Unique Facts About the Average Human IQ and How to Increase It

As humans who were created with an IQ or Intelligence Quotient above average, does You know what the average IQ of humans in this world is? So, the average human in this world has an intelligence level or intelligence quotient in the range of 90 to 130. Although there are some humans who are born with a higher IQ. But that doesn’t mean those of you who have a low IQ can’t improve it. You can increase your IQ in several ways below.

What Is IQ?

IQ is the nature of the human mind which refers to several human intellectual abilities to think, understand lessons, solve a problem, reason, read, and also think abstractly. A psychologist will generally use psychometric tools to calculate IQ test results and also analyze them using psychological theory. Through the test given by the psychologist, you will find out what your score or IQ score is after completing some of the test questions given.

Types of Human Intelligence

Humans themselves have various types of intelligence that are useful in the world of work. Some of these types of intelligence that are very important and you must have include:

1. Linguistics or Language Intelligence

Language or linguistic intelligence is a type of human intelligence that is usually possessed by writers, public relations, journalists, government spokespersons, and presenters. You can acquire this linguistic ability by reading more and more to increase your vocabulary. So when speaking more straightforward, short, and easy to understand.

2. Intrapersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal intelligence is one of the human abilities to know themselves, determine their desires and also what they are feeling. In addition, this intrapersonal intelligence is also very important for you in determining future life goals. Especially for those of you who have aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur.

3. Interpersonal Intelligence

Interpersonal intelligence is no less important and we need to have. With interpersonal intelligence, it will be easier for us to socialize, understand other people’s characters, lead others, and also empathize with others.

4. Numerical Intelligence

Humans who have numerical intelligence will generally work in the banking sector, become an accountant expert, or an economist. Someone who has numerical intelligence or quickly calculates will tend to be able to solve a problem by using logic and thinking rationally.

How to Increase IQ

The level of human intelligence can be influenced by several factors. Starting from genetic factors, food nutrition, educational history, parents’ IQ, life at home, and also the parenting patterns received. The average human IQ score is not fixed. So, for those of you who intend to increase it, you can use the following methods, including:

1. Reading

You can exceed the average human IQ score if you are diligent in reading books. According to several studies that have been conducted, reading books or reading books to children can improve one’s cognitive abilities and also language skills. So that reading books to children is not just a lullaby.

2. Learn Musical Instruments

Besides reading books, you can also increase your IQ score if you enjoy playing a musical instrument. According to a study, those who like to learn musical instruments will have a better memory than those who do not learn music.

3. Through the Game

Not all games can have a bad impact, in fact some of these games have the benefit of training one’s intelligence. Where you can increase your IQ intelligence by using brain sharpening games. For example, with crossword puzzles, sudoku, and puzzles. Some of these games can train memory, reasoning skills, and also language skills.

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4. Applying a Healthy Lifestyle

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is considered to be able to help improve brain function optimally. You can improve brain function by regularly consuming foods that contain various nutrients, vitamins C, B, K, and also zinc. You can get some of these ingredients from fish, seeds, eggs, fruit, tea, and vegetables. Apart from food intake, adequate sleep and regular exercise you can also do to strengthen memory in your brain in the morning.

Generally, the lowest average human IQ ranges from 90 to 110, for normal itself it is 111 to 120, while for those with high IQ it usually ranges from 120 to 130. If it is below 90, then it can be said that they are stupid, while if above 130, it can be said they are very intelligent. If you have a low IQ, you can try the methods mentioned above to increase your IQ in the future.

Facts of IQ Tests that Need to be Understood

Usually, the IQ test is considered as one of the absolute benchmarks for assessing the level of human intelligence. There are also those who consider the results of an IQ test as a determinant of success as well as one’s interests and talents. So, what exactly is an IQ test? Is there any benefit in it? The following are some facts about the IQ test that you should understand.

What Is an IQ Test?

IQ test or Intelligence Quotient is an assessment that is intended to measure various kinds of cognitive abilities of a person. The test results will be displayed in the form of a score as a measure of a person’s ability and intellectual potential. Until now, the IQ test is still one of the psychological tests that is often carried out. The IQ test was first created by a French psychologist named Alfred Binet in the early 20th century. The form of the test itself, namely the Stanford-Binet, is still used today.

Then, this one test began to be developed again by a psychologist named Charles Spearman with the concept of overall intelligence or mental ability to perform various kinds of cognitive tasks. Some of the aspects that are considered include language skills, mathematics, speed in processing or learning, memory storage, visual processing, and also reasoning abilities.

The following are the levels of IQ scores:

– 69 and below: Intellectual Disability (very low)
– 70-79: Borderline (limit intellectual function)
– 80-89: Low Average
– 90-109: Average
– 110-119: High Average
– 120-129: Superior (above average)
– 130 and above: Very Superior (intelligent)

Higher IQ scores are often associated with higher academic ability. People who have a high IQ are judged to be easier to achieve higher achievements in school. Meanwhile, people who have low IQ scores are often associated with intellectual disorders.

Facts to Understand Before Taking an IQ Test

Before deciding to take an IQ test, there are several important things that you must understand about this cognitive intelligence test, including:

1. IQ Tests Are Not the Only Determinants of Someone’s Intelligence

This IQ test can indeed provide an overview regarding a person’s ability to learn something or at work. However, you don’t need to rely solely on an IQ test. Because this test will only show intelligence from a cognitive perspective. Meanwhile, intelligence itself is not limited to just a matter of logic. But also creativity, empathy, spiritual, social, and so forth. It cannot be measured on an IQ test.

Not only that, a study proves that the background of the test taker can also affect the results of a person’s IQ test. Where people who often play computer games will tend to get higher scores on reasoning tests and also short term memory. Whereas test takers who have anxiety problems will get lower short-term memory test results. Then, the complexity of the human brain today has begun to evolve. IQ test questions that were created in ancient times may no longer be relevant.

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2. IQ Score Cannot Reflect Who You Are

People who have high IQs such as Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and also Terence Tao, where they are successful and well known to the world. However, a high IQ score cannot guarantee that someone will be happier, smarter, sane, and also prosperous. Vice versa, a low IQ score does not always mean that the person has intellectual retardation, is mentally disturbed, and also cannot be a financially successful person. There is also someone who theoretically belongs to intelligent people but has mediocre achievements.

Even though he has a score of 50 on the IQ test and is declared a stupid person or even has academic special needs. But in reality, the ability to drive can still be obtained by people who have an IQ score between 50 to 75. On average, people who have a low IQ are proven to be successful in their field of work. In addition, they can also have offspring with an average or even higher IQ and can live successfully.

3. The Higher the IQ, The Higher the Risk of Mental Disorders

Have you ever watched a movie called A Beautiful Mind starring Russell Crowe? The film is a biography that tells about the life of John Nash, a famous mathematician and also a Nobel laureate in economics, but he has schizophrenia.

In addition, David Foster Wallace, a world-famous writer, also struggled with depression for more than 20 years before he finally decided to commit suicide in 2008. So, the link between IQ test scores and the risk of mental illness has also earned names. names like Abraham Lincoln, Isaac Newton, and Ernest Hemingway. No one knows for sure what causes an increased risk of mental disorders in someone with a high IQ. However, a study found that this possibility is influenced by the NCS-1 gene which is responsible for maintaining the activity and also the strength of the connections between nerves in the brain.

People who are classified as intelligent have a higher number of NCS-1 receptors compared to other ordinary people. This increase in the number of NCS-1 receptors has been linked to the risk of schizophrenia as well as bipolar disorder. Not only that, other studies have also found that people who show the best intelligence performance on math tests, they will tend to have bipolar disorder.

4. IQ Test Scores Can Go Up and Down

The next fact about the IQ test is that the score on this intelligence test will not always be the same from time to time. IQ test results are very subject to change since the first time you took the test as a child. Because, a person’s intelligence is not only influenced by academic history, but also from life experiences and also how they socialize in society.

The rise and fall of this IQ score is also associated with changes in the brain with age. The brains of young children are not fully developed. So, maybe the IQ test results will be lower when compared to when they started growing. Then, the theory according to Richard Nisbett, a psychology lecturer from the University of Michigan, can change at any time. In modern society, the ability of the brain will also increase. So it is very likely that the IQ score will increase by 3 points every 10 years.

However, whatever the results, this cognitive intelligence test is not a determinant that can predict our future. Actually, it is human character that is more complex than just the level of intelligence. So, don’t let your IQ test score keep you from continuing to strive for success.