Inspiration for the design concept of a small shop in front of the house

Making a small shop in front of the house will look attractive and efficient because it doesn’t require an additional location. Moreover, if the budget we have is still quite small. That wouldn’t be a problem with a small shop in front of the house.

Turning part of the house into a small shop can keep costs down. Because, we do not need to rent or build a place. Not only that, this one concept is also quite effective for new businessmen. So, it’s only natural that we look for inspiration for the design concept of a small shop in front of the house.

It should be noted, forming a small shop or stall design certainly requires an appropriate and attractive design. The goal, of course, is to make the atmosphere of the house and shop feel “alive” and attract customers. This article could be a great place to find that design inspiration! Because, we will see various designs that will be suitable for a small shop in front of the house, according to business needs.

Tips for Making a Minimalist Stall Design

If you want our shop to attract attention, of course, you need an attractive design. Check out the tips below!

1. Determine Design Inspiration

Before making a shop in front of the house, be sure to search and find as much inspiration as possible first. We can try to find as much inspiration as possible about the interior, exterior, or the right material for the shop.

Of course, we can also look for inspiration on the internet, social media, and even go around ourselves to see the designs in the stalls around the house. Do the math, take a walk.

2. The design must match the type of stall

Stalls have various types. We have to make sure the design we choose is in accordance with the type of shop. For example, drink stalls, snack stalls, toy stalls, to basic food stalls.

For example, the design of a coffee shop definitely needs to look simpler and have an artistic spirit than a shop that sells various basic necessities, this type of shop usually provides small tables and chairs.

Meanwhile, food stalls must apply a minimalist design and support a larger load of goods. So, make a maximum plan so that the shop doesn’t get the wrong concept later.

3. Use a Unique and Attractive Stall Display

Not infrequently, the shop that we will open at home will be side by side with other small shops on the side of the road. So, there’s nothing wrong with making a shop design that stands out more, right?

The goal, none other than is for passing visitors to become more interested and interested in buying at the stall.

Making an attractive shop doesn’t have to use flashy colors. It could just use a clean simple concept or a small shop design but looks modern. There are many concepts that can make a shop look more beautiful.


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4. Placement of Products to be Sold

We usually definitely choose to buy goods in stalls that look clean and orderly. Because, we believe that a tidy place has good product quality. With that in mind, we also have to be able to create stalls whose products are organized.

If we are going to build a drink shop, we have to make sure the glasses, blender, arrangement of ingredients, and everything in the shop are clean and tidy. In addition, there must also be discipline in product arrangement even if what is being sold is children’s toys.

5. Make sure buyers feel comfortable while shopping

Treat buyers well when shopping. Because, the expression “the buyer is king” is not just words. If we open a shop that does not serve customers in a friendly manner, it is not impossible that the image of the shop will not be good.

According to the type of stall, we need to provide adequate equipment for buyers. For example, like a clean glass in a coffee shop, a clean table in a small restaurant, and so on.

With good service, even a small shop can be liked by many people and make it more profitable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Procuring Stalls in Front of the House

Opening a small shop or kiosk does not require renting additional space. By utilizing the house as a business stall, we can create a stall that is cost-effective in capital and the salaries of employees or shopkeepers.

Even so, that does not mean there are no drawbacks at all. In the business world, there are always advantages and disadvantages, that’s what innovation is for.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of making a stall in front of the house? Check it out below!


1. No Transportation Fees

One of the cost-effective steps that comes with setting up a shop in front of the house is zero transportation costs, nothing at all. We don’t need to go back and forth from the house to the shop and only need to walk a few steps to open a shop.

Try to use the terrace, yard or front room of the house to be used as a business stall. That way, the place feels more efficient and expenses incurred can be minimized.

2. Simpler Legal Rules

By opening a shop at home, it means that we are included in the class of micro entrepreneurs. Thus, fewer employees are needed (or even not needed at all) and the legal procedures are simpler.

This is because, based on Law Number 3 of 1982 concerning Compulsory Company Registration Article 6 paragraph (1) letter b, small companies do not need a trading license or register their business with a legal entity.

Even so, perhaps the business is growing and getting bigger with an income of more than IDR 600 million per year, we will be required to pay taxes.

3. Less Capital

Opening a business certainly requires a sizable amount of capital. However, by opening a shop in your own home, the capital required will be less. Our financing is also more efficient because it can be used for other needs, for example restocking basic food products with a longer expiration date.


Apart from the advantages, here are some disadvantages of opening a shop at your own home:

1. At the Beginning, the Profits Are Still Relatively Small

Don’t be surprised if the business makes less profit at the start, especially with the concept of a simple shop in front of your own house. Because, initially, the customers who come must only be neighbors around the house or complex, or our own friends.

Even so, we can overcome this by fixing prices that are more competitive than other stalls. Of course this must be accompanied by buying goods at a lower price than usual. Take advantage of discounts or shopping packages!

2. The House Is Noisy

Sooner or later, it is certain that the house which is also the place of business will be more troublesome than usual. This is because a place that was previously used as a means of relaxing or resting has become one with a business location.

It is possible that there are family members or even our children who feel disturbed and finally protest. We can also lack time to relax with our family, even though we are always at home.

3. Lack of Socialization

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for home-based entrepreneurs to be a little less updated about the times. The reason is, they are busy spending their daily lives taking care of the shop at home.

This is not good enough because we can lack information about developments around and will be further away from progress, including in marketing techniques.


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Important Things in Building a Stall at Home

Talking about the application of a business concept, there must be some special things that we need to pay attention to. For example, about investment. Actually, business is the most profitable and easy form of investment because it can be done anywhere and by anyone.

Building a business means that income will increase and we can manage it to continue to survive, or even grow for a long time. That way, our children and grandchildren can continue the business. Be a hereditary family business.

Moreover, if the business being worked on does not have to rent additional space or land that requires more costs. The reason is, it is not certain that we or our business successors will be able to rent a place like that.

With this in mind, the concept was born when our business can be carried out without additional space and only through our own housing. Now, this concept is also quite popular and has become a priority because of changes in people’s behavior.

These changes are related to the perception that the home as a place of business will make it easier for us to control our business life while relaxing at home. It’s undeniable, we can better control things that are close together, right? Growing faster is not something that is impossible to achieve.

To make this happen, there are several things that we must pay attention to when opening a shop at home. Because, the place of business does not always match a certain house. Several influencing factors that need to be considered are as follows:

1. Separating the Home Room from the Shop Room

Wouldn’t it be tidier if we used a separate room between the shop and the house with the family? This separation can help so that our home activities are not mixed with shop matters. Everyday mobility becomes smoother and more organized.

Take advantage of an empty or rarely used room as a storage area for stock or even the shop itself. But before that, make sure the room is strategic enough. We also need a little renovation of the room to make it more functional and seem “alive”. Don’t forget to adjust it according to the type of business.

What if we don’t have an empty room at home? No need to worry, we can use other rooms that are still used, but less often than other rooms. Move things in the room and combine it with other spaces.

Generally, building a shop business at home often takes advantage of unused space. In fact, including the back porch of the house, guest rooms, front porch, even the attic or garage. So, there are various choices we can take.

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2. Get to know the type of business that will be used in the stall

In addition to preparing the place, we also have to pay attention to the type of business we are. Perhaps, we have thought about the advantages to be gained in opening a business at home. However, of course, success is not only seen from the amount of our turnover, right?

Remember that not all types of businesses can continue to be developed in our homes. There are several types of businesses that, if developed, will require a wider area of ​​land, not even impossible, new buildings.

Of course, the size of our homes is more limited to keep up with these developments. It could be enough in a terraced or spacious house. However, the possibility is very less if our house is smaller. It takes deeper consideration when following the development of our type of business.

For example, it is not possible for us to open a hydraulic car or motorbike wash business, until the workshop at home is of medium or small size. We also definitely need more land for food stalls that are starting to develop.

However, for types of businesses such as groceries, children’s toy stores, or laundry, they can still be opened in the same location as a medium-sized house. We can put several washing machines in one room plus an ironing board in one corner.

That way, narrow land can be utilized.

3. Locations of houses that support business activities

Apart from the various things above, of course a strategic location is needed to support a successful business. We have to understand the location of the house, is it close to the center of community activities or is it just on a street corner?

Location determines the success of a business. In the concept of a business that opens at the same time as a house, no matter how strong the business plan we make, a location that is not affordable for buyers will make it difficult.

Another case when our house is in a strategic environment such as near a market or highway. Starting from children playing, neighbors who need certain items, even strangers can reach our shop.

Therefore, pay attention to the location of the house before deciding to use it as a place of business. It could be that the house is even wider and strategic so that it allows for business development in the future.


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9 Minimalist Warung Design Inspirations in Front of the House

1. Modern Minimalist Warung

The minimalist design will match the concept of a small shop at home. Because, this concept makes the shop look wider and simpler. Especially with a modern feel, the shop will also look “advanced”.

We can make a minimalist and modern shop design by utilizing the living room area or the garage of the house. There, mini department stores or food stalls can be designed.

So that security is maintained, don’t forget to add a rolling door in front of the shop.

2. Unique Inspiring Clothing Stalls

We can also use designs that take advantage of the garden area or front yard of the house. With a square shape plus walls with wooden nuances and black paint, we can create a small shop that sells fashion needs, such as clothes or other accessories.

Not to be missed too, the name of the business brand that can be placed on the wall as a decoration and a characteristic that can attract buyers!

3. Elegant Stall Design, More Classy

Take advantage of the carport or garden area in front of the house to make a small shop or shop. We can make it look classy even though it’s small.

This area can be used as a small shop, complete with a rolling door and a canopy roof at the front. This method helps to make the shop look cooler!

We can use this shop design for various types of businesses, such as laundry, modern drinks, and so on. With an elegant design, visitors will definitely be tempted to come.

4. Stalls in the open space

Stalls can be placed at the front of the house close to the entrance. A design like this can appear minimalist with two open parts of the shop, so that buyers can enter in two directions.

With this concept, we can build food stalls, clothes, and even a small salon!

5. Factory-style industrial design in a shop

Maybe the house is smaller, we can get around this by turning the inside of the house into a shop. For example, using the living room.

Use black walls to make it seem more spacious and elegant. However, leave the other side exposed with exposed red bricks. We can also use doors made of clear glass which will look appropriate.

This type of design is perfect for cake shops, small cafes, even co-working spaces .

6. A simple tone stall in front of the house

We are certainly no strangers to the simple concept of a warung. Because, this design is often seen in residential areas, where we live. For this design, usually the building used is integrated with the house.

So, this concept would be very suitable for grocery businesses or delivery agents.

7. Natural stalls with natural nuances

This one concept looks very beautiful and beautiful because it is full of natural nuances from the plants on the right and left sides. Generally, we find this design in stalls in the garden area in front of the house.

A shop with this design would be suitable for a clothing business because the concept is simple, natural, but luxurious at the same time.

8. Size 8 × 12 M Can be for Stalls

Spacious gardens and carports are usually found in houses measuring 8×12. With this area, we can use the area in front of the house to make a small, minimalist shop.

This simple but modern concept can be used for a cake or boutique business.

9. Stalls at the front of the house 9×10 M

90 square meters of land can be used to build a shop. We can take advantage of the garden area in front of the house.

Even though it looks simple, this concept is quite interesting because it looks modern and compact. With this design, a grocery store business to a laundry would be suitable to open.