Understanding the Meaning of Prestige, Characteristics and Ways to Overcome It!

Prestige is one of those vices that is very difficult to deal with. Often times a sense of prestige will make someone more arrogant, arrogant and even disliked by many people.

Prestige can also exist in a person and can occur because it is influenced by inborn traits due to parental upbringing or indeed caused by the environment in which he is in everyday. Having a sense of prestige is often seen as a form of increasing self-esteem and social status.

In fact, in everyday life, the presence of prestige is not only detrimental to oneself but can also harm others. People who have a sense of prestige will find it difficult to mingle with other people because they already have personal standards shown by an attitude.

If you think prestige can increase self-esteem, then that’s wrong. Precisely that attitude can make other people not appreciate you. Therefore, it is better to have a humble attitude, so that we can get along with anyone. Living with prestige is also very troublesome and even detrimental.

Well, to be clearer about all things related to prestige. You can read the reviews in this article, Sinaumed’s

The Reason Why Prestige Is So Harmful

As previously explained, prestige is a trait that is detrimental and even somewhat troublesome. Instead of increasing self-esteem, it results in being hated by many people. So, maybe you don’t know what are the reasons that pride can be so detrimental? Here is a full explanation.

1. Self-Development Will Feel So Hard to Do

The first reason that pride can cause great harm to yourself is because when you have pride it will cause difficulties in the process of self-development.

This is none other than because prestige will form the mindset that you yourself already have intelligence above all else, so you no longer need new learning in any case.

Apart from that, you will also have the thought that what you have obtained is indeed greater than that of other people. This will make you not want to develop yourself in new things.

Even though in fact you can still have the opportunity to grow to be even better. However, because of this prestige nature, it makes it more difficult for you to develop yourself.

2. It’s hard to appreciate every existing process

When you have prestige in life, then indirectly you will not be able to go through the process that is happening so deliciously. In fact, you will feel so tormented in carrying out every process that exists.

This is none other than because you have the mindset that what you are doing right now is not the best thing for you. Not only that, because the nature of prestige will make you feel that you can get something more than carrying out the process that is currently being undertaken.

When this happens, it is no longer a pleasure to go through the process of giving birth to being forced to compromise with circumstances just because of your self-esteem.

However, if you decide to lower your current standard of living and be able to enjoy the process that is being lived, then chances are that you will be able to appreciate it more as a part of life to be more in the life to come. Besides that, you also have to realize that everything in life requires a process.

3. Having Shallow Thinking

The existence of a sense of prestige in your life will also affect your personal mindset. The reason is, the nature of prestige can make you someone who is unrealistic and always thinks that the best standard is according to what you are thinking.

This means that you will always be unable to work together and build good relationships with many people at once. Even though it’s not certain if what you think is the best for others.

Therefore, it is very important for you to be individuals with an open mindset so that you can stay away from having an attitude of prestige in this life.

4. Extremely Self-Torturing

In this life, there are many things that are so simple and can give happiness if you don’t maintain a sense of prestige. Life is not so difficult, but a sense of pride that makes everything difficult.

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Life is not expensive, but a sense of prestige that makes everything look expensive. Believe it or not, actually the sense of prestige embedded in your life will be able to elevate yourself from within.

In fact, maybe without realizing it, during this journey of life, you have underestimated the good things just because of a sense of prestige. If you have this, then the one who will lose is yourself.

You will always make things difficult for yourself with such a high standard of living. When a situation cannot match what you want, then you feel that you will not have a sense of happiness.

5. Thirst for Recognition

Realize it or not, a sense of prestige will make you someone who is hungry for recognition. Let’s look at the activities of many people on social media where initially social media was used to facilitate communication and sharing. However, nowadays the existence of social media seems to be an arena to show oneself, so that we can get recognition according to what we want.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for many people to start willing to maintain prestige on social media to do things that are beyond their capabilities. It will not give good happiness and is just fake happiness.

The existence of this false happiness can provoke envy and envy for others. If you have this, the losers will not be yourself but other people.

So, those are some reasons why having traits or a sense of prestige in life can be very detrimental to yourself and others.

Characteristics of People Who Prioritize a Sense of Prestige

Prestige can be interpreted as self-esteem or a dignity of an individual. Therefore, we also need something called prestige, because without prestige, a person can feel inferior to the point that other people also look down on us.

Even so, when we place too much importance on prestige, this instead of having a positive impact can actually have a negative impact. For example, getting the impression of being an arrogant individual who is shunned by others.

However, sometimes those who always have a high sense of prestige are not aware of this. So, to make it easier for you to find out the characteristics of people who are more concerned with a sense of prestige, here is a complete explanation.

1. Don’t Care About Younger People

Those who have too high a sense of prestige will usually not give respect to younger people, especially small children. This is none other than because he always thinks that he is the one who should be respected, not the other way around.

Therefore, when he got advice from a much easier one, he usually wouldn’t accept it. In fact, this can happen when he realizes that the suggestion is indeed better than what he thinks.

In fact, not all who have a young age have a condition of lack of experience or lack of wisdom. Sometimes, they have a much wiser point of view than us who have a more mature age. In this case, mutual respect is the key to being able to have good relations with others.

2. Having no respect for those of low rank

Although people with high prestige don’t mind forming partnerships with those with lower status, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can show respect to those colleagues.

Giving respect to others means assuming other people have the same position as ourselves. This is so natural because we as human beings have the same position in the eyes of God. Therefore, differences in position in the world of career or the economy does not mean it is a barrier to making friends.

3. Having the Desire to Appear Perfect Until Reluctant to Do Good

Paying attention to appearance is not wrong or even something that should be considered. But will you keep trying to always look perfect in the eyes of other people so that you are reluctant to do good? If so, that’s a sign that the sense of prestige in you is still too big.

The reason is, in the journey of life there will be a condition that requires us to appear imperfect or even in an ugly condition. However, if it is necessary for a good deed, there should be no problem.

For example, when you have to be willing to get dirty when you are going to save a kitten trapped in a ditch. If that’s the case, are you still reluctant to save the kitten because you don’t want to be called ugly? Try asking yourself.

4. Always Anti Looks Failed

Those who are too proud, usually will always try to hide their failures in public. In fact, not infrequently he will cover up failure with various kinds of imagery as if he has had success. When in fact he was too proud to admit if he had failed.

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In this case, it doesn’t mean you have to always spread about failure in front of other people. However, you also have to know that failure is a part of life. Therefore, when other people know that in your life journey there has been a failure, of course it is not a big problem. As long as you note that you are also able to respond to every failure correctly,

5. Reluctant to Admit Mistakes

Those who have high enough prestige usually do not want to admit mistakes even accompanied by not wanting to express apologies. The existence of this attitude is one of the triggers for the cause of the destruction of a relationship.

Be it friendship, romance or family relationships. Therefore, one way to improve a relationship is to admit mistakes and get rid of self-esteem.

Those are some of the characteristics of people who have high prestige in themselves. So, are there any of the above characteristics in you?

Easy Tips to Overcome Excessive Prestige

A sense of pride if in the right dose can provide many benefits to us. Besides being able to increase self-confidence, prestige can also build strength and a certain identity within oneself.

However, some people often have a sense of prestige with excessive doses. Where excessive prestige is formed only to protect one’s own weaknesses and shortcomings.

Not infrequently there are people who have such a high sense of prestige that they are willing to lie as if they have something. In reality, however, this does not exist. This is done solely so that he can always be seen as better than others.

If this condition is left unchecked, then too high prestige will be able to cause big losses to oneself. Well, to be able to avoid excessive prestige. Here are some tips that you can apply.

1. Remain Yourself

One of the characteristics of people with high prestige is that they don’t hesitate to lie to themselves. For example lying about price, status to the achievements it has. A sense of pride will make you always want to be in a position that is more than others. In addition, a sense of pride will also make a person forget how to thank God.

Not infrequently they often force themselves to follow or imitate other people, even though they don’t necessarily have the same thoughts as themselves. This is nothing but done so that he looks more or just to cover up any deficiencies that he has.

Well, one way to overcome a sense of prestige that is too high is to remain yourself. Being yourself and always being grateful for what you have can have a positive impact on life, especially for personal mental health.

2. Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

The existence of a sense of pride can make a person feel inadequate and always see what others have. An example is when you always compare your personal achievements and achievements with those of other people. This will make you feel dissatisfied.

Even though the self-esteem of every individual in this world has a subjective nature and cannot be compared with one another. Even though it’s trivial, people often forget this with a sense of too much prestige.

If it’s like this, then the best way to overcome excessive pride is to always be grateful and also not to compare what you have personally and what other people have.

3. Avoid Stubborn Attitude

The next way to overcome excessive pride is to avoid stubbornness. People who have stubborn traits often believe that their personal opinion is always the most correct and does not hesitate to reject the opinions and views of other people.

It can also make it difficult for someone to accept criticism. Meanwhile, the way to avoid this trait is to learn to understand and listen to other people. Besides that, being open-minded is also one way.

4. Don’t hesitate to say thank you and sorry

Some people who have excessive prestige will see that saying sorry is a weakness. Even though saying sorry can teach you to be humble.

Therefore, when you make a mistake, don’t hesitate to sincerely apologize and not repeat the mistake at a later time.

This also applies when you get help from other people to always say thank you. Saying thank you for what others have given you is one form of appreciating them.

Well, that’s a review about pride. It would be better, if we as humans have a sense of prestige according to the measure without anything excessive. Because something in excess is not good. Hopefully all the discussion above can make Sinaumed’s overcome the sense of prestige that is in himself.

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