Women’s and Men’s Ihram Clothing and How to Wear It

Clothing is one of the things that must be considered when going to the holy land. Wearing ihram clothes is a sign of the start of the pilgrimage or umrah. There are rules that are allowed or not allowed when wearing ihram clothes. Here are  Ihram clothes for women and men  and how to wear them that you need to know before leaving for the holy land.

Men’s Ihram Clothing

Men's Ihram Clothing

In terms of clothing, the prohibition or taboo that must be obeyed by male pilgrims is to wear sewn clothes. The sewn clothes are, for example, undershirts, underpants, robes, and others.

In performing Hajj, male pilgrims are required to wear ihram clothing which is in the form of two pieces of unstitched cloth. The first piece of cloth is used to cover the lower part of the private parts, while the second piece of cloth is used as a scarf. Then, how to apply it is as follows.

  1. Use a longer, thicker sheet of cloth to cover the bottom. This is useful so as not to make it difficult for you when you want to pray.
  2. Take a big bath/junub first before wearing ihram clothes. Also include the intention of bathing in ihram.
  3. Don’t forget to take your panties off. Using sewn-in fabrics is prohibited, therefore underwear must be removed.
  4. When you want to wear the ihram cloth, spread your legs about the width of your shoulders. This is to maintain your comfort while walking.
  5. Make sure your aurat is covered. The upper genital area for men is the navel. Make sure the navel is covered by the ihram cloth. Then the lower limit of the chart is the knee. But don’t close your eyes. The ideal size for wearing Ihram clothes is from the navel to the calves.
  6. Use a belt to wrap your lower ihram cloth tighter.
  7. Finally, when performing tawaf, make sure the right shoulder is open. Sling the upper part of the ihram cloth that originally covered both shoulders under the right armpit and attach it to the left shoulder. Close it again when you want to pray.
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Women’s Ihram Dress

Women's Ihram Clothing

Meanwhile, the Ihram clothes worn by women are nothing special. Female pilgrims can wear ordinary clothes that cover their genitals like a mukena. Then, for female pilgrims it is better to wear clothes with unobtrusive colors, or it is sunnah to wear white clothes.

However, there are also prohibitions or prohibitions that must be observed by female worshipers in dressing. Female pilgrims are not allowed to wear veils and gloves when wearing ihram. In fact, covering the face and hands is not prohibited, but female pilgrims are not allowed to wear veils and gloves. To cover the face, female pilgrims can use the veil they wear. Socks are allowed to be used by female pilgrims. This is because a woman’s feet are one of the private parts that must be covered.

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Such is the explanation of ihram clothes for women and men and how to wear them. You certainly need to know this when you plan to make a spiritual journey to the holy land.