Understanding what streaming is up to examples of streaming applications

What is streaming – Have you ever streamed ? Surely some of you have done it before, whether it’s streaming music, movies, or something else. In the era of sophisticated and modern technology like today, streaming has become an activity that is fun and close to our daily lives.

However, do you know what streaming is? So, in this article, sinaumedia will review a little about streaming so you can find out more about what streaming is. Come on, let’s look at the explanation below!

Definition of Streaming

Streaming means a technology for sending data, both audio and video in compressed form via the internet network. Then, the data is displayed in the player or player application in real-time.

You as a user need an application that can decompress, so that the data you have sent can appear on your monitor screen or device. The application can be in the form of software or part of the browser. This is because it is done directly and in real-time right away, so users don’t need to download anything that has to be stored on a PC or cellphone.

You can watch music or videos continuously without having to download or download them first. That way, it won’t make your device memory full.

Generally, audio or video is created first, then uploaded to the streaming application or website. However, there are several sites and applications that provide features or services to be able to download these videos, so they can be watched offline.


Kinds of Streaming

There are two kinds of streaming that we know, namely live streaming & prerecord streaming. What is live streaming? And what is prerecord streaming? Check out the explanation as follows.

live streaming

The first type of streaming is live streaming, maybe some of you are familiar with this name. Streaming of this type has indeed been done a lot. Live Streaming is a live broadcast activity, which means content creators or content owners carry out activities by recording live and broadcasting through the media used.

In live streaming activities, every second the audience can see what you do with the content. So, viewers can also respond and interact directly, and this can also help social media to become lively and engagement to increase.

Prerecord Streaming

Apart from live streaming, there is also prerecord streaming. In contrast to live streaming, if live streaming is carried out and recorded directly, then for pre-record streaming is a broadcast that is carried out after the content owner has made the video first.

So, the content owner first creates audio or video which is then stored first, after which it is uploaded on the social media that he uses. After uploading, other users can start watching the content.

Legal Streaming App

For those of you who always watch streaming, here are some legal streaming applications that you can use.

YouTube application 

The first application is YouTube. It seems that almost everyone has used this application, even from children to adults. In the YouTube application, you can watch and listen to music, watch various videos here. You can also download it so you can watch it offline .

Now, the YouTube site already has millions of users, and currently Youtube has equipped it with a live streaming feature. So, you can see your favorite YouTubers live, both live streaming music, podcasts, video games, and so on.

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Then the next application is Vidio. Initially, this content only appeared to broadcast content from television such as Indosiar, SCTV, and Vidio users. However, since 2015, this application can be used as live streaming, and also streaming various kinds of films.

You can also access it for free or premium. If you use premium, of course you have to subscribe, but you will get more features and facilities. There will be various live streams that you can watch, starting from concerts, news, local and even foreign radio. Very interesting isn’t it?

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Furthermore, there is also a streaming application called Netflix, in which this application provides various streaming services that are original and of course legal. There are many films here that you can watch, ranging from local films, film series, to foreign films such as Asian films and Korean dramas, and so on.

Apart from that, this application also provides a feature to be able to download movies first, and can watch them offline later. So, if you want to get all that access, and your favorite movies, then you have to have an account and subscribe every month.

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The last legal streaming application is Viu. The Viu application is no less cool and popular than Netflix, because Viu also broadcasts various kinds of films, reality shows, and dramas from various countries that are not broadcast in Indonesia.

So, you can access it through the site or directly download it via the App Store or Play store. The Viu application is the same as other live streaming, which provides free and paid services.

Application of Streaming in the Modern Era

In this modern, all-digital era, streaming technology has really helped many people. By streaming, it can help the broadcasting process more effectively and help the publication process of interest. Apart from saving time, this allows content creators to be closer to their audience.

Even though it is sometimes considered wasteful because it uses up a lot of quota, this method is still widely chosen, because viewers also don’t have to bother downloading it first, which will actually make your device’s memory full.

This streaming service has helped many users and many parties. Among them we often know, for example in the eSports industry which broadcasts their tournaments live. With live broadcasts like this, you will automatically get a large number of viewers and in a short time.

Video applications other than YouTube that are no less cool

Who doesn’t know the YouTube site? The most popular video streaming site, founded in 2005. Now, YouTube is never empty of visitors. Almost every day people use this YouTube application, to watch various video shows, both for educational purposes and just for entertainment. However, did you know that there are also alternative streaming applications besides YouTube that are no less cool?

For those of you who don’t know, here sinaumedia will provide a list of cool streaming applications other than YouTube, which you might want to know about. What are the applications? Here’s the list!

1. Video

The first, there is Video. This video can be an alternative application besides YouTube, which can also be used to watch videos. This website is quite popular to use, moreover Vidio is the work of the nation’s children which is quite proud.

Apart from providing entertainment broadcasts or services such as soap operas, national films, and sports shows, the Vidio application can also be used to view live streaming national television broadcasts. Even Korean drama fans don’t need to worry! In this Vidio application you can also watch your favorite Korean drama films. But unfortunately, there are some selected or exclusive shows that you can only enjoy if you subscribe to a premium account.

2. TED

Do you need inspirational shows to fill your spare time? Maybe the TED app is right for you! On Apps TED, you can watch video talk shows, seminars, live streaming presentations, to podcasts with great moderators. For example, Michelle Obama, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates have appeared as speakers on TED broadcasts.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design which is a non-profit organization that initially only held conferences that referred to the fields of design and technology, known as the TED Talk.

Now, as technology develops, TED expands the topic of events to personal growth, business, activists, environment, culture, health, and many others. So, TED shows are shows that can fill your free time and increase knowledge.

3. Dailymotion

Another site besides YouTube, namely Dailymotion, is one of the websites with lots of videos, which has been visited a lot, and maybe you want to try it? Dailymotion has several categories of shows as its video collection, including sports, entertainment, news, and music.

Almost the same as YouTube, this streaming site provides various types of content, ranging from entertainment to sports to politics. Dailymotion also has a video sharing feature that you can use, the interface looks pretty good compared to other competitors.

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4. Plex

This streaming service also provides various entertainment broadcasts that you can watch to fill your free time. Here more than 20,000 films are available, as well as Live TV shows of up to 130 channels that you can enjoy for free only at Plex. In addition, they provide an interesting collection of podcasts.

Both iOS and Android users, you can download Plex on a PC or cellphone. So, you can watch Plex broadcasts that you have downloaded on the device you have. Like the others, Plex also provides premium or paid accounts. Facilities that you can get include watching 4K shows, being able to download videos, record live TV, and more.

5. iQIYI

Next up is iQIYI. iQIYI is also a streaming service that can be an alternative to YouTube, which you might try. On iQIYI you can watch various series, such as Korean, Chinese and Japanese dramas.

More than that, you can also watch a collection of famous anime series such as Attack on Titan, Sailormoon, One Piece, Naruto, and many others. If you are a fan of anime films, you should try it.

iQIYI is available for free, but if you want to get more facilities and a comfortable viewing experience, you can register for a paid or premium account. With a paid account, users can watch shows in 1080P quality, and without any ad breaks.

6. Twitch

For you gaming fans, the Twitch site seems like a suitable alternative for you. Twitch is a popular platform for video game lovers, to be able to share their content directly with each other, especially gaming videos.

For its users, Twitch is also often used to learn video game tutorials, software development, and other things related to technology. On Twitch you can also chat with other people to find references and information about trending games.

7. Nimo TV

Another site is Nimo TV. Apart from Twitch, Nimo TV is also a game provider site for gaming fans . The video streaming platform on Nimo TV is quite popular among gamers.

Nimo TV users can watch live streaming video recordings or live broadcasts of game matches that are being updated. Game choices start from PUBG, Free Fire, Mobile Legends, to GTA5, and of course there are many more.

You only need to select your favorite game category, both in PC games and mobile games, then select the game session shows from famous gamers that you want to see. Not only that, here you can also watch E-sport matches provided on this Nimo TV. So, Nimo TV has become a complete package for gamers to fill their free time.

8. 9Gag

There is another 9Gag site. Maybe the name is not well known, but this site can be a choice of platforms other than YouTube for watching videos. Especially funny or witty content. Although more limited than others, these short clips on 9Gag are quite entertaining for the audience.

This alternative video platform can also be used to fill spare time and drive away boredom. Apart from videos, 9Gag also provides entertaining GIFs and funny memes.

9. Metacafe

There’s more, a video site that’s no less exciting, namely Metacafe. You can try this application as an alternative to streaming besides YouTube. Because, Metacafe is also almost similar to YouTube, you can watch various kinds of content, ranging from games, entertainment, sports, and more.

The interface display is also quite good, although in terms of quality, the videos on YouTube are better and still win the hearts of many users. Even so, Metacafe can be used as a website of choice for watching and sharing videos other than YouTube.

10. Imgur

The final choice is Imgur. It may sound foreign to local viewing, but this website is also a site for sharing content in the form of videos, images and memes that are well known around the world. Here, you can find varied contents, ranging from entertainment to educational ones.

The display design of this site is slightly different from the others, if you are not used to it it might be a little difficult. However, if you get used to it you will be able to adapt.

This is a discussion of what streaming is, and examples of streaming applications. Hopefully all the discussion above is useful for you, Sinaumed’s.

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Author: Veronika Novi 


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