Get to Know What Chemistry Is, Signs, and Tips for Keeping It

Chemistry Is – Everyone in this world, must have liked or even fell in love with someone else. No matter how cold or cold he may seem, he’s bound to have liked someone at least once in his life. Whether it’s a stranger we meet in a place accidentally, or it could be someone who is actually close to us. Well , it’s called feeling, it can anchor to anyone without us ever knowing.

Many people fall in love with someone they just met that day for the first time, there are also those who just fall in love after years of acquaintance, even crazier, many people can fall in love with someone they previously hated.

Discussing the matter of liking, usually will start from physical appearance. It is undeniable that most humans, both men and women, are visual creatures. As a visual creature, who almost always judges everything only from the outside, then physical appearance determines everything. Like bees who are interested in seeing beautiful flowers, so are humans.

When you see someone with an appearance that you find attractive, you will easily like him and you can’t even stop looking at him. While liking someone is easy to do, that doesn’t mean being in a relationship can be just as easy. To be in a relationship with someone, the capital of liking is not enough. More than likes, you obviously have to have chemistry with him. What is chemistry ? Here’s the answer!

Chemistry is a feeling of being connected

Chemistry , you must have heard this word a lot, and often even felt it. Well , chemistry isn’t something that can appear anytime, or to anyone. We usually just feel chemistry when we meet someone who really ‘clicks’ in our hearts.

‘Click’ here is not a matter of appearance that suits our taste, more than that, we feel connected and connected to him, especially when we are facing and talking to him.

Chemistry is the feeling of connection that builds up between two people. Chemistry usually doesn’t show up in the first meeting, and to get it you have to communicate with that person first. Even so, most people will usually feel chemistry before deciding to be in a relationship with someone, even chemistry is one of the reasons why someone decides to be in a relationship with that person.

Apart from feeling connected to each other, chemistry will also be seen from each other’s actions. Usually couples who have strong chemistry will have the same reactions, and also almost the same behavior without them even realizing it.

They also moved in sync as if all the movements had been prearranged. Like Earth and Moon adjusting to each other. So strong, that chemistry , that other people could see it.

The existence of strong chemistry will make a person’s relationship with his partner stronger. Although chemistry is often associated with partners, this feeling actually does not only apply to romantic relationships.

The truth is, we need chemistry for all kinds of relationships. Even friendships, work, and family need strong chemistry so you can still feel close to each other.

7 Signs You and Your Partner Have Strong Chemistry

It’s true that in order to make a relationship work, we need chemistry. Usually chemistry has appeared before you decide to be in a relationship. Even so, it is rather difficult to know how much strength the chemistry is between you and your partner. To find out, let’s read the following signs!

1. Smile at the same time

It may sound strange, but when two people have strong chemistry, they can sometimes read minds or at least have an idea of ​​what he or she is thinking in certain situations. Not infrequently, you have the same thoughts at the same time. Because of the same thoughts, it is not uncommon for our reactions and our partners to be the same.

For example when you find something funny, you just have to look at him to see that he finds it funny too and you end up smiling or even laughing together.

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The reaction of the two of you sometimes makes people around confused. They don’t understand what makes you laugh, because they don’t have the chemistry that you guys have for each other.

2. It’s as if you’ve known each other for a long time

Have you ever felt so close to someone, even though you only met a few hours before? The answer is definitely never, right? Normally, when we meet new people, we will feel awkward with each other. It’s so awkward, you don’t know what to say.

However, sometimes there are people who make us feel very comfortable from the first meeting. We could easily chat with them about anything, laughing and joking together as if you had known each other for years instead of an hour ago. If you feel this way with someone, it means you have strong chemistry with each other.

3. Have the same sense of humor

Laughter is a field road to the heart. One of the easiest ways to win someone’s heart is to make them laugh. Unfortunately, making someone laugh is not always as easy as we think.

Actually, it depends on the personality of the person we are going to joke with. The reason is, there are people who are basically easy to laugh. This type of person would easily chuckle over trivial matters.

On the other hand, there are people who have a cold and serious personality. Instead of making him laugh, you even have to work extra hard just to make him smile. However, when someone has chemistry with you, you don’t have to work too hard to make them laugh. This is because people who have strong chemistry tend to have the same sense of humor.

Instead of trying so hard to make him laugh, he will laugh with you. What you think is funny, must also be funny to him, and vice versa.

4. Copy each other

Have you ever heard of the term mirroring? No, this one term has nothing to do with glass. The term mirroring is used for those who imitate each other, usually done unconsciously. Two people who have strong chemistry tend to imitate each other.

They sometimes look like twins or like two souls in the same body. Not only do they move in the same way, they also react the same way, speak the same way, even some couples who are in love and have very strong chemistry, their faces look similar to each other. Weird, yet amazing, right?

5. Have the same interests

No one is one hundred percent the same, even identical twins have differences. Whether it’s differences in birthmarks, differences in character, or differences in interests. So, if identical twins can be different, what about you and him?

After all, you and your partner are two different individuals in many ways. However, among all those differences, there is one common ground that connects you.

This meeting point could be common interests or common hobbies. Although there is only one thing in common, this one thing is enough to erase the differences. Enough to make you feel close to each other.

6. Often make physical contact

Not just moving, talking or issuing the same reaction, couples who have strong chemistry will often make physical contact such as touching or holding hands.

Love language , that’s roughly how children speak now. Most of this physical contact is done on purpose, sometimes unconsciously. Even though it’s just a small touch, this love language is a way to express feelings that cannot be represented in words.

7. It’s easy to miss

You can meet someone every day and not even know they exist. When he was missing, it took you forever to notice. But that doesn’t apply to those who have strong chemistry.

Couples with strong chemistry tend to want to be together, even though they know that’s impossible. When someone is not around you, you can’t get rid of your thoughts about him. So worried, to make it difficult for you to focus on doing your current job.

Tips for Maintaining Chemistry with a Partner

Normally a chemistry appears by itself. The closer your relationship with someone, the stronger the chemistry that exists between the two of you. Even so, chemistry can actually fade and even disappear without residue.

Usually, this happens to couples who have been together for a long time. Sometimes time and proximity, make us feel bored. If left unchecked, this will make your relationship lose chemistry and eventually become tenuous, even away from each other. You don’t want your relationship to end like this do you? If so, you and your partner must continue to try to maintain the feelings and chemistry that exist between you. How to?

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1. Doing deep talks

In the beginning of a relationship, lovers will usually not stop to talk about their feelings for each other, even expressing their feelings every few hours. Whether it’s in person, via chat, or when ending calls and video calls.

Over time, this habit slowly began to fade and was replaced by ordinary conversation. Even so, you still need to do deep talk and talk about each other’s feelings, especially when your relationship has been going on for a long time. You can start with nostalgia for the beautiful moments you spent together, it will trigger feelings that have been stored for a long time.

Even though for many couples deep talk seems cringe, but this is important to maintain chemistry between the two of you. By doing deep talk occasionally, you can also be honest with each other’s feelings. More importantly, deep talk like this will protect your relationship from boredom.

2. Doing activities together

Boredom that arises in relationships, can be triggered by many things. One is the same activity all the time. If in the past few months, every date you’ve only spent time watching movies or eating together, maybe now is the time for you to go on a date to a different place.

Apart from going to the mall, there are many other fun activities that you can do on a date. You can visit amusement parks, you can also go to tourist attractions with stunning views, or other exciting activities. With a new activity in a new place, you will create a new, pleasant feeling.

3. Spend time alone

Staying away from your partner doesn’t always have a negative effect on your relationship. When you feel bored with your relationship, it could be because you spend too much time together. Meetings that are too frequent, eventually make you feel bored.

If that’s the case, there’s nothing wrong with you staying away from each other for a while, or at least rearranging the meeting time so that it’s not as frequent as usual. Staying away doesn’t mean you have to disappear without a word at all. Of course, communication must continue, but you must limit meetings.

Instead, you can spend time alone first. You can use this alone time to gain new insights into your relationship.

In order not to get bored, you can try doing various activities that you like or spending time with people you haven’t seen for a long time.

4. Remembering moments in the past

One of the easiest ways to get rid of the easiest boredom and return feelings is to remember the beautiful moments you have spent together.

You can do this by opening your old photos or even more exciting, by taking him to places that are historical to your relationship. For example, you could go to the place where you first dated, or the place where you first started dating.

By visiting these historical places, like it or not, your brain will remember all the moments that have happened and bring back the romantic feelings you used to feel.

5. Learn to forgive each other

Nobody is perfect. No matter how perfect he is, one day he will make mistakes that make you feel annoyed and even angry. Likewise with you, one day you must have made him angry. Sometimes, boredom arises not because you no longer like each other.

But because you still have feelings of resentment for each other. If that’s the case, then the only solution is to open your heart and forgive each other’s mistakes. It’s not always easy, but it’s much easier than breaking up and having to forget each other.

Again, no human is perfect. As long as the mistakes he makes are not too fatal, you can learn to forgive him and give him a second chance.

At the beginning of a relationship, many people go out of their way to build chemistry with their partner. They go on dates to romantic places, express their feelings diligently, and do other things that make the relationship closer, and the chemistry between the two becomes stronger.

However, they forget that chemistry is a feeling that needs to be maintained and cared for in order to survive. Because chemistry is lost, relationships and someone who used to look so special, can seem ordinary and even feel boring.

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Author: Siti Marliah