10 Benefits of Reading Al-Quran, Lots of Fadhilah!

Benefits of Reading Al-Quran – For Muslims, reading Al-Quran is one of the obligatory worship. Not just reading, but also practicing its contents in everyday life. However, when reading the Koran, have we done the ethics correctly? 

Then, what are the ethical benefits of reading the holy book? Let’s see!

10 Benefits of Reading Al-Quran

The following are 10 benefits of reading the Al-Quran that you need to know:

1. Obtaining Rewards from Allah SWT

From reading the Al-Quran, getting multiple rewards from Allah SWT is the most important benefit. Allah understands our intentions in reading the holy book even though we are stammering while carrying it out. 

Rasulullah SAW once said regarding the reward obtained from reading the Al-Quran, namely “Allah SWT said, ‘Whoever keeps himself busy reading the Al-Quran so that he forgets to pray and ask Me, I will give him a reward that is more important than the reward of those who grateful people.’” (Narrated by At-Tirmidhi)

Based on the words of Rasulullah SAW, it is clear that reading the Al-Quran is a mandatory worship and is very liked by Allah SWT. 

2. Saved on the Day of Judgment in the Hereafter

The degree of people who always keep themselves busy reading the Al-Quran will be raised especially on the day of reckoning on the Day of Resurrection. Their degrees will always rise to the top, namely heaven.

Rasulullah SAW said, “There are three people who on the Day of Resurrection will be on a sand dune of black musk without being touched by fear and no reckoning will be known until the reckoning for all humans is finished. First, people who read the Koran because they expect the pleasure of Allah Azza wa Jalla. Second, people who lead a group of people by reading it and they are pleased with him.

Based on the words of Rasulullah SAW, it can be said that someone who always reads the Koran hoping to be pleased by Allah SWT will be saved from the day of reckoning on the Day of Judgment.

3. Become a Family and Trust in Allah SWT

Based on the words of Rasulullah SAW who said “Al-Quran experts are the family and trust of Allah”.

In these words, an expert on the Koran or someone who always reads the holy book of the Koran, will become a privileged person as well as the trust of Allah SWT.

In addition, by reading the Al-Quran we can be closer to Allah SWT. As contained in the following words!

Ahmad bin Hanbal said, “I dreamed of seeing Allah Azza wa Jalla. I asked, ‘My Lord, what is the most important way for someone to draw near to You?’ He replied, ‘With My word, O Ahmad.’ I asked again, ‘O my Lord, do you understand it or not understand it?’ He replied, ‘Understanding it or not understanding it.’

4. Being the Best Medicine when Sick

Reading the holy book Al-Quran makes our feelings, hearts and minds peaceful. Why? Because in the holy book of the Koran, the verses contain pleasure and beauty that can be felt by experts in the Koran.

Imam Al-Suyuthi, in Al-Itqan, argues that there are twenty-five features in the holy book Al-Quran. He said, “Ibn Majah from others narrated that Ibn Mas’ud said, ‘You should be treated with the Koran and honey.”

In addition, another hadith also mentions the benefits of the Al-Quran which can be the best medicine when sick, namely “The best medicine is the Al-Quran”.

Not only that, Talhah bin Mushrif said “If the Koran is read to someone who is sick, the pain will be light.”

5. The house is blessed by Allah SWT

The house we live in, if we often read the holy verses of the Koran, Allah SWT will certainly bless us. If family members who are at home always open and read the Koran, then the house seems to glow brightly because of this worship.

Amr bin Al-‘Ash said that “Every verse in the Quran is a level in heaven and a lamp in your house.”

6. Keep away from Satan

Satan or jinn are God’s creatures who will always disturb our faith. However, we can prevent this by reading the Al-Quran. 

Abu Hurairah narrated that “The jinn once said to me, ‘If you want to sleep, read the verses of Al-Kursi. Thus, you will always be under Allah’s protection and satan cannot approach you until dawn.”

Rasulullah SAW also said about this, namely “About this, the jinn is true, even though he often lies.” (Narrated by Al-Bukhari)

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Apart from that, Abu Hurairah also narrated the words of Rasulullah SAW regarding houses where demons will not enter if we diligently read the Koran, namely “The house where surah Al-Baqarah is recited will not be entered by demons.” (Reported by Al-Tirmidhi)

In fact, the verses contained in the holy book Al-Quran can also be an antidote to witchcraft or other satanic crimes. 

Ibn Baththal said regarding this matter, “In Al-Mu’awwidzat (Surat Al-Falaq and Al-Nas) there is a secret that is not found in anything other than the Al-Quran. Because, it includes all the prayers that include many things that are not liked, such as witchcraft, lust, devil’s evil, and waswas. Therefore, Rasulullah SAW felt enough with the surah.

7. Always Get Protection from Allah SWT

The benefit of reading the next holy book Al-Quran is that we as God’s creatures will always receive protection from Him. 

Abu Hurairah ra narrated that Rasulullah SAW said, “Whoever reads the entire Surah Al-Dukhan, the beginning of Surah Al-Mu’min to the verse: ilaihi al-mashir (verses 1-3), and Ayat Al-Kursi in the evening, he will be protected until the next morning. Whoever reads it in the morning, he is protected until the evening.” (Reported by Al-Tirmidhi)

8. Makes the Heart Calm

Sinaumed’s~ Do you often experience an uneasy heart? Either feel anxious or think as if something unpleasant will happen. Well, so that these feelings disappear, it’s good for us to read the holy book Al-Quran.

Ibn ‘Abbas ra narrated that Rasulullah SAW said, “If you feel anxious, read the verse: He is the Beginning and the Last, the Exalted and the Most Insightful, and He Knows everything (QS Al-Hadid [57]: 3 )” (Narrated by Abu Dawud).

9. Contains Science

Science that developed in ancient times and today, everything has been written down by Allah SWT through the holy book Al-Quran. 

Ibn Mas’Ud said, “If you want knowledge, study and understand the Koran because it contains the knowledge of people from past generations and generations to come.”

10. Granted Our Prayers

The prayers that we often ask Allah SWT, surely some are answered and some are not. Why? Because indeed not everything we ask of Him will be given. Sometimes Allah SWT does destroy your plans so that the plans you have made do not destroy you in the future.

Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqash narrated that Rasulullah SAW said, “The prayer of Dzun Nun (Prophet Yunus AS) while in the whale was, ‘La ilaha illa Anta, subhanaka inni kuntu minazh-zhalimin, there is no God but You, Glory to You . Surely I am among those who wrong themselves.’ If a Muslim prays with this to ask for something, Allah will surely grant it. ” (Reported by Al-Tirmidhi in Al-Hakim)

If you want the prayers that you offer to Him to be heard by Him, be diligent in reading the Koran. 

Ethics of Reading Al-Quran

Sinaumed’s~ do you know what ethics should be followed when reading the Al-Quran? It’s the same with eating etiquette or walking etiquette, to even read a holy book it turns out that there are manners, you know~

1. Before reading the Koran

When we want to read the holy book Al-Quran, it would be nice for us to read the following prayer:

ta’awwudz a’udzu billahisami’il-alimi minasy-syaithanir-rajim. Rabbi a’udzu bika min ha mazatisy-syayathin, wa a’udzu bika rabbi an yahdhurun.

It means: 

I seek refuge in All-Hearing and All-Knowing Allah from the temptations of the accursed devil. O my Lord, I seek refuge in You from the whisperings of satan, and I seek refuge in You, O my Lord, from their coming to me.

After that, you should also read Surah Al-Nas and Surah Al-Fatihah, ok…

2. While reading the Koran

When you are reading the holy book Al-Quran, especially when reading tasbih verses, you should sing the tasbih and recite the takbir as well. 

Then, when reading a verse that contains prayer and forgiveness, you should also pray and recite forgiveness.

Then, when you read a verse of the Koran related to something that you are hoping for, you should ask Him so that your wish will be granted by Him.

After that, if you read the verses of the holy Quran about something that you are afraid of, you should ask Him for protection. 

Do not forget to recite the following prayer, verbally or mentally.

Subhanallah, naudzu billah, allahummarzuqna, allahummarhamna.

(Glory be to Allah. You take refuge in Allah. O Allah, give us sustenance, O Allah, have mercy on us).

3. After reading the Koran

After reading the holy book Al-Quran, it would be nice if we read the following prayer, okay…

Shadaqallahu ta’ala wa balagha Rasulullahi shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, allahummanfa’na bihi, wa baraka lama fihi, alhamdu lillahi rabbil-alamin, wa astagfirullahal-hayyal-qayyum

It means:

It is true that Allah Most High, Rasulullah SAW, has conveyed the truth, O Allah, make this useful for me and bless me with it. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds. I ask forgiveness from Allah, the Most Living and Most Self-Sufficient.

4. Expert Opinion Regarding the Ethics of Reading the Al-Quran

Hudzaifah said “I prayed with Rasulullah SAW. He read Surah Al-Baqarah. Every time he recited a verse about mercy, he made a wish, every time he read a verse about torment, he asked for protection, and every time he read a verse about purification, he glorified.”

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Abu Awalkah narrated that Ya’la bin Malik asked Umm Salamah about how Rasulullah SAW read the holy book Al-Quran. Then, Umm Salamah explained the reading accompanied by an explanation letter by letter (HR Al-Tirmidzim Abu Dawud, and Al-Nasa’i)

Abu Beginkah also narrated that Umm Salamah said, ‘Rasulullah SAW sometimes stopped his recitation and recited Alhamdu lillahi rabbil-alamin , then stopped and read Al-rahman al-rahim , then stopped. (Reported by Al-Tirmidhi)

Qatadah narrated that Anas was once asked, “How did Rasulullah SAW recite the Al-Quran?” 

He then replied. “He read it by lengthening (letters that should be read long). He read bismillahirrahmanirrahim . He lengthened bismillah , extended al-rahman , and extended al-rahim . (Reported by Al-Bukhari)

Hudzaifah narrated that Rasulullah SAW once said, “Read the Al-Quran in Arabic dialect and sound. Beware of the dialect of ahl al-‘isq (worshippers of love) and the dialect of ahl al-kitabain (Jews and Christians). After my death, there will be a group of people who repeat the Koran and do it, but the recitation of the Koran is only in their throats. Their hearts and the hearts of their admirers have been exposed to slander.”

Thawus narrated that Rasulullah SAW was asked, about who is the person whose voice and recitation is the best in reading the Al-Quran? He replied, “The person when you hear him reading (the Koran), you see him fear Allah. (Reported by Al-Tirmidhi)

Facts About Al-Quran

1. Reading the Koran at night

From Abdullah bin Amr ibn Al-Ash ra. that Rasulullah SAW once said, “Whoever gets up at night reading ten verses will be recorded as a person who is not negligent, who reads a hundred verses will be recorded as a steady and strong person, who reads a thousand verses is recorded as a wealthy person.” (Narrated by Abu Dawud, Ibn Huzaimah)

2. The parable of the person who reads the Koran

Sinaumed’s~, read a lot of Al-Quran, ok?

Because by reading, studying, and teaching the Koran, you will become the most beloved human being by Allah SWT.

A hadith states that “The best of you are those who study the Koran and teach it” (Narrated by Bukhari, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Nasa’i, and Ibn Majah)

In addition, it is also mentioned in another hadith, “The parable of a believer who reads the Koran is like the fruit of utrujjah (sweet lime), smells good, and tastes good. And the parable of a believer who does not read the Koran is like a date fruit, it has no smell but tastes sweet. And the parable of the hypocrite who reads the Koran is like a fruit that is harvested, smells good but tastes bitter. And the parable of a hypocrite who does not read the Koran is like a bitter gourd, odorless and bitter in taste. (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

3. Other Languages ​​in the Koran that are Non-Arabic

We certainly know that in the holy book Al-Quran contains Arabic. However, did you know that there are several words originating from the ‘ajam language (other than Arabic), which underwent Arabicization so that they became part of the Arabic language.

What are you doing?

  • Al-Qisthas (in Roman means scales) in QS Al-Isra: 35
  • Sijjiil (in Persian means stone from the ground) in QS Al-Fiil: 4
  • Misykat (in Indian language means a hole in the wall that is not transparent) in QS An-Nur: 35
  • Istabraq (in Persian means thick silk cloth) in QS al-Kahf: 31

4. By listening to the Koran, blood pressure can decrease

Did you know that by listening to the recitation of the holy Al-Quran, our blood pressure can drop?

Al-Quran gives enlightenment to readers and listeners (QS. Al-Israa: 82). Allah promises a multiplied reward for those who read and listen to the holy verses of the Koran. Apart from that, Al-Quran can also be medicine and antidote, you know~~

According to research conducted by Dr. Ahmed E. Qazi and friends, showed that high blood pressure can decrease while listening to the recitation of the Koran. The transmission of sounds and vibrations from the letters of the Koran can stimulate feelings of strength, peace of mind, concentration of mind, majesty, and so on.

5. The Spherical Earth Sign in the Koran

Hayooo Sinaumed’s~ are you included in the discussion about round and non-spherical earth? 

In the Al-Quran, it has been explained that the shape of the earth is round. At that time, a friend asked about where the objects in space were. 

Then, Rasulullah SAW replied, “He remains in his place. Not moving and shifting. It sinks for one people and rises for another. It sinks and rises in one people (and at the same time) one people says it sinks, while another people says it rises. (Musnad Imam Abiy Ishak Al-Hamadany)

The hadith explains that this will not happen if the earth is not round. 

God’s Word, “… And each one circulates in its orbit”. (QS. Yassin: 40). 

During the time of the caliph Al-Makmun, measurements of the earth’s area were carried out very carefully. This is based on the belief that the earth is round, Al-Biruni also divides the globe into lines of longitude and latitude based on the same belief. 

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