The Theoretical Physicists Behind the Development of the Atomic Bomb

Talking about the early development of the atomic bomb in the 1940’s, there are two names of great physicists who are worth mentioning: J. Robert Oppenheimer Werner Heisenberg Oppenheimer became a central figure in the development of the atomic bomb in America, while Heisenberg in Germany — where the two countries were at odds with each other. Interestingly, both … Read more

6 Engineers Who Revolutionized the World’s Electrical System

All the technology that you use today, will not function without electricity . The study and development of electricity was long before the first industrial revolution began. Here are 6 engineers who are pioneers in the world electrical system revolution. 1. Michael Faraday In 1831, Faraday discovered the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. The results of his experiments are now the basis … Read more

Marcian Ted Hoff, Founder of the Microprocessor

Marcian Ted Hoff is the father of the inventor of the microprocessor. Thanks to his findings, he changed the world of technology to become increasingly rapidly developing. The microprocessor is one of the most influential inventors in technological developments. Without a microprocessor, there might not be computers, cell phones, or the internet. Luckily Marcian Ted … Read more