Prayers for Brides that Can Be Practiced When Coming to Marriage

Prayer for the Bride and Groom – When someone is invited to a wedding, they will definitely congratulate the bride and groom. Not just saying it, but not a few people give prayers to the bride and groom. Even so, not everyone knows the prayer for marriage.

In Islam, there are prayers for the bride and groom that can be conveyed to the bride and groom. However, before we discuss prayer for the bride and groom, it’s better for us to discuss marriage first.

Definition of Marriage

Fulfilling the walimatul ursy invitation or wedding reception is one of the obligations of every Muslim. When attending a wedding, Muslims are encouraged to read the wedding prayer for the good of the bride and groom. Marriage is a noble and holy worship. Islam has also regulated in detail how the correct marriage process is according to religious law. Marriage in Islam is believed to complement religion.

Marriage is considered as a lifetime worship that is worth the reward. Of course, if the marriage is carried out in a legal way according to the Shari’a. In addition, married couples should together build a harmonious household life without physical or mental violence. That is the definition of lifelong worship as meant in Islam.

Marriage is a very happy phase of life, especially if you marry your idol. The struggle that ends in the aisle is a dream for many people. When we witness friends, family or relatives getting married, sometimes we also feel the happiness they feel.

So, we should give the best prayers for the bride and groom. Prayers for the newlyweds really need to be said by the people who witness it. By reading a prayer for the newlyweds, it means that we also pray for the bride’s household to become sakinah, mawadah and warahmah.

In Islam, marriage can be interpreted as a sacred agreement made by a man and a woman who want to continue the relationship to become a halal relationship. They will tie the knot to state that they are ready to build a household.

This is in line with what was expressed by a scholar, Abdurrahman Al-Jaziri, who stated that marriage is a sacred agreement made between a man and a woman with the aim of forming a happy family.

Not only that, marriage in the Islamic view is an obligation of household life which must follow the teachings of faith and devotion to Allah. This is in line with what is stated in Article 1 of Law Number 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage, which reads “marriage is a physical and spiritual bond between a man and a woman as husband and wife with the aim of forming a happy and eternal family (household) based on Belief in the one and only God.”

Therefore, marriage or marriage can be said to be one of the good or commendable human behaviors that have been created by God Almighty with the aim of making human life even better. In addition, a good marriage can also make the husband and wife relationship more harmonious and happiness will come.

Marriage is taken from the word wedlock which means a marriage contract carried out in accordance with applicable legal rules and religious teachings. While the word marriage comes from Arabic, namely ” An-wedding “. In language, ” An-marriage ” means to unite, gather, and relate.

Definition of Marriage According to Experts from the Four Schools

By definition, marriage is also explained by several scholars who are often known as the four schools of fiqh.

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1. Imam Maliki

Imam Maliki said that marriage is a contract that can change the sexual relationship of a woman who is not a mahram, a slave, and a magi into a lawful sexual relationship with shighat.

2. Imam Hanafi

Imam Hanafi stated that marriage is someone who gets the right to have sexual biological relations with a woman. In this case, a woman is a woman with no legal obstacles in accordance with the syar’i to marry.

3. Imam Shafi’i

Imam Syafi’i stated that marriage is a contract that gives the right to have sexual relations by pronouncing the word marriage, tazwij or other words with the same meaning.

4. Priest Hanbali

Imam Hambali revealed that marriage is a process in which a marriage contract is made with the aim of obtaining recognition in marriage words or words that have the same meaning.

After listening to the expressions of Islamic scholars, it can be said that marriage is a marriage contract process that has the aim of obtaining recognition and changing sexual relations between men and women that were previously unlawful to become halal sexual relations.

Prayers for the Bride

Usually, weddings are held by inviting relatives and friends. If you get a wedding invitation, it is recommended to attend the walimah. Not only giving congratulations, attending the walimah invitation also aims to give prayers for the newlyweds who are happy.

Quoting from the Book of Al-Adzkar al-Muntakhabah min Kalami Sayyid al-Abrar by Muhyiddin Abu Zakaria Yahya bin Syaraf al-Nawawi al-Dimasyqi, there is a prayer for newlyweds that we should say for the bride and groom who have just entered into a marriage contract.

There are several prayers that the bride can say on her wedding day, from prayers after the ceremony to prayers on the first night. In addition, the guests who were present were also encouraged to pray for the bride and groom to receive blessings and happiness in their marriage.

The following is a wedding prayer or prayer for the bride that was taught by Rasulullah SAW to practice when attending a wedding reception quoted from the book Javanese Islamic Rituals and Traditions by KH Muhammad Sholikhin:

Meaning: “May Allah bless you, may Allah bless you and unite you both (as husband and wife) in goodness.”

The marriage contract is usually witnessed by the closest people. When attending a marriage ceremony, guests should say a prayer for the newlyweds in Arabic. For the bride and groom, it is also necessary to say a prayer as gratitude for being given the opportunity to perfect their worship.

Whereas for the groom when he meets his wife for the first time in the aisle, he should pray (while holding the wife’s crown). following the groom’s prayer:

Meaning: “O Allah, bless my life in my family, also bless my family in my life. O Allah, give sustenance to my family from me and give sustenance to me from my family. O Allah, gather us as You gather in goodness, also do not separate us except in a good separation.

Prayers for People Inviting to Marriage

Islam so perfectly regulates every detail of life’s problems. Likewise regarding manners when invited to a wedding. Every Muslim is encouraged to pray for the person who invited him after eating. One of the sunnah prayers that can be read is:

“O Allah, forgive them, have mercy on them and bless them in what You bestowed upon them.” (Narrated by Ahmad IV/187-188).

Or you can also pray:

O Allah, give food to those who have fed me, and give drink to those who have given me a drink.” (HR. Muslim no. 2055).

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Husband’s Prayer After Marriage Contract

After saying the consent granted and declared valid as husband and wife, the groom is encouraged to place his hand on the top of his wife while praying for her.

It means:

“O Allah, I ask for his goodness and the goodness of his character that he brings. And I seek refuge from his ugliness and the ugliness of character that he carries.” (Narrated by Abu Daud, no. 2160).

Prayer Before Husband and Wife Relationship

Before having sex, husband and wife are encouraged to read a prayer to ask for protection from Allah SWT. This prayer will give blessings, kindness to the offspring produced, and increase intimacy.

Meaning: ” In the name of Allah, O Allah, keep me away from the devil and keep the devil away from the child that You will bestow upon us.” (Narrated by Bukhari, no. 6388; Muslim, no. 1434).

Prayer Asking to be Given a Godly Offspring

One of the purposes of marriage is to have children. Therefore, married couples are encouraged to ask Allah SWT for prayers to be given pious or pious offspring. One of them is the prayer in QS. As-Shaffat: 100 which reads:

Meaning: “O my Lord, grant me (a child) who is a pious person.”

Or you can also pray in QS. Ali Imran: 38 which reads:

Meaning: ” O my Lord, give me good offspring from Your side, indeed You are All-Hearing prayer.”

Obligations to Fulfill Wedding Invitations

The obligation to fulfill the reception or walimah is mentioned in the hadith narrated by Ibn Umar that Rasulullah SAW once said:

The scholars say that if the walimah is the walimatul ‘ursy, then the law of attending is obligatory. So it is not appropriate for someone not to attend without an excuse. While eating the banquet that is served is sunnah, not obligatory. The fiqh scholars have explained cases which are udzur syar’i which allow a Muslim not to attend the walimatul ‘ursy.

Among other things, when in the walimah there were unjust cases such as drinking and wicked deeds. Whereas if the walimah is not the walimatul ‘ursy, then it is not obligatory to attend. However, if it is intended to make Muslim brothers and sisters happy, their presence will be rewarded.

Fulfilling a wedding invitation is the right of every Muslim as the words of Rasulullah SAW:

Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said:

Marriage Suggestion

Marriage is a transitional phase of human life from adolescence and youth to family time. Marriage or marriage is a physical and spiritual bond between two people, namely a man and a woman to fulfill the purpose of married life as a husband and wife with conditions and harmony that have been determined by Islamic law.

Marriage is a way that Allah SWT has chosen as a way for humans to legally fulfill their biological needs in order to avoid the pit of sin by committing adultery. Marriage is also one of the efforts to obtain offspring and inner peace.

Allah SWT says:

In another letter it was stated:

Marriage is also a sunnah of the Prophet SAW, even the Prophet Muhammad SAW stated that people who hate marriage are not included in their class.

Hearing these words, the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam praised Allah and praised Him, then he said:

“What’s wrong with them? They say this and that, even though I myself pray and also sleep, fast and also break my fast, and I also marry a woman. So anyone who hates my sunnah, means not from my group.” (HR. Muslim) [No. 1401 Syarh Sahih Muslim] Sahih.