Inspiring Is: Definition and 5 Indonesian Inspiring Figures

Inspirational Is – The term “inspirational” must be foreign to You’ minds , because its use is often applied in everyday conversation. Remembering that everyone living in this world will always need inspiration and motivation, especially to live their daily lives. The existence of inspiration and motivation can even make people who are down due to circumstances feel positive energy so they are more enthusiastic about living their lives. Yep, inspiration will always be related to inspiration and figure. The cool term to refer to this inspirational figure is role-modelwhich is mostly used by young people today. So, what is inspirational? How can we determine the inspirational figure in this life? What is the difference between inspiration and motivation? So, so that You can understand these things, let’s look at the following review!

What Is Inspirational?

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), the term “inspirational” means ‘inspiring’. While the term “inspiration” can mean ‘inspiration’ which is then defined as ‘thoughts (dreams) that arise from the heart ‘ and ‘something that moves the heart to create (poems, songs, etc.)’ . then these inspirational things become things that make people feel inspired or move their heart in living life, no matter how difficult the situation is.

The use of the word “inspirational” is also often considered the same as “inspirator” which is a figure or person who inspires others. Yep, an inspiration is a more specific definition that refers to a person or person with a great life story, so that other people who listen to the story feel impressed and moved to do the same thing. For example, a businessman named Merry Riana is often used as an inspirational figure because of the story of her life’s struggles in starting her business from a young age. People who hear or read Merry Riana’s story will usually feel inspired so that their hearts seem to be tapped to have the same passion, especially in starting a business.

Previously, it was explained that inspiration is related to things that are inspirational, right? Well, feeling inspired doesn’t always have to feel like you have the same passion, but it can also be an encouragement to keep thinking creatively. What’s more, if You is getting an assignment or a job in the field of writing, design, or marketing, he must always get inspiration from an inspirational figure, so it’s easier to do it.

Reporting from merdeka , the Oxford Dictionary has a specific definition of the term “inspiration”, namely ‘ as a process that occurs when someone sees or listens to something, then that person can have new ideas that are more unique and interesting’ . In contrast to the Cambridge Dictionary which reveals that the word “inspiration” has a definition as ‘someone or something that gives ideas for others to do something more interesting’. From some of these definitions, it can be concluded that things that are inspirational will definitely be related to the mental and emotional state of each individual.

Meanwhile, the term “inspirational” is more often used in the figure of a person. That is, the use of this term refers more to a real person who usually gives positive energy, both in the work, authority, perspective, and way of speaking. However, the term “inspirational” can also be used in a story or life story from that figure. For example, the figure of Bill Gates is often used as an inspirational figure by many people, especially those who are in the business of technology. So, not only is he an inspirational figure, but the life story of Bill Gates can also be an inspirational story for some people.

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In fact, even if examined from the word class, the words “inspirational” and “inspiration” are already different. The word “inspirational” is an adjective, while the word “inspiration” is a noun.

Differences Inspiration and Motivation

Even though both are almost the same, which both influence a person’s mindset to be more enthusiastic and creative in viewing this world, it turns out that both have different things, you know… So, here are some differences between inspiration and motivation, as reported by idntimes .

Inspiration Motivation
Can come from anywhere. Starting from reading books, movies, songs, circumstances in the environment, even the people around you. Come from yourself. Even a motivator is actually “only on duty” to stimulate motivation, while the one who can generate it is yourself.
It seems to be a calling of the soul to do activities that are in accordance with the interests from within. Being the reason or motive behind every thing that is done every day.
Present new and interesting creative ideas, even from reading a book or listening to a song. Become a reason to help yourself to work harder , especially in getting through the day.
Become a “pull” so that you can continue to do these things, especially those that are in accordance with yourself. Become an “encouragement” so that you are willing and willing to do something.
Become a liaison between the things that are inside with every activity that will be carried out. Being a reason for you to do something as best as possible.

5 Indonesian Inspiring Figures Who Can Become Role-Models

There are so many people around us who can even be inspirational figures in life. Parents are no exception where they have a high enthusiasm to fight for their children’s lives so that they can be what they are today. In fact, inspirational figures are not always related to famous figures who have successfully owned a well-known company, because even ordinary people can also be inspirational figures. Since the word “inspirational” is an adjective, aka an adjective, the definition of which is also relative. So, here are some inspirational figures that can inspire you to continue living life.

1. RA. Kartini

Who knows this fighter for women’s emancipation in Indonesia? Yep, the name Raden Adjeng Kartini who was born in 1879 is included in the ranks of National Heroes as well as being an inspirational figure for Indonesian women. Remembering during the colonial period, the existence of women was so underestimated by society. They think that a woman’s place should be in the kitchen to cook and take care of the children, so that only a small percentage can go to school, and even then they come from respected families.

Luckily, Kartini came from a noble family in the Jepara area. Yep, Kartini’s father, Raden Mas Adipati Ario Sosroningrat, is a regent, so he can send his son to a European elementary school (ELS). Despite having a privilege , Kartini did not arbitrarily treat ordinary people. Instead, she has thoughts related to women’s emancipation in Indonesia. This thought developed because of his friends in the Netherlands.

Thanks to her interest in the mindset of women in the European hemisphere, which she knew through magazines, newspapers and books, then Kartini started thinking about advancing women in Indonesia. She really fought for the position of indigenous women who were always seen as having a low social status.

2. Susi Pudjiastuti

The former Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia in the Working Cabinet of Jokowi and Jusuf Kalla (2014) has always been considered the coolest minister and different from the others. One of His iconic words is “Drown!” when there were 40 foreign fishing vessels entering Indonesian waters. He was not afraid to sink the 40 foreign fishing vessels for the welfare of Indonesia’s seas.

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Before serving as Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti was the owner and president director of PT ASI Pudjiastuti Marine Products, PT ASI Pudjiastuti Aviation (Susi Air Airline), and several exporters of fishery products. Since 2004, she has often received major awards and has been called the figure of “Indonesian Inspiring Women”. Some of these awards include the Tourism Pioneer from the West Java Culture and Tourism Office (2004), Extraordinary Leadership and Significant Contributions to The Economy at APEC (2011), the Ganesha Widya Jasa Aditama Award from ITB (2011), and others.

3.Jerome Polin

The name Jerome Polin Sijuang or who is often called Jerome Polin is widely used everywhere. In fact, his name has been included in the ranks of role-models for today’s youth. Actually, even without being a Youtuber, Jerome Polin has become an inspirational figure because he managed to qualify to become a student at Waseda University, Japan, with an applied mathematics study program, even with a scholarship. Considering getting into such a great university, not everyone can do it due to being one of the best private universities in Japan.

Jerome tried his luck by becoming a Youtuber while studying in Japan with content in the form of tips on learning Japanese. Over time, Jerome’s Youtube content has become more varied, even his friends, who are now called the Waseda Boys, also often appear in his videos. The figure of Jerome is inspiring because apart from being good at math which is the most “scary” subject for many people, he is also fluent in Japanese, has good public speaking, and is currently developing a business with his older brother, Jehian Panangian Sijib, with the Menantea brand .

4. Maudy Ayunda

The millennial generation will definitely agree if Maudy Ayunda is appointed as an inspirational figure who should be followed by an example. Even netizens often comment that Maudy Ayunda is an inspirational figure with a complete package! Starting from being academically smart as evidenced by graduating from Oxford University, good at singing, to his extraordinary acting skills in several prominent films. In fact, it was so inspiring, when Maudy Ayunda was appointed to play Mrs. Ainun in the film Habibie and Ainun, people agreed because it was commensurate with Mrs. Ainun’s intelligence.

Maudy Ayunda’s existence is not only in the Indonesian film and music industry, you know… At Oxford University, she is already familiar with her talents and achievements. In fact, Maudy Ayunda was once appointed as the youngest speaker at an international forum and served as Head of Speaker at the University of Oxford! Wow, how cool!

5. Rio Haryanto

Rio Haryanto can be an inspirational figure in the world of sports, especially in four-wheel racing. Yep, Rio Haryanto’s name is increasingly recognized by the people of Indonesia and the world when he successfully passed the GP3 and GP2 races. Even in 2016, Rio was mentioned as one of the youngest racers to take part in the F1 event. Even though he had to experience several accidents on the circuit, Rio did not immediately lose heart. Because he struggled with the dream of becoming a reliable racer, he was willing to lose his youth because he had to focus on training.

So, that’s a review of what inspirational words are and some inspirational figures that can be emulated by young people. Does You have an inspirational figure who always gives a positive influence to live this life?