Understanding the meaning of Yaumul Milad and also examples of meaningful sayings

Yaumul Milad – Every human being born in this world must have a birthday. Therefore, there are many people who will give greetings to others when the birthday arrives or you can also get birthday greetings from friends, relatives or family.

In Islam, happy birthday is also known as Yaumul Milad. Then, what is meant by Yaumul Milad? On this occasion, we will learn together about the meaning of Yaumul Milad and also examples of saying Yaumul Milad. For more details, see this article till the end, Sinaumed’s.

Meaning of Milad and How to Use it

The word Yaumul Milad consists of two words, namely yaumul and milad. The term yaumul comes from the word yaum which means ‘day’.

The word or term milad may already be familiar to the general public, especially those who are Muslim. This is because the word milad often appears on various social media to daily conversations or even at certain moments. Even though it is a fairly popular word, the fact is that there are still many people who do not know what milad actually means.

Then, if the two words are combined, it can be interpreted that yaumul milad is the day of birth. This one phrase is usually used to give greetings to those who are having a birthday.

Yaumul Milad greeting is only used when very happy, getting older, and on the day of his birth into the world in good health and safety. The greeting yaumul milad is very popular and is widely used by Muslims in Indonesia when someone has a birthday.

The word milad actually comes from Arabic. But apparently, this word has been absorbed into Indonesian, so we can find the meaning of milad today in the Big Indonesian Dictionary or KBBI. According to KBBI online , the meaning of milad is the time of birth or day of birth. Therefore, it is not surprising that the word milad often appears in birthday greetings among Muslims.

Sometimes as a congratulation, the word milad is often preceded by another word such as yaumul, so that it becomes yaumul milad. Thus, the meaning of the word milad in the expression yaumul milad can be said to be “happy birthday”. So, the meaning of yaumul milad is the same as saying ‘happy birthday’ or ‘ happy birthday ‘.

Apart from being preceded by the word yaumul, the word milad as a congratulation is also often accompanied by the expression barakallah , barakallah fii umrik , and so on. Therefore, in congratulation, the meaning of milad or yaumul milad is not only a day of birth, but a congratulation that is full of meaning and prayer.

How to Answer Happy Birthday Greetings

As explained above, the meaning of milad can mean happy birthday. It is appropriate to receive congratulations and prayers in general, when we receive Yaumul Milad or Happy Birthday greetings, we should respond to these greetings. This is because in Islam, repaying kindness with kindness is a must.

The meaning of milad in yaumul milad is often accompanied by good prayers, so we can respond to these words with good prayers too. One of the expressions or sayings that can be used to answer yaumul milad is Jazakallahu khairan which means, is “May Allah reward you with your kindness”.

Ruling on Saying Yaumul Milad or Happy Birthday

How is the law saying Yaumul Milad? The law of saying happy birthday in Islam is permissible or permissible. Saying happy birthday is permissible in Islam but there is no reward or sin.

Giving happy milad or happy birthday in Islam is permissible or permissible. Mubah is an act that tends to be recommended, but there is no guarantee of reward.

The law was taken based on the book Al-Iqna’ fi Halli Alfazhi Abi Syuja, by Asy-Syarbini (page 162). It contained an explanation that Hafidz Al-Mundziri had given an answer regarding congratulations on Eid and a happy birthday.

“He said, so far the scholars have differed on this matter, but in his opinion, tahniah (congratulations) is permissible, aka not sunnah and not bid’ah either.” (Kitab Al-Iqna’ fi Halli Alfazhi Abi Syuja, p. 162)

He also quoted from one of the hadiths of Rasulullah SAW which was narrated by Imam Bukhari. The hadith tells about one of his friends, namely Ka’ab bin Malik who was given a punishment for his mistakes in not participating in the tabuk war.

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And after the sentence was over, one of his friends, Abu Talhah bin Ubaidillah, congratulated Ka’ab bin Malik on receiving his repentance. So, in wishing you a happy birthday or celebrating it, as long as there is no evil or things that are prohibited in Islam. Then the law is mubah or permissible.

The meaning of the law of mubah itself is, “something that if done is okay (will not get reward or sin), and if left is also okay (will not get reward or sin).”

Likewise with saying yaumul milad. Some opinions say that saying yaumul milad is mubah (permissible).

With the condition that there is no element of harm or badness in it, whether it’s in the pronunciation or the intention in saying it.

If you don’t do it, there is no reward or sin. Mubah law is often applied to mundane cases. All human actions basically depend on his intentions. It is the intention that will determine the value of the action. As long as it does not conflict with Islamic law, all matters are appropriate, including wishing a happy birthday.

Laws of Celebrating Birthdays

How is it legal to celebrate birthdays? In Islam itself there is actually no specific law in doing this, even in celebrating birthdays some opinions say that the law is permissible. As long as it is not mixed with things that are prohibited in Islam.

In celebrating a birthday, it would be nice to celebrate it with family or closest relatives. This is because nowadays, most people celebrating birthdays are always filled with something that is prohibited in Islam.

For example, filled with drinking, mixing of the opposite sex, displaying bad statues or pictures as decorations, playing music, and other bad things. So, it can be said that celebrating birthdays is filled with bad things, so the law becomes unlawful.

However, in celebrating a birthday, it would be nice if it was filled with good things. For example, increasing sunnah prayers, increasing dhikr readings, or carrying out sunnah fasts as was done by Rasulullah SAW.

As explained in a hadith as follows:

From Abu Qatadah Al Ansari radhiyallahu anhu. Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wa sallam was once asked about fasting on Mondays, then he replied:

ذَاكَ يَوْمٌ وُلِدْتُ فِيهِ وَيَوْمٌ بُعِثْتُ أَوْ أُنْزِلَ عَلَىَّ فِيهِ

Meaning: “That day is the day I was born, the day I was sent or the revelation was sent down for me.” (HR. Muslim no. 1162)

Reading sentences or sayings of yaumul milad to someone, are usually always accompanied by other prayers. For example, like, yaumul milad , barakallahu fii umrik or which means “happy birthday, may Allah always bless you over your age.”

Quoted in a book entitled “Imitating the Prophet in a Day” by Sheikh Abdullah Ju’aitsan. He wrote in the book that prayer is one type of kindness. Including giving prayers or praying for goodness to our own brothers and sisters.

According to him, by praying for good for our own brothers, it means we have done good for ourselves. This is because the prayers we offer to others are one of the reasons our prayers are answered.

Examples of Milad Greetings in Arabic

Currently, giving birthday greetings or milad in Arabic has become quite commonplace. Not only beautiful, birthday greetings in Arabic with the meaning of milad also often feel more meaningful. This is because the congratulations feel united with identical sentences of prayer and thanksgiving delivered in Arabic.

However, sometimes there are some Muslims who don’t know how to give birthday wishes in Arabic. The following are some references to birthday greetings in Arabic with the meaning of milad.

  1. “Eid milad sa’eid.” (Happy birthday!)
  2. “Eid milad sa’eid lak!” (Happy birthday to you!)
  3. “Istamti’ bi heidi miladik!” (Enjoy your birthday.)
  4. “Drunk alpha crashed, Yaum Miladik crashed!” (Bless a thousand blessings, your birthday is a blessing!)
  5. “Miladuk(ka) saidah, barakallah fii umrik.” (Hopefully in the rest of your life you will always be blessed in this world and in the hereafter.)
  6. “Yaumul milad, barakallah fii umrik.” (Happy birthday, may Allah bestow blessings on increasing your age.)

Those are some birthday wishes in Arabic. After knowing it, are you going to wish your friend a happy birthday in Arabic?

Examples of Birthday Greetings in Indonesian

Apart from saying in Arabic, the meaning of milad is also quite often found in Indonesian birthday greetings. Combining Arabic words in Indonesian birthday greetings gives a unique and interesting impression.

Those of you who don’t have references for birthday wishes in Arabic and Indonesian don’t need to worry. The following are some references to Indonesian birthday greetings with the word milad.

  1. “Barakallahu fii umrik, hopefully at your age you will be blessed by Allah SWT. Milad Mubarak.”
  2. “Miladuki sa’idy. May Allah always bestow blessings on the rest of the age that He has given, hopefully you can become someone that heaven misses. Amen.”
  3. “Milad mubarak, Barakallah fii umrik, I hope you are always healthy and given abundant sustenance.”
  4. “Milad mubarak, barakallah fii umrik. On this special day of yours, I hope you are always healthy and given abundant sustenance.”
  5. “Miladuki sa’idy my friend. May Allah always bestow blessings on the rest of the life He gives. Amen.”
  6. “Happy birthday, honey. Allah SWT is truly amazing to have sent such an amazing couple like you to us. I pray that this special day is filled with beautiful and happy moments for you.”
  7. “Yaumul milad my friend. May you always be in goodness. Happy happy on your birthday. Every year, you are my closest friend, my best friend, and the most precious person.”
  8. “Yaumul milad. Hopefully you can become a more pious person and may you always be given abundant sustenance and safety in this world and the hereafter.”
  9. “Yaumul milad, the mother of my children. The world is happy with the most precious human, happy birthday. Hopefully you are always protected by Allah in goodness.
  10. Eid milad my best friend, you are one year older now, and I can only pray for you. May Allah give you health, abundant sustenance and success, and long life. Amen.
  11. Miladuki sa’idy. May Allah always bestow blessings on the rest of the age that He has given. Hopefully it can be the woman that heaven misses. Amen.
  12. Met milad, barakallahu fii umrik, may his goals be achieved, always in the grace of Allah.
  13. Milad mubarak, Barakallah fii umrik, I hope you are always healthy and given abundant sustenance. Amen.
  14. Happy birthday, may you be blessed throughout your life, the more you learn, the more useful it will be for others.
  15. Miladuki sa’idy my wife. May Allah always bestow blessings on the rest of the age that He gives, hopefully you can become a woman who is longed for by heaven and become a wife and mother who is always blessed with happiness. Amen.
  16. Yaumul milad, barakallahu fii umrik “happy birthday, may Allah always bless you over your age.
  17. Happy birthday to you, brother. Hopefully the more your mind is broadened, the cleaner your heart will be, hopefully the body will be more agile in doing good.
  18. Milad mubarak! May you always get blessings, fortune continues to flow, and may everything you aspire to be achieved.
  19. Happy birthday! May Allah SWT accept all your heartfelt wishes and prayers today. Barakallah fii umrik.
  20. Barakallah fii umrik my son, yaumul milad dear. Hopefully the dreams that you have built can be achieved properly. Mama and Papa’s prayers will always accompany every step of your life.
  21. Happy birthday, barakallah fii umrik. May Allah always give you happiness and success.
  22. Barakallah fii umrik for my dearest woman, hopefully whatever you wish for will come true soon.
  23. The repetition of birthdays is a form of gratitude to Allah SWT, hopefully more istiqomah in the way of Allah.
  24. Barakallah fii umrik yes. May Allah SWT always provide convenience in all matters of this world and the affairs of the hereafter.
  25. Miladuki saidah, barakallahu fii umrik, may the rest of your life be blessed until the world ends.
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As previously explained, saying Yaumul Milad is legally permissible. Even so, you still have to say it in moderation or not too much. That way, you can get a good reply from the recipient of the greeting.

In addition, celebrating birthdays cannot be done with sinful acts, such as drinking alcohol, being close to the opposite sex, and so on. That way, the birthday event will be accompanied by good and useful prayers for the life of the birthday.

Thus the discussion about Yaumul Milad and its examples. After knowing the examples of Yaumul Milad’s sayings , to whom will you give these sayings?

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Author: Yufi Cantika Sukma Divine

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