Arabic and Latin Readings Verses Chairs and Translations

Seat verses and translations – The Koran is the holy book of Muslims, in the Koran there are many verses which, if totaled, all the verses of the Koran are around 6,666 verses. Every verse in the Quran is very full of meanings that can be useful for everyday life. Therefore, for Muslims, the Koran is used as a guide as well as instructions to guide this life, so that Muslims can stay on the straight path.

Of the many verses in the Al-Quran, there is one verse that is well known to all Muslims, namely Ayat Kursi. Ayat Kursi can be said to be one of the most frequently read verses of the Koran by Muslims in the world. In fact, maybe you are one of those people who often reads Ayat Kursi.

Since we were small or when we were children, we often read Ayat Kursi while reciting the Koran. As we get older, Ayat Kursi begin to be read by adults, especially during the “Tahlilan” event. In addition, in several Islamic religious events, Ayat Kursi is also often recited. Therefore, from the time we are small to adulthood, we must have heard Ayat Kursi several times.

Even though many people have read Ayat Kursi, be it during “Tahlilan” or religious events, not everyone knows the benefits behind the Ayat Kursi itself. The benefits of this Ayat Kursi can make the life we ​​live closer to Allah SWT.

On this occasion, we will discuss further about Ayat Kursi and its translation accompanied by Latin. Not only that, this article will also discuss the benefits of Ayat Kursi that we can all know. Come on, let’s look at this review further.

Definition of Seat Verse

Ayat Kursi is included in the letter of Al Baqarah verse 255 which is the second letter in the Al Quran. Ayat Kursi is a very extraordinary verse because it has a very meaningful meaning for Muslims and Muslim women. In addition, Ayat Kursi is an important verse for Muslims when hoping to seek protection from Allah SWT.

If a Muslim recites Ayat Kursi with sincerity and faith and is accompanied by the right intention, then a servant can get intercession or use or goodness in this world and in the hereafter. Apart from that, reading Ayat Kursi can make it easier for a servant to realize a wish or find a way out of a problem. In addition, reciting Ayat Kursi regularly and with full sincerity can open the doors of heaven.

Ayat Kursi is a verse that is glorified in the Al Quran, this verse is in Surah Al Baqarah verse 255. Through this verse, a servant will realize the greatness and majesty of Allah SWT. The meaning of Ayat Kursi itself is very broad, through the book Tafsir and Meaning of Ayat Kursi (Verse of The Throne) Indonesian & Arabic Bilingual Editions , readers will find out the hidden meanings contained in Ayat Kursi. So, get this book right away, the method is easy, all you have to do is click the “Buy Now” button, you can get this book of interpretations and meaning of Ayat Kursi.

In living in this world, we cannot be separated from the unseen world and the grave. There have been many stories in the past that provide lessons about glory and self-purification. There is a lot of advice that we can take from the past, so that we can avoid committing sins and be safe in this world and the hereafter. The book Satan Memorizes Ayat Kursi contains various stories from the past that can be used to build a present life.

The Interpretation of the Kursi in Ayat Kursi

Based on the book The Privileges of Ayat Kursi 1000 Blessings – 43 Miracles -33 Khasiat by Al-Ustadz H. Saifuddin Aman, scholars give their interpretation of “Kursi” which consists of 4, including:

1. Seats are a Big Room

In this case, the chair does not mean the actual meaning, but in the form of a large room. The chair is a large room that can be interpreted as a room in which its size exceeds the earth and sky and its contents. Therefore, when reading Ayat Kursi regularly, a servant can get the best place in the sight of Allah SWT.

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2. Seat is Government or Power

The interpretation of the meaning of the seat in the second Ayat Kursi is government or power. It can also be interpreted as the kingdom of God. In this case, this power and government can be interpreted as a life that will go well if there is a strong government, so that all elements of this life can function as they should.

3. Chairs are a science

The third interpretation of the chair is a science. This is because knowledge is one of the attributes of Allah SWT. With knowledge, Allah SWT controls all living things that He created. Therefore, in Ayat Kursi there is the meaning “His Chair (His knowledge and power) covers the heavens and the earth”.

4. The chair is the majesty of Allah SWT

The interpretation of the fourth chair is the majesty of Allah SWT. In addition, in this interpretation, the chair can also be interpreted as the greatness of Allah SWT.

Of all the interpretations mentioned above, Ayat Kursi can be interpreted as a policy from Allah SWT and only Allah has power in this world. In addition, Ayat Kursi is a verse that can give instructions to his servant about Allah SWT.

Arabic and Latin Readings of Seat Verses and Their Translations

Here is Ayat Kursi and translation.

Allāhu lā ilāha illā huw, al-ḥayyul-qayyụm, lā ta`khużuhụ sinatuw wa lā na`ụm, lahụ mā fis-samāwāti wa mā fil-arḍ, man żallażī yasyfa’u ‘ indahū illā bi`iżnih, ya’lamu mā baina aidīhim wa mā khalfahum, wa lā yuḥīṭụna bisyai`im min ‘ilmihī illā bimā syā`, wasi’a chairyyuhus-samāwāti wal-arḍ, wa lā ya`ụduhụ ḥifẓuhumā, wa huwal-‘aliyyul-‘aẓīm.

It means:

Allah, there is no god but He, the Ever-living One who is constantly taking care of (His creatures). He is not beset by drowsiness and not (nor) by sleep. To Him belong what is in the heavens and what is on the earth. No one can intercede with Him without His permission. He knows what is before them and what is behind them. They do not know anything from His knowledge, except what He wills. His chair (knowledge and power) covers the heavens and the earth. He didn’t find it hard to keep them both. He is the Most High, the Most Great.

There have been many hadiths that contain how great this Ayat Kursi is. In fact, Ayat Kursi is often used as a way to ward off disturbances from jinns and demons. By reading Ayat Kursi, someone has glorified Allah SWT. Apart from that, there are many secrets in Ayat Kursi. You can get all the secrets of Ayat Kursi in the book Secrets of Ayat Kursi by Mahmud Syalabi. This book is packaged in easy-to-understand language, so that readers can understand the virtues of Ayat Kursi.

Benefits of Reading Ayat Kursi

Based on the Verse of Chairs and the translation it can be said that the verses of Chairs are the great ones in the Al Quran, so when you read them you will get a lot of benefits, including:

1. Protected by Allah SWT

Ayat Kursi is a great verse, so when a servant reads it, Allah SWT will protect him from the temptations of Satan or from the bad things that exist in this world. In addition, by reading Ayat Kursi, your family and property will be protected by Allah SWT.

2. The degree is exalted

By reading Ayat Kursi, the degree of a servant will be exalted, be it in this world or in the hereafter. The recommended number of Ayat Kursi that are recommended to be read is 18 times in order to gain an honor, either for oneself or those around them.

3. Opening the Door of Fortune and Wisdom

The door of sustenance and wisdom can be opened when a servant reads Ayat Kursi, so that the life he lives will be more beneficial. It is recommended to read Ayat Kursi 18 times.

4. Keep away from various disasters

Everyone must always hope to be kept away from various disasters, so that they can get peace of mind and heart. Reading Ayat Kursi can make a person get protection from Allah from disaster.

Muslims in this world certainly never escape the so-called sin. The sins that have been committed in this world can be erased by reading the verses of the Al-Quran. The Book of 40 Verses of the Qur’an for the Sins of Sin can make it easier for readers to choose verses of the Qur’an to erase sins. Therefore, this book can be used as a guide for someone to ask forgiveness and repent. By repenting to Allah SWT, the life we ​​live will be more peaceful and more serene.

5. All Affairs are Given Ease

Requesting that various kinds of affairs be given ease, is a hope and a request for everyone. When someone reads Ayat Kursi, Allah SWT will provide help while at the same time widening his heart and mind, so that the life he lives becomes more peaceful and serene.

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6. Get protection when traveling

When traveling, someone will always pray to get protection and always be smooth sailing on the journey from Allah SWT. One way to achieve this is to read Ayat Kursi, so that the journey you make can arrive safely at your destination.

7. Get the Martyrdom Reward

A servant who reads Ayat Kursi after completing the obligatory prayer can get the reward of martyrdom. This is also stated in the Muslim hadith, as follows

It means:

“Whoever reads Ayat Kursi after every prayer, then the one who will take his life is Allah himself. And he is like a person who fought with the prophets until he was martyred.” (HR. Hakim)

8. Can Eliminate Poverty in the House

Reading Ayat Kursi is beneficial in family life or life in the home, which can eliminate poverty in the house. In addition, by reading Ayat Kursi, you can get unexpected pleasure.

For Muslims, when they hear Surah Al-Fatihah, Ayat Kursi, and Asmaul Husna, they will definitely be familiar. These three things, have many benefits for the life we ​​live. What’s more, the meanings of Al-Fatihah, Ayat Kursi, and Asmaul Husna are very many, they can even have miracles for this life. The Secret Book of Al-Fatihah, Ayat Kursi, and Asmaul Husna explains every secret of Al-Fatihah, Ayat Kursi, and Asmaul Husna based on reliable sources.

The Right Time to Read Ayat Kursi 

According to Ayat Kursi and the translation, this verse is a great verse in the Quran that can be read at any time. However, there are several times when it is recommended to read Ayat Kursi, namely:

1. Before going to bed

The first time that is recommended for a Muslim to read Ayat Kursi is before going to bed. Ayat Kursi that is read before going to bed can make our sleep more peaceful because we have prayed to ask for protection from Allah SWT from unwanted things. Even better, after reading the Ayat Kursi, it is still accompanied by reading a prayer before going to bed.

“When you go to bed (at night) then recite Ayat Kursi, Allah SWT will always protect you. Besides, the devil won’t come near you until morning.” (Narrated by Bukhari).

2. Every Morning and Evening

The recommended time to read the next Ayat Kursi is every morning and evening. When reading Ayat Kursi in the morning, it makes a person more confident in carrying out daily activities. In addition, the Ayat Kursi that is read in the morning makes a person get protection from Allah SWT until evening comes. Likewise someone who reads Ayat Kursi in the evening will be protected by Allah SWT until morning comes.

“Who reads it in the morning, then he will be protected (by Allah from various disturbances) until evening. Whoever reads it in the evening, he will be protected until morning.” (Narrated by Al Hakim 1: 562. Shaykh Al Albani validated the hadith in Sahih At-Targhib wa At-Tarhib no. 655).

Everyone really hopes to get success, be it in their career or in the business they are in. What’s more, the success obtained is in accordance with Faith and Islam, so that the success obtained is in accordance with Allah’s commands. Al-Fatihah’s Powerful Secret Book , Ayat Kursi & Alwaqiah For Career & Business Success can guide readers to be able to achieve success according to faith and to be able to keep walking on the straight path and the path that is blessed by Allah SWT.

3. After completing the 5 daily prayers

The next highly recommended time to read Ayat Kursi is after completing the 5 daily prayers. By reading Ayat Kursi after praying 5 times a day, then nothing will prevent him from entering the gates of heaven other than death. Therefore, as much as possible after completing the 5 daily prayers, you should not forget to read Ayat Kursi. This is referred to in the hadith as follows

It means:

“Who reads Ayat Kursi after every prayer, nothing will prevent him from entering heaven except death.” (HR. An-Nasai in Al Kubro 9: 44. This hadith was declared authentic by Ibn Hibban, as mentioned by Ibn Hajar in Bulughul Maram).


Ayat Kursi is called the great verse in the Qur’an because in that verse there are 7 names and attributes of Allah, such as wahdaniyah, the nature of knowledge, the nature of power, the nature of will, the divine, the nature of life, and the nature of kingdom. Therefore, we need to read Muslims are encouraged to read this verse, after finishing the 5 daily prayers so that they always get protection from Allah.

Ayat Kursi is a great verse full of meaning and has many benefits. When reading Ayat Kursi, one can get protection from Allah SWT from bad things such as being kept away from the devil’s disturbances. Therefore, before going to bed, it is recommended to read Ayat Kursi first, which is then followed by reading a prayer before going to bed.

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