Walimatul Ursy Prayer on Marriage and Its Meanings and Understanding!

Walimatul Ursy Prayer – In Islam, when carrying out a wedding, good prayers are usually given so that the marriage runs smoothly and married life can last a long time. The prayer that is often read at a wedding reception is the Walimatul Ursy prayer.

Before we discuss about the Walimatul Ursy prayer, it would be nice for us to understand what Walimatul Ursy is first.

Meaning of Walimatul Ursy

In society, walimatul ursy is often referred to as a wedding reception. Walimatul ursy itself is interpreted as an event of thanksgiving to Allah SWT for the implementation of the marriage contract. In society, walimatul ursy is often referred to as a party or wedding reception.

Walimah means gathering. Meanwhile, the meaning of walimah itself is a special banquet for marriage. The Walimatul Ursy prayer is commonly read after the marriage contract as an expression of gratitude to Allah SWT for the implementation of the marriage.

Marriage is a transitional phase of human life from adolescence and youth to family time. Marriage is a way that Allah SWT has chosen as a way for humans to legally fulfill their biological needs in order to avoid the pit of sin by committing adultery. Marriage is also one of the efforts to obtain offspring and inner peace.

Allah SWT says:

Marriage is also a sunnah of Rasulullah SAW, even the Prophet Muhammad SAW stated that people who hate marriage are not included in their group.

Walimatul Ursy prayer

So that the walimatul ursy reception will be filled with blessings, it is also recommended that you read the walimatul ursy prayer for the bride and groom after the marriage contract. The following is the pronunciation and meaning of the prayer:

1. Short Walimatul Ursy Prayer

a. First prayer

Allaahummaghfir Lahum warhamhum wa barik lahum fiimaa razaqtana hum.

Meaning: ” O Allah, forgive them, love them and bless them in what You bestow.” (Narrated by Ahmad).

b. Second prayer

Barakallahu laka wa jama’a bainakuma fî khairin.

Meaning: “May Allah SWT bless you, determine blessings for you, and gather you both in his goodness.” (Narrated by Ahmad, Abu Daud, Tirmidhi, and Ibn Majah).

c. Third prayer

Allahumma atim man ath amanda was taqi mansa haanii.

Meaning: ” O Allah, give food in exchange to those who have fed me, and give in exchange to drink to those who have given me a drink.” (HR. Muslim).

2. Walimatul Ursy Prayer for the Bride and Groom

Quoting the book Sakinah Cinta by Umm Azzam, the following is the walimatul ursy prayer for the groom and bride as taught by Rasulullah SAW as narrated by Abu Hurairah.

Meaning: “May Allah SWT bless you, determine blessings for you, and gather you both in his goodness.” (Narrated by Ahmad, Abu Daud, Tirmidhi, and Ibn Majah).

Apart from reciting the prayer, you can also recite a longer version of the prayer as follows.

Meaning: “May Allah’s blessings always be poured out on you. May Allah gather you both in goodness. May Allah’s blessings be poured out on each of you for your partner, and may Allah gather you both in goodness.” (Narrated by Bukhari).

3. Prayer for the Bridegroom

For the groom when he meets his wife for the first time in the aisle, he should pray (while holding the wife’s crown). Here is the groom’s prayer:

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4. Walimatul Ursy Prayer after the Marriage Contract

Walimatul ursy’s prayer is a long version of KH. Maimun Zubair was quoted by PISS-KTB :

O Allah, grant Your mercy to our lord the Prophet Muhammad, with a light-filled mercy as a deposit with Allah and become ease, happiness and joy for us and the believers and (give Your mercy) to his family and companions, and save them with perfect safety. 

O Allah, make this contract, a contract that is full of blessings, a contract that does not exist after separation (divorce) or enmity, a contract that is blessed for both of them and for both of them from the beginning until the end until both of them meet You and You are pleased with both of them, O Lord of the Worlds. O Allah, expand sustenance for both of them and good morals for both of them and protect them both from shirk, doubt, nifaq and bad morals. 

O Allah, O our Lord, make harmony between the two of them that has no end and no end and keep them away from enmity and separation by Your mercy, O One, the Most Merciful, the merciful. O Allah, make this marriage an eternal and lasting marriage until you meet and you are pleased with both of them, O Lord of the Worlds. 

5. Invited Guest Walimatul Ursy Prayer

Walimatul ursy invited guests can offer the following prayer:

Meaning: “O Allah, forgive them, love them and bless them in what You bestow.” (Narrated by Ahmad)

In addition to the prayer above, invited guests may also read the following prayer:

Meaning: “O Allah, give food in exchange to the person who has fed me, and give in exchange to the drink to the person who has given me a drink.” (HR. Muslim)

Prayers for invited guests attending walimatul ursy or wedding receptions are as follows:

Meaning: “O Allah, forgive them, have mercy on them and bless them in what You have bestowed upon them.” (Narrated by Ahmad)

The following is the walimatul ursy prayer taught by Rasulullah SAW when attending a wedding reception quoted from the book Javanese Islamic Rituals and Traditions by KH Muhammad Sholikhin:

Meaning: “May Allah bless you, may Allah bless you and unite you both (as husband and wife) in goodness.”

6. Marriage Prayer for Friends

Meaning: “May Allah bless you, bless you, and may He gather between you both in goodness.” (HR. Ahmad and Hakim).

Meanwhile, there is also a prayer that is often recited by religious leaders when attending weddings, especially during the ceremony:

Furthermore, there are additional prayers for the bride and groom that are more specific, such as asking Allah SWT to give good offspring to halal sustenance.

Law Comes to Walimatul Ursy

In Islamic teachings, every Muslim who receives an invitation to walimatul ursy from friends or relatives who are getting married has an obligation to attend. Rasulullah SAW also emphasized, as narrated in a hadith by Imam Bukhari, namely:

“If one of you is invited to a walimah, then come attend.” (HR. Muslim).

There is another history that explains Walimatul Ursy, which is narrated by Imam Bukhari in a hadith, “If one of you is invited to a walimah, then come attend.” (HR. Muslim)

Walimatul ursy law is sunnah. But the implementation must still be considered, such as praying for the groom and the bride. Muslims are encouraged to read the wedding prayer for the good of the bride and groom.

Rasulullah SAW said that the law in fulfilling invitations such as wedding receptions or walimatul ursy is mandatory.

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He also once said the following:

Not only that, the Prophet Muhammad SAW said that prospective guests who are fasting should still come to fulfill the invitation, as he stated below:

Indonesians have a tradition of holding weddings or walimatul ursy. The bride and groom invite family, relatives, neighbors and friends for the happy occasion. Even so, there are prayers that can be made by invited guests for the bride and groom who are holding the walimatul ursy.

Often Muslims give a short prayer ‘Samawa’ which has three words long, namely ‘sakinah, mawaddah, warahmah’ to people who have just married. However, it turns out that it is also good to read prayers for the bride and groom who are happy.

In Islam, fulfilling a Muslim’s invitation is prescribed, but this is subject to conditions, namely:

  1. The person who invites is a Muslim,
  2. The person who invites is not open in committing immorality,
  3. There is no immorality that cannot be eliminated in the event that will take place.

However, there is one invitation that according to the majority of scholars must be fulfilled, namely a wedding invitation, and invitations other than marriage are only recommended (not mandatory). However, it is obligatory to fulfill the walimah invitation if it fulfills the three conditions previously mentioned.

In another hadith, the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam also said:

“Whoever does not attend the walimah/wedding invitation, indeed he has disobeyed Allah and His Messenger.” (HR. Muslim).

The Priority of Marriage

After knowing the various kinds of marriage prayer readings, then you must also understand the virtues of marriage. Marriage is one of the most beautiful moments in the life of a Muslim and a Muslim woman. In fact, in Islam, there is a great virtue in a marriage.

Hadith from Anas bin Malik radhiyallahu ‘anhu, he said that Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said,

“If someone marries, then he has perfected half of his religion. Therefore, fear Allah in the other half.” (Narrated by Al Baihaqi in Syu’abul Iman).

In the hadith above it is stated that one of the great virtues of marriage is to complete half of the religion. In addition, the scholars explain that one’s religion can be damaged by two things, namely the genitals and stomach. The genitals will lead to adultery, while the stomach can lead someone to greed. Therefore, by marriage, we have fortified ourselves from one of these two things, namely adultery.

Al Ghazali Rahimahullah (in the book Mirqotul Mafatih) said, “Generally there are two things that damage a person’s religion, namely his genitals and stomach. Getting married means keeping yourself away from one of them. By getting married, it means that someone fortifies himself from the temptations of the devil, fortifies himself from lust (which agitates) and lowers his gaze more.

Another virtue of marriage is the promise of Allah SWT to provide for those who marry. Unfortunately, this is what often becomes an obstacle for someone to get married.

In fact, Allah SWT has said in one of his verses,

That is the walimatul ursy prayer that you can read when you are going to have a wedding reception. Thus the discussion about Walimatul Ursy’s prayer, hopefully it will be useful for Sinaumed’s.

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