Natural Stone Minimalist Fish Pond Design Inspiration

Natural Stone Minimalist Fish Pond Design Inspiration – The more time spent at home, makes some people beautify the house to make it more comfortable, and beautiful. One way you can do this is by making a natural stone fish pond. Having a fish pond in the yard, of course, makes the appearance of the house feel very beautiful, fresh and pleasing to the eye.

So, to make the outside of your home look more attractive, you can follow a number of natural stone fish pond inspirations. Taking care of fish in a pond is believed to relieve stress and calm your mind after a busy day at work or accompanying children in distance learning activities. Not only that, raising fish is also believed to bring good luck to the owner.

In addition, the presence of a fish pond at home can also refresh the view in the open area of ​​the house or yard. So that the house feels prettier, and pleasing to the eye. Even though there is water, this fish pond does not make mosquito larvae breed quickly. With the way the water in your fish pond is always flowing, and rolling.

This method can minimize the development of mosquito breeding. So that the outside appearance of your home looks more charming and attractive, of course you need to create an aesthetic fish pond. In general, a fish pond in the yard looks beautiful, if it is made using several layers of natural stone to give the impression of a natural home.

So, to make your fish pond feel beautiful, beautiful, attractive and enchanting, of course you need to see some inspiration for natural stone fish ponds. However, before you see the inspiration for the natural stone fish pond, it would be nice for you to first recognize the types of natural stone fish ponds.

Fish Pond Natural Stone Types

Fish pond natural stone has various types, and each has its own characteristics. So what are the types of fish pond natural stone? Come on, get to know the full review below.

1. River Stone

The type of natural stone in this first fish pond is river stone. This stone is a type of stone that is often used by people to decorate fish ponds. The river stone comes from several large rock fragments in the river.

2. Slabs of River Stone

The type of natural stone in this second fish pond is called slab stone, so called because this stone is in the form of an elongated slab with a length of about 30 to 60 cm and a width of about 3 cm. Usually, this type of stone is used by the community as a material for making wainscoting in fish ponds. Although, not many people use it as a material for making pool walls.

3. Mountain Stone

The next type of natural stone for fish ponds, namely mountain stone, this stone is one of the natural stones commonly used in fish ponds which has a resemblance to limestone. Before using this type of stone, mountain stone needs to be varnished first. This is done so that the resulting stone has a color that looks brighter.

4. Temple Stone

The last type of natural stone for fish ponds is called temple stone, this type of stone has a black color, and is generally used by people to make fish pond walls. Not only that, temple stones are also often used to decorate gardens. After you understand the types of natural stone in fish ponds, you can choose which stone is suitable for you to make as an ornamental material or make a fish pond. Before decorating and making a natural stone fish pond, some inspiration is needed which of course can add a reference in beautifying your natural stone fish pond.
Well, what are they? Check out the following discussion.

Natural Stone Minimalist Fish Pond Design Inspiration

Here are some natural stone fish pond design inspirations that you can make references to, including the following:

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1. Combination of Natural Stone with Bamboo

So that the appearance of your home has a rustic feel, you can combine it using natural stone elements with bamboo decorations. This method is considered to be able to make your fish pond like in real nature. There are several ways you can do this, first you need to pile rocks in the corners of the pool. After that, you need to line the sides of the pool using bamboo. Then, you can add several types of ornamental plants around the fish pond. Be a fish pond, a combination of natural stone and bamboo.

2. Combination of Glass with Natural Stone

With the combination of glass and natural stone, you can make your fish pond into a semi-aquarium fish pond. You can make this one blend concept without the need to dismantle the floor, because you only need to raise the pool even higher. The steps you need to take are first selecting the glass area by finding the main point of view, and positioning the glass plate to that place. Meanwhile, around the fish pond you can put natural stone according to what you want. You don’t need to make a pool that is big enough, you just need to make it elongated but still attractive to the eye.

3. Tiered Fish Pond

For those of you who have limited space, you can create a fish pond concept by stacking it. The trick is to prepare a sufficient area, then make a tiered or multilevel pool by piling up some of these natural stones. This method makes your fish pond look more aesthetic. In addition to these methods, you can make a tiered or multi-level fish pond using several boulders that are traded.

Not only that, you can also use this fish pond as a waterfall. A natural stone fish pond which also has a mini waterfall makes the scenery look more enchanting, and beautiful at home. So choose a natural stone that suits you. At the end of the pond, which is a place for fish to swim, you can make a shallow pool which is used to hold a little water before the water is flowed towards the main pond. After that, at the top of the pool you can place a pump or faucet that can function as a water flow for the pool. This inspiration can make the fish pond in your home look like a mini waterfall in the middle of a forest.

4. Fish Pond with Various Natural Stones

If you have empty space left at the front or back of the house, you can change it by making it a fish pond. So that the pond has a different impression, you can use several types of natural stone. In the pool section, you can use granite with a dark color.

Then, for the surrounding part you can add some white coral. And you can also combine small cream-colored clay stones, and the like to make the school lively. However, when you use coral, you need to be diligent in cleaning it. That’s because there is some dust, and also insects hiding underneath.

5. Natural Stone with Contrast Accents

You can make an attractive and charming fish pond with an elongated shape, but it has an additional contrasting accent. These accents can come from various patterned plates, as well as attractive motif tiles. You can position a contrasting accent on the wall above the pool to make it look attractive and amaze anyone who sees it.

6. Indented Fish Pond

Natural stone fish ponds on the outside of the house, actually don’t need any decorations. A number of stones lined up in the pond make the pond look beautiful. If you want to make the pool look even more aesthetic, that is by making the shape of the pool curved or the sides look curved.

A curved fish pond is a form of fish pond that is a favorite of the people. You can make this pond with a mixture of river stones stacked in such a way.

In order to get a natural impression, you can make indentations like entering the balcony or terrace. If the balcony is made of cement, then you can make it with a slightly rough texture so that it blends with the river stone. However, if it is made of wood, you can cut the wood in such a way by following the curves of the pool, so that you get dazzling results.

7. Luxury Natural Stone Fish Pond

A luxurious natural stone fish pond can make your home exterior look luxurious. The trick is to position the natural stone area neatly, and have an aesthetic shape. For example, a fish pond in the shape of a lake with a waterfall at the end, seems to add to the exotic exterior of your home. And the addition of plants around the pond makes your home have a beautiful and cool natural feel. But if your outdoor yard is small, you can adjust the size of your fish pond to a smaller size but still have the same shape

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8. Circular Fish Pond

If you don’t want to make a fish pond with a shape that is quite difficult, you need to try to make this type of fish pond. The way you need to do to make this type of fish pond is to decorate the area around the pond using natural stones, fish and some colorful flowers that surround it. The combination of natural stones, fish and flowers produces a beautiful appearance, and is pleasing to the eye. Even though this fish pond looks simple, it makes your outdoor yard attractive.

9. Natural Stone Fish Pond with Bamboo Hose

The next fish pond is a natural stone fish pond with a bamboo hose. The touch of bamboo in the fish pond can produce an atmosphere with a very traditional, rural feel. Of course, using a water hose as a channel for water to the pool does not seem aesthetically pleasing. But if you use a touch of the hose using bamboo. So it will bring out the atmosphere of the pool looks different, but feels very natural. So that this one inspiration can be your reference when you want to make a fish pond. You can usually find inspiration for fish ponds like that in several traditional houses in Japan and Sundanese restaurants.

10. Natural Stone Fish Pond by Adding a Wooden Bridge

Providing wood elements in fish ponds is a pretty good inspiration. Even though there is no decoration, this wooden bridge is present as a positive impression of the owner, like the feel of a traditional rural nature, so that it can amaze and enchant anyone who looks at it. For those of you who want to make it, you need to adjust the size of the wooden bridge using the size of the fish pond in your house.

11. Fish Pond Using White and Black Stones

The next inspiration that you can make as a reference in making fish ponds in a simple way without the need to be complicated, but still produces fish ponds that look attractive. The way you need to do to make a pond like that is by making 2 (two) layers of decoration on the side of your pool. On the first layer, you need to align the stones with white. After that, on the second layer, you can align the stone with black. Pretty simple right? No need to be complicated.

12. Fish Pond Using a Wooden Deck

The inspiration for this one fish pond design is usually suitable for those of you who like traditional Japanese-style nuances. One of the ways you can make a fish pond with a traditional Japanese feel is to make a wooden deck on one side of the pond. Meanwhile, on the other side, there will be several different types of stones. And will make your home feel more pleasant.

13. Tiny Fish Pond made of Natural Stone

If, you only have a yard that comes from the front or back yard, using a number of large enough boulders is the main element in this one fish pond. So that the pool has a stone basin to make it look like. That’s because anyone who can make the shape of the pond, of course, so that it can look attractive. As well as being able to give a green feel to the pond, but don’t forget the elements of green plants around the pond.

14. Fish Pond in Dry Plants

The inspiration for the next fish pond is a fish pond in dry plants. In this one reference, it is usually very suitable for outdoor courtyards using a dry garden concept. A small pond that has a touch of some pebbles that have a white color looks very aesthetic. If you want to add a touch of green to the pond, you can put some ornamental plants around the pond, and some lotuses in the pond. Even though it is quite small, this pond makes anyone who witnesses it amazed by the beauty, beauty and interest of your fish pond.

15. Rustic Nuance Fish Pond in the corner of the yard

The inspiration for a fish pond with a countryside is usually suitable for use according to what you want, and is usually placed in the corner of the yard. How to make this fish pond is not difficult, because you only make it by extending from one corner to another. Then add some waterfall accents to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Those are some things about natural stone fish ponds. Hopefully the discussion above can add insight to all of us.