Names of Angels and Their Duties

Names of Angels and Their Duties – The task of an angel is something that is commanded by
Allah SWT.
Allah SWT created angels with various features. But besides that,
angels have tasks given by God.
The task of the angel is addressed to all living things in the

This article will discuss the names of angels and their duties. In addition, it will also be
discussed about the characteristics of angels.

Names and Duties of Angels

1. Archangel Gabriel

The name of the first angel is the Archangel Gabriel. Archangel Gabriel has a task for the
His job is to convey time to the apostles of Allah SWT.

However, behind that there is another task performed by the Archangel Gabriel. The task is to
blow the soul into every fetus in the human body.

The task of the Archangel Gabriel is also to fulfill or hold human duties. In addition, the
Archangel Gabriel is also responsible for bringing grace.
This grace is addressed to those who
always maintain their sanctity when death comes.

“Say (Prophet Muhammad), “Who is Gabriel’s enemy?” In fact, it is he who has sent down (the
Qur’an) into your hearts with Allah’s permission as a justification for what (the books) came before, and
guidance and good tidings for those who believe.
QS. Al-Baqarah verse 97.

2. Archangel Michael

The task of the Angel Mikail is to provide sustenance to creatures in the world. Then all
creatures on earth will be given sustenance by Allah SWT through the Angel Mikail.
So those who
receive sustenance are not only humans, but all living things.

Angel Mikail’s next task is to regulate rain and wind. Apart from that, Angel Mikail is also
in charge of managing the plants.
All control regarding these matters is in the hands of
Archangel Michael.
Of course with the permission of Allah SWT.

Rasulullah SAW also mentioned the name of the Angel Mikail. Rasulullah SAW said that Angel
Mikail is one of the helpers of Rasulullah SAW from above the sky.

In the hadith of the History of Ibn Abbas, Rasulullah SAW said “Indeed, Allah SWT strengthened me with four
assistants: two of the inhabitants of the sky namely Jibril and Mikail.
And two of the
inhabitants of the earth are Abu Bakr and Umar “.

3. Angel Israfil

One of the angels that is well known to many Muslims is the Angel Israfil. Angel Israfil’s job
is to blow the trumpet.
When the Day of Judgment arrives, the Angel Israfil will blow the

The trumpet is a kind of trumpet. The trumpet will be blown by the Angel Israfil on orders
from Allah SWT.
When doomsday comes, Angel Israfil will blow it. Then, all living
things that have life will die.

Angel Israfil will blow the trumpet several times. After the first blowing is over, Allah SWT
will revive Angel Israfil.
Then Allah SWT will give the order to blow the second

After the second blast, Allah SWT will also resurrect all living things that have died. After
this second blow, there will be a day called the Resurrection Day.

In the Al-Quran, precisely in the letter Az-Zumar it is explained:

“The trumpet is blown so that all (creatures) in the heavens and on earth die, except for those whom Allah
SWT wills.
Then, he was blown once more. Instantly, they woke up (from their
graves and) waited (for Allah SWT’s decision) “.
Verse 68.

4. Angel Azrael

The next angel’s name is Angel Azrael. The angel Azrael has the duty to take the lives of all
living things in the world.
All beings who have life will surely taste death.
Death is a process of revocation of life. The angel Azrael is in charge of doing

Angel Izrail is one of the names of angels who are also widely known by Muslims. Angel Azrael
really obeys Allah’s commands.
Even if it means destroying anything. He has the
heart to take the lives of living beings.
As long as it’s an order from Allah SWT as the

“The angel of death entrusted (task) to (take your life) will kill you, then to your Lord you will be
QS. As-Sajdah verse 11.

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5. Munkar Angel

When humans die, humans will be in the grave. Then in the grave, humans will be visited by
angels to be asked.
The task of the angel who asks the deceased is the Munkar Angel.

Munkar’s angel will ask about the faith of that human. In addition, the Munkar Angel will come
to someone who has done a lot of bad things during his life on earth.
Angel Munkar will start
asking when the burial process is complete.
After 70 steps the last person from his grave was

It is said that the Angel Munkar will come to humans in a scary form. Angel Munkar will come
with a sledgehammer as a weapon.
If a human cannot answer the Munkar Angel’s question, then the
sledgehammer will smash his body to pieces.

Then the man was resurrected, and asked the same questions as before. If this question cannot
be answered by humans, then humans will be destroyed again.
And so on until the day of
resurrection comes.

6. Angel Nakir

Not only the Munkar Angel whose duty is to come to the grave. This angel’s task is also
performed by Angel Nakir.
However, Angel Nakir served otherwise. Angel Nakir has a
duty to come to people who have done good in their lives.

It is said that the Angel Nakir will come to humans in a beautiful and pleasing form to look at.
Apart from that, it is also told that the person visited by the Angel Nakir will enter

7. Angel Raqib

Sinaumed’s, don’t hesitate to do good when no one is watching. Your good deeds will still be
Because this is the duty of Angel Raqib. Angel Raqib will record the
slightest good deed you have done in your life.

8. Angel Atid

The task of Angel Atid is the opposite of Angel Raqib. If Angel Raqib is responsible for
recording good deeds, then Angel Atid is responsible for recording bad deeds.
All bad deeds
done by humans will be recorded by Angel Atid.

Even though you are doing a bad deed and it is not seen by anyone, the angel Atid still sees it.
Then it will be recorded in the record of your deeds. All the practices that you have
done will be judged on the last day.

“(Remember) when two angels recorded (his actions). One sits on the right and the other on the
Not a single word was uttered, but there was a guardian angel in him who was always ready
(to take notes)”.
Qs. Qaf verses 17 and 18.

9. Angel Malik

The ninth angel is the Angel Malik. The duty of the Angel Malik is to guard the gates of hell.
Hell is a place for people who always violate the commands of Allah SWT. Moreover,
those who do not believe will be placed in hell.

“O you who believe, protect yourselves and your families from the fires of hell whose fuel is humans and
Its guardians are angels who are rough and hard. They are not disobedient
to Allah SQT for what He commands them and always do what they are ordered to do.
At-Tahrim verse 6.

10. Angel Ridwan

Not only the gates of hell are guarded by angels. The gates of heaven are also guarded by the
Angel Ridwan.
Heaven is a place for believers. Those who always do good deeds and
follow the orders and prohibitions of Allah SWT will be placed in heaven.

Allah SWT said, “The parable of heaven which is promised to those who are pious (is like a garden), rivers
flow beneath it;
always fruitful and shady. That is the final place for those who
are pious.
While the last place for those who disbelieve is hell. QS Ar-Ra’d verse

Angel’s characteristics

1. Don’t like to brag

This is the nature of angels that are very different from humans and jinn. If humans and jinn
often boast, this is not the case with angels.
Even though an angel has many features, he never

Allah SWT says in Surah An Nahl:

وَلِلّٰهِ يَسْجُدُ مَا فِى السient

“And to Allah alone prostrate everything that is in the heavens and all creatures that crawl on the earth
and (also) the angels, while they (angels) are not arrogant.”
Verse 49

2. Fear and always obey the commands of Allah SWT

Humans are negligent creatures. So that it often prioritizes other things, compared to orders
from Allah SWT.
However, angels are the opposite. Angels will be very afraid if
they don’t immediately carry out what Allah SWT has ordered.

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Angels will always comply with what has been assigned by Allah SWT. So that the angels always
obey Allah SWT.

Allah SWT says:

يَخَافُوْنَ رَبَّهُمْ مِّنْ فَوْقِهِمْ وَيَفْعَلُوْنَ مَا يُؤْمَرُوْنَ

“They fear their Lord who has power over them and carry out what is commanded (to them).” QS:
An Nahl verse 50

3. The glorified servant of Allah SWT

Angels have high positions and degrees. That’s because angels are creatures that are glorified
by Allah SWT.
Angels are creatures that are very obedient in words and deeds.

Allah SWT says


“And they said: “The Most Gracious has taken (had) a child,” Glory be to Allah. Actually (the
angels) are glorified servants.
In QS. Surah Al Anbiya verse

4. Never argue

Angels are creatures that never argue with Allah SWT. They do not utter words in the presence
of Allah SWT.
The angels never go against all orders and decisions for them from Allah SWT.
They always do everything they are ordered to do immediately.

Allah SWT says

لَا يَسْبِقُوْنَهٗ بِالْقَوْلِ وَهُمْ بِاَمْرِهٖ يَعْمَلُوْنَ

Meaning: They did not precede Him with words and they carried out His commandments. QS.
Al Anbiya verse 27

5. Never disobedient

Unlike humans, angels are never disobedient to Allah SWT. They will always be ready to carry
out the commands of Allah SWT.
In fact, they will not be late in the slightest to do the

Angels are beings who have power. In addition, they also have no weaknesses.
Whatever task is assigned to angels, it will always be done.

Allah SWT says

لَا يَعْصُونَ اللَّهَ مَا أَمَرَهُمْ وَيَفْعَلُونَ مَا يُؤْمَرُونَ

“Those who do not disobey Allah in what He commands them and always do what they are commanded.”
QS At-Tahrim verse 6

6. Always glorify

Angels are creatures that always glorify Allah SWT. They always praise Allah SWT.
Both during the day and at night.

Allah SWT says

وَاِذْ قَالَ رَبُّكَ لِلْمَلٰۤىِٕكَةِ اِنِّيْ جَاعِلٌ فِى الْاَرْضِ خَلِيْفَةًۗ قَالُوْٓا اَتَجْعَلُ فِيْهَا مَنْ
يُّفْسِدُ فِيْهَا وَيَسْفِكُ الدِّمَاۤءَۚ وَنَحْنُ نُسَبِّحُ بِحَمْدِكَ وَنُقَدِّسُ لَكَۗ قَالَ اِنِّيْٓ
اَعْلَمُ مَا لَا تَعْلَمُوْنَ

“(Remember) when your Lord said to the angels, “I will make caliphs 13) on earth. “They said,
“Are you going to make people who destroy and shed blood there, while we glorify Your praise and sanctify
Your name?”
He said, “Indeed I know what you do not know”. QS Al-Baqarah verse

7. Don’t like the smell of dogs and statues

From Abu Talha radliallahu anhum, Rasulullah SAW said: “Angels will not enter a house in which there are
dogs and statues”.
HR. Bukhari no. 5493. Sahih.

8. Do not eat and drink

Unlike humans, angels are creatures that neither eat nor drink

Allah SWT says:

فَلَمَّا رَأَى أَيْدِيَهُمْ لَا تَصِلُ إِلَيْهِ نَكِرَهُمْ وَأَوْجَسَ مِنْهُمْ خِيفَةً قَالُوا لَا تَخَفْ إِنَّا
أُرْسِلْنَا إِلَى قَوْمِ لُوطٍ وَامْرَأَتُهُ قَائِمَةٌ فَضَحِكَتْ

“So when he saw that their hands were not touching him, Ibrahim looked at their actions strangely and was
afraid of them.
The angel said, “Don’t be afraid, in fact we are (angels) sent to the people of
And his wife was standing (behind the curtain), then he smiled. QS Hud
verses 70 and 71.

9. Able to change shape

Angels are beings who can change their shape or form. Sometimes, angels can turn into humans.
In fact, angels can also transform into horses.

Allah SWT says:

فَاتَّخَذَتْ مِنْ دُوْنِهِمْ حِجَابًاۗ فَاَرْسَلْنَآ اِلَيْهَا رُوْحَنَا فَتَمَثَّلَ لَهَا بَشَْهَا بَشَِْ

“So he made a veil (protecting him) from them, then We sent Our spirit to him, so he incarnated before him
(in the form of) a perfect human.”
QS. Maryam verse 17

10. No sex

One of the characteristics of angels is that they are genderless. Unlike humans who are male
and female.
Angels are creatures created by Allah SWT without gender


“And if We had made him a messenger (from) an angel, We would have made him a man and (if We had made him a
man), We would have made them still doubt as they are now doubtful.”
QS. Surah Al
verse 9

Those are the names and duties of angels. Angels are noble beings who need to be emulated.
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