Marcian Ted Hoff, Founder of the Microprocessor

Marcian Ted Hoff is the father of the inventor of the microprocessor. Thanks to his findings, he changed the world of technology to become increasingly rapidly developing.

The microprocessor is one of the most influential inventors in technological developments.

Without a microprocessor, there might not be computers, cell phones, or the internet.

Luckily Marcian Ted Hoff invented the microprocessor.

Marcian T. Hoff was born in Rochester-New York, in 1937.

He studied electrical engineering and earned a Ph.D from Stanford University.

Hoff then joined Intel Corporation to develop a series of integreted circuits for electronic calculators.

Hoff then had the idea of ​​creating a universal processor on a single microchip, on special circuits.

From these results, the microprocessor was born.

Until now the microprocessor continues to be further developed to process data faster and to use a wider range.

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