Getting to Know Sangjit and the 10 Obligatory Deliveries for Men and Women in this Tradition

Sangjit is – Before running a household, couples who are going to marry according to
custom will generally hold several events including carrying out the application process, offerings, or
Various ethnic groups in Indonesia have pre-wedding events with unique procedures
and traditions passed down from generation to generation.
Of the many customs before marriage
in Indonesia, one of them is sangjit.

Sangjit is one of the customs before marriage which is often carried out by the Chinese community.
Even though times have led to modern times, this sacred tradition cannot be overlooked or
In fact, nowadays, this sangjit tradition is becoming simpler and simpler.

Then, what exactly is sangjit? What are the delivery or offerings or gifts that will be made
during the sangjit tradition?
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What is Sanggit?

Sangjit is a traditional procession that is generally carried out after the application process and before
the wedding takes place in a Chinese culture.
This sangjit tradition is practically similar to
the seserahan tradition which is usually carried out by countries in Asia, including Indonesia.
Usually, Indonesian artists of Chinese descent will perform this sangjit event.

Therefore, sangjit can be regarded as an official engagement event that begins with the giving of the
male’s family to the female’s family.
In this case, the intended offering is like a gift or

The implementation of this sangjit tradition is generally carried out in closed conditions or only attended
by large families.
In addition, it can also be interpreted as a formal meeting between the male
family and the female family to discuss marriage.
The existence of this sangjit tradition
symbolizes sincerity for the groom who is willing to marry the bride and is also willing to take care of the
prospective woman after marriage.

This sangjit event is based on the agreement of the two families of the prospective bride and groom.
However, apart from being based on an agreement between families, this event was also held with
great seriousness.
As for what will be discussed at this event, such as determining the place
for the reception, determining the wedding date, the time of implementation (usually according to the
beliefs of the Chinese community).

Sangjit is generally held during the day or around 10.00-13.00 and is held at least one week to six months before
the wedding day.

Meaning of Sanggit

In contrast to offerings in other cultures, the theme of red and gold colors is a characteristic of
In general, doing sangjit is a condition that must be passed by the couple
(prospective bride and groom).

In fact, it not only shows seriousness, but this event is also believed to be a sacred event because it has
involved the extended family from both the male and female sides.
In addition, the sangjit
event also functions as a meeting between the two families so that they can get each other’s blessings and
prayers, so as to strengthen ties between families.

The meaning of sangjit is not limited only as an act of exchanging gifts or handing over between two
families, but is also seen as an event full of positive meaning and Chinese cultural wisdom.
The goal is that the next generation will always remember their origins

Types of Compulsory Delivery from Men and
Their Meanings

There are at least 10 types of mandatory delivery that the man needs to prepare for the woman’s family.
In the past, delivery itself was considered as a means of offering to propose to a woman.
But now, its meaning has shifted to material gifts in goods or money that serve as provisions or
capital to marry the woman of choice.
Here are 10 types of delivery that must be present and
carried during sangjit along with their meanings.

1. Delivery Box or Tray

For Chinese people, red is a symbol of happiness and joy. Therefore, by using a red box, it is
hoped that all the trays given will give happiness to the bride and groom who will lead a new life.

Apart from color, also pay attention to the number of boxes or trays used and the number of items in them.
The number of boxes to be given must be even, such as 8, 12, 16, and 18. Even if the number is
even, the number 4 must be avoided because according to Chinese belief, this number can bring bad luck. In
addition, in Mandarin, the number 4 also means having similarity in sound with a word that means

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2. Angpau Contains Milk Money and Party Money

Milk money is an amount of money given by the groom’s family to the bride’s family as a reward or a token
of gratitude to the woman’s parents.
Apart from milk money, there is also party money or what
is also known as dowry money.

This amount of money is free and unlimited, depending on the ability of the groom. This money
is also a sign of the groom’s material readiness or readiness to bear all the costs of his wedding.
The denomination must contain elements of the numbers 8 and 9, which mean luck and eternity.

3. A Set of Clothing for Women

This gift means that in the future the groom will be able to meet all the clothing needs of the bride.

4. Makeup Supplies

The contents of this one sangjit tray are not required to be given to the prospective bride.
Generally, this tray will contain women’s needs in the form of cosmetic products and toiletries,
including mirrors.

The hope is that the bride will be able to take care of herself, so that she always looks beautiful and
attractive, especially on her wedding day.
The mirror means that the bride and groom can later
reflect on themselves, so they don’t demand each other.

5. Jewelry

Apart from being a binding symbol, jewelry is also used as dowry which will be handed over at the sangjit
The jewelry given is usually made of gold in a complete set, starting from necklaces,
pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets with a red jewelry box which symbolizes good luck and happiness in

6. Even Number of Fresh
Fruits (8, 10, 12, 16, or 18 pieces)

Apples and oranges are the two types of fresh fruit most commonly used in the sangjit procession.
In addition to matching the color red and gold, both have a round shape, sweet taste and are easy
to find.

These fruits have symbols of happiness, peace, prosperity, and abundant sustenance. Apart from
apples and oranges, fruit delivery can also be filled with other fruits.
All of these must be
an even number and avoid fruits with thorns, such as durian or rambutan.

7. Red Candles Tied with Red Ribbons

Two pairs of red candles with images of a dragon (liong) and a phoenix (hong) which are then tied with a
red ribbon have a symbol of lighting, safety, protection, and an antidote to negative energy that may appear
before the wedding day.
Then, a pair of candles with a hong pattern will then be taken by the
bride’s family, while a pair of candles with a dragon pattern are returned to the groom’s family so that
each party can avoid bad luck.

8. A Pair of Pork Feet or Canned Food

The habit of eating dishes made from pig’s feet was carried out by the Chinese people in ancient times,
especially those from Fujian and Taiwan.
Then, pig’s feet are believed to drive away bad luck
and contain the meaning of safety.

So, many of the ancient Chinese traditions still include pieces of pig’s feet in sangjit.
However, if this is not possible, this delivery can be replaced with pork leg dishes that are
packed in cans.

9. Various Kinds of Cakes and Sweets

Chinese cakes and sweets with a sweet taste and sticky texture must be served on the sangjit tray.
One of them is a red cupcake. This delivery then contains the meaning of hope for a
married life that will always be harmonious, multi-layered fortune, and a higher position.

As with other sangjit rules, the number of sweet cakes should be an even number, such as 8 or multiples
This is because the number 8 is believed to be the best because it looks like a symbol
of infinity and implies unlimited luck and fortune.
Besides cakes, also provide various candies
or sweets that symbolize the hope of parents so that the lives of their children will bring good luck and
always be filled with sweet moments in the future.

10. Two Bottles of Red Wine or Champagne

A pair of bottles of red wine which is then given by the groom has the meaning of wedding wine.
This gift will also signify good luck for a woman’s parents. In return, the woman’s
family prepared two bottles of red syrup in exchange for these two bottles of wine.

Gifts from the Women’s Party

After receiving the various gifts given by the man’s family, the woman will also give gifts in return to
the man’s family.
The gifts given are not as many as those given by the men.

Even so, this gift generally means that the woman’s family will maintain a good relationship after the
Below are some return gifts that will be received by the groom’s family:

  1. Angpau left over from the party money which will then be partially returned, if the woman’s family decides
    that the costs of the wedding are fully borne by the man.
  2. Half of the tray contains the amount of fruit, cakes, sweets, and canned food given at the initial offering.
  3. Items needed by the groom, including complete clothing containing shirts, shirts, trousers, watches,
    perfume, shoes, belts, toiletries, underwear, and handkerchiefs.
  4. A pair of red candles depicting a dragon will be given at the initial offering.
  5. Two bottles of red syrup in return for arak or red wine.
  6. Sweet foods such as candy and chocolate.
  7. Angpau contains money to be distributed to the tray bearers from the groom’s side.
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Surrender Meaning

All gifts in sangjit are then given stickers, red ribbons, and Mandarin writing Xuang xi , which
means happiness in married life.
According to tradition, if the woman’s family takes all
the items delivered by the man, it means that the woman’s family will hand over the bride completely to
the man’s family and cut off family ties with the bride after she has a family.

In other words, by returning half of the gifts, the woman’s family can then still have contact with the
bride and groom.
In addition, partial surrender will also give hope that balanced fortune and
luck will be owned by both parties.

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Sangjit is one of the traditions from the Chinese which is still attached, especially in
Indonesian Chinese society.
This tradition is carried out before the wedding takes place where
both the woman and the man give gifts or offerings.
Along with the development of the times,
this sangjit tradition is carried out simply, but still full of meaning.

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