Get to know the 19 Most Extreme Rain Types in the World – Rain is a phenomenon that often occurs, especially for those of us who live in this tropical area. Rain that we know in general is rain in the form of water. People especially children usually really like to play in the rain.

However, what happens if the rain that occurs is actually not water? Surely people will be amazed and excited by this phenomenon. Not only hail, it turns out there are also other strange rains that have ever happened in the world. Here are some of them Sinaumed’s:

Get to know the 18 Most Extreme Rain Types in the World


Who would have thought that it would rain fish in the desert, considering that deserts are generally located very far from the coast. However, in 2004, residents were shocked by the phenomenon of raining fish on the edge of the Tanami Desert, Australia. Not just once, this rare phenomenon occurred three times, namely in 1974, 2004 and 2010.

Dozens of fish falling from the sky were reported by local residents. No one knows for sure how these small fish get to their settlement. This phenomenon is also known as Tornadic Waterspouts, is a water-shaped tornado, which usually carries fish to marine plants in it.


On April 6, 2007, spiders in large numbers fell from the sky in the province of Salta, Argentina. At that time Christian Oneto Gaona and his friends decided to travel to Salta Province during the holidays.

They started climbing Mount San Bernardo and two hours later, they found the ground around them covered in spiders of various colors, about 4 inches long. The higher up to the top of the mountain the more spiders they find.

They looked for the source of the spiders and how surprised they were to see so many spiders falling from the sky. Not only are the spiders filling the streets, but so are the webs. This phenomenon is often called “spider rain”. There are some people who call it “angel hair” because the web they leave behind is white.

Reporting from Live Science, this event that has happened several times is one way for spiders to move places. This is not common. The spider rises to a high place, sticks its buttocks in the air and spreads its web. That way they use to be able to “fly”.


The phenomenon of worm rain has occurred in Norway. Meteorologists and biologists were confused by this miraculous phenomenon. At first the residents thought that these worms came from the ground that was buried in a pile of snow.

However, this was deemed impossible because at that time the snow thickness reached half a meter. Another theory says that the worms were carried by a tornado and fell somewhere.


Frog rain is also a strange rain phenomenon that science has yet to explain. The phenomenon of the fall of thousands of frogs from the sky has occurred several times in history.

The first occurred in 1873 in Kansas, Missouri, United States. Furthermore, frog rains occurred in 1901 (Minneapolis, United States), 1981 (Naphlion, Greece), 1995 (Sheffield, England), and 2009 (Ishikawa, Japan). A number of theories put forward by experts. The most likely is that the frogs were carried away by the storm and fell from the sky or similar to the rain of fish, which entered the Tornadic Waterspouts carrying the frogs from the river and dragging them into the city in a whirlwind circle.


Somehow this could happen in Memphis, USA on January 15, 1877. Thousands of snakes were reported falling from the sky and making the people who were at the location of the fall of the snakes shocked and hysterical with fear. Until now, this is still a puzzle. The cause of this rain of snakes is unknown, but there are allegations that the snakes were brought by a storm.


The Kentucky meat shower was a phenomenon that occurred in Kentucky on March 3, 1876. Blobs measuring 5-10 cm resembling meat fell from the sky and scattered to the ground.

Occurred in the homes of residents of Olympia Springs, United States. Allen Crouch, a father of 3 children who lived in the house, found lumps of flesh falling from the sky around his house.

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According to local newspaper reports, several people tried to cook the meat, but it tasted bitter and was thrown away. The mystery of this strange nature went unanswered for several months until finally a scientist named Dr. LD Kastenbine came to Olympia Springs to explain that the rain of meat was said to have come from the vomit of vultures, a habit the meat-eating fowl takes when its stomach feels heavy while flying.

According to Scientific American, the meat that fell from the sky is actually a nostoc, a type of bacteria whose body expands many times over when it comes into contact with water.

However, the validity of this explanation has yet to be proven. Apart from Kentucky, meat showers also occurred in several other areas in the United States, including Tennessee, Simpon County, Los Nietos Township, and Olympian Springs. The Messignadi area in Calabria, Italy has also been hit by similar rains.


It rains Star Jelly (Jellyfish) in Scotland In 2009, it rained jelly in Scotland. Scientists belonging to National Geographic conducted tests on the object, but they found no DNA in it. Theories also emerged about the origin of this star jelly, including saying that it was a frog ovary that was vomited by the eagle because it could not be digested, but in very large quantities.


‘blood’ rain or red rain is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the Kerala region of India and Sri Lanka. Red rain occurred on 25 July-23 September 2001, in June 2012, and 15 November-27 December 2012 in Sri Lanka. The people in the area initially thought that the red color of the rainwater was just a coincidence, or indeed a rare phenomenon.

However, upon examination, it turned out that the water that fell from the sky did indeed contain red blood cells. This rainy moment was also captured by several people and the video has been widely circulated on YouTube. Wow, even the rain water has made us excited because we are worried that there will be a flood.

The water that falls from the sky is a mixture of Trentepohlia annulata, or a kind of red algae that grows on the sides of Indian rivers and seas. Unfortunately, this scientific explanation came months after the rain of blood ended, so that the people of India already believed that the rainwater was red because it was mixed with blood. Some Indians even see this rare event as a sign of the apocalypse.


Rain of Threads in Australia In May 2015, residential areas in the Southern Tablelands in New South Wales, Australia were showered with fine threads from a cloudy sky which instantly covered part of the residents’ roofs. As reported by The Sidney Morning Herald, these fine threads also cover plants and trees.

In fact, for several days, residents in the area had to wear head coverings and eye protection to protect themselves from threads that often got caught in several limbs.

Investigate a calibaration, these threads are not threads commonly found in the textile industry, but are the work of millions of young spiders who immigrated to the area simultaneously. Young spiders do have a habit of immigrating to certain areas in the spring or after disasters such as heavy rains and flash floods.

The young spiders will climb tall trees, shoot their webs into the sky which will then fly them towards the area with the help of the blowing wind.

The difference is, this ballooning action is carried out simultaneously by millions of young spiders. Even though it disturbs residents’ activities, this incident is called “Angel’s Hair” by local residents and will disappear by itself next summer.


Can you imagine if it rained golf balls in your area or city? It turns out that the golf rain phenomenon actually happened in Florida in September 1969. This strange rain phenomenon could indeed happen, according to meteorologists, the area where golf rain occurs is known for its many golf courses. One time there was a tornado that caused the golf balls to participate in the storm circle. When the storm stopped, the golf balls finally fell like rain.


Who would have thought that ingredients like coffee cream could fall from the sky? This unique phenomenon occurs in South Carolina, United States. In 1969, the citizens of South Carolina were confused by a sudden shower of white powder falling from the sky. After trying it, the white powder turned out to be coffee cream! Something’s Happening The day after it rained coffee chips, the city of South Carolina was covered in white dust. Residents can’t even do their usual activities because the roads are covered in fog. Upon investigation, the source of the rain was the explosion of a production tube at a local coffee cream factory.

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In 1997 a Japanese fishing boat was rescued in the Sea of ​​Japan. They claim that a cow fell from the sky and hit their boat causing it to sink. The crew members were immediately imprisoned because they were thought to be making it up. About 2 weeks later, the Russian Air Force informed the Japanese Government that the crew of one of its cargo ships had stolen a cow and placed it in an inappropriate position on the plane. Because of that, the Cow went berserk when the ship was flying, causing the plane to roll uncontrollably. To save the plane and themselves, at an altitude of about 30,000 feet, the crew was forced to push the cow down while crossing the sea of ​​Japan.


Tsunami Clouds in England Hundreds of visitors to Lake Huron in England, in August 2018 joined to watch a rare natural phenomenon, a cloud tsunami, which is occurring in a line of clouds in the sky of the lake. Cloud tsunami, or what is often referred to as a fog bank is a collection of clouds that look like they are rolling up in the sky. According to the National Weather Service, as quoted by Mother Nature Network, fog banks can occur due to hot air condensing on a stretch of cold water. The hotter top of the cloud will sink to the bottom. This will cause the clouds to look like they are rolled up, which many tourists describe as tsunami clouds. Although a little scary, this phenomenon is not harmful at all and is actually a phenomenon that attracts the eye.


A fire tornado, or what is more commonly called Firenado, is a natural phenomenon that is both rare and dangerous. Fire tornadoes are common in the dry season on peatlands that are currently experiencing major fires.

Fires that burn peatlands coupled with low air pressure tend to end in the emergence of fire tornadoes which have heat of up to 1,000 degrees Celsius, increasing the destructive power of tornadoes and of course making it difficult to deal with them. Although fire tornadoes are often only within the reach of a small area, in 1923, fire tornadoes became a nightmare for the residents of Yokohama in Japan.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, the earthquake that history calls the “Great Kanto Earthquake” occurred on September 1, 1923, ravaging Japan in three earthquakes, all of which were over magnitude 7. The earthquake, which was followed by tsunami waves in the Atami area, also destroyed the wooden houses of residents in the Yokohama area.

The earthquake also caused a large fire in Yokohama, burning the remains of houses made of flammable wood. The fire apparently also resulted in low air pressure in the Yokohama area. It was low enough that a hurricane formed which then grew into a fiery tornado up to 300 feet high. The fire tornado completely devoured the Yokohama area, killing more than 44 thousand victims.


This highly unwanted rain occurred on May 9 last year in Canada. A witness named Susan Allan was driving a car with her child when suddenly she smelled an unpleasant odor which turned out to be feces. The incident looks like drops of mud falling from the sky. Scientists find it difficult to identify where the dirt comes from. There are some scientists who say that it is bird droppings, but there is still no clear evidence about it.


This record is owned by Unionville, Maryland, USA on July 4, 1956, 31.2 millimeters of rain fell per minute. As a comparison in sub-tropical regions, Hong Kong alone, has the heaviest rain of up to 70 millimeters of rain in one hour, not per minute.


The lowest temperature in the world has ever occurred to -89.2 Celsius. This temperature extreme occurred on July 21, 1983 in Vostok Antarctica, yes, Celsius, not Fahrenheit. The absence of solar radiation, the sky is clean, the air is stable all the time, and the high elevation (3,420 meters) is the main reason for the extreme cold weather in the area.


The heaviest rain to fall in 24 hours occurred on Cyclone Denise on Foc-foc, an island in the Indian Ocean. The heavy rain fell as much as 1,825 meters for 24 hours from 7-8 January 1966.


Worst Hail in Bangladesh. The heaviest hailstorm that ever occurred in the world experienced the city of Gopalganj, Bangladesh on April 14, 1986. Each piece of ice that fell weighed up to 1.02 kg. This terrible natural phenomenon killed 92 people.

Source: from various sources