This Prayer of the Prophet Khidir When You Have a Desire or Hajat

Prophet Khidir’s Prayer – Not only working hard, in an effort to achieve something you dream of, it is also highly recommended to be accompanied by prayer and remembrance of Allah SWT. This is because good fortune is obtained with His permission and pleasure.

One of the prayers after prayer that can be said is the Prophet Khidir’s prayer to grant all wishes. The Prophet Khidir is a prophet sent by Allah SWT who is implicitly mentioned in the Al-Qur’an Surah Al-Kahf verses 60 -65 and verse 82. However, he is not included in the 25 Prophets and Apostles that we know.

In addition, the Prophet Khidir’s prayer is believed to be read to get rid of difficulties and suffering. As it is known that every human being in his life does not always feel happy.

There are times when humans get difficulties and suffering as a test from Allah SWT. Every test and trial that is given certainly has a purpose. So, we as humans should always be prepared to face it.

To face all the tests and trials given by Allah SWT, we must live it with patience, prayer and struggle to survive. Like reading the Prophet Khidir’s prayer that will be given. The calamity that befalls us is also not necessarily a punishment because we have sinned. There is a possibility that this is a test given to elevate our status as human beings to become even better human beings in the eyes of Allah SWT.

Prayer of the Prophet Khidir

The good nature and personality of Prophet Khidir are told in the Al-Qur’an and hadith. One of the practices that the Prophet Khidir regularly did was prayer and dhikr. So, here is the Prophet Khidir’s prayer that Muslims usually read to ask for his wish to be granted:

1. Prayer of the Prophet Khidir to grant all desires and their meanings

The following is the Prophet Khidir’s prayer that Sinaumed’s can read after the maghrib or dawn prayers so that his sustenance will be expedited.

Allahumma Sholli ala Sayyidina Muhammad waalihi wa shahbihi wa sallim.

Allahumma kamaa lathafta fii ‘azhamatika duunalluthafaa, wa ‘alawta bi’ azhamatika alal ‘uzhamaa, wa ‘alimta maajuang ardhika ka’ilmika bimaa fauqa ‘arsyika, wa kaanat wasaawisusshuduuri kal’alaaniyyati ‘indaka, wa ‘alaaniyyatulqauli kassirri fiiqa ‘ilmika, wanada kullu syai-in li ‘azhamatika, wa khadha’a kullu dzi sulthaanin li sulthaanika, wa shaara amruddunya wal aakhirati kulluhu biyadika.

Ij’al lii min kulli hammin ashbahtu aw amsaiytu fiihi farajan wa makhrajaa, Allahumma inna ‘afwaka ‘an dzunuubiy, wa tajaawazaka ‘an khathii’athiu, wa sitraka alaa qabiihi a’maaliy, athmi’niy an as-aluka maa laa astawjibuhu minka mimma washhartu fiihi, ad’uuka aaminan, wa as aluka musta ‘anisaa.

Wa innakalmuhsinu ilayya, wa analmusii’u ilaa nafsiy fiima bayniy wa bainika, tata waddadu ilayya bini’matika, wa atabagghadhu ilaika bilma’ashiy, walakinnatsiqata bika hamalatniy ‘alal Jaraa-ati ‘alaika, fa’ud bifadhlika wa ihsaanika ‘alayya. Innaka antattawaaburrahiim, wa shallallahu alaa Sayyidina Muhammadin waalihi wa shahbihi wa sallam.

Meaning: “O Allah, as You are gentle in Your majesty above all that is gentle, and You are Most High with Your majesty over all that is great, and You are All-Knowing of what is in Your earth as You know what that is above Your Throne, and the whisper of the heart at Your side is the same as open speech, and open speech is the same at Your side with the whisper of the heart, and submit everything to Your majesty, and humble everything that have dominion over Your dominion, and be the prison of the world and the hereafter in Your hands, make for me from all the complaints that befall me in the evening or morning relief and a way out of it “.

“O Allah, verily Your forgiveness for my sins, and Your removal of all my mistakes, and Your covering for my bad deeds, all of which encourage me to ask You for anything that I do not deserve from what I careless to him, I beg You in safety, and I ask You in a state of pleasure, whereas You are always doing good to me, and I am always doing evil to myself in matters involving my relationship with You.”

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“You always make me love You by always giving Your favor to me even though You don’t need me, and I always make You angry by disobeying You, but my trust in You leads me to dare (beg) You, then visit me with Your grace and kindness to me and accept my repentance, verily You are the Most Recipient of repentance, the Most Merciful.”

2. Prophet Khidir’s prayer to avoid difficulties and expand his sustenance

Bismillahi ma sya-allah la yasuqul khoiro illallah, bismillahi m sya-allah la yashrifus su-a illallah, bismillah ma sya-allah ma kana min ni’matin fa minallah, bismillah mas sya-allah la hawla wala quwwata illa billahil ‘aliyyil’ adzim.

Meaning: “In the name of Allah, everything happens according to His will, nothing brings good except Allah. In the name of Allah that everything happens according to His will, nothing removes badness except Allah. In the name of Allah that everything happens according to His will, there is no enjoyment except from Allah. In the name of Allah that everything happens by His will, there is no power to do good except with Allah’s help. And there is no power to avoid immoral acts except with the protection of Allah, the Most High and Most Great.”

Many scholars recommend this Prophet Khidir prayer as a prayer that can help us as humans and Muslims in facing various tests and trials.

Basically Allah SWT has determined the sustenance of His people according to their respective measures. When you have a wish or wish, it is not impossible that your wish will come true someday. As long as it is accompanied by earnest endeavor, one of which is by reading the prayers of the Prophet Khidir above.

Some say, when Prophet Khidir and Prophet Ilyas got together, the two of them did not separate unless they read the prayers first.

Prayer of the Prophet Khidir and Surah Al-Waqi’ah

When practicing the Prayer of the Prophet Khidir, it can also be accompanied by Surat Al-Waqiah which is known to have the virtue of facilitating sustenance. In addition, by practicing the Al-Waqiah surah there will also be several miracles, as follows.

1. The verse of a thousand dinars

People often refer to surah Al Waqiah as the verse of a thousand dinars. Because it is considered as the door opener of sustenance when it is practiced every day.

2. Keep away from poverty

A great reward will be obtained by someone who reads Surah Al Waqiah every night. Apart from reading regularly, it can keep a person away from poverty for the rest of his life.

Moreover, by reading the Makiyyah letter 14 times after performing the Asr prayer or one sitting, the wealth that person will gain will be abundant.

“Teach the surah Al-Waqiah to your wives. Because in fact it is a letter of wealth “.

3. Bring intercession on the Day of Judgment

Imam Ja’far Ash-Sadiq said: “Whoever longs for heaven and its characteristics, then read Surah Al-Waqia’ah; and whoever wants to see the nature of hell, then read Surah As-Sajadah.” (Tsawabul A’mal, page 117)

4. Be a generous treasurer

In order for someone to become a rich person, it is safe from this Al Waqiah letter to be read 3 times after completing the morning prayer.

5. Teaching monotheism

In Surah Al Waqiah, it does not directly explain verses about wealth, sustenance and such things. However, this surah teaches about monotheism which makes a person believe in Allah SWT.

6. Given peace

“Whoever reads Surah Al-Wagi’ah before going to bed, he will meet Allah in a state of his face like the full moon: (Tsawabul A’mal, page 117).

The procedure for the practice of the Prophet Khidir’s prayer, as follows:

  1. Prepare a container made of clay.
  2. Fill the container with rainwater that falls directly from the sky, without being blocked by tiles, leaves, etc.
  3. Fast for seven days and every night take the water in the container and then recite the Prophet Khidir’s prayer 3333 times, then blow into the water.

Prophet Khidir’s prayer reading:

Allahumma sholi’alaa sayyidina Muhammad waalihi kama laanihaayatin likamaalihi wa’ada hamaaluhu .

The water that has been prayed for with the Prophet Khidir’s prayer, can be drunk daily. And also used to break the 7-day sunnah fast. With the permission of Allah SWT, those who practice it with sincere intentions because of Allah alone will get brain intelligence.

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The Virtue of Prayer According to Islam

1. Worship

The main purpose of prayer is to worship Allah SWT and worship is mandatory for Muslims. Worship itself is the most noble thing that can be done and shown to Allah SWT.

2. Put your trust in Allah

Another virtue of prayer is as proof that we put our trust in Allah SWT. With us as diverse people praying to Allah SWT, we have surrendered everything that happens in the life that is lived to Allah SWT.

3. Demonstrates the power of God

Prayer in Islam can show the power of Allah SWT. Therefore another virtue of prayer is to show that only Allah SWT is the Almighty.

By praying, it means that we as Muslims have realized that Allah SWT has given us all pleasures and accepted all our repentance.

Allah SWT said, “Who allows (prayers) people who experience difficulties and when he prays to Him, and who eliminates distress and who makes you caliphs on earth? Is beside Allah SWT there is (another) God? You remember very little of Him.” (QS. An Naml: 62).

4. Increasing piety

Praying is the same as we interact with Allah SWT or also communicate with Him. So that people who pray will be closer to Allah SWT. The way to increase faith and piety to Allah SWT is by getting closer to Allah SWT. So it is recommended for Muslims to balance all the efforts in the world by praying.

5. In order to avoid disaster

Praying to Allah SWT is also done to ask for help to always be kept away from disasters in any form. However, there is one thing that needs to be known that the prayers we pray can actually be postponed and replaced with something else which according to Allah SWT is much better than what was asked.

“And I will pray to my God, hopefully I will not be disappointed by praying to my God.” (Maryam: 48).

6. To be kept away from the wrath of Allah SWT

According to a hadith, Allah will feel angry if we as His people never ask or pray to Him. Therefore, so that we do not make Allah SWT angry, we must pray and ask Him.

Rasulullah SAW said, “Whoever does not ask Allah, Allah will be angry with him.” (HR. Tirmidhi no. 3373).

7. The heart becomes calm

Another way to make our hearts calm is one of them by praying. Whatever we are experiencing and feeling, pray that our hearts will be much calmer. Prayer in Islam is believed to be a way for humans to live peacefully in this world and in the hereafter.

Allah SWT says, “That is, those who believe and their hearts find peace by remembering Allah. Remember, only by remembering Allah will the heart find peace.” (QS. Ar Ra’du: 28).

8. To be kept away from seashore

Praying is also one way for humanity in Islam to keep away from harm and find the door of mercy from Allah SWT.

Rasulullah SAW said, “Whoever among you has opened the door of prayer, the door of mercy must also be opened for him, and Allah is not asked for something that He gives He likes more than being asked for strength.”

In addition, Rasulullah SAW also said: “Indeed, prayer is beneficial for both what has happened and what has not happened, so you should pray.” (HR. At-Tirmidhi V/552) no. 3548.

9. Can know Allah SWT

With us as Muslims praying, we can know Allah SWT well from what we have prayed for and Allah SWT has given. The prayer offered is a form of our belief in Allah SWT that He is the Most Adequate, and the Most Loving.

10. Eliminating despair

For those of you who feel that while in this world you are experiencing hopelessness and feel unable to finish it, then pray. Allah SWT will listen to the complaints of his sincere people. Be assured with strong faith that Allah SWT will help you and eliminate that despair and provide the best solution to the problem you are experiencing.

11. As gratitude

By praying it means we are also grateful for what has been given by Allah SWT. When we get abundant sustenance and enjoyment then be grateful and keep praying so that these good things can always come to us. With thanksgiving that we often mention, we will be closer to Allah SWT.

That is the prayer of the Prophet Khidir which can be read when we are feeling difficulties and calamities given by Allah SWT. Hopefully those who have a wish or wish will soon come true, don’t forget to keep praying.