6 Easy Ways to Shrink JPG Files

Shrinking JPG files in everyday life is often necessary. Where we are often asked to upload JPG or JPEG files to fulfill a requirement. However, what often becomes an obstacle in uploading files is files that are too large, one way to overcome this problem is to shrink the JPG or JPEG file.

JPG or JPEG in a computer program is a type of image file that is generally widely used for various website purposes. The reason for using it is none other than because the size tends to be smaller than various other file types. However, in this day and age that requires stable and clear visuals, many JPG files are still too large in size.

So, this article will provide an explanation regarding how to shrink JPG and JPEG files, of course this method can be done without reducing the quality of the file. Not only that, this article will also contain a discussion of a reason why using small JPG files can be very useful for website development.

A. 6 Ways to Shrink JPG Files

Due to the many needs of someone in compressing JPG files, it makes ways to shrink or commonly called compress JPG files very many and varied. The following are six ways to reduce or compress photos and images that are in the JPG format, including:

1. How to reduce the size of a photo using iLoveIMG online
2. How to resize or create a new photo using TinyJPG online
3. How to compress a photo using Adobe Photoshop via a computer
4. How to reduce the size of a photo using Microsoft Paint via a computer
5. How to reduce the size of a photo JPG photo with Photo & Picture Resizer via Android
6. How to Reduce JPG size with Photo Compress and Resize via Android

In shrinking or compressing JPG files, the following is an explanation of each of the six ways. Previously, these six methods could be used safely without distorting the photo or image to be reduced. This article will serve as a guide so that you fully understand how to shrink JPG files while also maintaining the quality of the resulting JPG files.

B. How to Resize JPG Photos and Images Online

Ways to reduce the size of a photo or image with a JPG or JPEG file format can be done online. That is, in reducing the size of a photo, you don’t need to have any application, either on a laptop or on a mobile device, except for a web browser. Therefore, this method is a way to shrink JPG files online.

Some websites that can be used to help shrink JPG files easily and quickly are iLoveIMG and TinyJPG. Apart from that, the two tools or websites already support access from computers to mobile devices.

C. How to Reduce Photo Size with iLoveIMG

As an online application that is used to reduce the size of JPG files, be it photos or pictures, iLoveIMG provides services with a variety of these tools. Not only that, iLoveIMG also provides tools for editing images from compressing to resizing.

The following is a guide for using this application, especially for compressing an image or shrinking a JPG file, including:

1. The first step, select the file you want to shrink first. You can make an order by clicking on the Select Images button. Plus, iLoveIMG provides a luxurious service to shrink files or images together.

2. After that, all you have to do is provide instructions to click on Compress Images. The photo or image file that was entered in the first step, when it finishes the process of shrinking the file, the file will be automatically downloaded and saved to your computer or mobile device.

D. Reducing Photo Size with TinyJPG

There are many applications that provide services for shrinking JPG files, apart from iLoveIMG, there is also the TinyJPG application. TinyJPG can also be used as an alternative way to shrink JPG files such as photos and images. TinyJPG can be said to be very simple, users only need to upload the JPG file they want to reduce.

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So, here’s a guide on how to shrink JPG files online using the TinyJPG application, including:

1. First, select the file or image you want to reduce in size online. Give the command in the form of clicking on the “Drop Your .png or .jpg files here!” area. Almost similar to iLoveIMG, with TinyJPG you can also shrink more than one image with one click on this application.

2. Next, the process of shrinking the image will run automatically, when it’s finished you can download the compressed image by clicking the download button located to the right of the download icon.

E. How to Reduce the Size of a JPG Photo with a Computer Application

There are a wide variety of computer applications that provide features for shrinking JPG files. This article will try to discuss two computer application options that most likely are almost always present in computer devices, namely Microsoft Paint and Adobe Photoshop.

1. Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint is one of the default applications on every Windows device. If you use the Windows operating system, you can be sure you can operate it because this application is very simple. Apart from that, this application can also be the main alternative for shrinking JPG files besides the photo editing application, namely Photoshop.

a. First, to start how to shrink a JPG file or photo or image with Microsoft Paint, all you have to do is click on the File >> Open icon, then you can choose which JPG file to shrink.

b. Next, you can give the command click on the Resize button in the image column.

c. Then, you only need to reduce the dimensions of the file or image according to your needs. When finished specifying the desired file size, click OK.

d. Lastly, after doing the steps above. You can save the compressed file by clicking File >> Save as >> JPEG Picture.

2. Adobe Photoshop

Besides Microsoft Paint as the default application of the Windows Operating System. To shrink JPG files, you can use Adobe Photoshop as the most popular photo editing application today. Adobe Photoshop is one of the leading applications for editing photos and creating graphic designs. However, the majority of people who are not used to editing photos will find Adobe Photoshop a tool that is too complicated. This resulted in this application being considered confusing even for doing trivial things like reducing the size of JPG files. However, Adobe Photoshop is actually very easy to use to compress JPG files.

So, here’s how to compress a photo or JPG file using the Adobe Photoshop application, including:

a. First, open the Adobe Photoshop application on your computer. To shrink a JPG file, you can click on the File >> Open icon so you can select the photo or image file you want to reduce in size.

b. Next, you can open the File menu once again. However, this time you have to press click to Export >> Save for Web. After giving the command, a pop-up window will appear in Adobe Photoshop.

c. Then, in the pop-up window that has opened, there are various settings that are very complex and look very complicated. However, what you need to pay attention to are three things, namely: Quality, Preset, and Image Size. The three settings are located on the right side of the pop up window.

d. When in the pop-up window, the first thing you need to do is make sure the Preset you are using is “JPG Medium” with medium Quality. Then, you can make adjustments to the Image Size or image dimensions as you wish. In this guide, we reduce the dimensions to 1920 x 1282. After that, click on the Save button and save it in the desired folder.

Before you save the image you want to reduce, you can preview the estimated file size to be saved. To see the estimated size of the file, go to the file description which is located at the bottom left of the pop-up window.

For the record, this guide is based on use in Adobe Photoshop CC 2019. Meanwhile, in Photoshop versions prior to CC 2015, the Save for Web menu can be easily found because it is located after clicking on the File menu.

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F. How to Shrink JPG Files with Android Apps

After knowing how to shrink JPG files through online applications and applications available on the computer. Next, we will discuss how to shrink JPG files using an android app. We know for ourselves, now most people are lazy to carry a computer because it is too big. Therefore, on Android there are also many applications that can be used to reduce the size of images or photos. Actually, applications for compressing files on Android are abundant, however, this article will only discuss the two most widely used applications, namely Photo & Picture Resizer and Photo Compress & Resize.

1. Photo & Picture Resizer

The first application for shrinking JPG files on Android is Photo & Picture Resizer. Photo & Picture Resizer is an application whose main function is to reduce the size of JPG files very simply.

So, here is a guide for shrinking JPG files with the Photo & Picture Resizer application, including:

a. First, after you open the application, there will be many options available, both for selecting photos and taking photos with your smartphone camera directly to the like.

b. Furthermore, from the six options provided, you can select Select photos to open the desired image file on your mobile device. Then, click the resize button located at the very top of the application tab to shrink the image.

c. Then, you can choose the option to set the image dimensions in the available pop up. You can use the Custom size option so you can enter the dimensions used in the two previous applications, namely 1920 x 1282.

d. Once you have made your selection for the desired dimensions, the JPG file or reduced image will be automatically resized to save on your Android device.

2. Photo Compress & Resize

Like the previous Photo & Picture Resizer application, this android application called Photo Compress & Resize can also be used to reduce the size of JPG files. Photo Compress & Resize has a simpler function, which is only to shrink JPG files and also cut JPG files.

However, this application has two terms that can be confusing for some users, namely compress and resize. Therefore, to better understand the tools in this application, here’s how to reduce JPG files with the Android application Photo Compress & Resize, including:

Basically, the two terms have the same meaning. The difference between the two terms can be seen in your treatment of the image dimensions.

When you want to reduce the size of a JPG file, you only need to reduce the file size without reducing the dimensions or quality of the image. However, you also need to consider the quality of the resulting image from this process. The image compression process can be repeated several times, but you need to stop when the image displays some kind of distortion.

Meanwhile, resize means to change the dimensions of the image, it means to change the file size too. Some applications that have a function to reduce the size of JPG files are also allowed to compress automatically when users resize.

Well, the Photo Compress & Resize application offers two options that you can use. If you want to choose the compress option, you will be asked to specify the size or quality of the compressed image. You just specify the desired file size or image quality. In order to further ensure that the dimensions of the image do not change, you can select the slider located to the right of the “Maintain Resolution” text. After that, select the Start Compressing button. Files that have changed to be smaller will be directly stored on your mobile device.

The second option is resize, you can use resize to determine the dimensions of the image and perform the compression process simultaneously.

G. Conclusion

This article has explained how to shrink JPG files with online applications, applications on computers, to applications on Android. The methods discussed range from the easiest to the most complex. After this, you can use the photo to upload the image to the site you wanted earlier, because your image was originally large (above 1 MB) now the image is small (100 KB can be smaller than this)

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