10 SEO Strategies To Increase Product Sales on Websites

SEO Strategy – Hello, Sinaumed’s friends , how do you increase sales conversions using an SEO marketing strategy? Find the answers below. Conversion or conversion rate is a digital marketing term that means achieving a goal through a marketing campaign.

When you are on a website, the result is that website visitors not only visit it but also take actions that are in line with your business goals, namely buying your products.

The actions of each visitor are very different and vary from website to website. Starting from making transactions or buying products, registering as a member, subscribing to newsletters, downloading software, etc.

Currently, companies adopting digital strategies continue to grow rapidly. One way is to create a website to promote products. But to be successful, you can’t do it by chance. You need the right SEO strategy.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is search engine optimization to enable your web page to appear on the first page of Google search. So, here is some information about the meaning of SEO and some SEO strategy guides for Sinaumed’s friends that you need to know.

Understand the term SEO

Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a digital marketing strategy that aims to rank your website or blog at the top of Google search results for your chosen keywords. This is to make it easier for Google search engine users to find your article. SEO optimization itself is very dependent on search engines.

The main goal of SEO is to increase visitor traffic or visits or visitors through targeted keywords . One of the most important indicators of SEO marketing success is the higher position of a website or blog for certain keywords in search engines.

The higher the ranking of a website or blog on search engines with certain keywords , the more visitors or visitors who will visit the website or blog.

Unfortunately, there are many ways that using the wrong SEO strategy can improve your business because you don’t understand Google’s algorithms. If this continues, your business will not be found in search engines. For example, if a company product “florist” wants to appear in the main search results when people search for the word “florist” in a search engine (such as Google, Yahoo or Bing), the company must maximize its search in maximizing its SEO strategy.

The problem is that the top position showing search results (Search Engine Result Page – SERP) is limited, there are only about 10 websites that rank high in trusted search engine results and besides building a brand that is better known in the eyes of search engine users it can also increase visitor traffic. .

At the same time, every company owner wants his business to be at the top of search results. This is why you need to understand the importance of SEO and how SEO works with good website optimization.

Types of SEO Keywords To Increase Sales Conversions

There are many types of keywords or keywords that can be used to increase sales conversions including:

1. Branded Terms

Branded terms are keywords that have a certain brand. Users usually search the web for a particular brand in terms of keywords. Product terms are keywords that mention the product name. Usually, the use of these keywords is associated with a specific brand.

2. Competitor Terms

Competitor Terms are keywords that are intended to compare a brand with other brands. In general, these types of keywords are used by internet users who want to buy a particular product, but want to compare the advantages and disadvantages of this product with other brands’ products.

3. Substitute Product Terms

Substitute Product Terms are one of the keywords that are commonly used to find information on other products as substitutes. Such keywords are usually used to find alternative products whose quality is not much different.

4. Complementary Product Terms

Complementary Product Terms are keywords that mention the product but are indirectly related to the product you are selling. For example, say you sell furniture, including computer desks. If web users are looking for information about computer equipment, chances are that your computer is selling well.

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5. Audience Terms

Keywords that contain many terms that people can search for on the web. Because this type of keyword is quite difficult and requires more effort to be profitable. However, this can be anticipated by developing lots of keywords that match the products being sold. In this way, visitors from these keyword categories can be converted into buyers.

How SEO Works

There are five main points in the operation of SEO, namely:

1. Crawling

Crawling from search engines is done to collect different information from each page of a website or blog. Apart from algorithms, the Google search engine also has indexing robots ( crawling ) or spiders.

2. Indexing

Indexing is done to index all the information from each page or pages of the website and then store it in the search engine database.

3. Processing

Processing is the act of entering keywords into search engines. Then Google does the processing and compares the keywords provided by internet users from each website stored in the database.

4. Calculating Relevancy

Calculating Relevancy is the next step, because after people type in the desired keywords, search engines will see which sites are most relevant. From every page that has been indexed by the crawler , of course.

5. Retrieving Results

Retrieving Result is the most relevant result of the entered keyword. You should know this because the results will appear on the screen with the most relevant sites for that keyword.

Getting a good ranking so that it can appear organically on the first page of Google is not easy because you don’t only need to know Google’s algorithm. You also often need to create content with good SEO principles. If you have implemented good SEO techniques, your web page should be able to appear in Google search results.

SEO Strategy Steps 

Here are 10 SEO marketing techniques that you can implement right away to increase your website traffic , visitor numbers and conversion rates.

1. Website Framework Audit

A website template audit should focus on getting high traffic and conversions. In general, an audit is a systematic review that includes concepts, results, or financial considerations that are used as a reference for making intelligent decisions.

In the world of SEO marketing, an audit is a technique for monitoring the growth of your business, which can be used to attract and retain consumers or clients. So you really need to be able to check the overall performance of your website. Then, based on your analysis, set new goals and implement them. This is how your company’s revenue grows rapidly.

2. Data Research via End User Value

Your goal is to multiply your website traffic among your competitors’ websites. You need to determine what content is suitable for your purposes.

The point is that you must know in advance the information that is relevant to your prospect’s interests. To create content, the most important thing is to do keyword research first.

You may already be familiar with a tool that can help you in keyword research, namely Google Adwords.

3. Create and Optimize Landing Pages

A well-designed landing page can increase your sales and conversions. Creating a landing page for business purposes also opens up the possibility of getting a lot of traffic. But unfortunately, many marketers do not fully understand the importance of landing pages .

Through landing pages helps you build a closer relationship with potential customers. Therefore, it is very important for you to create a landing page with a quality design that contains popular themes. If you already have a landing page , try to see if your landing page has a good SEO market or not.

4. Updating the keywords used

Next SEO strategy to bring more potential customers to your website, you need to know what keywords your potential customers use and search for the most.

Using keywords is one of the SEO strategies that helps marketing so that your website is at the top of search results. The importance of updating or keyword research in SEO marketing so that search engines always update your website. You can use Google Trends as a reference for determining keywords to use in your blog posts and product descriptions.

5. Fill in the Title Tags and Meta Description

A common mistake content creators make in other website blogs is skipping the title tag and including a nice, unique meta description. In addition to current popular keywords and search engine optimization, the right blog is created by specifying the title tag and meta description. This must be done so that your blog can be easily found by search engines. The title tag is the title that then appears on search pages on websites like Google.

6. Avoid Using Wrong Internal Links

Internal links are an important part of implementing an SEO strategy to improve the performance of your e-commerce website . Internal links are links that are embedded in blog content that readers can connect to see references and sources or to help read the articles you write.

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A common mistake is placing internal links that have nothing to do with the words used. Coupled with the misuse of keywords to make search engines unreadable.

7. Avoid Doing Keyword Stuffing

Another thing to consider when implementing an SEO strategy is keyword stuffing .

Keyword stuffing means writing keywords too often or too many keywords in blog articles. This causes search engines like Google to consider these blog articles as spam.

This action is very dangerous because Google can block your content, which will prevent your blog and website from being found on search pages. You only need to use a few keywords that are repeated 3-4 times in the body of the article.

8. Not Performing Analysis on the Content that has been Displayed

Now that you understand how to create a blog by applying all the SEO strategies, there are still a few things you need to do so that your website is in the top rankings of the search engines that analyze the content you create.

You can use some apps like Google Analytics. With Google Analytics you can track how many visitors come to your website and analyze how long visitors are on your website. After that, you can analyze the effectiveness of your blog content and articles. You can see the number of page views for each article you create. You can also see where your readers are coming from.

9. Use Strong Internal Links

The next SEO strategy is to use strong internal links. What are internal links? Internal links or inbound links are links that take users to other articles or pages on the website.

What are some examples of internal links? See this article for an example, the word “Also read related articles” is what leads you to other articles on this blog. Internal links ensure readers stay for a long time as they get additional unique article recommendations. Apart from that, internal links can also be placed behind words or phrases in articles which are keywords for other articles on the same blog.

10. Backlinks, Backlinks, and Backlinks

This SEO strategy is still related to links, namely backlinks . Backlinks themselves are links added to blog content to connect readers to other websites. See this article for examples of backlinks. In the contents of this article, there are several pictures of book recommendations or products from sinaumedia. These images contain backlinks that direct you to the sinaumedia.com website. Search engines like Google use the quality and quantity of backlinks as a ranking signal.

Things to Look For in SEO

In addition to how the SEO strategy works and steps, there are also a number of things that need attention, namely:

1. Competition

The more (number) of companies that want to rank on the first page, the higher the competition. As the number of searchers increases (you can research using the keyword planner) the competition tends to get tougher. As competition gets tougher, SEO strategies become more complex (requires higher expertise and higher costs).

2. Websites

Website plays an important role in SEO. When you create a website, you need to create a Search Engine Friendly (SEF) website . We really care about each of our clients because we understand how important it is for a website to be easily found by search engines.

Apart from being Search Engine Friendly , you also need to create a website that is user friendly . User-friendliness is a situation where users can use the website easily and comfortably. One usability indicator is the loading speed of a website. Website visitors generally prefer fast loading web pages. Website speed is indeed important, but a website that can attract visitors with good traffic must also pay attention to several aspects.

For example, a website must be developed according to the purpose of the website. For example, an educational website must have a table of contents in the form of educational article content that is educational for its visitors. In contrast to websites that aim to carry out online marketing for their products, because the articles and content created must be in accordance with the main goal of selling products.

To improve the quality of the website, it is necessary to know in advance the goals and benefits that will be received by website users. This applies to user-accessible content, articles and information.

3. SEO Strategy

Many say they understand how to apply an SEO strategy to a business website. But you should know that many use illegal and inappropriate means to achieve their goals.

Those who abuse the concept of SEO use this illegal strategy, also called Black-Hat SEO, to make their website top of the line. However, this SEO technique is not recommended, because it is not based on the algorithm used and has a negative impact behind it.

You should use White-Hat SEO optimization techniques. This White-Hat SEO technique is an organic technique that follows Google’s algorithm and can make your website on the first page of Google for quite a long time.