The Theory of Human Evolution and Its Controversy

most of you must have heard stories about human origins, right? There is an evolutionary theory that says that humans came from apes. Do you think that information is correct or not? Well, before discussing this further, it’s a good idea to first know what is meant by the theory of evolution. Actually, until now there is still … Read more

Difference between Series and Parallel Circuits and Examples

Parallel circuit is one type of circuit or arrangement of electrical components that are connected in parallel. The parallel circuit formula is Voltage V= V1=V2=V3, resistance 1/R =1/R1 +1/R2 + 1/R3 and current flowing I = I1 +I2 + I3. In this modern era, electricity is a very important requirement for life. In fact, almost all … Read more

Human Blood Pressure (Normal, High, and Low)

Human Blood Pressure (Normal, High, and Low)

Normal adult human blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg. Blood pressure expresses the pressure that the blood experiences when blood is pumped by the heart around the body. Blood pressure can change with age, body condition, and activity. In general, human blood pressure is classified into three groups. Normal blood pressure High blood pressure Low blood pressure Normal human blood pressure … Read more

How The Diesel Engine Works

Diesel engines are combustion engines that use pressure as a trigger for diesel fuel explosion, while gasoline engines run on gasoline. Currently we recognize two types of engines for vehicles, namely diesel engines and gasoline engines. Diesel engines are combustion engines that use pressure as a trigger for diesel fuel explosion, while gasoline engines run … Read more

Basic Knowledge of Kinetic Energy

Basic Knowledge of Kinetic Energy

Energy is something that is very in every activity of our life. Generally, energy is the ability of an object to do work. An object is said to have energy when it is capable of producing a force that can do work. Energy is required in almost all activities, such as pushing tables, playing ball, throwing objects, and … Read more

Get to know tissue culture techniques

tissue culture

In their efforts to acquire new individuals or reproduce, plants, like other living things, also carry out the process of reproduction. There are several reproductive technologies that can be applied to plants, including plant tissue culture techniques. What is this? Plant tissue culture is a method that aims to multiply plants by taking a part of the … Read more

What Are the Components of Genetic Engineering?

Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is a branch of science that deals with direct modification or alteration of the genetic makeup of a living organism to express unnatural but desirable traits. In genetic modification usually uses DNA and certain gene transformations to create new gene variations. What are some of the components of this genetic engineering? The basic principle of … Read more

The Theoretical Physicists Behind the Development of the Atomic Bomb

Talking about the early development of the atomic bomb in the 1940’s, there are two names of great physicists who are worth mentioning: J. Robert Oppenheimer Werner Heisenberg Oppenheimer became a central figure in the development of the atomic bomb in America, while Heisenberg in Germany — where the two countries were at odds with each other. Interestingly, both … Read more

What Is Adrenaline? Know the Benefits and Dangers to the Body

Adrenaline is- Have you ever been in a tense situation? Like being on an extreme ride on a playground, watching a horror movie, or almost facing death while driving a vehicle. When you are in that situation, usually a person will feel adrenaline in their body which is triggered by the stressful things mentioned above. The human body … Read more

What are Lucid Dreams? Causes, Impact, and Benefits

Lucid Dream Is- Dreams can also be referred to as sleeping flowers when talking about dreams, of course everyone has experienced dreams when they are deep asleep. Someone who is dreaming is usually not aware of what he is doing because it all happens in the subconscious mind that a person cannot control. However, in fact there is … Read more

What are Atoms? History and Its Components

What are Atoms? –  Hello Sinaumed’s friends, When you were in 10th grade high school, you will get information about atomic theory, such as understanding, types and other aspects related to atomic theory and models. also understand the development of atomic theory in this world. Especially for those of you who are majoring in chemistry, you will find courses that … Read more

Types of Beam Nets: Formulas and Examples of Problems

Hello sinaumedia friends. Did you know? part of the math exercises for grades 5 to 6 of elementary school semester 2 is discussing material about building spatial shapes. The beam has several elements, including edges/planes, ribs, vertices, diagonal planes, spatial diagonals, and diagonal planes. So, in this article, sinaumedia will share complete information, from understanding, … Read more

The Astronomical Position of the Australian Continent, Climate, and Its Territory

 Astronomical location of the continent of Australia – Hello friends , Sinaumed’s , did you know? Australia is the smallest continent among the other five continents, you know. The Australian continent consists of only one country. The only country on the continent which is located in the southern part of the Indonesian territory is Australia. … Read more

Observation: Definition, Characteristics, Types, Purpose, and Benefits

Observation is – In conducting a study to get the appropriate results a researcher needs to make a direct observation or known as observation. Humans are born with deep curiosity. All events and activities in life cannot be separated from science. The way to know anything related to science is to observe. Human observation of the smallest things … Read more