In addition, research is not only carried out by one person, but sometimes by groups or organizations. … Read more

Research Instruments: Definition, Functions, Types, and Examples

Research Instruments – When writing scientific papers, research instruments are a part that cannot be missed. You will not be able to do research without determining the instrument first. For this reason, understanding research instruments is very important in the process of writing scientific papers such as theses, theses, dissertations, or research reports. Given the … Read more

Research Hypothesis: Definition, Types, and Methods of Preparation

Middle school students to college students are certainly familiar with research. Research is presented to train students and students to think scientifically. In writing scientific papers, we must know the hypothesis of the research. So, this hypothesis is the researcher’s preconceived notions of the problem to be studied. But understanding the hypothesis is not this simple. The hypothesis comes … Read more

Renewable Natural Resources Examples

Examples of Renewable Natural Resources – At school, usually in Social Sciences (Social Studies) subjects they often alluded to Natural Resources (Natural Resources). So, does Sinaumed’s still remember what the definition and examples of natural resources are? Come on, let’s look at the following explanation! Definition of Natural Resources Natural resources are all contents contained … Read more