What is desiccator and its function ?

Now we will discuss a laboratory tool that is no less familiar, namely the laboratory desiccator. The topics that we will discuss in this article include the definition of a desiccator, the function of a desiccator, how to use a desiccator and the price of a laboratory desiccator. Here’s the review: what is desiccator A desiccator … Read more

Laboratory Water Bath Functions and Working Principles

How Water Baths Work

Water Bath is one of the laboratory equipment that is included in the classification of laboratory instrumentation. The use of water baths in laboratories is quite massive, especially in pharmaceutical and microbiology laboratories. In this article, we will get to know the water bath in full, starting from its understanding, how it works and how … Read more

Rotary Evaporator : Working Principle, Use and Function

Rotary Evaporator : Working Principle, Use and Function

Rotary Evaporator: Working Principles, Uses, and Functions – In testing chemical substances, generally, we will carry out several reaction activities. The reaction activity is carried out, of course, with a specific purpose, such as accelerating reactions, separating substances, dissolving chemicals, evaporating, concentrating, etc. Evaporation is included in it, which by definition Evaporation or evaporation is … Read more