The Positive and Negative Impacts of Science and Technology

The positive and negative impacts of science and technology – science and technology is an acronym for science and technology. Science and technology will develop continuously following the times. Science and technology has an important role in the world. With science and technology the whole world can be interconnected as if without distance.

Science means an observation, experiment, identification, explanation, and theoretical description of the phenomena that exist in the world. This science is growing bigger and easier for humans. Science is inseparable from technology.

Technology is a technique used in producing goods and services. Technology is also used as a scientific investigation. So science is supported by technology and cannot be separated.

Science and technology certainly has positive and negative impacts in several fields. Every new thing that comes must have a positive and negative impact. We can take the positive things and evaluate the negative things for the progress of science and technology.

The following are some of the positive and negative impacts of science and technology in the fields of education, government, and the economy.

This book intends to correct the misconception about the freedom of science and technology.

The Positive and Negative Impacts of Science and Technology in the Education Sector

This book is suitable for reading by students, lecturers, teachers, education activists and practitioners, and the general public who want to know the scientific dimensions of educational technology.

Positive impact:

1.     Innovation in the world of education is growing

The existence of science and technology certainly makes education very easy to implement in any condition. Everyone will easily learn without any hindrance due to remote places.

Like the current pandemic, we don’t need to go to the destination to get knowledge. We can just sit at home and take part in various webinars that are provided on the internet.

School and college have become easy because everything is done at home. Because science and technology also allows the internet to reach several areas, so all those who take online learning can easily access it.

2.     Developing Education Administration System

Science and technology also facilitates administration in the world of education. Parents and students don’t need to bother registering their education until they come to their place.

With the development of administration, school and college registration can be done easily from home with the internet. We also do not need to stand in line to submit documents that must be completed. We only need to upload it on the website provided by the school or campus.

3.     Appears New Learning Methods

Science and technology support changes in learning methods for students and students. The learning method now is not just the same as before science and technology developed.

The current learning method focuses on the digital world, where everyone can access and learn new things that were not previously known.

For example, now learning can use media such as Google Classroom, Zoom, Google Meeting, and even learning can be done via YouTube.

Teachers or lecturers can make interesting videos about the material they want to convey, then they upload it to Youtube and students and students can easily access it, and are not limited by time.

Not only that, seminars can also be broadcast live on Youtube. For those of you who want to get free knowledge, you can browse YouTube accounts which always share live seminar broadcasts.

4.     Online / Online Libraries

The more rapidly the development of science and technology, we can read only through the devices we have. We don’t need to come to a certain library when we need a book we want to read.

Many web sites as providers of lending books or online libraries . In fact, every campus has a library website whose content is exactly the same as the physical library on campus. To visit it, of course, you must have an account from your campus first.

With an online library , we can read anywhere and anytime without time constraints. We can read the books we borrow at night, in the morning, or in the evening. But keep in mind that an online library must also have a loan period. If the borrowing time expires, the book will automatically disappear from your book list.

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5.     Sharing Research Results

Science and technology makes it easy for us to share knowledge and gain knowledge. With science and technology, research made by researchers can be uploaded on the internet. Some also have websites with various uploads of research results that can be accessed by the general public.

The campus also provides a website on the research results of lecturers and students. But if it’s a campus website, of course you have to have an account from your own campus to be able to enter and then read or upload your research results on the website.

Negative impact:

1.     Intellectual Property Rights Violation

The more science and technology develops, the more information and knowledge spread on the internet. This can be misused by students and students in doing an assignment.

For students or students who are lazy, of course they will take this opportunity to copy information available on Google without paraphrasing it first. This is called plagiarism.

In the world of education, of course, plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Knowledge and information spread on the internet must be sorted and paraphrased before being used as the content of college or school assignments.

Teachers and lecturers certainly play an important role in reminding their students and students to always stay away from plagiarism. Of course, students or students who plagiarize their work will not be accepted by teachers or lecturers.

2.     Technology Addiction

For some people who are just getting acquainted with new technology, of course, they will experience a little addiction to continue using it. This has a bad impact. Students will not focus on existing learning, but they will switch to watching movies or YouTube through their respective devices.

Parental control here is needed in the online learning process . Not all students can control themselves to continue using technology only for learning. Maybe once in a while it’s okay, but if you don’t focus on studying then this has a bad impact.

3.     Means for cheating

In online learning, of course, teachers cannot supervise their students while carrying out exams. Students and teachers are in different places with intermediary devices and learning applications. With science and technology students can just copy from Google or books to find out the answers to the questions given.

Over time, this will have a negative impact on student academics. Students will not really understand the material presented. Every exam they just copy the answers that are already listed on the internet.

The Positive and Negative Impacts of Science and Technology in the Government Sector

Positive impact:

1.     Better Service

Science and technology makes information from the government available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t need to look for information about the government until we come to its physical office. Enough via the internet everything will be displayed clearly.

People no longer need to be confused about how to get ID cards, driving licenses, and other related documents. Even to extend sim and stnk can also be done online .

2.     Efficient Execution

Coordination from the government can be done via e-mail or video conferencing with the available applications. Indonesia, which has a large territory, can make it easier to carry out discussions and coordination between government leaders and other members.

With science and technology, there are no longer any constraints regarding distance and time. If there are several members or leaders who are out of town or even abroad, this will be resolved quickly.

With this online system , the central and regional governments can easily access information data related to public services. Technological advances in the field of government encourage government officials to learn new things so that the performance of government services is getting better.

3.     There is CCTV

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) makes work easier for government affairs. With the presence of CCTV technology, the traffic police do not have to carry a ticket and see one-on-one motorists who commit violations. With CCTV, all violating motorists will be seen clearly, the license plate number of the vehicle will be immediately caught, then a ticket will be sent online . This is called an e-ticket.

Not only for traffic. Several places within the government can also be provided with CCTV to monitor and supervise existing government buildings. If you see anything suspicious, the police and security guards and other guards can immediately take action.

4.     Access to Information

With science and technology, the government can know the state of the country. The government can see areas that need assistance due to social inequality. In addition to helping the government, this access also helps people who are difficult to reach.

Having access to this information means that the government is committed to improving the condition of the country and its people. Access to this information is useful to help improve the fate of the state and people.

With these developments, we are required to continue to develop and add insight. Sinaumed’s can get knowledge about existing technological advances through the book Science and Technology Insights: Science, Technology and Art below.

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Negative impact:

1.     Huge Cost

Science and technology is indeed a tool that makes our lives easier. The government will also be helped because of science and technology. However, behind that, of course, there are costs that must be paid to encourage the country not to be left behind by technology.

Although government politics using information and technology can incur costs that are more affordable than conventional ones. However, infrastructure development will be very expensive. For the construction of roads, bridges and buildings, technicians and some heavy equipment are needed. All this requires a lot of money.

2.     Privacy is hard to maintain

Privacy will be difficult to maintain when we have provided our personal information and data. In a country, of course, people’s information and data are in the hands of the state, this is used to develop state activities. But on the other hand the state must uphold the privacy of its own citizens.

When all information has become digital, it can result in misuse of this data. Many companies have leaked their user data. In this case, the government usually moves but reacts after the fact is revealed, not as a proactive act before it happens.

3.     Access Range

Not everyone has internet at home and in their area. Residents who are far inland will find it difficult to get internet access. Citizens who cannot access the internet may also find it difficult to be literate in technology and do not know government information such as websites or government live broadcast videos.

The Positive and Negative Impacts of Science and Technology in the Economic Sector

This book describes in detail the development of a digital-based economy in Indonesia, starting from e-commerce, financial technology, to on-demand services .

Positive impact:

1.     Increased Industrial Productivity

Advances in science and technology will increase industrial productivity. Investment and reinvestment will take place on a large scale which is useful for the progress of the world economy. Many online businesses scattered everywhere.

With an online business , people can easily shop without having to leave the house. They only need to order the items they want, then make payments too from home, then simply wait for the items purchased to arrive.

This is the progress of science and technology that affects the country’s economy. Traders also don’t need to rent a place to make a shop and look after it all day long. Traders only need to register themselves on several online store platforms and then enter data for the goods to be sold.

2.     Technology Business is Increasingly Crowded

The greater the development of science and technology, the more crowded the business of selling technology. The technology industries this time benefited. To keep up with technological developments, in every country, of course, they must always launch new technology every year.

Countries that do not produce their own technology can import from other countries, or can also cooperate with other countries so that foreign industries can operate in countries that want to work together.

More and more people are using sophisticated and fast devices to support their productivity or just for prestige. This is a good impact because with the existence of an increasingly large technology business, people will become more technologically literate.

With this technology literacy, a person can respond well to change, use technology wisely, be more productive than consumptive, as well as various other benefits as discussed in the book Digital.Is.Me: Islamic Inspiration in Science and Information Technology.

3.     Online Payment

Because the technology business has increased and industrial productivity has also increased, features have opened up for making payments online . This will make it easier for all of us to make transactions, we don’t need to go to an ATM or bank to withdraw our money, we only need to transfer directly from our account to the merchant’s account online .

This feature is called Internet Banking . The existence of this application makes transactions easier. There are many things that can be done with internet banking , such as checking balances, transferring balances, and paying bills. The advantage for users is that they can transact anywhere.

Negative impact:

1.     Online Shopping Risks

For ordinary people with technology, online shopping will make it difficult for them when they want to shop. Those who are ordinary will always be afraid when shopping online for fear of fraud.

From time to time something like this could happen. There are many seller mistakes when we shop online such as wrong delivery of goods, goods sent damaged, or even goods not sent. This is one of the negative effects of technology.

2.     Debit/Credit Card Data Theft

Because when shopping is direct, shopping with a debit/credit card is the way that most people do. Some scammers try to take our data and money. With technology they can detect transactions that occur between us and other people.

Or it could just be that the fraudster directly contacts us by playing on his words until we want to send us a photo of our debit/credit card number. When they get the card number, it’s easy for them to take our money.

Well, already understood Sinaumed’s some of the positive and negative impacts of science and technology. Science and technology is very useful for our lives until now. However, we also need to be careful about the use of technology. Don’t let technology destroy us.

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This ebook is presented as a form of concern and contribution of the nation’s children to the progress of the Indonesian nation.