What is a Semicolon? What does this have to do with Self Healing?

Every language, especially in the written tradition, must have punctuation marks or signs used in the spelling system. Some of the most familiar and almost always present punctuation marks in every text are (.), (,), (?), and (!). You must also understand about the four punctuation marks. However, have you ever heard of the term “semicolon” and know what it means?

Many people may have used the semicolon symbol. A semicolon is a punctuation mark that is often used in writing, whether in the form of a document or just an upload on social media. However, a semicolon is not just a punctuation mark. The Semicolon is also a symbol of a movement about mental health. The movement is known as the Semicolon Project.

So, what is meant by a semicolon? Why is this symbol used as a symbol of mental health? Check out the following reviews!

Definition of Semicolon

Semicolon is a punctuation mark in the form of a semicolon which has various functions. In Indonesian, the semicolon is used as a substitute or separator for connecting words in similar parts of sentences. Meanwhile, in English semicolon is used as a substitute for conjunctions.

Quoting a book entitled Grammar Superflash : Mastering Grammar with the Tutoring Method , the semicolon can also be used to separate two or more clauses. The following are examples of sentences using semicolon in English and Indonesian:

  • Mr. Smith decided not to apply the software to the computer office; it was too risky (Mr. Smith decided not to use the software on the office computer; it was too risky).
  • Joe and Sarah were romantic couple; the came to be the symbol of immortal love (Joe and Sarah are a romantic couple; they become the symbol of eternal love).
  • My sister, Dian, was graduated from a state university; she got the cum laude for all subjects.
    (My sister, Dian, graduated from a state university; she earned cum laude for all her subjects).

In programming languages, semicolon has another meaning. Quoting a book titled Self-taught Javascript Programming by Jubilee Enterprise (2017), a semicolon is a semicolon which is generally used to mark the end of JavaScript code.

The semicolon is optional, it doesn’t matter if the symbol is not used. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to use the semicolon symbol so that the Javascript programming lines look neat and easy to understand.

Here’s an example of using a semicolon in Javascript code:

2. How to use Semicolon correctly

There are still many people who do not understand the use of semicolon or semicolon in English. This time we will provide quite important information about how to use the semicolon correctly. In its own use there are some rules that must be observed. Check out some of the ways to use the following semicolon correctly along with some examples:

a. Semicolon is used to connect two related independent clauses into one sentence

The first use or function of the semicolon is used to connect two independent clauses that have a relationship and are used as one sentence. Apart from that, what you should know is that the clauses used here are clauses that must be equivalent because when they are used they will become a complete sentence. Then, it can also be replaced with a dot or full stop ( . ).

So that you better understand how to use semicolon consistently, here are some examples of sentences:

  • Due to this situation, some people are working from home; others still have to go to the office (Because of this situation, some people are working from home; some others have to go to the office) // Due to this situation, some people are working from home. Others still have to go to the office.
  • Vivi went to the café; Bagas went to the library (Vivi went to the cafe; Bagas went to the library) // Vivi went to the cafe. Bagas went to the library (Vivi went to the cafe. Bagas went to the library).

b. Semicolon is used to connect two independent clauses that are tied with adverbial conjunctions

The next function of using semicolon punctuation is to connect two independent clauses which are tied with adverbial conjunctions. Maybe there are some of you who don’t know the information about adverbial conjunctions. We will explain briefly.

Adverbial conjunctions are adverbs or adverbs that function as conjunctions or connecting words. Examples of adverbial conjunctions are hence (therefore), nevertheless (however), accordingly (consequently), henceforth (in the meantime), therefore (therefore), and so on.

So that you understand more about the use of semicolon in this function, here are some examples that you can pay attention to:

  • Thalia will go to Seoul for a week starting tomorrow; accordingly ther will be no chemical class tomorrow (Ms. Thalia will go to Seoul for a week starting tomorrow; therefore there will be no chemistry class tomorrow).
  • Me and my brother stay at home all day because my Parents told us to clean up the house; meanwhile my sister went on vacation with her friends (me and my younger brother had to be at home all day because my parents told us to clean the house; while my sister went on vacation with her friends).
  • Roni forgets to bring his lunch to school; nevertheless he is still thankful because Nando shared his launch with him (Roni forgot to bring his lunch to school; however he is still grateful because Nando shared his lunch with him).
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The meaning of the Semicolon Project

The semicolon symbol is a movement that helps sufferers overcome their difficulties. Project Semicolon is the driving force for spreading this movement in a dynamic society through cyberspace. Project Semicolon initiator was first coined by Amy Bleuel in April 2013 who was depressed after the death of her parents who committed suicide.

As discussed above, the semicolon is also a symbol of the mental health movement called the Semicolon Project. Citing an explanation on the New Jersey website , the Semicolon Project is a movement dedicated to bringing hope to those who are struggling with mental health problems, such as suicidal ideation, self-harm, and addiction.

The semicolon movement is performed by drawing a semicolon symbol tattoo somewhere visible on the body. Wrists, ankles, and behind the ears are some of the places that are often chosen for the placement of these tattoos. The semicolon movement has the following specific motto:

A semicolon is used when a writer could have chosen to end their sentence, but they chose not to. The author is you yourself and the sentence is your life “.

The reason the organization concerned chose the “semicolon” ​​symbol is because it is used when the writer seems to choose to end a sentence, but it doesn’t. Supposing, the author is yourself and the sentence is your life. Similarly, the meaning of this “semicolon” ​​tattoo. He becomes a physical representation of a person’s strength in his inner struggle.

Even though this organization is based on Christianity, Project Semicolon does not exclude certain religions. Its founder, Amy Bleuel, allows members of other faiths to join the movement. Amy herself gave birth to this tattoo movement as a tribute to her father who died by suicide when he was 18 years old. This incident was really painful for Amy and her family. Inevitably it made him want to provide support and guidance to others dealing with the same problem.

In a blog post, Bleuel said that his father’s death “hurt him more in his life than anything he has ever experienced”. Given her own struggles, her father’s, and the immense pain of being a family member who took her own life, Amy began to provide support and guidance to others dealing with the same issues.

Initially, this tattoo was placed on the wrist, but now it can be embedded in any part of the body because this symbol has become a sign to represent the struggle for mental illness. Unfortunately, Ammy Bleuel died in 2017 by suicide. Therefore, his project regarding the semicolon since 2013 is still remembered and carried out today.

This is where this project evolved from just scratching markers on the hands and then becoming permanent tattoos. So, it is clear that the connection between the semicolon and mental health is indeed close because the semicolon is a symbol of impaired mental health .

Through its official website, Project Semicolon stated that this sign carved in the form of a tattoo reminds them to be able to control themselves to continue to consider their lives when the desire to hurt or commit suicide arises in their minds.

Project Semicolon raises funds to help fight stigma and provide hope and love to those in need. Dusk Till Dawn Ink, a tattoo shop in Calgary, even donated a portion of the proceeds of the semicolon tattoo to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Now, nine years after the Project Semicolon movement officially started, “semicolon” ​​tattoos have spread to various places. Call it like a girl named Heather Parrie who felt helped by this movement. He wrote on his blog that he too was battling depression and anxiety. These two things made him have to leave the job he loved because it really hindered his work.

Semicolon As Self Healing

Some time ago, netizens highlighted a semicolon tattoo on one of the body parts of the capital’s artist, namely Ariel Tattum, who had made a post on his personal Instagram. “ Hello. How’s everyone doing ?” (Hello, what are you doing?),” wrote Ariel in a photo caption uploaded on Friday (27/3/2020). Launching Solo Tribune entitled “Ariel Tatum Has a ‘Semicolon’ Tattoo on the Wrist, This is the Important Meaning Behind it”.

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Through these tattoos, they express solidarity and remind themselves of the positive changes they have made throughout their lives. One of those who took part in this movement was Alex Bieger, a former drug addict. Explaining his decision to get the semicolon tattoo inked, Bieger said, “This is the first time trying to end his life.”

It is necessary that our youth have a good understanding of what they are experiencing so that they can help themselves when dealing with the chaos they are experiencing well and not injure themselves.

In the view of religion self-mutilation is an act that is unlawful. The majority of scholars are of the opinion that the law of self-mutilation is unlawful. This is because acts of self-injury include abuse, which can cause harm without any benefit. People who hurt themselves with the above motives, causing self-injury , will think “rather than causing trouble to other people, it is better for him to take it out on himself”.

In its development, many of our youth are trapped in personal problems either with parents, peers or with the environment around them. The phenomenon of troubled youth should at least get attention from all of us, so that what happened to Amy Bleuel doesn’t happen to them.

Their problems often develop into fireballs among their peers. We need to know that adolescence is a transitional period, namely a period that requires support from the people around it, especially from their families. Periods known as unrealistic times are often trapping and difficult to get back up because of the lack of treatment and assistance needed.

The important role of parents in helping them is key in solving the problems they are experiencing. However, sometimes many parents pay less attention to the psychological development of their children when facing problems.

In the end, they are easily exposed to depression, attempted suicide, addiction and self-harm. Good and intensive communication can at least be a therapy for them in overcoming the pressure they face so that it doesn’t get worse and becomes difficult to control again.

It could also be a self-healing method to help those who are depressed with their psychological condition. Self Healing can be interpreted as a process of healing self-wounds from inner or mental wounds caused by various things. The inner wound itself can appear in the form of feelings of deep sadness, feelings of failure, and anxiety that lead to depression.

Quoted from the Psychology Today page, self-healing is an effort made by oneself to heal oneself, even a study says that everyone is actually able to heal themselves with a percentage of success reaching 18-75 percent.

The goal of self-healing is of course to be able to understand yourself, accept imperfections, and form positive thoughts about what is happening in life. Because, it is self-belief that drives them to healing.

A simple form to ease the problem, easy to practice and doesn’t cost a lot of effort just to take the time to just pamper yourself with fun activities. One small effort to save future generations so they can be mentally healthier is our shared responsibility.

In the future they will be the next generation who must be mentally prepared to face all changes and pressures. The foundation of the family in fostering mental health is absolutely necessary. If not, there is a serious threat to their growth and development, especially their psychological development.

Wow, so goosebumps, guys! Mental health is indeed an issue that is not playing games. Considering that our country is not yet fully open to mental health problems. Now let’s start from ourselves, don’t wait for the people around us or even ourselves to be trapped by negative thoughts that can lead us down.

Mental health is indeed very important and cannot be underestimated. If a simple symbol can give a person hope in life, how about the support of loved ones? Don’t forget to pay attention to your mental health and those of your loved ones, OK?

It can be concluded that the semicolon and mental health are interrelated. So , if we meet someone who uses this symbol, it could be a sign of their mental health. If those with these signs are the closest people, don’t hesitate to provide support for them and care more about their mental health.

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