Various Wisdoms of Prayer and the Consequences of Leaving Prayer Services

Prayer Wisdom – Every religion has its own way of worship. This also applies to Islam, which uses prayer as a form of worship to God. In the teachings of Islam, there are not only obligatory prayers.

But there are also sunnah prayers that can be performed by adherents of Islam. In the holy book of the Koran and hadith, it has also been explained how the wisdom of prayer is if it is carried out seriously and solemnly.

There are so many virtues from carrying out the obligatory and sunnah prayers. Prayer is not just a form of worship. But behind prayer worship can also provide peace of mind, peace of mind and so forth.

This article will provide an explanation of matters related to prayer services. One of them is about the benefits or wisdom of prayer if carried out in earnest. Therefore for those of you who want to know more about all the privileges of praying. There’s nothing wrong with reading the reviews in this article.

Prayer Wisdom

Previously, it was explained that in the teachings of Islam, prayer is a form of worship to Allah SWT that must be carried out by Muslims. But prayer is not just worship. There are many lessons behind praying.

Even so, not many people know the wisdom of prayer. So that you also understand more and become more solemn in carrying out the obligatory prayer services and the Sunnah prayer services. Then the explanation below can help you more easily understand what the wisdom of prayer is in this worship.

1. Prevent Someone from Doing Bad Deeds

Prayers that are carried out so solemnly will make a person better than before. Of course, those who pray fervently will also be prevented from carrying out bad deeds.

This has also been mentioned in the word of Allah SWT in the letter Al-Ankabut verse 45: “Surely prayer prevents from abominable and unjust acts.”

Those who carry out prayer services so solemnly will realize that Allah SWT is always watching over him at all times wherever he is. Because awareness of this can trigger a person to be able to stay away from every prohibition, such as avoiding bad deeds in his life.

If someone has performed the prayer but still carries out bad deeds in his life. That means that the prayers that he performs may not be solemn and cannot feel the presence of Allah SWT in his life.

2. Educational steps to become a more disciplined person

In Islam, everything has its rules, such as prayer services, which must be obeyed by Muslims. Like the time of prayer, which already has its own provisions.

Because prayer services have certain times. So when the call to prayer comes, Muslims will immediately pray. Because they are used to the provisions of the times of prayer.

Indirectly, prayer is also a means to educate a Muslim to be more disciplined and at the same time respect time.

3. Train to Become a Tough Person

Who would have thought that behind the scenes the prayer performed by Muslims could be a means of practicing being a stronger person when facing problems in his life. Allah SWT says in Surah Al-Ma’arij verses 19-23:

“Verily, man was created to be complaining and miserly. When trouble befalls him he complains, except for those who pray, they are consistent in praying.”

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that someone who always complains in his life usually does not have a lifeline. He will be busy complaining instead of carrying out prayer services in his life.

While those who always carry out the prayer service so solemnly. So that person has a life support, namely Allah SWT. This means that when there is a problem in his life, that person will ask for forgiveness, always think positively while asking for the best help from Allah SWT.

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4. Able to Increase Degrees

Those who pray so fervently will be elevated in rank by Allah SWT. In addition, Allah SWT will also erase mistakes in his life.

Rasulullah SAW said, “You should multiply prostration to Allah. Because you do not bow down to Allah once, but Allah will raise you one degree and remove one mistake from you. (Narrated by Muslim from Tsauban)

5. Cleansing Errors and Sins within

When someone prays so fervently. Then Allah will erase the sins that are between one prayer and the next prayer. In addition, people who carry out prayer services will also be forgiven for their mistakes and sins that have been committed, whether intentionally or unintentionally by Allah SWT.

Those who carry out their prayers in such a solemn way will always try to be clean, both physically and spiritually. External hygiene can be carried out in a number of useful activities, such as keeping the house clean, body clean, and the clothes you wear clean.

Then for inner cleanliness can be done by staying away from actions that are forbidden. In his mind will not cross the slightest to do evil or tarnish the sanctity that he has guarded.

6. Reaching help from Allah SWT

Prayer worship is one way to be able to talk closely to Allah SWT. That way his servant can ask for help by praying and praying fervently.

The companions of Rasulullah SAW will never give up, let alone complain when facing such a difficult ordeal. They will always pray to Allah to ask for His help. Because they know that only Allah SWT is the Almighty and the Most Helper.

7. His heart will be brighter

Those who pray fervently will get a brighter heart condition. All the darkness in his heart will vanish because of the help of Allah SWT.

8. Parts of the face will look brighter

One of the procedures and rules when going to pray is to perform the ablution process. Physically, the ablution process will clean the dirt attached to the human face area. In addition, those who carry out the prayer service so solemnly that their faces will look brighter.

9. The body becomes healthier

Everyone who performs prayer services will have a healthier body. Because every movement in prayer can always make certain areas of the body healthier.

In addition, when a person prays so solemnly, all limbs from head to toe will continue to move. This is the same as someone who is running a sports routine.

10. Making Peace When in the Grave Realm

Prayer worship is one of the acts of worship that can help us when we are in the afterlife. A hadith mentions that the first practice that is asked when in the afterlife is prayer. Therefore those who pray so fervently will feel calmer when they are in the grave because it is illuminated by the deeds of their prayers.

11. Facilitate the descent of the Grace of Allah SWT

Those who carry out prayer services so solemnly will be facilitated by Allah SWT.

Losses If Someone Leaving Prayer Worship

If previously it has been discussed what wisdom will be obtained when someone prays so earnestly. So the explanation this time will focus on the losses that will be obtained by someone when leaving the prayer service in his life.

Because many people know the wisdom of prayer but still leave this obligation as Muslims. Therefore, so that you are also more solemn in carrying out prayer services. The following is an explanation of the losses that will be obtained by a Muslim who leaves the prayer service.

1. The first practice to be accounted for on the Day of Resurrection

In worship is the first type of practice that will be accounted for on the Day of Resurrection. This has also been explained in the hadith as below.

Rasulullah SAW. He said, “Surely the charity that a servant will first be brought to account for on the Day of Judgment is his prayer. If the prayer is good, then he wins and is successful. And if his prayer is broken, then he regrets and loses. So if there is something lacking from his obligatory prayers, God Almighty says, ‘Look at you, does my servant have (charity) sunnah prayers, then that can make up for his fardhu deficiencies, then all his deeds (also) are like that.” (Narrated by At-Tirmidhi)

3. Prayer is difficult to answer

When a Muslim leaves the prayer service. Then the prayers they pray will be difficult to be granted by Allah SWT. As we all know if every human being has a desire.

From this desire someone will pray to Allah SWT. However, Allah SWT will grant the prayer of his servant also depending on how the Muslim people worship to Allah SWT. As is the case with how he performs prayer services. Is he obedient or even he neglects his obligations as a Muslim.

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This has also been explained in QS Al-Baqarah verse 186: “And when My servant asks about Me, then surely I am close. I grant the prayer when he prays to Me, then in fact they should obey all my commands, and let them have faith so that they will always be in the truth.”

3. Entered into Hell

Prayer is an obligation for Muslims as a form of obedience and one way to get closer to Allah SWT. But what if a Muslim leaves the prayer service which incidentally is his obligation. Then those who die praying will be put into hell.

This has also been explained in the verse in the Koran: “What caused you to enter (hell) Saqar?” They replied, “We were not one of those who prayed.” (QS. Al-Mudatsir verses 42-43)

Therefore, as Muslims who obey His commands, they must still be able to carry out whatever is required, such as carrying out prayer services.

4. Enter the Class of Unbelievers

Even though they already know that prayer is the obligation of a Muslim. But there are still some people who deliberately leave the prayer service even though they have many opportunities in their lives.

Of course those who leave the prayer service will also get a loss in themselves. In addition, those who neglect the obligation to pray are also included in the group of disbelievers.

This has also been explained in a hadith: “The agreement between us and them (unbelievers) is prayer. Whoever leaves it, it means he has disbelieved. (Narrated by Tirmidhi)

5. Not Getting Help in the Hereafter

On the last day all deeds will be taken into account including the charity of prayer. Previously it has also been explained that the deeds of prayer will be brought to account at the very first when the Day of Judgment comes.

However, for those who do not carry out the prayer service as it should. Then they will get losses in themselves such as not getting help when in the afterlife.

Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam once said: “Whoever does not maintain prayer, he will not shine, will not have proof (reason) and will not be saved. On the Day of Resurrection, he will be gathered with Qarun, Pharaoh, Haman and Ubay bin Khalaf.” (Narrated by Ahmad)

6. Enter the Great Sin

Leaving the obligation to pray is the same as a Muslim committing a major sin in his life. This is because prayer is a mandatory worship, which when left out will also result in a big sin.

This has also been explained by Imam Adz-Dzahabi: “A person who ends the prayer from its time is classified as a major sin. While those who leave it (only once) are the same as those who commit adultery and criminal acts of theft. Leaving all prayers (which are five times) in total, including major sins. If this is done repeatedly, then the culprit is considered to have committed major sins, unless the person repents. Then if he continues to do so, then he is among the losers, wretched and sinful.”

7. Get the Grave Torment So Painful

Those who leave the prayer service will get a more painful punishment in the grave. Quoted, there is an explanation about the consequences of leaving prayer.

Allah SWT will make the graves of those who leave prayer services narrower with the darkest conditions. Even the torture of the grave that is given until the Day of Resurrection will not be able to stop.

8. Sakaratul Maut Will Be More Painful

Not only get a big sin. But for those who leave the prayer service will also get a more painful torment of death. The more poignant torment of death is like the condition of dying in such a lowly condition, dying hungry and also very thirsty.

Therefore a Muslim is not allowed to leave prayer during his lifetime. Of course, the prayers that are carried out must also be full of solemnity so that they can get the pleasure of Allah SWT.

From the explanation above, Sinaumed’s as a Muslim, of course, already knows what wisdom will be obtained when carrying out prayer services. You also know that if you leave the prayer service you will also get a fairly large reward.

Some of them are going to get the torments of hell, death is even more painful, even to the point where death is so painful. Therefore, we as Muslims must also be able to continue to carry out His commands, including praying and staying away from His prohibitions.

This is a review of the wisdom of prayer which is of course very meaningful and a reminder for Muslims to pray properly. Sinaumed’s can increase their knowledge about prayer by reading books available at . As #FriendsWithoutLimits, sinaumedia always provides the best products, so you have #MoreWithReading information.

Author: Hendrik