Take a peek at 18 applications that will help you learn optimally

sinaumedia Literacy – Digital developments are starting to enter various sectors, including education, with many startups developing platforms or applications to provide online learning. The application offers various features ranging from learning through animated videos, practice questions, and even preparation for various exams. Here are some online learning applications that you can use Sinaumed’s. What are they? Check these out!


Rumah Belajar is a learning portal developed by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. You can enjoy various forms of learning content provided such as based on audio, video, images, and animations which are presented interactively and are definitely free. The learning house application was developed by the Ministry of Education and Culture, you could say this application is the best learning application or an important reference in learning according to the Indonesian curriculum. The size of this application is quite small for your smartphone, which is only 1.7 MB. Apart from that, this application provides various cool features such as Learning Resources, Virtual Laboratories, Virtual Classrooms, Cultural Maps, and others that you can access to support the learning process of teachers and students.



Maybe some of you already know or know this one website. After reaping the success of its phenomenal website, Khan Academy is now starting to explore the Android application segment. Khan Academy through its application provides various kinds of knowledge and information. Starting from economics, history, physics, chemistry, biology and many more. Khan Academy is very creative and interesting in conveying knowledge in a fun way and involves various supporting tools such as videos, rather than just presenting boring and boring writing. For those of you who need a complete learning place, KhanAcademy can be a choice of solutions.



Duo lingo android online learning application. Currently, mastering a foreign language is definitely something that is really needed. This application is specifically for those who want to master the particular foreign language you want. Apart from that, Duo Lingo has a cool, attractive appearance and is filled with modern icons and colors. The application by Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker is of course free or free. This application is already running on two popular OS, namely Android and IOS.



Photomath is an application that successfully combines a camera and a calculator. If there are math problems that are difficult you can use this application to help solve the problem. It’s easy, you just open this application then point the camera at the question, then the answer will appear automatically on your smartphone screen. However, there is one thing that this application cannot do, namely questions in the form of stories. You can outsmart it by changing the form of the problem to the form of a linear equation or the core of the problem without a drama story. You can solve several forms of math problem material such as algebra, arithmetic, integral, trigonometry, logarithms, and others with the help of this application.



Quipper is an online learning solution service application. Users can enjoy fun learning with a variety of content such as animated videos, complete practice questions and quality Super Teachers on Quipper Video. This application developed by Quipper Ltd provides thousands of video lessons and complete practice questions according to the national curriculum. These lessons apply to preparation for various levels of education in the face of junior high school exams, high school national exams, SBMPTN and regular exams at school. Users can also ask questions directly to tutors and consult academic plans with the best tutors at Quipper Video Masterclass. Students can also enjoy the Quipper School service to do assignments from teachers online.



Beelinguapp is an application for learning foreign languages ​​using the audiobook method, using this method you can learn while doing other activities. The way to learn is quite simple, you can start by selecting the language you want to learn, then selecting material in the form of stories or novels. Next, all you have to do is listen to the material read by a narrator. Languages ​​that you can learn include English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Turkish etc. Here you can learn how to read sentences and how to pronounce them correctly. There are lots of interesting stories available such as The Ugly Duckling or what we often hear about the ugly duckling to Alice in Wonderland you can listen to in this application. Even those of you who like historical stories are also available in this application such as Napoleon Bonaperte, Archimedes, The Three Musketeers and others. But to listen to these stories, you have to pay a fee, but don’t worry, there are still many stories that you can listen to for free, aka free.



Judging from the naming of the application, it may at first glance be influenced by the name of a famous philosopher from Greece, namely Socrates, who is one of the most important figures in the Western philosophical tradition. This application can be said to be like or like a free tutoring in the form of an application, you only need the internet and a smartphone to make it happen. How to use this application is quite easy, you only need to take a photo of the question you want to ask or work on, then answers will be given for you from various sources. You can study various learning materials ranging from mathematics, history, chemistry, and others. More than 100 million questions have been solved and answered on this application. Plus this application can also read your handwriting. But remember, the condition is that your handwriting can be read.

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This application really helps those of you who want to focus on studying, working, or resting. You can play natural sounds such as rain, birds singing, waterfalls and others that help you concentrate and accompany you while studying. The method is quite easy, that is, simply make a list of your favorite natural sounds or songs according to the time you specify in Sinaumed’s.



Hello Talk is an application for learning English that you can try to improve your ability to speak English. Besides that, you can also learn other languages ​​besides English because this application has less than 100 languages ​​from around the world that are filtered in the Hello Talk application. Hello Talk is also available on iOS. Your English skills will improve dramatically by learning English using the Hello Talk application.



Quistlet is a learning app that makes you feel like you’re playing a game. This application changes the usual boring learning method to be more fun. So, you can create your own images and sounds and get motivated to complete quizzes that you or other students from the Quistlet community have created. Memorizing vocabulary or sentences is faster, you just have to write down the words or sentences and you can play this application whenever and wherever you want.



For those of you who are really interested in learning Mandarin, Hello Chinese is a must have on your gadget. Mandarin itself is included in a language that should be learned because it is included in the category of world or global languages. So, to support your Chinese language skills, Hello Chinese offers you to learn Mandarin in a fun way. Hello Chinese offers Mandarin lessons from Basic 1 to 3 and in the following you will learn colors, numbers, food, time, questions, and many others. It’s perfect for those of you who want to learn Mandarin from the most basic stages! Unfortunately, this application is only new on Android Sinaumed’s.



Application copy and copy study notes. Maybe from the name alone you can already imagine the function of this application. If you want to copy or copy notes from teachers, lecturers, or have friends, you can use this application. That way you can save time. While the way it works itself is more or less like a copier or scanner. Apart from that, you can also edit or adjust the brightness level of notes and share them with your friends. This application transfers into digital form such as pdf format or images. Applications can help detect, recommend, and the best cutting angle of the part you need. The resulting image quality is quite good and the image sharpness is satisfactory.



Mathematics is indeed a subject that seems boring and scary for most children. In fact, in the right way, learning math can be an exciting and fun activity too, you know! You can invite children to learn mathematics through Quick Maths because the process is packaged in a variety of fun activities. This best math learning application can also help improve your child’s various math skills easily.



Ruangguru is an online tutoring application that offers a complete solution in just one application. Users can learn through videos, practice questions, private lessons, and tryouts which can be accessed only via a smartphone. Ruangguru provides content for various levels of education, from elementary, junior high to high school, in accordance with the national curriculum. The application developed by Ruangguru.com is specially designed by the best and experienced teachers. This application provides various learning features, starting from the Learning Video feature, with this feature, users can watch thousands of animated learning videos and discussion of questions for elementary, middle, high school, with tutors with a duration of only 5-10 minutes per video. Videos can also be downloaded so that users can watch them repeatedly. Then the Practice Questions and Discussion feature, users can sharpen their understanding through more than tens of thousands of practice questions and discussions of various levels of difficulty (including High Order Thinking Skills or HOTS). The results of the exercise can immediately come out accompanied by the discussion. Ruangguru also presents the Bimbel Module Summary feature. This feature can be used after completing all missions. Users can download summaries which can be stored in the smartphone gallery which can be used as material for study. And the Ruangguru Squad Notes feature, for sharing study notes and other notes from Ruangguru Friends throughout Indonesia. Ruangguru also presents the Bimbel Module Summary feature. This feature can be used after completing all missions. Users can download summaries which can be stored in the smartphone gallery which can be used as material for study. And the Ruangguru Squad Notes feature, for sharing study notes and other notes from Ruangguru Friends throughout Indonesia. Ruangguru also presents the Bimbel Module Summary feature. This feature can be used after completing all missions. Users can download summaries which can be stored in the smartphone gallery which can be used as material for study. And the Ruangguru Squad Notes feature, for sharing study notes and other notes from Ruangguru Friends throughout Indonesia.

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This application provides a complete learning solution for grades 1 to 12 with interactive methods, which makes learning activities easier and more effective. Extramarks presents various alternative ways of learning, from visual, audio and kinesthetic. The presentation is based on the differences in student characters, inspiring that the way each student learns is also different. This application comes with three effective learning methods namely Learn, Practice and Test. The Learn feature will provide a thorough audio-visual explanation of lessons through learning concepts, animations, videos, interactive multimedia and textbooks (e-books). The Practice feature aims to reinforce concepts through interactive exercises and activities, such as HOTS, Virtual Lab and VBQ (Value Based Questions). While the Test feature is used as a comprehensive evaluation of the learning process with various forms of tests such as Adaptive Tests, Multiple Choice Questions, Periodic Tests to Semester Exams. Apart from that, Kelas Pintar offers a Total Learning Ecosystem where all educational components, namely students, teachers and parents are in the same platform to support students’ success in learning. This application can help students understand, support teachers in teaching and make parents calm.


Lingbe An application to test your English skills. Lingbe is an application for learning English based on the community. So you will be connected with fellow users who have expertise or are learning English from various countries in the world. But the requirement to join the Lingbe application community is not only to learn English, but also to teach people to be capable or proficient in Indonesian. The Lingbe application does not only teach language questions, this application provides more lessons, the lesson is culture and how to get along with many people in the world, Sinaumed’s.



This Forest application is a timer or timer application that can help us focus when studying or doing something. When we want to focus on studying, we can use this Forest application. In this application, later we will “plant” seeds that eventually become trees. So, if we don’t focus and are distracted by opening other applications on our cellphones, the trees we plant will wither. This application can make us less distracted, more focused, and so we don’t procrastinate doing something. That way, we can make better use of the time to study or do other activities. The fun thing is, the more we use this application, we will get new plant species prizes and over time the more trees we “plant” in the application.




Busuu is an application that can help you learn English anytime and anywhere in an easy way. Without being limited by time, you can already learn a lot of new vocabulary, this aims to increase your knowledge of English. The advantage of the Busu application is that it can be downloaded for free. Not bound by time Lots of support for foreign languages ​​besides English, there are still many other languages. Accompanied by pictures so it will make it very easy for you to learn. Fresh and easy interface display Easy to learn with lots of vocabulary There are quizzes to test insights. The Busuu application is the development of a foreign language learning site Busuu. With this application, you can continue learning classes even if you don’t access them via a PC. Busuu also has many interesting features that help you learn English. When accessing this application for the first time there will be a placement test to find out how good it is. the Busuu application is an offline application available on Android and iOS. The Busuu application is an English learning application that can help you learn English.



sinaumedia developed an educational platform called Edutore. On this platform, you can access many question practice books like those in sinaumedia by subscribing. Edutore has a slogan “Everyone Can Be Smart” and that is also what Edutore aspires to be. So that Edutore can participate in educating Indonesian children. On the Edutore Youtube Channel, various topics are discussed, ranging from unique general knowledge such as “Why are the brake lights red”, learning English with Captain J, to studying with Edutore which contains discussions of questions such as CPNS synonyms, antonyms, and others. Check the YouTube account directly, click here.


That’s the most useful app for students. Hopefully this article can be useful for you, Sinaumed’s!

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