20 Anniversary Gifts for Couples

20 Anniversary Gifts for Couples – Sinaumed’s, are you still confused about giving gifts to your partner? Especially when celebrating anniversaries. There are many things you can give. However, sometimes it is still confusing to determine what items to give.

This article will give you recommendations on gift ideas. There are 20 gift ideas that you can give when celebrating an anniversary with your partner.

1. Photo albums

Make a photo almu containing photos of your partner. If possible, get all the photos from childhood to adulthood. Giving a photo album will make your partner feel that you put a lot of effort into making that photo album. So that the gift becomes more meaningful.

Besides not being too difficult in the process, making a photo album also won’t cost you too much. Then this gift is perfect for those of you who are thrifty, but still want to give a romantic impression.

2. Couple watches

Having a couple clock is one of the trends that many couples do. Not only to add cool appearance. Hours will also have a deep meaning in a relationship.

Giving a couple watch will make you and your partner even closer. Why is that? Because the clock will represent the time that has passed during your relationship. In addition, the clock is a reminder that you are not alone to take the next step.

3. Couple clothes

In the view of many people, couple clothes are something that seems tacky. For example, like couple clothes that are given screen printing with certain sentences. Though it is one of the excitement that can be enjoyed.

Couple clothes are not just like the example above. Many models of contemporary couple clothes are sold on the internet. Such as shirts, outer, jacket material. Not only that, if you want a formal event such as attending a wedding, you can also provide a nice couple’s batik shirt.

4. Bag

The bag is one item that is very useful. So giving a bag as a gift is a very useful thing. Not only that, when you are traveling together, it is likely that your partner will use the bag that you provide. Then there will be a tone of self-satisfaction that you feel.

There are many kinds of bags that you can give. Starting from sling bags , shoulder bags, backpacks, tote bags, backpack bags , waist bags , and many other bags. Even though sometimes you have to spend a lot of money to buy a bag, this gift will be very useful for your partner.

5. A bouquet of flowers

When giving a bouquet of flowers, try to give flowers according to what your partner likes. That would make him even happier. If you don’t know, there’s no need to worry. There are many types of flowers that you can give as anniversary gifts.

One of the flowers that are widely used as a bouquet is a lily or a rose. Besides choosing the type of flower, there are other things that you should pay attention to. It is the color of the flower. Each flower has a color. These colors have their own meaning. So, don’t get it wrong in choosing it!

6. A bouquet of money

Today, not only flowers can be used as a bouquet. Many other things that can be arranged into a bouquet. An example is money. A bouquet of money is one of the best gifts you can give your partner on an anniversary.

Besides being beautiful, a bouquet of money will definitely be very useful. You can make a simple flower bouquet, like making a flower bouquet. When you want to make a bouquet of money, you have to prepare a certain amount of money with the same nominal value. For the amount of money, it can be adjusted to what you want to make.

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A bouquet of money can also be made in any shape. It can be made like a bouquet of flowers, or even resemble flowers. Many bouquets of money are shaped like roses. Apart from that, you can also make a bouquet of flowers in the shape of a birthday cake.

7. Food bouquet

Apart from flower bouquets and money bouquets, there were also food bouquets. For some women, being served food is the most enjoyable thing. Especially if it is shaped beautifully like a bouquet. You can make this idea a gift for your partner’s anniversary.

Food is a thing that will come in handy. Even though it is a consumable item, it will not reduce the value you have given. Especially if you give a bouquet of food containing your partner’s favorite snacks.

8. Jewelry

Giving a piece of jewelry will look more luxurious. Apart from that, you also prove that the money you spend is meaningless compared to your partner. This will create a separate and deeper meaning for your relationship.

There are many kinds of jewelry that you can give to your partner. Like a ring or necklace. In addition, you can also give a bracelet or earrings. The jewelry that you give will definitely be maintained and cared for properly.

9. Electronic devices

Like a fridge, tv or washing machine. However, you can also give electronic devices as your anniversary gifts to your boyfriend. No need for items that are too expensive. You can give away electronics that still have a reasonable price.

An example is a power bank . Power bank is an electronic device that is very useful and needed by many people. This is because the power bank will help charge the cell phone when there is no electricity. So if you give this gift, it will really help your partner.

10. Perfume

Giving perfume as an anniversary gift is a very pleasant thing for your partner. The reason is, you will give one of the things he needs. Give her her favorite perfume or perfume that has been wanted for a long time.

11. Cosmetics

For women, cosmetics are one of their daily companions. Cosmetics are something that is always needed when you want to go to the office or somewhere. If you give cosmetics as a gift, then this will be useful and beneficial for your partner.

There are many kinds of cosmetics that you can give. Starting from powder, lipstick, to mascara. You can give cosmetics that are placed in a beautiful box. Arrange cosmetics in a neat order in the box so they look beautiful.

Inside the box, you can provide various kinds of cosmetics that your partner needs. So that there will be many types of cosmetics listed in the box. Apart from that, you can also choose one type of cosmetic but with many. An example is lipstick. Even though there is only one type, you can vary it by giving many types or many colors of the lipstick.

12. Bracelet

Apart from that, you can also give a couple bracelet to your partner. Bracelet is one of the accessories that beautify the appearance. To save costs, you can also make it yourself.

There are many tutorials for making bracelets that you can follow on the internet. This will also add plus points in the eyes of your partner. Because getting items or gifts that you make yourself will feel more special.

13. Belt

According to some facts, it turns out that men really like belts. The belt is also known as the best gift that men want. Given its very helpful function.

However, much circulated about the meaning of giving a belt. Giving a belt means that you are trying to limit your partner. In this case, you are called curb or clingcy . So that over time your relationship with your partner will run aground.

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However, you don’t need to worry. Such things are just a myth. Myth is something that cannot be believed. So you can still give a belt as the best anniversary gift for your partner.

14. Wallet

A wallet is an important item for some people. Apart from cell phones, wallets are items that must be carried when traveling. This is because what is in the wallet is important.

Currently, there are many types of wallets in circulation. For example, such as a special wallet for cards. This wallet is called a card holder. A card holder is a wallet used to store various cards. Such as KTP, ATM, SIM, and other cards.

This wallet will be very helpful. Besides not being heavy, the card holder is also easy to carry anywhere. So choosing a card holder as an anniversary gift is an interesting idea.

15. Memory book

You can write down memorable memories. Like the beginning of how you and your partner can meet. You can also convey touching or memorable events.

You can make it with a variety of cute and unique paper. An example is recycled paper. Write about the memories. In addition, you can also add photos in certain situations.

This book filled with memories is a beautiful and romantic gift. Through the book, you and your partner will recall the events that you have passed together. This is also one way to make the bond between your relationships even tighter.

16. Favorite food

17. Painting

This is one of the romantic gifts you can give to your partner. In addition to face painting, you can also provide paintings with other streams. If you are celebrating a wedding anniversary, then this painting can make your home and your partner’s more beautiful.

18. Expression bottle

This expression bottle can also be made by yourself. The method is also quite easy. First, look for bottles that have unique and adorable shapes. Make sure that you don’t use the bottle for drinks or food.

Second, prepare paper to write expressions on. Cut or cut the paper into small pieces. After that you can write phrases about your partner. In addition, you can also express the love you have. Not even an expression of gratitude or guilt.

Third, roll up the small piece of paper that already contains the phrase. To make it prettier, you can add a ribbon to each roll. The fourth stage, put the rolls of paper into the bottle and then close the bottle.

The final step is to store the bottle in a pretty box. Then the gift is ready to be given. This gift is a romantic way to express your love for your partner.

19. Furniture

So giving furniture as a wedding anniversary gift is the right thing. Furniture will be useful for living everyday life. So it will benefit both parties.

20. Video greeting

Tell me how you feel. Apart from that, you can also give romantic expressions to your partner. So the relationship will be maintained and closer.

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Author: Wida Kurniasih