Understanding the Existence of Charity Recording Angels in Islam

Charity Registrar Angels – Angels are one of God’s creatures created from light. Angels are assigned by God with various tasks. There are those who are in charge of guarding heaven, guarding hell, and delivering sustenance to God’s servants. Among the angels there is also a duty to record charity.

Whether a good deed or a bad deed, Allah has commanded His angels to always watch over the movements of human deeds. Humans cannot be separated from the angels who record their deeds.

Angels as God’s Creation

Angels are God’s creatures who are given charity but are not given lust. So that angels will always obey whatever Allah SWT commands. Angels neither drink nor rest nor sleep. In the task of being a charity recorder, angels are consistent without ever violating God’s commands.

Angels were created to manage all affairs as in the Qur’an it is said ” wa al mudabbinati amra ” (qs. AN-Nazi’at 97:4) and ” tanazzalul mala’ikatu warruhu fihaa bi idzni rabbihi min kulli amr ” (al -Qadar:97:4), then Allah created them with full power and each functioned in its task. Likewise with humans who God chose as the most perfect creation compared to other creations.

Angels are beings who have the duty to control nature in a physical sense. This understanding shows that the spiritual task of angels is as an intermediary / mission between God and humans. Malak/Angel is a creature whose duty is to convey something from Allah SWT to His creatures.

In addition, angels are supernatural beings created by Allah from light who are given various forms by Allah and have wings numbering two, three and four, to the point of being countless.

According to the opinion of scholars, angels are spirits created by Allah from light that have the power to transform themselves into other creatures, who obey Allah’s orders and never in the slightest argue with what Allah has ordered.

Angels are supernatural beings who live in their occult and must be believed by every Muslim in their existence, even though they are not known in essence.

This is because human reason is limited, so that the soul that is in him cannot be known for certain. The creation of angels by Allah is solely determined by Allah himself, this kind of condition will not reduce his power which has made angels as His representatives, because the creation of angels is essentially the same as the creation of humans, they were created to serve and worship Him.

Angels and jinn were created long before Allah created humans, even though angels and jinn live in the same realm but they live in different dimensions. On the one hand angels can see jinn but jinn cannot see angels, the number of angels is also more than the jinn and the number of jinn is more than humans

All of them had a margin of nine to one. This comparison 9:1 occurs between spirits and angels, angels and jinns, also jinns and humans whose difference is more jins than humans.


The Urgency of the Creation of Angels 

1. Creation of Angels

Regarding angels, in the Qur’an it is not clearly explained how the process of creating angels took place, but in the hadith of the Prophet it is told that angels were created from light.

It is not known exactly how this process occurs and from what kind of light they are created, all that can be known is that angels were created before Allah created humans.

2. Worship of angels

Basically the creation of angels by Allah SWT is the same as humans and jinns, namely to worship Allah. If the angels worship by carrying out God’s commands continuously and there is no element of disobedience, humans and jinns can make mistakes in worship.

The angels who never get tired of glorifying day and night indicate that the glorification of angels is a form of obedience and obedience in carrying out God’s commands without any slight development.



Angel Abilities and Traits

Angel Ability

The angels enshrined in the Koran show that each angel has their own position and status. These positions and positions are stratified according to the duties and responsibilities of angels. Likewise with the power that each of them has, this power is positioned in one position in the sight of Allah, they have different positions.

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In addition, in the Al-Qur’an it is also stated that there are two general abilities possessed by each angel. Physical ability is an ability that is beyond the substance of angels and is only related to the problem of personal angelic potentials.

Another ability possessed is the ability to move and move quickly. This ability cannot be ascertained with one count of time. In fact, the movement speed of angels cannot be measured even with advanced technology. Humans in this case can only predict the speed of angels through the calculation of time in the world.

People only know that because angels are creatures created from light, logically the speed of angels is calculated at the speed of light. While the non-physical abilities of angels are important angelic abilities or characteristics, these abilities are related to the functional substance of angels.

Functions and Duties of Angels

Allah created angels as the most creatures, no creature can know the number of angels even the angels themselves except Allah as the creator. So to find out as a form of faith for faithful Muslims, Islam gives a name and assignment for each of them which represents the many angels with the number of angels that must be believed.

These angels functionally represent all existing angels and are directly related to the existence of nature in general and humans in particular.

1. Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is his trusted angel or ambassador. Jibril as the agent of Allah’s revelation and the most trusted messenger and has a high position. Thus, since the sending of the first prophet to the last prophet, the process of giving revelation always passes through the angel Gabriel.

The angel Gabriel is the archangel of the angels, he is the leader of all the angels and he is the great and most powerful angel of Allah, who is highly obeyed in the angelic world. The angel Gabriel is in charge of maintaining fire and ripening fruits, and as the ruler of the winds and his army.

2. Archangel Michael 

Angel Mikail is in charge of managing and controlling raindrops and things caused by water droplets such as plants, animals, humans and other ecosystems. It is true that from the water comes a life and from that life the angel Mikail acts as an angel who regulates its sustenance.

3. Angel Israfil

Angel Israfil served as a trumpet blower twice. The first blast is to kill all creatures both in the heavens and on earth, while the second blast is to revive all creatures.

The trumpet is a tool that is blown by the angel Israfil resembling a trumpet later before the start of a new life, namely the beginning of the afterlife.

4. Angel Azrael

The angel Azrael is tasked with determining the end of something in this world, both in the heavens and on earth. The taking of the lives of the believers gently is the opposite of the condition of the disbelievers.

5. Guardian Angel

The guardian angel is also called al-mu’aqqibat. In charge of guarding humans during the day and night, when humans are still and moving, and in all human conditions. They guard humans from in front and behind, from wild animals and from disturbances by jinns and demons.

God sends guardian angels to humans as a form of God’s mercy to humans. The nature of Rahman is a trait that is given to every human being without distinguishing Muslims or not. No one can take care of humans at all times, both at night and during the day under any circumstances, except only Allah SWT.

6. Angel Ridwan

In Islam, the angel Ridwan is known as an angel who is friendly and gentle and has high affection. He is in charge of taking care of heaven which is wide between heaven and earth, then serving those who enter it. He also has assistants in his duties.

The guardian angel of heaven always greets those who enter it as a sign of respect for those who have been patient in facing all the tests and trials while living on earth.

7. Angel Malik

Angel Malik is in charge of guarding hell, he also has assistants in guarding the inhabitants of hell. There are nineteen guardian angels, but it is not explained concretely the interpretation of the number nineteen, whether the number has an unlimited meaning, so that the interpretation of the nineteen angels has an unlimited number for the guardians of hell.

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8. Angel Raqib and Angel Atid

Angels Raqib and Angels Atid are angels who look after humans and record all their deeds while living in the world. This angel’s record is authentic evidence for everyone in the hereafter. As with other angels, Raqib and Atid also have other angels as assistants.

Allah explains that the task assigned to these two angels is that not a single utterance is uttered by a person without an angel beside him (Raqib and Atid), who watches over and is always present to record his deeds which are rewarding and deeds which cause sin.

Although Allah knows every action of a person and is closer than a person’s pulse, Allah also sent two angels to record all the words and deeds of his servants.

God has given pleasure to humans, so God created it in a good and perfect form. Then Allah gives pleasure to humans by sending two guardian angels who always guard and record their deeds, so they can give a perfect reward.

9. Munkar Angels and Nakir Angels

Munkar Angel and Nakir Angel are in charge of asking several questions to the corpse in the grave.


The task of Angel Raqib and Angel Atid

In more detail, we will consider the duties of the angel of record of charity. The angels who record good and bad deeds are named Raqib angels and Atid angels. Angel Raqib is the angel who records good deeds on our right shoulder, while Angel Atid is the angel who records bad deeds on our left shoulder.

These two angels always accompany us wherever we go. Angels Raqib and angels Atid always watch over humans and are present wherever humans are. So there are many angels Raqib and angels Atid, as many as there are humans in this world.

The angels Raqib and Atid always accompany humans and in carrying out their duties these two angels use their qorin which is placed for every human being.

The angel Raqib is in charge of recording all human good deeds, while the angel Atid is in charge of recording all human evil deeds. Angel Raqib is always side by side with Angel Atid in carrying out his duties.

The angels Raqib and Atid are very honest and never disobey Allah SWT, they record them very carefully so that not a single good or bad practice escapes their notes. They are not tasked with passing judgment on humanity, but simply taking notes. All decisions are returned to Allah SWT.

For example, when we do a good deed, even if it’s small, even with the intention of doing good, the angel Raqib will record it as a charity. If we help our friends who are in trouble, help disaster victims, fast sunnah Monday-Thursday, obligatory prayers and sunnah prayers, and all other good deeds even if only removing thorns from the road.

However, if we do bad deeds, such as stealing, lying, being arrogant, leaving prayer and others, then our bad deeds will be recorded by the angel Atid. The difference is, if it’s just an intention and hasn’t done it, the angel Atid won’t record it.

Therefore, whatever actions we do, remember that there will be two angels who are always watching and present to record our actions as humans. These recorded deeds will later be counted, revealed, and weighed on the Day of Judgment. Not only will our deeds be recorded, but every word that we utter and do will also be recorded by the supervising angel / angel Raqib and the angel present / angel Atid.

There is nothing wrong with doing good even though no one is watching and you are afraid to do bad things in silence. Because we as humans are not alone, there are two angels who will continue to watch over and be present to record good deeds and bad deeds.

The Wisdom of the Angel of Charity Recorder 

Sometimes the wisdom in the creation of the charity recording angel is beyond human reason. The lesson is that Allah SWT has arranged and managed everything and directed it as well as possible.

Allah SWT specifically pays attention to His creatures by representing angels who record deeds even though Allah knows best what is done. All this is done to explain the perfection of Allah SWT and his concern for humans and the perfection of His care.

After learning about this charity recording angel, it is hoped that there will be a sense of always being watched over by Allah SWT in all of us and will foster enthusiasm to continue doing good deeds. If Sinaumed’s still wants to know everything about the angel of charity, you can visit https://sinaumedia.com/ to get his books. As #FriendsWithoutLimits, sinaumedia will always provide the best and latest information.