Integers: Count Operations, and Example Problems

Integer Numbers – When discussing mathematics, it must be very synonymous with numbers. Because of course mathematics is a study that studies calculation problems that require numbers as the main subject of the lesson. There are many types of numbers. There are complex numbers, real numbers, imaginary numbers, rational numbers, irrational numbers, integers, fractional numbers, … Read more

Genetic Material: Genes, DNA, RNA & Chromosomes

sinaumedia Literacy – Genetic material or heredity factors are information possessed by every living cell that can be passed on to their offspring. In a sequence of DNA there are instructions that affect the nature or determine the characteristics of living things (called genes). Meanwhile, genetic factors are a condition of the body that can … Read more

Cyanobacteria: Definition, Characteristics, Role, Reproduction, Classification, & Examples

sinaumedia Literacy – Blue green algae (cyanobacteria) and their places of life that we often encounter in everyday life, such as in lakes, rivers, seas, swamps, rocks, soil. For more details, Edutore will discuss the types of blue-green algae, and their role in human life, here’s Sinaumed’s. Check these out! DEFINITION OF CYANOBACTERIA Algae or … Read more

Archaebacteria: Definition, Characteristics, Structure, Classification & Examples

sinaumedia Literacy – In 1969 Robert H. Whittaker grouped living things into 5 kingdoms, namely Protista, Fungi, Monera, Animalia and Plantae. This grouping is based on the arrangement of cells, levels of living things and how living things fulfill their food. Then this system was changed by splitting the kingdom Monera into the kingdom Archaebacteria … Read more

Anatomy of the Human Body: Human Organ Systems and Their Functions

Anatomy of the human body is the study of the structure of the human body. The anatomy of the human body is composed of cells, tissues, organs and organ systems. Organ systems are the parts that make up the human body. This system consists of various types of organs, which have specific structures and functions. Organ systems have distinct … Read more

11 Characteristics of Living Things and Their Explanations (Complete)

What are the characteristics of living things? – Every living thing has characteristics. Starting from the special characteristics to the general characteristics. Living things consist of humans, animals and plants. Each of them has characteristics, although not always the same. This article will discuss the characteristics of a living thing. 1. Breathe The process of … Read more

10 Nocturnal Animals That Are Active at Night

Animals that are active at night – When night comes, has Sinaumed’s ever met some animals that usually have glowing eyes? Or have you ever met animals that are busy doing their activities at night? Well, animals that are active at night are called nocturnal animals . The common feature of these nocturnal animals is … Read more

10 Geography Concepts You Need to Learn

The Concept of Geography – Geography is a scientific study that provides a very meaningful horizon for the earth as a human habitation. The difference between geography and other disciplines is in its ontology, which is a material object that is applied in approaches, principles, and concepts to the object under study. In practice, geography … Read more

Scientists Plan to Harvest Resources on Mars with Plasma

Illustration of astronauts and human habitat on the planet Mars. Maybe one day this concept can be realized thanks to plasma technology for processing local resources to produce products on Mars.—An international research team has discovered a plasma-based way to produce and separate oxygen in the Martian environment. This is a complementary approach to NASA’s Mars In-Situ Oxygen Resource Utilization Experiment, or MOXIE. Which can produce a high rate of molecular production per kilogram of instrumentation sent into space. Such systems could play an important … Read more

Why Do Cats Enjoy Playing With Their Prey?

Why Do Cats Enjoy Playing With Their Prey

For loverscat, definitely know the habits of this one cat. Whenpredatory instinctThe cat appears, then the cat will catch a bird, a small mouse or a lizard, the cat will play with it for a few minutes. After the cat is satisfied, or until the prey doesn’t move anymore, then the cat puts it in front … Read more

How Old is the Earth? This is what scientists say

How Old is the Earth

How old is the rest of the Earth, this is a big question mark. Recent studies say the Earth will not die as quickly as previously predicted by scientists. The hotter sunlight will not evaporate Earth’s water for at least another 1 billion to 1.5 billion years. When compared with previous predictions of scientists, this … Read more

University of Michigan’s Galileo Manuscript Turns Out to be Fake

Galileo Galilei was credited with discovering the four moons that are satellites of Jupiter. Photo: NASA / NASA / AFP

The University of Michigan declared a handwritten manuscript by Galileo Galilei  to be a forged document. Previously, the historic piece of paper was in the collection of the University of Michigan Library. However, an internal investigation by a history professor has proven this document to be a fake. The professor’s search found watermarks on paper … Read more

What is desiccator and its function ?

Now we will discuss a laboratory tool that is no less familiar, namely the laboratory desiccator. The topics that we will discuss in this article include the definition of a desiccator, the function of a desiccator, how to use a desiccator and the price of a laboratory desiccator. Here’s the review: what is desiccator A desiccator … Read more

Laboratory Water Bath Functions and Working Principles

How Water Baths Work

Water Bath is one of the laboratory equipment that is included in the classification of laboratory instrumentation. The use of water baths in laboratories is quite massive, especially in pharmaceutical and microbiology laboratories. In this article, we will get to know the water bath in full, starting from its understanding, how it works and how … Read more


A sea cucumber (Actinopyga echinites), displaying its feeding tentacles and tube feet

Echinoderms come from the words echinos and derma. Echinos means thorn, derma means skin. Thus, echinoderms are animals that have spines on their skin. Live in marine habitats. The outside of the body is very hard, composed of lime / chitin. It has five arms radially and symmetrically. Has the ability autotomy, namely the ability to cut off a body part … Read more

Rotary Evaporator : Working Principle, Use and Function

Rotary Evaporator : Working Principle, Use and Function

Rotary Evaporator: Working Principles, Uses, and Functions – In testing chemical substances, generally, we will carry out several reaction activities. The reaction activity is carried out, of course, with a specific purpose, such as accelerating reactions, separating substances, dissolving chemicals, evaporating, concentrating, etc. Evaporation is included in it, which by definition Evaporation or evaporation is … Read more

Data Collection Techniques in Research Design

Data Collection Techniques in Research Design

Data Collection Techniques in Research Design – Have you ever collected data by means of interviews? This activity is the most important activity in a research. When the plan has been carefully prepared but the data collection and analysis activities are not carried out properly, the objectives that have been set are not achieved properly. In other … Read more

Complete 20+ Branch of Chemistry and Explanations

Branch of Chemistry

In this article we will discuss various branch of chemistry. The branch of chemistry is divided into several branches including Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Thermochemistry, Geochemistry and others. You can learn various branches of chemistry in the following review.  In addition to the branch of physics and biology, chemistry is also a part of … Read more

Complete 20+ Branch of Physics and Explanations

Branch of Physics

In this article, we will discuss the branch of physics. There are various branches of physics, such as Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electronics, Geometric Optics, Quantum Physics, Geophysics, and others. Check out the full review below.  Physics is a natural science which is divided into several branches. Each of these branches of physics has a … Read more

Complete 70+ Biology Branches – With Explanations

Biology Branches

Branches of biology, including ecology, genetics, taxonomy, zoology, mammology, herpetology, ichitology, carcinogenesis, and others will be discussed in this article. Biology is the study of living things. As we know, the study of living things is very broad because living things consist of various types and different characteristics. Of course, this makes the study of biological sciences have a … Read more

Central Nervous System: Definition, Structure, Function + Pictures

Central Nervous System Structure

The central nervous system is one part of the nervous system in humans that holds all control and regulation of the work of the nervous network to the nerve cells. The parts of this nervous system are the cerebrum, cerebellum, spinal cord and spinal cord. Understanding the Central Nervous System The central nervous system (CNS) … Read more

The Importance of the Phi for the World

First of all, why Phi? The mathematical symbol for Phi “π” is a Greek letter, derived from the first letter of the Greek words “περιφέρεια”, meaning periphery, and “περίμετρος”, meaning perimeter. The earliest known use of symbols was by the Welsh mathematician William Outright in 1647, but was only popularized in 1748 by Leonhard Euler in his … Read more

Ohm Law Formula in Electrical Circuits

ohm law formula

on this occasion we will share information about Ohm law formula for you so that your insight becomes wider. Here is the discussion, please read to the end This article will discuss the Ohm law formula, of course complete with understanding to example questions and discussion. Who here wants to be a reliable electronics engineer? If … Read more

Right Triangle Formula of Area and Perimeter

right triangle formula 2

This article will discuss the right triangle formula, starting from its meaning to example questions and discussion. Hi guys ! Did you know that there are various types of triangles, one of which is a right triangle. That you know triangle with one side perpendicular to form an angle of 90 °. While the other side is slanted and that is … Read more


Xylem - plant tissue

A complete explanation of what xylem is, starting from its definition, function, characteristics, tissue structure, and its constituent components in detail. What is Xylem What is xylem? Xylem is a transport tissue found in plants. The function of xylem is to transport water and minerals from the roots to the leaves. Xylem vessels are referred to as wood … Read more

Neuron Cells

A complete explanation of what sensory and motor neuron cells are, starting from their understanding, function, structure, types, parts, pictures, and anatomy. Definition of Neuron Cells What are neurons? Neurons are cells that include the main working unit in the human nervous system. Neuron cells are also called as nerve cells. The function of neurons is to deliver … Read more

Longitudinal Research: Definition and Examples

Longitudinal Research

Longitudinal research is a research design that has unique characteristics. Longitudinal research is carried out in a relatively long time. The costs incurred are also often not small because it involves monitoring developments or changes that occur in the research sample. This post will attempt to provide an initial explanation of what longitudinal research is. This research design … Read more

Social Research Methods

Social Research Methods

Social research method is a systematic way to study social phenomena. Social phenomena can be explained scientifically if the investigation process is carried out through the application of social research methods. Before going any further, it is necessary to first understand the meaning of research. What is research? Research  can simply be interpreted as scientific efforts made … Read more

Examples of Research Methods

Examples of Research Methods

Examples of research methods that are often used in social research include descriptive, survey, experimental, interview, observation, ethnographic, case studies, and longitudinal methods. This post attempts to briefly explain examples of these research methods so that readers have complete consideration in choosing what research method is most appropriate for their research. First, I need to say … Read more

Tropical pitcher plant – Nepenthes

Tropical pitcher plant - Nepenthes

Tropical pitcher plant belong to The genus Nepenthes  which belongs to the monotypic family , consists of 130 species and does not include natural or artificial hybrids. This genus is a carnivorous plant in the tropics of the Old World , now including Indonesia , southern China , Indochina , Malaysia , Philippines , western … Read more

Mutualism Symbiosis Examples and Explanations

Symbiosis Mutualism

There are 3 kinds of symbiosis in general which is a relationship between living things, including symbiotic mutualism, commensalism and parasitism. In this article, we will specifically share the understanding and examples of mutualism symbiosis in ecosystems. Understanding symbiosis mutualism is an interaction between two living things that benefit both parties. This means that in this symbiosis, … Read more

Discussion of the Photosynthesis Process in Plants [+Image]

Photosynthetic Process

Since we were in elementary school, of course, we are all familiar with the term photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process of making food substances carried out by plants that takes place on the role of the sun. If the sun shines very brightly, then the process of photosynthesis can run perfectly. Because without the sun, photosynthesis could never … Read more



Hello Statisticians, this time Sinaumedia will review about recognizing 3 types of research that you need to know. For those of you who are going through a thesis or research, I hope this article can be an inspiration. Although there is often a blur within the boundaries, research in general can be classified into 3 types. The … Read more



Hello statisticians. Are you working on a script or want to take a script? Now this time sinaumedia will discuss the elements of scientific research. Keep on reading. To be able to conduct research well, researchers need to have knowledge of various elements of research . The elements that form the basis of this scientific research are: concepts, prepositions, theories, variables, hypotheses … Read more

Biology – How Enzymes Work

You has been chewing rice for a long time, If you’ve ever done it, surely over time the rice you chew tastes sweet, right? Do you know the reason why the rice can taste sweet? This happens because rice is starch, aka complex carbohydrates, which are the products of plant photosynthesis to store excess glucose. Well, when … Read more