10 Benefits of the Internet in Education

Benefits of the Internet in the Field of Education – The internet in today’s digital era has a very important role in everyday life. Starting from generation Z, millennial generation, to generation X, they have used and utilized internet facilities. The internet is mostly used as a medium for working on and connecting various activities and human work effectively, accurately, economically and efficiently.

Currently, we recognize primary needs, secondary needs, and secondary needs in economics. We already know which needs are primary, secondary, and which are tertiary. However, along with the emergence of the internet, human needs are increasing. In the early days of internet technology entering Indonesia, the internet was an expensive item that no one could use and enjoy.

Along with the times and technology that is growing rapidly, the need for the internet is more evenly distributed for everyone and in various fields of human life. The internet is useful and increasingly felt by the general public. This article reviews what the internet is all about? How is the development of the internet? What are the benefits of the internet in education? How important is the internet in education?

What is the Internet?

The internet is a communication network that can connect between various available electronic media. History records, the first time the internet was discovered in the 1960s. The discovery of the first internet was originally used for research and research needs in the military field. Now, the internet is used for needs in various fields of human life. In Indonesia, the internet was first introduced in 1994 which was initiated by several people who are experts in the field of Information Technology (IT).

Another source states that the internet is a communication network that functions to connect one electronic media with other electronic media quickly and precisely.

Onno W. Purbo (2005) an expert in the field of IT, states that the internet is a medium that is used to make the communication process efficient using applications such as websites , electronic mail or e-mail, and voip (long-distance communication technology with the internet).

Meanwhile, O’Brien gave the definition of the internet, according to him the internet is a computer network that is growing very rapidly. The internet is useful and has a positive impact on education, business/economics, government, and other fields.

How did the Internet develop?

The development of the internet is increasing rapidly year after year, this is also due to the increasing human needs. The benefits of the internet can also be felt in various fields of human life, including in the field of education.

In the field of education, the use of the internet is one of the important factors that helps in the learning and learning process. Internet users can access and obtain various information related to curriculum, modules, articles, journals, supporting references, general knowledge, and so on quickly and practically. This allows each individual to find various things through search engines that are available and connected to a stable and good internet network.

It is undeniable that the internet has many benefits that can be used and enjoyed by internet users. The existence of the internet has brought changes in various fields throughout the world. So what are the benefits of the internet in education?

Benefits of the Internet in Education

The use of the internet in the field of education is very beneficial for teachers. The benefits of the internet in general can improve quality and support teachers in teaching and learning activities. Besides being useful for teachers, the internet is also beneficial for students. The existence of the internet is useful for students to search/study anytime and anywhere.

Let’s take a look at the following 10 benefits of the internet in education for teachers and students, Sinaumed’s!

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1. Information related to educational institutions is increasingly accessible

In the past, educational institutions still carried out promotions in conventional ways in the form of: brochures, banners , and so on to introduce educational institutions to the general public. Almost all educational institutions choose the way of providing booklets or brochures in promoting schools/universities.

By using conventional methods, the dissemination of information on educational institutions is less accessible to the general public. The presence of the internet changes conventional methods to be more efficient, fast, cost-effective, one of which is by creating a website . The existence of an educational institution website will make it easier for people to access information about certain educational institutions without having to come directly to the location. Can be accessed anywhere and anytime can be accessed by the general public.

2. Save time and money in recruiting new employees

Today there is no need to advertise job vacancies in print media. Simply providing information on the official website or social media of the relevant educational institution, it will make it easier for everyone to access this information. Besides being more efficient and having wider access, this is also more cost-effective because you don’t have to pay for advertising services. Job seekers can easily find the vacancies they want with only internet access.

3. Provide convenience in attracting the interest of prospective students/students

The existence of an educational institution’s website will certainly bring its own charm to those who see it. In order to make it more interesting to look at, the content on the web must be well designed and beautiful so that it looks more attractive and easy to read and understand, in this case, prospective students/students.

4. As a reference for making teaching materials

In the past, we could only get teaching materials or references to support learning through print media, for example: books, newspapers and magazines. Now, teachers can choose the internet as another alternative in finding reference materials that are more complete, up-to-date, and easily accessible.

To be able to teach well and transfer knowledge effectively, the teacher must master the knowledge of the material to be delivered. Teachers can use the internet to find any references needed about the material to be taught. If the teacher has enough material, students will get good and useful material too.

In addition to saving costs because you don’t need to buy printed references, you can also save more time because just one search will show up many references you want and need.

5. The learning method will be more interesting!

As a teacher (teacher/lecturer), you sometimes face obstacles in providing understanding to your students. There is a possibility that caused this to happen, maybe not because the material is difficult, but because the delivery is less effective.

Teachers who only teach with method A continuously and students who are taught do not understand, then the victims are students. As a teacher, you must be aware and know if there is something wrong with the way you teach. This can be seen if the teacher knows several methods of teaching. If using method A fails, there are still methods B, C, etc. that can be tried. The teaching methods are fully available on the internet if the teacher wants to look for them.

If the teacher teaches with a method that is monotonous, boring, and difficult to understand. This will make students more lazy to study. Therefore, teachers can look for other options in delivering material via the internet.

6. As a medium of discussion between teachers

Teachers of course have groups in one subject, if as a teacher it is called MGMP or Subject Teacher Consultation. With the internet, it provides benefits during the discussion. Discussions can be carried out without having to meet face to face. Through WhatsApp chat-groups or other messaging applications, discussions can still be carried out.

7. Availability of multimedia facilities

We can find multimedia facilities on the internet that can be found and are very supportive for visualizing explanations to their students. By looking directly at the media in the form of images or videos, it is hoped that it will make it easier for students to understand the material even though the teacher can only explain the outline.

The existence of multimedia facilities on the internet is not only beneficial for teachers. Students will also find it easier to understand the material in accordance with the form of visualization (images & videos). Students will more easily remember the material if it is given in the form of pictures/videos.

8. Make it easier to find subject matter

As is the case with teachers, it will be easier for students to find reference material for subject matter on the internet. Apart from being easily accessible, on the internet it is usually easier to understand in a shorter way.

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Moreover, the access is free or not expensive, it is also beneficial for students because it saves expenses. Students who have a strong desire to develop and progress, then the desire to learn and curiosity must also be high. With the internet, students will find it easier to find reading material for study.

9. Make it easy to learn foreign languages

As we all know, the internet is global. We will find various articles that use foreign languages. This will indirectly force students to also learn and understand the foreign language.

Students can also practice learning foreign languages ​​through YouTube or foreign language learning service providers on the internet.

10. As a means of obtaining scholarship information.

With the internet, any information will spread more quickly, including scholarship info. For students who are looking for scholarships, they can quickly get scholarship information via the internet and social media such as Instagram , Facebook , Twitter , and so on.

In fact, another advantage is that the registration mechanism doesn’t have to bother coming in person to register. We only need to fill in the data and requirements needed by the scholarship selection committee. Everything can be done easily, with the internet and its benefits in education.

In addition to those mentioned above, the internet in the field of education certainly has other benefits. Even though it has many benefits, we cannot deny that it has a negative side. Let’s use the internet for positive things. Make the internet a staple in positive things.

Currently the internet has become a secondary need, no longer a tertiary need. Almost everyone already has a smartphone so that they can easily connect to each other with the internet.

How Important is the Internet in the Field of Education?

After discussing the benefits, then how is the importance of the internet in education? Currently, the development of Internet technology in everyday life has an extraordinary positive impact on various aspects of life, including in the world of education, although it cannot be denied that it has a negative impact as well.

The education system which is supported by good internet technology has produced distance learning methods that can be used by teachers and students at schools or universities. Especially during this pandemic, when we are all limited to interacting directly with each other for fear of transmission of Covid-19.

Therefore, currently the internet has an important role as a means of supporting the development of the quality of education in Indonesia. Available online meetings through Google Meet and Zoom Meetings are our alternatives to be able to carry out teaching and learning activities during this pandemic.

The main benefit that we get from the existence of the Internet in education is as a means of finding and obtaining information. Moreover, the information available on the internet is more up-to-date than books or other sources available in the library. We can say that almost all information about education can be accessed via the internet, including subject matter, curriculum, syllabus, study questions, and how to do it.

In addition, the internet also makes it easier for us to find literature references. We only need to type in the keywords according to our needs, then we will immediately get information according to the literature keywords.

The current use of internet technology is a distance education system. Almost all universities or higher education implement distance education. This allows students to carry out lectures without having to attend the university. We can also access learning modules remotely without worrying about where we are.

Book Recommendations About the Benefits of the Internet in Education

There are several reading materials about the benefits of the internet in education, including:

1. 3 Hours to Master: Safe and Comfortable Internet Access (2021) by Kadokawa Gempak Starz

Lately there has been quite a lot of news about children who are addicted to online games and can’t quit social media. This will have a negative impact if not handled properly and correctly. Have we used the internet properly and safely? This book discusses how to learn how to avoid the dangers and negative impacts of the internet.

2. Information and Communication Technology for Class XII High School (2013) by Adi Pratomo, et al.

The rapid development of information and communication technology has an effect on human life today. The use of ICT properly must be introduced or socialized so that students can use it properly and optimally. It is hoped that this high school series ICT book can help students to obtain, process, and manage information properly.

3. Computer Starter Guide: Let’s Get to Know the Internet (2021) by Zaenal A. Rozi

This book, written by Zaenal A. Rozi, provides references and guidelines for anyone who wants to study the internet, master internet technology, and make good use of internet services. The author hopes that this book can become literature in the learning process of information and communication technology in schools and for general study.

Well, that’s an article about the benefits of the internet in education. Hopefully it will be useful for Sinaumed’s, okay!

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