8 Types of Energy and Energy Changes

Types of Energy and Energy Changes – Energy in human life is not a strange thing because daily activities require energy. With enough energy, daily activities can be carried out optimally. However, if the energy that is owned is lacking or insufficient, then the activities carried out by humans become less than optimal.

The energy that exists on this earth is not only owned by humans, but also found in other objects, such as televisions, lamps, computers, to cell phones.

Basically, there are many kinds of energy and each energy has its own function. To find out more clearly the various types of energy that exist, let’s look at the review.

Definition of Energy

It feels like something is missing when you want to discuss various types of energy, but you don’t explain the meaning of energy itself. By knowing and understanding the meaning of energy, various types of energy will be easy to understand. The following is the definition of energy according to experts.

1. Albert Einstein

Energy is a product of mass and the square of the speed of light.

2. Alvin Hadivono

Energy is something or anything that moves that is closely related to space and time.

3. Arif Alfatah and Muji Lestari

Energy is something that is needed by a person’s body in order to be able to carry out an activity or business work. Basically, every effort made will change or move.

4. Michael J. Moran

Energy is the basic theory of thermodynamics which is an important factor of engineering analysis.

5. Mitchell, Campbell, and Reece

Energy is a capacity that functions to rearrange matter. In simple terms, when doing a job requires energy.

6. Robert L. Wolke

Energy is a form of effort or ability that is used to make something happen.

Meanwhile, the meaning of energy in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is the ability to do work (for example for electrical and mechanical energy); power (strength) that can be used to carry out various process activities, for example it can be part of a material or not bound to the material (such as sunlight); power.

Thus, energy is an ability that functions to do business. In this case, the business in question is in the form of an object or a person who performs, produces, and works.

In addition, energy can be called power. This is because when carrying out various activities, such as running, walking, reading, writing, and others, energy is needed.

Energy possessed by humans, if used or used continuously can cause this energy to decrease. Reduced energy should be replenished immediately in various ways, such as rest, increasing food intake, and vitamin intake.

Kinds of Energy

Energy itself takes many forms. Every form of energy will always provide benefits for human life. Consider the various types of energy as follows.

1. Kinetic Energy

Kinetic energy is energy due to the motion of a mass. In other words, this kinetic energy can be called the energy of motion. In addition, the kinetic energy possessed by an object is very dependent on its speed and mass.

Kinetic energy can be calculated using the formula Ek=12 mv. In this formula, m is the object’s mass in kilograms and v is its speed in meters per second. Thus, the greater the speed of a moving object, the greater the energy it has.

If you want to see an example of kinetic energy, you can see it when the car is running. Besides, the speed of a moving car will be different from the speed of a train, why is that? This is because the train has more mass than the mass in the car.

Not only that, someone who is walking or running has kinetic energy in it.

2. Potential Energy

Potential energy is the energy that exists in an object due to the influence of the location of the object or the location of the object in a force field. This potential energy is also known as rest energy. How can energy be silent? Because objects that are still can have energy.

If an object moves and changes, then potential energy has changed into energy of motion. There are two types of potential energy, namely gravitational potential energy and spring potential energy.


a) Gravitational potential energy

Gravitational potential energy is the energy that exists in an object because of its position on the surface of the earth. One example of gravitational potential energy is a waterfall. This is because the waterfall flows from a high position to a low position.

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b) Elastic potential energy

This elastic potential energy only exists in objects that have elastic properties. Elastic potential energy is energy that occurs due to the tendency of an object to be in its initial position.

One example of elastic potential energy is a bow. The stretched bow will return to its original position or starting position.

3. Light Energy

Light energy is energy that can emit light. You can see this light energy in lamps, fire, and the sun. The sun is the largest source of light energy.

Lights can be regarded as one example of artificial light energy or light energy resulting from changes in electrical energy. The lamp itself is an object that can replace the role of the sun, why is that? If there were no lights, then we would be very dependent on the sun as the main source of light.

The light energy is stored in a solar cell to be used as electrical energy. The solar cell itself is a device or tool that can convert light energy into electrical energy.

The use of solar cells is one way to maintain the sustainability of the earth. Using solar cells can reduce air pollution and global warming. Therefore, you should never hesitate to install solar cells in your home.

4. Electrical Energy

Electrical energy is energy that flows electric current in an object. This electrical energy can be said to be one of the energies that cannot be separated from humans, especially in modern times. One of the tools or devices that cannot be separated from electrical energy is the cell phone that you are currently holding.

In fact, electrical energy is also needed in the industrial world, one of which is in factories which when in production are very dependent on their machines which can run if there is electricity. Examples of electrical energy, such as computers, televisions, escalators, elevators and others.

Power plants are the main source of electrical energy. Power plants can produce very large electric currents. It is from this large electric current that electrical energy will be distributed to residents, factories, hospitals, and others.

Basically there are several electrical energy generators, such as Hydroelectric Power Plants (PLTA), Steam Power Plants (PLTU), Solar Power Plants (PLTS), Gas Power Plants (PLTG), Diesel Power Plants, Geothermal Power Plants. (PLTP), Wind or Wind Power Plant (PLTB).

5. Sound Energy

Sound energy is energy that can produce a sound or voice. In general, sound energy will appear when there is motion energy. For example, we can see in a bell, the bell will not make a sound when it is not moving.

Another example of the presence of motion energy in sound energy, namely when you play the guitar and violin you will move the instrument to produce sound. In addition, you can hear sound energy when you are swimming.

After knowing examples of sound energy, it can be said that sound energy can propagate through air, solids, and liquids. However, this sound energy cannot travel through a vacuum.

6. Chemical Energy

Chemical energy is energy absorbed in chemical reactions during the decomposition or formation of compounds. Did you know that food contains chemical energy?

Chemical energy stored in the body is usually carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. All these nutrients will be processed and broken down in the body into fatty acids, sugars, glycerol, and amino acids. It is from the results of this decomposition that energy is packaged in the form of ATP.

ATP is a chemical substance that functions as a place to store energy before it is used.

Apart from food, you can see chemical energy in batteries, vehicle batteries, gasoline, coal, kerosene, and others.

Thus, humans need a balanced nutritional intake because if it is not balanced, then the energy intake they have will also be unbalanced. So, have you eaten a balanced diet?

7. Heat Energy

Thermal energy is energy that comes from the heat of an object. Usually this heat energy is also known as “heat”. Basically, you can see and feel this heat energy when you are under the sun.

However, examples of heat energy are not only the sun, but there are other examples, such as fire, petroleum, coal, and geothermal. Each example of heat energy comes from various sources and has a different function.

Even though this energy is hot, it can still provide many benefits, one of the benefits that can be felt is with the sun’s heat energy, clothes that are dried in the sun will dry quickly.

8. Wind Energy

Wind energy is energy that comes from the wind. Wind energy can be said to be energy that has been provided by nature. In fact, since 3,500 BC, wind energy has been used primarily in sailing.

After that, around 700 AD, there was such a thing as a windmill. In fact, in an increasingly advanced era, wind energy is used for electricity generation. Energy changes occur by using a tool called a wind turbine or windmill.

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Energy Change

In fact, energy is always present or always present in human daily life. The presence of energy in those around humans takes very diverse forms, starting from chemical energy, electrical energy, and other energies.

The thing to know about energy is that it can change from one form to another. Changes in energy form are also known as ” energy conversion “. For more details, let’s look at energy changes that usually occur.

1. Changes in potential energy into motion energy and sound energy

Why does falling fruit produce motion and sound? This question sometimes pops up in our minds. In other words, the fall of fruit from the tree is included in potential energy.

In this case, the potential energy is owned by the fruit that has not fallen to the ground or is still hanging on the tree. This potential energy will turn into motion or kinetic energy when the fruit hanging from the tree falls to the bottom or the ground.

When the fruit has reached the ground it will produce a sound or sound. The sound comes from the impact or impact that occurs between the fruit and the ground or bottom.

Thus, the process of falling fruit from the tree, can be said to be an energy change between potential energy into motion energy and sound energy.

2. The change of chemical energy into electrical energy and motion energy

When you were a child, did you ever play with toy cars that could move if there was a battery? When you play the toy cars, there will be a change in energy. In this case the energy changes that occur, namely chemical energy turns into electrical energy and energy of motion.

This energy change occurs when the battery is installed in the toy car. The chemical energy in the battery that has been installed in the toy car will turn into electrical energy. This electrical energy will appear when the toy is turned on (on).

After the toy has been turned on, the toy will move or run. In other words, there is a change in electrical energy into kinetic energy. It is from this motion energy that children will enjoy playing with toy cars.

So, it can be said that in toy cars that use batteries, there is a change in chemical energy into electrical energy, and electrical energy is converted again into energy of motion.

3. Change of kinetic energy into sound energy 

Have you ever played guitar or watched someone else play guitar? When playing or strumming the guitar strings, it will definitely produce a melodious and harmonious sound. The sound or sound that comes from picking a guitar string is one of the energy changes that occur.

In this case the energy changes that occur, namely kinetic energy is converted into sound energy. If explained simply, when a guitar string is plucked it will definitely vibrate or move, this is called kinetic energy. From this kinetic energy will produce or issue a sound that comes from the guitar.

Even though a guitar can produce a sound, it doesn’t mean it can be played carelessly, it takes skill or expertise to play the guitar. With the expertise to play the guitar, the sound or sound produced will be pleasant to hear.

4. Change electrical energy into light energy

Electrical energy has become the main and important thing in everyday life. Even from waking up to sleeping again, humans cannot be separated from the so-called electrical energy.

Lots of changes to electrical energy, one of which is when we turn on the lights. Have you ever thought how the lamp can turn on? In the process of lighting the lamp there is a change in energy. In this case, electrical energy turns into light energy.

When you turn the light switch to the on position , the light will turn on. A light that is on will illuminate a room that lacks light. At that moment, the lamp is connected to electrical energy so that it can produce light.

In general, the amount of energy that comes out (light) on the lamp is the same as the amount of energy that goes in (electricity). So, whether or not the light on the lamp depends on the electrical conditions that enter the lamp.

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Human life cannot be separated from the energies that already exist. Even our own bodies really need energy in activities, especially in doing heavy jobs. It would be nice if you maintain the quality of the energy inside so that your body’s health will always be maintained.