Understanding Aquades and its functions

 This distilled water is something that is commonly found, many people have used this water. Especially in the laboratory. So what is aquadest?, aquadest or some also call it aquadest water is a type of water where this water is produced through a distillation process.

Then what is the function of aquadest? The distillation process here is a process where the goal is to produce water with very good quality, which later on so that the results of the water can be equalized with mineral water. What kind of mineral water is meant?, namely water in which has a lot of good content.

Examples such as salt, sulfur, and in the form of gases dissolved in water. Aquatic water is a type of water whose content is able to be equal to mineral water. However, this water can only be obtained by one distillation process. Did not achieve two or more processes.

Although this water can only be obtained with one distillation process, but still the content contained can exceed the content contained in mineral water. So, mineral water is far superior to distilled water. This does not reduce the use of distilled water.

A. Definition of Aquades

Aquadest water is water from the distillation process or can also be called distilled water, which is a process of boiling water which will produce water vapor. This process aims to remove the minerals present in the water. From this boiling process the steam will then be re-solidified in a different container.

So, after distillation, only H2O is contained in the water, in the absence of other elements. Even though it contains only H2O, this water can still be consumed. Here are some explanations of the advantages and disadvantages of the distillation process:

The advantages of aquadest water

Aquadified water certainly has many advantages in its use. Here are the various advantages of aquadest:

  1. From several research studies, that this water can be consumed to help prevent  arthritis . Why is that?, This is because distilled water is believed to be able to get rid of mineral deposits contained in human joints.
  2. Distilled water is also believed to be free from various  microscopic toxins . Examples  are bacteriaviruses , and various  other microorganisms  found in a faucet or tub and can be harmful to the health of the body.
  3. Distilled water is also free from various other chemical mixtures. Such as  chlorinefluoride , and other mixed materials that are likely to be found in ordinary bottled water, or bathtubs in general.
  4. Distilled water is even believed to be an alternative for preventing gallstones. This water will remove the minerals contained in the cells of the human body. So that the risk of gallstone disease can be avoided.
  5. Distilled water also does not have the various ingredients found in tap or bottled water in general. Why is that?, because this water has gone through the distillation process first.

Lack of Aquatic Water

Not only does it have various advantages, in fact distilled water also has several disadvantages. Following are the disadvantages of aquadest:

  1. Consuming distilled water in the long term and in excessive amounts can result in poor health. This is because distilled water is able to absorb  very large amounts of carbon dioxide  .
  2. If you continue to consume distilled water, then this results in a rapid loss of electrolytes in the body of the person who consumes it. This is clearly dangerous, isn’t it?
  3. If the body has experienced a deficiency of various electrolytes that are very important, for example, such as  chloridemineralssodium , and others. This can cause irregular heart pressure, this cell also results in blood pressure fluctuations.

B. Aquatic Functions and Its Various Uses

Generally, some people consume aquadest as an alternative to absorb various toxic substances in the body, then dispose of them. Even so, there are also those who use this water in various other areas of life that are far more important.

Because actually consuming distilled water is not always profitable. Another use of this water can be in the  laboratory space . Namely as a mixture of chemical solution substances  . Here are some explanations regarding the use of aquadest water:

1. Aquatic Function in the Laboratory

The function of distilled water in the laboratory is as a mixture of chemical substances, when conducting research. In addition, distilled water is also used to clean  laboratory equipment  before or after use. After this, use distilled water as an alternative to assist in research.

2. Function of Aquades in Steel Processing

Besides being used in the laboratory, aquadest can also be used in steel processing. What kind of processing is meant?, that is, it is utilized in the process of cutting steel and cooling the engine. It is known to be very effective in inhibiting the presence of scale and moss.

3. Aquatic Function in Chemistry

chemical lab

In the field of chemistry, aquadest can clearly be utilized. As already explained, distilled water is used as a mixture or solvent for chemicals, or certain solutions. This water can be used when researching a concentration or compound.

4. Aquades Function As Battery Water

It turns out that this very popular distilled water is also popularly used as a substitute for battery water. Do you know how important  it is to use battery water  in motorized vehicles? The answer must be very important. So this shows that distilled water can be another alternative as a substitute for battery water.

Those are some explanations about the use of aquadest water in everyday life. Is distilled water considered important and useful?, judging from the explanation above and the many benefits that can be obtained from aquadest, then distilled water is considered very important and beneficial.

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