The Positive and Negative Impacts of the Internet You Need to Know

The positive and negative impacts of the internet – It is undeniable that until now almost all human activities have become easier with the Internet of Things . In other words, there is no need to doubt the positive impact of the internet on its users. As for the things that you will get from using the internet, from getting information to getting to know new people from all over the world, you can do it through the internet.

Even so, the use of the internet also has a negative impact if not used wisely. But don’t worry, as long as you use the internet carefully, you will get a positive impact from using the internet.

So that you understand more about the positive and negative impacts of the internet, then you can see the full review, Sinaumed’s. The following below are the positive and negative impacts of internet use that you need to know:

Positive Impact of the Internet

1. Job Search

Before the internet, finding a job was quite difficult. For example, the process of buying a newspaper when looking for available job vacancies. After that, people also have to print a cover letter and go to the office where they volunteered as a potential employee. Of course, this is quite tiring, isn’t it?

However, as one of the positive impacts of the internet, job search is easier to do because it only relies on smart devices such as smartphones and internet connections to be able to access various kinds of applications and job search sites, for example, LinkedIn, JobStreet, Glints, and others.

2. Communication

Not everyone has the opportunity to interact with other people at close range. Often due to work problems or different domiciles, long-distance communication must be carried out using letters. Indeed, letters can convey messages, but it takes quite a long time to reach their destination, even up to weeks.

It’s different, nowadays, where sending messages or giving news can be done in a matter of seconds. This is included in the positive impact of the internet.

Currently, there are many applications that can be used to communicate remotely, such as Whatsapp. In addition, some social media can also be used to communicate remotely, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

3. Business

Many are still hesitant to have a business because previously they were blocked by capital. What’s more, if you have to open a shop or shophouse, it’s no longer a public secret that when you have a place of business you have to have a large amount of capital. But nowadays, anyone of any age can have a business just by using the internet.

In addition to the fast marketing process, starting an online business is one of the positive effects of the internet which is enough to help many people who experience problems with their capital. In fact, with the internet, you can market your merchandise more broadly.

You only need to choose a platform that suits your needs (for example, by using e-commerce or by using social media). Then, display the goods or services that you want to sell to the market. Easy enough, right?

4. Entertainment

Enjoying entertainment after going through various solid activities is a form of refreshing so that the mind becomes fresher. You can also do various kinds of entertainment, such as watching movies to playing games. Luckily, with the positive impacts of the internet, you also don’t have to go all the way to the cinema to watch a film, because with many platforms such as Netflix, Iflix, and WeTV that you can access through applications and require cheaper costs, of course.

Meanwhile, to play games no longer have to rely on devices such as PlayStation or XBOX. In fact, you can download game applications on your smartphone and play with friends online to make it even more exciting.

5. Learning Media

Adding knowledge is not only through formal education such as at school or university, but you can get it through the internet. You can find various kinds of topics, including learning to cook, making handicrafts, and various other useful knowledge.

6. Distributing Hobbies

Currently, pursuing a hobby is not only a form of favorite activity, but can be used to make money. The simplest example is when someone has the ability to sing and then uploads it on the YouTube, TikTok, and so on.

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In addition to being popular, the uploaded content will be very profitable. This is what then makes the internet into a new livelihood because even from a hobby you will make money.

7. Public Service

Utilization of public services by using the internet is very beneficial. For example, when you want to go somewhere using public transportation, you can use an online motorcycle taxi application and the driver will immediately pick you up at the location point that you have set.

Another example is when your body condition is not fit and requires consultation from a specialist, then there are lots of health applications that will then directly connect with doctors based on their specialties virtually.

8. Adding New Connections

Adding new connections in today’s modern era seems very easy. Because, there are lots of online platforms that will bring you together with lots of people from various regions to then interact with each other virtually. In fact, there are already many people who have made friends from the virtual world and then moved to the real world.

9. Map

When you want to visit an area that you have never known before, of course you need a map so you don’t get lost, right? Well , the internet also provides online map services, including Waze and Google Maps.

10. Relieves Stress

Various kinds of things that you can find on the internet give rise to various methods to relieve stress and fatigue after activities. For example, when you are bored, you can stream movies on Netflix or just listen to songs on Spotify.

Negative Impact of the Internet

Even though there are many positive impacts of the internet, there are also negative impacts of the internet that must be watched out for, here are some of them:

1. Cyberbullying

Bullying (bullying) on ​​the internet is often a scary scourge because most of the perpetrators are anonymous , so their presence becomes difficult to detect. In fact, the existence of cyber bullying can have a bad psychological impact on its victims. Even though the insults were only through text, this had a bad impact in the long term.

2. Pornography

Adult content with a sexual content has many negative influences, one of which is addiction and will lead to sexual acts (such as harassment and rape). Even though the government has made efforts to block content like this, the internet has wide coverage and many people always find loopholes to be able to upload and obtain pornographic content easily.

3. Fraud

Various kinds of online transactions make it easy, but on the other hand it can have a bad impact or even be misused by irresponsible people who are only looking for personal gain.

One of the frauds that often occurs when making transactions on online products . When the requested money has been transferred , the seller just disappears without sending the item to the buyer.

How to Reduce the Negative Impact of the Internet

Currently, we are in an era where the internet seems to be the main human need that cannot be separated from everyday life. Starting from the simplest things to quite complex things, then everything can be controlled and also done with the help of the internet, especially during a pandemic like this.

Even though technology can provide convenience for work and some affairs, internet users must also be wise in using the internet. In fact, people must also have good digital literacy so that they can become good and safe users of the internet.

Below are 4 ways to use the internet wisely that you need to know:

Content Upload

Pay attention to what kind of content you will then upload to the internet. Digital footprints are also quite difficult to erase and have the potential to spread very quickly, both positive and negative content.

Virtual Friendship

There are lots of cases where you will have acquaintances in cyberspace and end badly because you don’t choose virtual friendship wisely. For example, by using other people’s profile photos to deceive.

Sharing Information

Before you forward or forward information from the internet to other people, you should also know in advance about the truth because it is possible if the news to be spread is hoax .

Only Upload Useful Content

When surfing the internet, be careful when uploading photos, pictures, comments, or sending messages. The reason is, once someone uploads negative content or something, their digital footprint will remain on the internet forever and can hardly be erased. Digital footprints can backfire at any time. Also, it’s important to know when is the best time to post or not.

Guard and Protect Privacy

Never ever share personal data on the internet such as addresses, e-mail addresses , telephone numbers and school documents or various agencies on the internet. Personal data is vulnerable to misuse by irresponsible people.

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Secure Site Access

Before clicking on a link or entering a password on a site you have never visited, first check whether the URL on the site matches the name and information of the company or product you are looking for. Not only that, make sure the URL of the site you are accessing starts with “https://” with a small green padlock icon to the left of it.

Don’t be easily tempted by things that are unclear, especially when there are emails or sites that offer something that doesn’t make sense, such as opportunities to make lots of money or win hundreds of millions in the lottery, this is definitely a fraud. It would be nice to check e-mail as well as the official websites of the agencies concerned.


Thus the discussion about the negative positive impact of the internet . From all the discussion above it can be said that if we prefer to use the internet towards positive things, it can provide benefits, and vice versa. Therefore, you must be wise in using the internet.

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Books Related to the Positive and Negative Impacts of the Internet

Social Informatics

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INTERNET USE PROBLEMS. Concept, Impact, and Response Strategy

This book on the problems of using the internet has been compiled as an effort to study in a flexible, yet scientific way related to the impacts or problems that arise as a result of using the internet for individuals. In addition, it also provides additional references in understanding the phenomenon of internet abuse. A number of writers who are concerned in their fields try to express their concepts and thoughts in understanding and reviewing the phenomenon of internet users and strategies for handling them.

In general, this book will discuss the description of social media user behavior and its implications, problems related to the use of smartphones , online games , cyber pornography , and a number of intervention strategies or psychological therapy in overcoming various problems caused by internet abuse. Through this book, we hope that it will become a trigger and add to the body of knowledge, especially for students, educational observers, psychological helpers and the public in understanding the increasingly widespread phenomenon of internet abuse.

Banish Confusion With Healthy Internet

It is no longer common for children to open Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other sites on the internet more often. A lot of information and entertainment content can be obtained from these sites. Of course, not all content on the Internet has positive and educational value in building the potential of children/students, individuals and society. Because it is also undeniable, the Internet is like a double-edged knife behind which there are many positive sides, when used for bad intentions or used inappropriately, it can harm oneself or others, both morally and materially.

It is for this reason that the book “ Get Rid of Confusion with a Healthy Internet ” is designed to help parents monitor their children’s internet activities and can also be used as a guide to prevent internet attacks such as pornography, cybercrime and malware .

Watch out!! Evil Internet Stalking Your Child

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