Ineffective Sentences: Definition, Characteristics, Elements and Examples

Definition of Ineffective Sentences – In the science of Indonesian language certainly cannot be separated from the name of the sentence. Sentences themselves are formed from a collection of letters that make up a word, then words compose a clause, and clauses form a sentence.

In making sentences, you should not be too wordy so that the reader or listener can easily understand the meaning of the sentence conveyed by the writer or speaker. If there is a sentence like this, then the sentence is an ineffective sentence.

You need to know these ineffective sentences, starting from their meaning, characteristics, conditions, to examples of ineffective sentences. By knowing more about ineffective sentences, you can avoid making ineffective sentences. See an explanation of ineffective sentences below

Definition of Ineffective Sentences

Ineffective sentences are sentences whose sentence structure is not easy to understand and cannot convey a complete and clear message to the reader or listener. Because the message that the writer or speaker wants to convey is not easy to understand, it is very likely that the reader or listener misunderstands the intent and purpose of the message conveyed by the speaker or writer.

In an academic environment, ineffective sentences are highly discouraged for use in various kinds of scientific writing, why is that? Because sentences are not effective, research results will not be easily understood by academics. Scientific work that is not accepted in an academic environment will not be developed. Even the author of the scientific paper will be considered less competent in his field.

Therefore, when writing research results, writing scientific articles, and the like, it is appropriate for academics to use effective sentence structure so that it can be understood by many people, especially academics.

So that you don’t make mistakes in writing effective sentences, you should recognize the characteristics of ineffective sentences. By knowing the characteristics of ineffective sentences, you can avoid ineffective sentences and immediately rewrite using effective sentences.

The thing that needs to be underlined from writing effective sentences is that effective sentences can still be read or heard. Even though it can be read or heard, the message or intent of the sentence is difficult to convey to the reader or listener.

Characteristics of Ineffective Sentences

Same with other sentences that have characteristics. The following are the characteristics of ineffective sentences.

1. Unclear Sentence Elements

The first feature of an ineffective sentence is an unclear sentence element. You can see this unclear element in the building structure of the sentence itself. In general, every sentence will have a subject, object, predicate, and adverb. However, in an ineffective sentence there is no subject in the sentence. The absence of a subject in a sentence indicates that the sentence cannot be a main sentence.

Sentence building structures are placed out of position so that the reader or listener takes a long time to understand the meaning of the sentence. In fact, some people don’t want to read or listen to sentences that have been conveyed by the author or speaker.

2. Improper Use of Multiple Sentence Diction

The use of inappropriate diction in a sentence has an influence on the content or intent of the sentence. Content that is not conveyed in a sentence can cause misunderstandings between readers and writers as well as listeners and speakers. The occurrence of misunderstandings in the sentences conveyed indicates that the sentences are difficult to understand.

If there is no diction, a sentence will not be formed. Therefore, never underestimate the use of diction in sentences. Even though the use of diction is correct, it is better to use language that is easily understood by readers or listeners. Easy-to-understand works are likely to be liked by many people too. So, have you used diction correctly?

3. The use of Indonesian spelling is not in accordance with PUEBI

It is common that in writing it is best to refer to PUEBI (General Guidelines for Indonesian Spelling), especially writing scientific papers. In PUEBI, you will find out various ways to use spelling in accordance with PUEBI, such as writing capital letters, using italics, punctuation, and so on. In short, PUEBI is strongly recommended to be used as a reference in writing.

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However, in the ineffective sentence the use of Indonesian spelling is very inconsistent with PUEBI. Writing that is not in accordance with PUEBI will be difficult for readers to understand. For example, there is no comma before the word “but or but”, the beginning of a sentence that does not use capital letters, and so on.

4. There is no main idea in the sentence

The next characteristic of an ineffective sentence is that there is no main idea in a sentence. If there is no main idea in a sentence, the paragraph becomes incomplete. Therefore, ineffective sentences can reduce the information conveyed to readers or listeners.

Thus, each sentence that is collected will produce a paragraph. Paragraphs are in an essay which usually contain one main idea. However, the main idea becomes invisible if using sentences is not effective. In the absence of a main idea, the information to be conveyed becomes less than optimal or incomplete. Information that is not optimal can lead to misunderstandings between writers and readers.

5. Extravagant in the use of words

In ineffective sentences, the use of words is very wasteful so that it makes a sentence less pleasant to read. We can see the wastage of words in sentences when reading sentences where there are lots of the same words. Besides being unpleasant to read, wastage of words can eliminate the message or intent of the sentence.

In fact, there are various ways to increase vocabulary so that you can make sentences that interest readers. One way is to read books, articles, literary works, and so on. By reading various kinds of writing, indirectly your vocabulary will increase slowly.

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Ineffective Sentence Elements

Similar to other sentences that have elements, the ineffective sentence also has elements. The following are elements of an ineffective sentence.

  1. No subject or predicate
  2. Inappropriate Predicate Location
  3. Inappropriate Object Location
  4. Place Inappropriate Information
  5. Spelling Not In Accordance with PUEBI

Ineffective Sentence Terms

The formation of a sentence is not effective due to several conditions. Check out the conditions for forming ineffective sentences.

1. Sentence structure is not one unit

Sentences that have a good structure have one unit, such as a subject and predicate. However, in sentences that are not effective, the sentence structure does not have one unit, so it is very difficult to understand.

2. Unparalleled Sentences

The condition for making the next ineffective sentence is a misaligned sentence. Parallel sentences can be interpreted as sentences that do not have the same elements.

3. Sentences Are Very Extravagant Or Long-winded

Ineffective sentences are sentences that are convoluted or whose content is difficult to understand. Usually an ineffective sentence is proven by the presence of unnecessary repetition of words.

4. Illogical Sentences

In writing ineffective sentences, conditions are needed in the form of illogical or unacceptable sentence content. Therefore, ineffective sentences will be very difficult for many people to understand.

5. Words in Sentences Overlap

The existence of overlapping words in a sentence is a condition for the formation of an ineffective sentence. You can see overlapping words in the writing that places the words “so” and “so” close together.

6. No subject or predicate

The absence of a subject or predicate is a condition for the formation of an ineffective sentence. When the subject or predicate is not in a sentence, the information in the sentence will be difficult to understand.

7. Wrong word formation

As we know that Indonesia has a Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) which contains the correct word writing. If in a sentence there are words that are not in accordance with KBBI, then the sentence can be said to be an ineffective sentence.

8. Use of Unnecessary Prepositions

Prepositions really help a sentence to make it easier to understand. However, this does not apply to ineffective sentences. The condition for making the last ineffective sentence is the use of unnecessary prepositions.

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5 Books That Make You More Understanding About Writing According to EYD

1. Good at Writing Letters, Words, and Sentences

2. Sentence Editing Practice

3. The EYD Book

4. General Guidelines for Indonesian Spelling

5. Complete Guide to EYD with Terms Formation Guidelines

The difference between Effective Sentences and Ineffective Sentences

Ineffective sentences have some differences with effective sentences. As quoted from the book Indonesian in Higher Education Based on Active Learning  (2017), the difference between effective sentences and ineffective sentences is divided into five parts, namely:

1. Based on Sentence Forms

Effective sentence

Effective sentences have a very concise and short sentence form so that the reader or listener really understands each sentence conveyed. Sentences that are easy to understand make the reader or listener want to read or listen to the sentence again.

Ineffective Sentences

Ineffective sentences have sentences that are not dense and wordy. Long-winded information contained in sentences will be difficult for readers or listeners to accept. This is because ineffective sentences are very difficult for readers or listeners to understand.

2. Based on Reader’s Understanding

Effective sentence

Sentences that are made effectively will make it easier for the reader to accept the intent and purpose to be conveyed by the author. The large number of people who understand your writing, it is possible if your writing or work will be liked by many people.

Ineffective Sentences

Information in ineffective sentences will be difficult to understand or understand by readers or listeners. In fact, for some people feel confused when reading sentences is not effective. Readers will feel bored when the use of ineffective sentences is used continuously.

3. Based on Completeness of Sentence Elements

Effective sentence 

In an effective sentence there are complete and explicit elements or at least there is a subject and predicate. This makes effective sentences easy to understand or understand. So, often use effective sentences in every writing you make.

Ineffective Sentences

Ineffective sentences do not have complete elements. Incomplete elements usually occur because of the loss of a subject or predicate in a sentence. Incomplete elements will make it difficult for the reader to understand ineffective sentences.

4. Based on its nature

Effective sentence

The properties possessed by effective sentences are very logical and can be accepted by common sense. Sentences that are acceptable to common sense will make it easier for readers to understand the content or intent of effective sentences.

Ineffective Sentences

The nature of ineffective sentences is very illogical and cannot be accepted by common sense. In other words, ineffective sentences will make it difficult for the reader to get information so that the reader will quickly get bored.

5. Based on the composition of the sentences

Effective sentence

Effective sentences have a very clear and concise sentence structure. Therefore, the information in effective sentences will be easy to understand so that readers really want to repeat their reading.

Ineffective Sentences

Sentences are not effective, the sentence structure is very ambiguous because it is not in accordance with the structure of the Indonesian language. The arrangement of sentences that are not in accordance with the Indonesian language structure makes it difficult for readers to understand the meaning of ineffective sentences.

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Examples of Ineffective Sentences

1. Andi and Budi play the ball on the field

2. Counterfeit money must be checked because it is seen, touched, dreamy

3. Andi lost his wallet at the market

4. Agus planted fruit trees

5. Workspace read newspapers

6. Students study mathematics at school

7. Burning trees causes pollution

8. At school student council chairman Farhan

9. The book can be sold, burned, thrown away

10. All guests are welcome to take food

11. To Mr. Anto, we welcome the time and place

12. I exercise before I go to work

13. Eating kale

14. Grow guava

15. Father’s car was taken since morning


In writing an article it is highly discouraged to use ineffective sentences because it will make it difficult for the reader to understand the message and intent of the sentence. Therefore, every individual must diligently read and understand the spelling of PUEBI, which is a way that can be used when writing so that the writing results are in the form of effective sentences.