Prayer After Reading Yasin’s Letter, Complete Arabic-Latin Reading & Its Meaning

Prayer After Reading Surat Yasin – On Friday nights, Muslims have the custom of reading Surat Yasin. After reading Yasin’s letter, Muslims are also encouraged to read a prayer after reading Yasin’s letter. Surah Yasin is the 36th letter in the Al-Quran which has 83 verses in it. Apart from reading it on Friday nights, there are also some Muslims who read Yasin’s letter regularly every day, because of the priority that this Yasin letter has.

Yasin’s letter is also usually read to send prayers to people who have died. The goal is that person gets relief from the torment of the grave. Surah Yasin is also commonly read to pray for people who are sick or to express gratitude. Yasin’s letter has many virtues, as well as prayer after reading Yasin’s letter. Because prayer after reading the letter can complete the previous reading and increase the reward.

Prayer After Reading Surah Yasin, Arabic-Latin and Its Meaning

In Yasin’s letter, there are many messages and values ​​that will certainly be useful if practiced. These values ​​range from the scope of faith, signs from Allah’s power, signs from the last day, the struggles of martyrs to warnings about death. So to understand the value of Yasin’s letter and get a reward after reading Yasin’s letter, Sinaumed’s can read a prayer after reading Yasin’s letter.

In addition, this prayer will perfect worship, get rewarded rewards and God’s blessing. The following is the reading of the prayer after reading Yasin’s letter, the Arabic and Latin. Quoted from the book The Awesomeness of Reading the Koran written by Amirulloh Syarbini, Sumantri Jamhari and Randi Renggana (2012).

Allahumma jamilnaa bil’aafiyati was salaati wa haqqiqnaa bit taqwaa wal istiqaamati wa a’idznaa min muujibaatin nadaamati innaka samii’ud du’aa’i. Allahummaghfirlanaa wa li waalidiina wa liulaadinaa wa li masyaa-yikhinaa wa li ikhwaaniaa fiddiini wa li ashhaabinaa wa ahbaabinaa wa liman ahabbanaa fiika wa liman ahsana ilainaa wa lil mukminiina wal mukminaati wal musliminiina wal muslimaati ya rabbal ‘aalamiin.

Wasalallahumma ala abdika warasulika saiyadinaa wamaulanaa muhammadin wa ala lihi wasabihi wasallam. war zuqna kamalal mutaba’ati lahu dhohiron wa bathinan fi ‘afiyatin wa salamatin birohmatika ya arhamar rohimina.

It means:

O Allah, verily we ask You for maintenance and we surrender to You our religion, ourselves, our families, our children and all that You have given us.

O Allah, keep us and them in Your care, Your security and Your protection from every disturbance of the rebellious satan, arrogant people who are stubborn, people who have evil views, tyranny and from the evil that is owned by everyone who have a crime. Truly, You are the Almighty over all things.

O Allah, make it easy for us with safety and well-being. Grant us piety and istiqomah. Protect us from all things that cause us to get a regret.

Indeed, You are the All-Hearer of all prayers. O Allah, forgive all our sins, our parents, our children, our teachers, our religious brothers, our best friends, those who love us, for You, the people who used to ever do good to us, from the believers and believers, Muslims and Muslims, O God who rules the entire universe.

O Allah, pour out mercy and safety on Your servant and Your envoys, our lord and our master, Prophet Muhammad SAW, his family and companions. Grant us the perfection to follow his teachings, both externally and spiritually, in welfare and safety with Your love, O God, the Most Compassionate and the best who loves.

The virtue of Yasin’s letter

Yasin’s letter is the 36th letter in the Koran which has 83 verses and was revealed in the city of Mecca, so that Yasin’s letter is also classified as a Makkiyah letter. The content of Yasin’s letter is quite extensive, some discuss the subject of faith, signs of the power of Allah SWT, warnings about death and the last day as well as stories of the struggles of martyrs and preachers.

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Apart from having many contents, values ​​and meanings, Yasin’s letter also has many virtues. Therefore, there are many Muslims who regularly read Surah Yasin on Friday nights or even every day so they can feel the virtues of Surah Yasin. What are the advantages of Yasin’s letter? Here’s an explanation.

1. Forgiven his sins

The virtue of Yasin’s first letter is that those who read it will have their sins forgiven. This virtue is explained in a hadith narrated by At Thabrani. In the hadith, it is explained that when someone reads Yasin’s letter at night, then the next day, that person’s sins will be forgiven.

The following is the sound of a hadith from Abu Hurairah RA, Rasulullah SAW said,

“Whoever reads Yasin’s letter at night expecting the pleasure of Allah, then his sins will be forgiven.” (Narrated by At Thabrani and Al Bayhaqi).

2. Considered to die in a state of martyrdom

Apart from being forgiven for his sins, in the history of At Thabrani it is also explained that when a person routinely and diligently reads Yasin’s letter every day at night, then he will find it easy when he meets his death.

Even when he dies, the person is considered to have died a martyr. In a hadith, from Anas bin Malik, Rasulullah SAW said, “Whoever gets used to reading Yasin’s letter every night, unexpectedly when he meets his end, he dies in a state of martyrdom.” (Narrated by At Thobroni)

3. Get peace of mind

Reading Yasin’s letter is the same as reading the Koran and doing dhikr. Someone who reproduces dhikr and reads the Koran, then he will get peace of mind. In the Qur’an, Allah SWT also says, “those who believe and their hearts become more peaceful by remembering Allah. Remember that only by remembering Allah will the heart be more peaceful.” (QS Ar Ra’ad: 28)

4. Can increase faith and reward

If someone reads Yasin’s letter and understands its meaning, then that person will understand how great the majesty of Allah SWT is. Because this is explained in Yasin’s letter.

In addition to the majesty of Allah, in Yasin’s letter it is also explained how frightening and terrible death will surely be experienced by every living creature and how the struggle of preachers in the past was to buy the religion of Islam.

Of course, by knowing the values ​​and what is contained in the Yasin letter, the faith of a Muslim will increase. In addition, Rasulullah SAW also said, “Sura Yasin is the heart of the Al-Quran. And whoever reads Yasin’s letter, he will be given the same reward as when he reads the Koran 10 times.” (Narrated by At Tirmidhi and Ad Darimi)

5. Get glory

Basically, every letter in the Al-Quran is good. If Sinaumed’s reads the Koran regularly, including Yasin’s letter, then Sinaumed’s will be glorified by Allah SWT. This is explained in a hadith below.

“Whoever reads the Koran and works according to the contents and contents of the Koran, both his mother and father will be awarded crowns on the Day of Judgment.

Its light (crown) is better than the light of the sun in the houses of the world. If so, the sun is in your house (filled with sunshine), then what do you think of those who do good with this (Al Quran).” (Narrated by Abu Dawud).

6. Considered family by Allah SWT

If Sinaumed’s is diligent and regularly reads the Koran, including Yasin’s letter, then Sinaumed’s will get extraordinary privileges. One of them is that Sinaumed’s will be considered a family by Allah SWT.

This is of course one part of the glory that can be achieved by people who diligently read or even memorize the letters in the Koran. This is explained in a hadith below.

“Indeed, Allah has a family of people. Rasulullah SAW was asked, ‘Who are they, O Messenger?’

Rasulullah then replied, ‘they are Ahlul Quran, they are Allah’s family and His special people.” (Narrated by Ahmad and Ibn Majah)

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7. Get intercession in the afterlife

For someone who diligently reads Yasin’s letter at night, he will get intercession in the afterlife. This is explained in a hadith below.

“From Abu Umamah Al Bahili RA, he said that he heard the Prophet SAW say, ‘Read by you the Qur’an. Because he (the Koran) will come on the Day of Resurrection as an intercessor for those who diligently read it (the Koran).” (HR. Muslim)

8. The soul will be clean

When a Muslim regularly reads the Koran, his soul will become clean. Even people who diligently read the Koran are likened to flowers that have a very fragrant aroma.

Of course, this is not only the priority of Yasin’s letter, but also the priority of other chapters in the Koran. This is explained in a hadith below.

“From Abu Musa Al Asy’ari RA, he said that Rasulullah SAW said, ‘The parable of a believer who diligently reads the Quran is like the Al Atrujah fruit which has a fragrant aroma and delicious taste.

The parable of a believer who does not read the Qur’an is like that of a tamr fruit or a date which has no aroma but tastes sweet.

The parable of a hypocrite, but he is diligent in reading the Koran is like the Raihanah fruit which has a fragrant aroma but tastes bitter. Meanwhile, the parable of a hypocrite who is not diligent in reciting the Koran is like the fruit of Hanzalah which has no aroma and has a bitter taste.’” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

9. Gives light when it’s dark

The virtue of the ninth Yasin letter is to give light when it is dark or in darkness. This is in accordance with the hadith narrated by Baihaqi. This is the meaning of the hadith.

“I will instruct you to fear Allah and the Koran, for indeed it (the Koran) is a light for darkness, a guide during the day, so read the Koran earnestly.” (Narrated by Baihaqi).

10. Get multiple rewards

As previously explained, reading Yasin’s letter will reward those who read it. If Sinaumed’s wants to get more, then Sinaumed’s can read a prayer after reading Yasin’s letter. This is explained in a hadith narrated by At Tirmidhi and Ad Darimi. Here’s what it means.

“Rasulullah SAW explained, Yasin’s letter is the heart of the Koran. And whoever reads the Koran, he will be given the same reward as when reading the Koran 10 times.”

11. Get blessings in life

Another virtue of Yasin’s letter is that people who read it will get blessings in life. Sinaumed’s can achieve this if Sinaumed’s reads Yasin’s letter three times. This is because the rewards when reading Yasin’s letters are piled up. So the more often someone reads Yasin’s letter or reads the Koran, the more reward Sinaumed’s gets, the more blessed Sinaumed’s’ life will be.

12. Can grant wishes or wishes

Let Sinaumed’s know that diligently and regularly reading Yasin’s letters and the Koran will be able to help fulfill Sinaumed’s’ wishes or wishes.

If Sinaumed’s has a certain wish, then Sinaumed’s can pray then complete Sinaumed’s’ prayer by reading Yasin’s letter at the end. That way, the wishes and desires will be more easily granted. This is also explained in a hadith, along with its meaning.

“Whoever reads Yasin’s letter completely and reaches verse 58 of Yasin’s letter and repeats it up to 7 times, Allah will make it easier and grant his hajat (wish).”

13. Facilitate the dying process

Someone who reads Yasin’s letter will find it easy when experiencing death. This is in accordance with what is explained in the interpretation of Al Quran Al Azhim, along with its meaning.

“Reading Yasin’s letter at his side, the corpse will send down many graces and blessings and make it easier for the soul to leave.” (Tafsir Al Quran Al Azhim 6/562 daran Nasser wat tauzi).

Therefore, it is customary to read Yasin’s letter while someone is facing death or dying, to facilitate the process.

That is the complete Latin Arabic reading with the meaning of the prayer after reading Yasin’s letter. For Sinaumed’s who want to read Yasin’s letter or recitation of tahlilan, Sinaumed’s can read or even memorize the verses by reading Yasin’s book.