10 Benefits of Studying History in Everyday Life!

Benefits of Studying History – There is a quote from the great figure of our independence, namely from the first president of the Republic of Indonesia Bung Karno which reads “Jas Merah” which stands for “Never Forget History”.

From this quote, it explains to us that the important role of history has a very big impact on the life of both the life of a nation and the world. Every journey of a person’s life, both what happened in the past and what is happening in the present, is a part of history, therefore we must not forget history because that is what shapes a person’s personality today.

What happened in the world is also history which is no less important to learn and interpret in everyday life. Like the dark history that has happened, we should remember and mark it so that the same incident does not happen in the future. It’s different again, if the beautiful history that happened in the past there is hope or effort from us to try to re-carve that beautiful history back in the present.

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History is a very important science in relation to human development, culture, and advanced technology that we can enjoy today. By studying history in our lives we can interpret life more carefully and become a reflection for us to start a better life in the present and in the future.

But do you know about the important benefits of studying history in everyday life? If you want to know about history and are interested in learning about it, in this discussion we will try to discuss the important benefits of studying history in everyday life. Furthermore, we will explain the discussion below.