Barakallah Fii Umrik: Meaning, Law, Adab, and Example Sentences

Do you often hear the phrase barakallah fii umrik on your birthday? The phrase barakallah fii umrik itself is often said when someone is having a birthday. In Islam, this sentence then has a good meaning, namely as a form of prayer on birthdays.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this sentence is often associated with ‘ yaumul milad ‘ which means happy birthday. Then, what does barakallah fii umrik actually mean ?

On this occasion, we will discuss more deeply about barakallah fii umrik , starting from the meaning to the law for pronouncing it.

Meaning of Barakallah Fii Umrik

Understanding the meaning of barakallah fii umrik which is often used to wish someone a happy birthday on their birthday. The main purpose of this utterance is to pray that others will then be blessed.

If seen from the meaning of the word ‘ barakallah fii umrik ‘. The first is ” barakallah ” which comes from the root word ” baaraka ” which in Arabic means blessing , benefit and goodness . Second, the word “Allah” which definitely means Allah SWT . Barakallah fii umrik is based on the word ” fii ” which in Arabic means to, on, on which, about and many more.

Then, when combined into barakallah fii, the meaning becomes ” May Allah SWT Give Blessings to ” or ” May Allah then Give to .” Another word ” umrik ” which in Arabic means age or age , birth and life. If these three words are combined, the meaning of barakallah fii umrik becomes “ May Allah SWT Bless Your Age” or “ May Allah then Bless Your Age.

The following below is the meaning of barakallah fii umrik:

  1. “May Allah SWT Give Blessing to Your Age.”
  2. “May Allah SWT Give Blessing to Your Age.”
  3. “May Allah SWT Give Blessing to Your Birth.”
  4. “May Allah SWT Give Blessings to Your Life.”

Law of Saying Happy Birthday in Islam

Next, we will discuss the law of wishing a happy birthday in Islam. In Islam itself, giving birthday greetings or milad is mubah which means it is still permissible. Mubah itself is an act that refers to being recommended, but there is no guarantee that someone who gives this speech will get a reward.

This refers to the book Al-Iqna’ fi Halli Alfazhi Abi Syuja by Asy Syarbini . Opinions regarding the law of congratulating one’s own birthday are actually still being debated by scholars. However, his opinion has been determined that tahniah (congratulations) is permissible.

“Not sunnah and not bid’ah ,”. The law in giving birthday greetings is permissible, but with a note that there are no evil deeds such as lighting and blowing out candles, mixing between men and women, playing music, putting up pictures, statues and so on.

The right answer to answer someone who says barakallah fii umrik to us when we are having a birthday is ” Jazakallahu khairan ” which means “May Allah reward you with kindness.”

Manners of Celebrating Birthdays

Barakallah Fii Umrik

Birthday or birthday can be regarded as a day that is quite special and sacred for most people. Therefore, many of them then often celebrate birthdays with great joy.

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As Muslims, to be able to commemorate increasing age and decreasing time in this world, it is better if we know the adab in celebrating birthdays. Not by partying or by wasting money, but by introspection and starting to stay away from all immoral and useless actions.

This then becomes one of the best ways to celebrate birthdays. Do you need to give gifts or gifts on birthdays? Giving gifts when friends or family have birthdays has become a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. This is of course good and can be done as long as it’s not burdensome.

According to HR Bukhari, No. 2585: ” The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam used to receive gifts and also used to reply to them. ” So, besides being allowed to say happy birthday, you are also allowed to give gifts or gifts as long as it doesn’t burden yourself.

Examples of Sentences Barakallah fii Umrik

Barakallah fii umrik means may Allah SWT bless your age. The sentence that is often combined with yaumul milad becomes ‘ Yaumul milad, barakallah fii umrik ‘ (Happy birthday, may Allah SWT bless your age).

The words barakallah fii umrik itself can be placed in front or at the end of the sentence depending on the prayer you give. Still confused about giving an Islamic birthday greeting with barakallah fii umrik? Check out the series of sentences barakallah fii umrik in Indonesian below.

  • Yaumul milad , barakallah fii umrik . Thank you for making this life worthwhile. May Allah SWT then grant all prayers will forgive all mistakes in the past as you get older, amen.
  • Happy birthday. Be happy and always faithful. Barakallah fii umrik , dear.
  • Thank God, I recite this as a form of happiness because of your increasing age. ” Barakallah Fii Umrik ” dear husband. May all your hard work be a blessing to the family.
  • Dear God, thank you for sending me the best woman in my life. Now my beloved wife is 27 years old. May your life always be in the blessings and pleasure of Allah.
  • Milad Mubarak . Barakallah Fii Umrik boss. Good luck, healthy and always in blessings always.

Barakallah Fii Umrik

  • Piety does not have to increase as you get older. But piety must always increase in every second. Barakallah Fii Umrik brother. May you then become God’s people who are increasingly pious.
  • I put a bright candle on top of this cake. Your age is engraved. Always think positively friends and increase your level of piety to Him.
  • Barakallah Fii Umrik . We wish you a successful graduation and get a job soon. (This Islamic birthday greeting is then addressed to a female friend or female friend. The nickname ” Uk is an abbreviation of ” ukhti “).
  • The paper that used to be white is now full of writing. All the themes of this paper are in that collection of papers. One of them is ” Barakallah Fii Umrik ” brother. May you always be under God’s protection. Health is always with you and accompanied by its blessings.
  • Barakallah Fii Umrik Dear Mother. May you always be healthy, long and happy.
  • Barakallah Fii Umrik ya friends. May you always be in blessings.
  • As you blow out the candles tonight, I silently continue to make requests to Allah SWT to guide you throughout life and protect you at all times. Barakallah fii umrik , my love.
  • Happy milad barakallah fii umrik , my dear husband, thank you Allah SWT, it is truly extraordinary for sending an extraordinary partner like you. I pray that these special days will be filled with many beautiful and very happy moments for you.
  • Miladuki sa’i , dear, barakallah fii umrik. May you continue to be someone who is missed by heaven and a partner who is always blessed with happiness.
  • Every day in my prayers, I always say your name and ask for health, happiness and prosperity for a better life. May you get blessings from Allah SWT. Miladuki sa’idah , dear, barakallah fii umrik.
  • Barakallah fii umrik ya, husband, and father of my children. May you always be in blessings, amen.
  • Dear husband, happy birthday, barakallah fii umrik . May Allah SWT will fulfill all your dreams and ease all difficulties. I love you so much. Always be brave and generous.
  • Happy milad barakallah fii umrik , my husband. May the love and blessings of Allah SWT always be with you today. May Allah SWT make your day bright and may the years ahead be filled with health and happiness.
  • On your birthday, I pray to Allah SWT to give you a happy life. I am very grateful to Allah SWT for blessing me by being your partner. Happy milad barakallah fii umrik , love.
  • Yaumul milad, barakallah fii umrik , may Allah then fill your life with endless happy moments, countless beautiful surprises and limitless success.
  • My dear friend, I hope that you will continue to receive gifts and all kinds of goodness. Yaumul milad, barakallah fii umrik .
  • Happy birthday , my best friend, barakallah fii umrik. Hopefully you can become a more pious person. May you always get the ease of the world and the hereafter.
  • Barakallah fii umrik , yaumul milad my dear son. May Allah then give you a long life and blessings in your life. Blessed sustenance and always grateful. Hopefully someday you will be a pious child.
  • Barakallah fii umrik , may Allah then fill your life with endless happy moments, countless beautiful surprises and limitless success. Happy birthday my love!
  • Happy birthday my dearest friend who is always there for me anytime. Thank you, I hope we can always pray for and support each other in goodness. Barakallah fii umrik .
  • Barakallah fii umrik my son, yaumul milad dear. Hopefully the dreams that you have built can then be achieved properly. Mama and Papa’s prayers will always be with you in every step of your life.
  • Barakallah fii umrik . Hopefully on your birthday, you will become a better person and all your dreams will come true.
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In Islam, the law of wishing happy birthday is mubah , which means it is still permissible. So, when was the last time you said happy birthday? Thus the discussion about barakallah fii umrik, I hope all the discussion above is useful for Sinaumed’s.