What is repost: Understanding and how to do it

What is repost – Now social media is a place to connect with outsiders online, and is also used for various things, such as entertainment, seeking information, and looking for work. So, it’s not surprising that the use of terms in social media is already familiar, for example, the term ‘repost’ . So, does Sinaumed’s know what repost means?

Yes, maybe someone already knows, but there are also those who don’t understand what repost is. In social media platforms, repost has the same function. Social media users often use this repost for a specific purpose, the platform that is often used is usually Instagram , although several other social media are also actively used.

Repost itself has several functions for its users. Quoted from the Cambridge Dictionary , the word repost means an activity carried out by social media users, such as posting something on social media. For example, by reposting something belonging to a social media user.

Maybe almost everyone has memorized the workings of this repost feature , but there are also some people who don’t understand the use of repost on social media.

So, for those of you who are curious, what exactly is a repost? The following is a review of the meaning of repost in general and the use of repost in every social media. And how? Come on, let’s look at the following explanation!

Meaning of Repost

As many people already know, the repost function on various platforms is almost the same. The meaning of repost is an activity or activity carried out by social media users by selecting a particular post to be reloaded or redistributed.

Even though almost everyone already knows how the repost feature works , there are still many who don’t understand what repost means. To make it easier to remember, repost activities, for example, someone has posted writing or uploaded videos or photos in the past. Then, in the future, he wants to re-upload his post, so he needs to mark the post with a repost or re-upload at a different time.

However, in its method, the repost function is not exactly the same as the term used in general, because the use of each social media is different in how to post or how to repost it, but overall repost is done in almost the same way. So, you can see every function and understanding of repost on every social media that you will use.

Because, in this digital era, social media is already attached and widely used by many people for various activities and alternative media , such as entertainment, searching for information, and looking for job vacancies.


How to Repost on Several Social Media


1. Repost on Instagram (IG) & How to Post it

After knowing the meaning of repost in general, then what is the meaning of repost in the world of social media? What function and meaning are the same?

Yes, like social media Instagram, repost means a feature provided by IG for its users, which later functions to re-upload other people’s or friends’ posts.

So, the repost function on Instagram doesn’t upload old posts, right, which might be the repost function on other applications in the form of reposting old posts. However, on Instagram media, reposting also means re-uploading posts belonging to friends or other people, whether in the form of video posts, photos, screenshots, writing, both old and new.

Here’s how to repost on Instagram media that you need to know.

A. Repost Instagram Feed to Story

  1. Choose the video, photo or article that you will repost on the feed .
  2. Then, click on the paper airplane icon below, this icon is next to the comments and likes.
  3. Then, several options will appear for sending, so you click Add post your story.
  4. After that, the page will be brought to the IG story view, where you can edit the content to be uploaded, such as adding text, stickers, gifts, and so on.
  5. Then, select send to , the icon is in the lower right corner. Then select your story , and the content has been uploaded.

B. Repost Instagram Stories 

To create an IG story, first, you open your Direct Message or DM.

  1. Look for messages that go into DMs, messages that mention you or you can also see them directly on the notification icon.
  2. Select Add to your story which is under the Ig story of your account, then the page will appear in the story view, and you can add stickers, text, and so on.
  3. Then, press send to and click your story
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2. Repost on Twitter & How to Post it

Then, the use of social media such as Twitter also has the term repost . Not much different from IG or Instagram, a repost on Twitter is an activity of re-uploading or commonly called a retweet . This retweet allows you to be able to share it with your followers or other users. There is also a built-in retweet feature which can be used to share other people’s tweets with everyone.

Here’s how to repost via Twitter social media that you can do:

  1. The first step, open the Twitter application or official access from Twitter.
  2. Then, log in using your account.
  3. choose the post that will be reposted or retweeted on your Twitter homepage.
  4. Then, click the icon in the middle (retweet), on the post to be retweeted.
  5. After that, click the icon in the middle, then automatically, the post has been reposted on the homepage of your Twitter account.

3. Repost on Facebook & How to Post it

Then, the last on Facebook media. The meaning of repost on social media is almost the same as Twitter. This repost feature is also available on the Facebook app. So, how it works, you only need to copy first then repost the content.

With this feature, of course it makes it easier for users to deploy it practically and quickly. You can repost a photo, video, or link. Here’s how to repost on Facebook that you can do:

  1. First, open the Facebook application on your cellphone, or you can access it on the official Facebook website to log in .
  2. Then, choose which posts you will copy and repost on your FB feed.
  3. Then, click the ‘share’ button below the post.
  4. Then, click ‘share this status’ , if you want the post to be in text form.
  5. You can also manage who can see your repost, by clicking the ‘custom’ icon below the post menu. Then, select or click ‘share this status’.
  6. Then, in the next step, you can set other users, namely setting other people to be able to see reposts, or hiding reposts from other users.
  7. Then, click ‘ share status’ to repost, then the content will be uploaded again.

So, those are some of the meanings of repost that you need to know, both the meaning in general and the meaning in several social media applications, as well as how to use repost in social media applications such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

How to Share Posts on Instagram

IG media or Instagram has indeed become the most popular social media among the others, now many people use Instagram as a medium for various things, such as doing business, and doing promotions.

Now, Instagram is never empty of users, in fact it is increasing, every day, many people post on Instagram media. Not only on feeds, but uploading on Instagram stories is also very popular.

Through stories, you can share posts such as videos or photos within 24 hours, after that the posts will disappear. You can also share Instagram posts to Stories for many people to see.

So, how to share Instagram posts to Story can be used for a product or business promotion. From posts on Instagram stories, posts on the feed are also very easy to reach for all Instagram users. Because, the appearance of posts on the timeline usually changes frequently, and can sink faster due to piles of posts by other users.

Then, how do you share Instagram posts to Stories? Let’s look at the reviews below.

1. Sharing Instagram Post to Story

Now, various posts exist on Instagram, but the fact is, there are still many people who don’t really understand how to use it. When in fact, sharing Instagram posts to Stories is very easy and simple, with just a few steps.

This method can be used for both new and old posts. If you want to try it, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open Instagram social media on your smartphone , then make sure you have logged in with the correct account.
  2. Then, you will be on the Instagram homepage, then the profile section, and select the post you want to share, you can also make it directly from videos or photos.
  3. After determining the selected post, also pay attention to the image icon or options below the video or photo post.
  4. Then, click the paper airplane icon at the bottom right.
  5. Then, there will be a notification or notification, which provides several options to choose from, such as add to story or send to other users.
  6. Select the add post to your story option or add to story.
  7. Then, your smartphone screen display will access the story feature according to the post to be uploaded in the story, and its position is in the middle. In this step, you can add various edits, such as tagging other users, adding text, locations, gifts, and so on.
  8. After the editing process is complete, you can immediately send the post like posting the usual IG Story. You can also set Instagram story posts for only a few people or all followers.
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2. Sharing Instagram Posts From Other Accounts to Story

Generally, users post in their own feed, sharing Instagram story posts can also be done for other accounts. That is, you can share other people’s posts on your Instagram story.

Things like this can be used if you do business via Instagram. You can promote something on your business Instagram account. It can reach many followers and users.

How do you post other users’ content on our Instagram story?

The method is very easy, maybe some people already know a lot. For those of you who might want to try it, try to follow the steps below:

  1. The first step, log in to Instagram on your smartphone, then make sure you are logged in with the correct account.
  2. If the post is in the form of a timeline , you can immediately click on the paper airplane image, which is below the content.
  3. However, if what you are going to post is not on the timeline , you can first visit the personal account of the post owner. To make the search easier, just type the account name in the search field. Then, click on the intended account to go to their profile page.
  4. If you have entered the person’s profile page, select or search for the content you want to share on Instagram Story.
  5. If you have found it, click again on the paper airplane image below the post.
  6. Then, a notification will appear along with other options, such as add post to your story or add to story, or send another user.
  7. Then, you select the add post to your story option or add to story.
  8. That way, the display on your smartphone screen will open by accessing the story feature in the middle with the content to be uploaded. In this step, you can carry out the editing process such as adding stickers, gifts, locations, text, and so on.
  9. After the editing process, you can immediately send the content like posting Instagram Stories in general.
  10. You can also set the content to be shared only for close friends or for all followers.

However, it should also be noted, this method of sharing content from other people’s accounts may not be possible, if the account owner does not allow it to be shared, so it depends on the account owner’s settings. If the account owner restricts other users from sharing their content.

3. Posting Other People’s Instagram Stories on Your Own Account

Apart from the two methods above, you can also share other users’ stories by reposting . How to repost Instagram stories is also fairly easy, but reposting on Instagram media can only be done if the story maker’s account marks your account or tags it. Here’s how to repost other people’s IG stories to your own account:

  1. The first step, open a story that mentions you or tags your account.
  2. Automatically, the display on the story screen will have the option ‘Add This To Your Story’ or ‘Add to Your Story’ , so click that option.
  3. Then, you will be in the IG story view of your own account. Then, as usual, you can do the editing process, add stickers, text, gifts, emojis, and so on.
  4. When you’ve finished editing, you can immediately post the content like making a normal IG story.

Those are a few reviews and how to share content or posts on Instagram media practically and easily. Hopefully this information is useful.

Apart from being easy to use, now the Instagram application has indeed been used by many people for various purposes, one of which is to do business and carry out product promotions, and get profits through online media.



Yes, social media does have a myriad of benefits for our daily lives, it can even help you interact, get information, add insight, as entertainment, to do business to benefit from social media.

However, excessive use of social media also has a negative impact on its users. Therefore, we as users of social media must be wise and remember the time and interact directly with the environment, so that we are not overly influenced by social media.

If you want to find books about using social media as a whole, then you can get them at sinaumedia.com . To support Sinaumed’s in adding insight, sinaumedia always provides quality and original books so that Sinaumed’s has #MoreWithReading information.

Author: Veronika Novi 


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