What are Anniversary? Steps to Choose Gifts and Gift Ideas

What is an Anniversary – Anniversary is a special moment that is routinely celebrated by every couple, including those who are married. At this moment, the husband and wife will be reminded of the journey of love they have been through. Whether it’s for those who have been for years or for those who are just starting to build a household.

It’s not always beautiful, sometimes marriage can also be colored with sadness and difficulties. However, in order to remain lasting and harmonious, it takes a shared commitment and love from both parties.

In addition, to make the relationship harmonious, you can do it by celebrating anniversaries. Speaking of anniversaries, every couple has their own way and ritual of celebrating it. There are those who plan a vacation to the city or country of their dreams and there are those who only celebrate it by giving special gifts to their partners.

For those of you who are soon celebrating a relationship anniversary and are confused about what to celebrate it with, then you can see reviews about gift ideas suitable for anniversaries.

Steps to Choose Anniversary Gifts

Below are some things you can think about before choosing an anniversary gift:

1. Choose Based on Hobbies Liked by Partners

Choose based on the hobbies that your partner likes. In between the daily activities, doing activities that are in accordance with hobbies are sure to be fun. After working in an office or taking care of children, husband or wife definitely need refreshing and me time .

Pampering your partner by supporting his hobby can then be an expression of your love for your partner. His hobbies can be an inspiration when choosing gifts for couples. Then, you can see her smile as she opens gifts that support her hobby.

If your partner has a hobby of cooking, a gift in the form of cooking utensils can then motivate him to cook healthy and delicious dishes. A gift like this will then mean a lot and be a joy in itself because your partner will always remember you every time he does his hobby.

2. Find out what your partner’s Wishlist is

Find out the couple’s wishes by giving a wedding anniversary gift according to their wishes. Start paying attention to items that couples often see on online shopping site applications . Apart from that, you can also try asking your family or closest friends secretly about what you want.

If you don’t get it, then just ask your partner directly which will then become a romantic act. This is better done than by setting up suRp. rose gifts, but apparently not what he wanted.

3. Give gifts that are useful and can be used everyday

Give gifts that are useful and can be used everyday so that your partner will then feel how caring you are when they receive gifts that can be used everyday. Giving a functional gift that will accompany him every day will then make your partner feel cared for.

Partners will also use it with extreme caution. Before finally choosing, you should first pay attention to the habits of your partner every day. In addition, observe what products are always with him and he uses every day. Your partner will also really appreciate your hard work in getting to know him deeper. Alternative gifts that can accompany her on a daily basis include perfume, skincare, and watches.

4. Provide Original Products that Guarantee Quality

Give the original product which then guarantees quality. Also be careful with products that resemble the original even though the price is much cheaper. The appearance of the product may resemble the original product, but the quality may differ. It could be that your partner then wants to take care of and use your gift very carefully. So that your partner is not disappointed, you should choose original products with the best quality.

5. Give a Flower Bouquet according to the age of marriage

Be a romantic partner, give him a flower bouquet that matches your anniversary. Flower bouquet is also a gift that is romantic, classic, and timeless. Each type of flower certainly has its own meaning, such as carnation, cosmos, sunflower, geranium and daisy flowers which are suitable for use as anniversary gifts in the first to fifth years.

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In addition, also get to know the various types of your partner’s favorite flowers. One type of flower that is often given to couples is red roses. Red roses themselves symbolize a deep and very strong sense of love. In addition, lilies, tulips, or orchids will also be the right choice. These three types of flowers then both show true love that is sincere and everlasting.

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Following below are interesting and memorable anniversary gift ideas that you can give to your partner:

1. Flower Bouquet

For some people, flowers then become a romantic symbol that symbolizes love and affection. This can then be the right choice to be used as a wedding anniversary gift. You can also use fresh or artificial flowers, depending on your partner’s taste.

2. Wall Clocks or Watches

The clock can then symbolize the time you will then spend with your partner in the years to come. A wooden wall clock with an elegant and minimalist design can be an anniversary gift choice. If you choose a watch, you should also make sure the design is adjusted to the tastes of your partner.

3. Hourglass

The hourglass then comes with a romantic and touching sentiment. This clock seems to symbolize the eternity of love. As an option, you can engrave the couple’s name and anniversary date on the clock frame. This can be a sweet and classy decoration. In addition, the hourglass will remind you that the time spent with the people you love will not be wasted.

4. Perfume

This one item will certainly be liked by everyone. You can choose a scent that is usually used by your partner, such as sweet, woody, floral, or masculine scents. Besides being able to be used daily, perfume will also make you stick with your partner.

5. Scrapbooks

A scrapbook which is then personalized with a photo together can be an interesting anniversary gift. Better yet, make a memorable scrapbook for him by pasting in your favorite photos. This photo can be the first portrait of the date and other photos. Also, don’t forget to add a romantic note to every photo you want to stick.

6. Tumblr

Give a custom tumblr gift to your partner. Even better, you can use a romantic photo or make a poetic caption for the design. Besides being memorable, this gift can also be used everyday. For example, to drink coffee or drink tea.

7. Coffee machine

If your partner is a coffee fan, then you can give a gift in the form of a coffee machine which can be one of the best ideas for celebrating an anniversary. Give him an automatic espresso coffee machine that will make it easier for him to brew coffee anytime at home.

8. Sports equipment

If your partner likes sports, then this gift can be the right choice. This can then be used to support activities so that they run more optimally. You can also ask your partner what kind of sports equipment is needed. Complete sports equipment, then will encourage him to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

9. Wallet

Wallet as one of the favorite items for some people. You can give him the best quality wallet like a leather wallet. In addition, this wallet itself is designed to store cards and coin pockets with a super slim design.


If you have a special song with your partner, then an acrylic music box can be the right choice for an anniversary gift. You can engrave or order acrylic which is then installed with your favorite music. In fact, you can scan the music code to open it in the app and listen to it live.

Restaurant Ideas to Celebrate Anniversary

1. OSO Ristorante

The Ristorante is located on the 46th floor, OSO Ristorante will amaze you with the view. In this restaurant you and your partner can enjoy and taste Italian cuisine made from the best ingredients from nature. OSO Ristorante also has a large selection of wine lists, including more than 200 wine labels from 60 different regions of Italy, as well as classic Italian spirits and Italian cocktails.

  • Phone Number: (021) 29922448
  • Social Media: @osoristorante.id on Instagram
  • Address: The Plaza Office Tower, Jl. MH Thamrin No. 28 – 30, RT. 9/RW. 5, Gondangdia, Kec. Menteng, Central Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 10350
  • Price range: Rp. .600,000.00 for 2 people
  • Operating Hours: 11.00 – 15.00, 18.00 – 23.00 (Monday – Sunday)
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2. Vong Kitchen

Vong Kitchen is a contemporary restaurant with seasonal dishes and has been curated by renowned chefs Jean-Georges and Cedric Vongerichten. Distinctive taste between the exotic and aromatic flavors of Jean from the East and peRp. the blend of French, American and Asian flavors will then amaze you. Experience a memorable Anniversary by indulging in their delicious food and cocktails.

  • Vong Kitchen Phone Number: (021) 50808787
  • Vong Kitchen Social Media: @vongkitchen on Instagram
  • Vong Kitchen Address: Alila SCBD Jakarta, Lot 11, Jl. Gen. Sudirman No. Kav. 52-53, RT.5/RW.3, Senayan, Kec. Kby. Baru, City of South Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 12190
  • Vong Kitchen Price Range: Rp. 800,000.00 for 2 people (approx.) without alcohol Rp. 70,000.00 for a glass of beer (approx.)
  • Vong Kitchen Operating Hours: 11.00 – 22.00 (Monday – Sunday)

3. Sofia at The Gunawarman

Sitting inside the luxurious building of The Gunawarman, Sofia Resto presents a romantic dining experience. Known for their food which is then cooked using only the finest ingredients, Sofia also serves up a variety of mouth-watering desserts. Dining here will bring you an authentic sensation that you can’t get anywhere else:

  • Sofia The Gunawarman Phone Number: (021) 22770007
  • Sofia The Gunawarman Social Media: @thegunawarman on Instagram
  • Address of Sofia The Gunawarman: Jl. Gunawarman No.3, RT.6/RW.3, Selong, Kec. Kby. Baru, City of South Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 12110
  • Sofia The Gunawarman Price Range: Rp. 700,000.00 for 2 people (approx.) without alcohol
  • Operational Hours of Sofia The Gunawarman: 06.00 – 01.00 (Monday – Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday) 06.00 – 03.00 (Wednesday, Friday – Saturday).

After reading this article to the end, you will know what an anniversary is and what gift ideas are suitable for celebrating it. That way, the relationship between you and your lover can get closer and closer.
Thus the discussion about the anniversary along with the gift ideas, we hope that all the discussion above will make it easier for Sinaumed’s to choose the right gift for the anniversary.

Recommended Books Related to Anniversary

1. Don’t make a small problem in a love relationship a big problem

Heartache, anger, insecurities, and a variety of everyday problems can cause friction, even for the happiest couples. For married couples who have lived together for years, the problem is generally that each one becomes less respectful and doesn’t put enough energy into keeping the relationship passionate.

This book shows you how to keep your relationship with your partner burning with passion, how to prevent small fights from turning into big ones, and how to respect your partner. In one hundred beautifully written but incredibly practical tips, Richard and Kris Carlson show us how not to overreact to criticism from loved ones, how to get over old grudges. jealousy, a way to ignore your partner’s strange habits, and a way to choose peace without showing resentment.

2. The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down

The multi-million-copy bestseller is spiritual wisdom on the importance of slowing down in our fast-paced world, by the Buddhist author of Love for Imperfect Things, “Wise advice on how to reflect and slow down.” Elle Is the world busy, or is it my mind?

The world moves fast, but that doesn’t mean we have to. This best-selling mindfulness guide by Haemin Sunim (which means “spontaneous wisdom”), a renowned Buddhist meditation teacher born in Korea and educated in the United States, illuminates the path to inner peace and balance amidst the many demands of everyday life.

Offering clues on the path to well-being and happiness in eight areas – including relationships, love, and spirituality – Haemin Sunim emphasizes the importance of forging deeper connections with others and being compassionate and forgiving towards oneself. The more than twenty colorful illustrations that accompany his teachings serve as a relaxing visual distraction, prompting us to notice that when you slow down, the world slows down with you.

3. We Sometimes, Yes, That Is

Sometimes we feel that we are the laziest people to read until one day for fun we enter the PERP. library or to a bookstore and came home with a tote bag in hand containing several anthologies of short stories. en. Many men often feel they don’t need anything, but when he goes to the market, he comes home with whatever is filled in a number of plastic bags that are pressing against the handlebars of his motorcycle.

In the middle of the month, a young mother often feels that she is poor because her husband has not yet been paid, but that feeling rushes away when a clothing salesperson spreads her wares on the living room floor. Sometimes we, yes, that’s how it goes. Unless, we have fled to the mountains and meditated in caves while constantly building illusions about the feeling that we don’t need anything anymore because we have succeeded in seeing ourselves as demigods.

This book summarizes a number of strange human behaviors around us, (perhaps) including ourselves, whether we realize it or not. Many ridiculous and intriguing events that reflect; there are times when it makes us flinch, smile, then giggle to ourselves. This book is truly an inspiring, entertaining, and enlightening read.