Why Do Cats Enjoy Playing With Their Prey?

Why Do Cats Enjoy Playing With Their Prey

For loverscat, definitely know the habits of this one cat. Whenpredatory instinctThe cat appears, then the cat will catch a bird, a small mouse or a lizard, the cat will play with it for a few minutes. After the cat is satisfied, or until the prey doesn’t move anymore, then the cat puts it in front … Read more

The “Sausage”: Its Discovery and Development

3. Sausage: How Its Made

Hello friends, this time we want to share insights about processed food from livestock called sausage. We will discuss starting from the definition, history of sausages, the process of making sausages, types of sausages, and the technology used to make sausages. keep reading. In the past, people faced many problems in the processing and handling … Read more